10 Mayıs 2021

Ms. Marca Ch. 19

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Before I tell you about my AFTERNOON DELIGHT, let me tell you how it came about. As you know I am 33 years old , 5′ 10″ what my husband calls the sexiest legs in town, with 40DD tits that don’t really need a bra except to hide my extra big nipples. I work out regularly and have a very nice build that is envied by most of my friends. My husband is 15 years older than I am, and is in good health. We have no children, (another reason I have this body) we have been married 4 years. I have to confess I also enjoyed the looks that I get from other men and husbands of my girl friends.

Last July I had gone to meet a girl friend at a local bar to have an afternoon drink and chat about whatever and whoever. Half the time I don’t wear panties and 90% of the time that I do, they are thong panties. Since my long legs are a dark tan, I didn’t need any panty hose either. The skirt I had picked out to wear was just above the knee and unless I let it ride up nothing was going to be seen. As always someone comes in that either she knows or an old friend that I know. A guy showed up that I had not seen before that my friend knew his name was Ron. He is a “hunk.” He works out and his body is rock-hard. Brown eyes, beautiful black hair, and the nicest ass I’ve ever seen on a man. He is 27 and a tall guy built like a linebacker for the NFL, he had to be 250# and 6′ 6.” I was sitting across from Ron, and I noticed him staring at my legs during the time he sat and chatted with us and sometimes trying to get a schoolboy glance up my skirt whenever he could. My girl friend and I got up to go to the ladies room and no sooner had we got in when she said “Have you noticed how Ron has been looking at your legs?”

“MMMM and me with no panties on!”

“Girl you’re asking for it when you do that!”

“Does it excite you to know your not wearing panties?”

“Oh God my pussy goes wet and stays wet! I love giving guys a peek at my pussy!”

When we got back to the table two other guys had come in and it was beginning to be a party. I sat across from Ron again. As soon as I sat down, I could feel and see his eyes on my legs. So I didn’t close my knees together when I crossed them, but let them part slightly. Then when Ron was staring up under my skirt, I let them part wide enough for him to see my pussy with no panties. I grinned inwardly as I watched the bulge in his lap grow and grow. I got up and went to the little snack bar where chips and dip was set out. It didn’t take long before Ron came up to me and starting talking. In a low whisper he asked, “What are you trying to do to me?” I asked him what he was talking about?

“You know, spreading your legs and no panties.” I gave the shy smile as if I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong. I asked him if he had liked what he saw? “I’d like to do more than just look.” He asked me if we could go somewhere private. As I glanced down to his crotch, I let out a low gasp and a big smile when I saw the bulge creeping down his leg. We were standing in a corner and nobody was paying attention, so I had let my hand drop to my side and he moved up next to me to rub on my leg. My hand was in the right place at the right time to feel his cock. He was definitely better hung than most men, he was long and thick. Ron let out a disappointed groan as I pulled my hand from his hard cock. “You are driving me crazy, I’m going to have to go into the bathroom and stroke myself off”

“Then go” I was kind of konyaaltı escort pissed off at the moment, knowing that this guy who I had just been introduced to was serious about having me fuck him just like that, thinking that it was only his cock doing the talking, I’m easy but not that easy! He found out real quick that he had to be a gentleman and not just a stud to be with me. It’s my way or the highway and I call the shots, I say when and where and you better not let the world know my business.

Since that time he has been to some of our get together and been over to my girl friends house for one of her afternoon parties. He got the cold treatment from me for awhile and had to work his way back off the bench. After making him work for my pussy for the past few months and seeing the change he has made, hate to see a guy beg, I was ready to let him have some. He had invited me over to his place a half dozen times to have a drink. I knew that if I went I would fuck him and I was ready, I had made him work hard for it. So when he ask me the last time I said I’d think about it, he was a happy boy. I was going to dress to kill and tease something I can do rather will. I had put on a short mine skirts dress that had a built in bra, no thong and 5″ black heels. I had shaved my pussy and it was as smooth as a baby’s butt.

I did want the boy to get a rash from licking my cunt; he had a lot of licking to do before he was going to get his cock in me. We had a drink (a glass a wine for me) when I got to his place and talked for about 45 minutes to an hour. I sat down in a big easy chair and let my legs cross and uncross many times while we talked. He had a big hard on tenting the front of his pants. He asks me if anyone knew where I was today, I told him no it wasn’t any ones business and I wanted it to remain that way. He said as for as he knew I had not been here today. I ask him if he was going to give me a tour of his place and when we got to the study he made his move on me. He could not wait for us to get to the bedroom.

Ron ran his hand over my ass and when I turned to look back at what he was doing I smiled at him. He pinned me up against a wall in the study and began to kiss me deeply, all the time his hard cock was pushing against my mound. My pussy was on fire as I reached down and ran my hand over the outside of his pants feeling his monster cock that was calling for someone to let it out. I unzipped his pants, will I tried. His hand went under my skirt and his fingers slid into my wet pussy and the crack of my ass. His cock was so hard and big, that I could not maneuver it out of his zipper/fly. I had to unbuckle his pants. I broke our embrace and dropped to my knees in front of him. As I dropped his pants and pulled his shorts down, I moaned and let out a cry of “Oh yes oh God it is, oh shit it is nice!” As his beautiful purple headed cock sprang out towards my face. His cock was at least 3 hands long and more than a hand thick. I moaned as I wrapped my hands around the shaft not being able to close my fingers due to its thickness. Ron’s hands went to my shoulders as I leaned forward and licked a drop of pre cum from the tip.

I leaned forward and sucked him into my mouth. He groaned as I took him in deeply, feeling my own juices begin to flow, I began giving him a much-needed head job. I don’t know who needed it more him or me, but I sure wanted to suck that big dark snake and make it dance for me. It kültür escort with a nicely rounded head, circumcised, that I was slobbering over and licking and sucking like it was my last meal. “Oh, my,” Ron said. “Oh, my. Oh, my. God, you do like to suck cock, don’t you?” As I licked and sucked his expanding head I looked up at him and my eyes made eye contact with his. I could see he was transfixed on my face as my cheeks sucked in and out on his cock and how my tongue lapped his cock head giving him a deep throat experience.

“I can see you really want this cock?” My voice was low and husky. “Yes. Yes. Fuck my mouth. Use it. Really give it to me,” and my mouth moved to cover him as he drove it into my mouth. It was going right into my throat, and soon I was gagging. Ron tried to pull it out so I could breath but I was having none of it. I drove my mouth down to his balls, controlling the gagging reflex somewhat and moving my head in small, short movements. “Oh God, oh god. Oh you can suck cock oh god can you,” Ron kept repeating, his hips moving slightly as I continued to take him deep in my throat. I was looking forward to having his cock empty into my mouth, since he must have a terrific amount stored up. As I continued sucking Ron, my hand crept to my slit and caused a delicious cum, as soon as my finger came in contact with my clit. Ron was close also, as he pulled my head from his cock, and said “You better stop, I can’t take too much more, let me fuck you.” I squeezed his cock shaft as I looked up and said “I want you to shoot into my mouth first, then we’ll fuck.” Ron let out a gasp as my lips took him in once more. Then he pulled it almost all the way out, only to drive it in again, smoothly, forcefully. I moaned my approval.

Then I pulled my head back and licked around the head. I could see his prick swell as I did that. I continued to lick the head, then moved to suck his balls, first one and then the other. I went back up to lick up and down the hardness of his tool, then to put it in my mouth and hungrily suck it. For minute after minutes I proceeded to worship that cock. The strangeness of a new cock in my mouth excites me. Before long, Ron was moving his cock again in and out of my sweet mouth, my tongue licking first the head, then along the sides, and then my lips were clasping it and it was like a wildfire was burning in me. Just as Ron threw his head back and gave a loud guttural roar; I jammed my face into his crotch. I felt him buck against my face and knew his sperm was roaring out, shooting into my throat. I kept my face there, plastered against his balls as he emptied them, giving a “ugh, ugh, ugh” with each spurt of cum. Then I pulled back and I used my tongue to rim the top of his prick. And only seconds later I felt him stiffens and his knees go weak, as hot spurt after spurt of his cum continue to shot into my mouth, this guy had a load and by the size of his balls he had more than enough. I rubbed his balls as he unloaded what must have been at least two shot glasses full of cum for me to drink

As Ron’s orgasm subsided, I continued to nurse his shaft. To my delight, it didn’t even attempt to soften, but seemed to get even harder. These young guys can stay hard a lot longer. Bless their hearts! He than pulled me up and pushed me back onto the desk in the study and got down between my legs and began sucking my cunt. He was like a wild man in heat. After a minute or so of being sucked, I was getting markantalya escort hot as hell too. I reached down and put my fingers at the top of my pussy to open my lips wider so I could have his tongue enter me. But he was already sliding his tongue into my pussy. Once he contacted my lips and clit, it was too late. I lifted a leg over his shoulder to give him full access, as I felt my orgasm building. Ron was a good pussy eater and in no time had me telling the world how good it was. I’m a screamer and God I can get rather loud when I get off. I held his head down on my pussy as I let my juices flow down my ass and he knew what to do and went to licking my flow as fast as I let is run out of my love hole. I pushed his head down more and told him lick my ass rim my hole and tongue me deep. Fuck my ass hole with your tongue

He never stop sucking or licking my ass and made me go off as if he was eating my pussy. I push him back some and looked down at him and said you ready to fuck my pussy big boy! But as soon as I said this, Ron straightened up and put his cock head against my slit and I made my pussy suck the head inward and was inside of me in no time. I must have been hotter than I thought, because I started to cum as he entered me. “Get that load of cum out.” I grabbed Ron’s head with one hand for support and rested on the other elbow on the desk, as I had a hard orgasm. I love to feel a thick cock like his expand my pussy walls as it goes in and out of my wet hole. To feel the rim of the head scrap the lining of my pussy just send me into a New World.

“I just can’t get enough.” I sighed, smiling dreamily. “I kept begging him to fuck me harder and harder. I felt like such a slut, but I didn’t care as long as he never stopped fucking me.” I had a big body-shaking climax and had to get my breath, and he was about to pull out and stop, when I looked down at him and said, “I hope the hell your not stopping!” I got up and turned around and bent over the desk and spread my legs and turn to look back at him. With my right hand I reached back and spread my pussy and gave him that look like you dumb ass put your cock in here! Once recovered, he saw what I was doing and he leaned against me and the desk and lifted his cock back up to go deep into the black hole of Marca, my leg’s were spread wide and I moaned as Ron slid his hard cock deep into my pussy. I came as he was entering me deeper, and had a series of small orgasms that seemed to all tied together.

I got the right movement he had as he slammed into my ass and I began to tell him how good it was and how I liked his cock and what that big thing was doing to my wet pussy. OH YES, FUCK ME BIG BOY, FUCK THIS WET PUSSY, FUCK ME! He made this fuck last a good 20 minutes or so and I had so many climax that I lost count and could feel the juice of my hot hole run down my legs and I left a small pool on his study hardwood floors. That may be one stain he can’t get off with soap and water.

As Ron stiffened and groaned that he was going to cum, I began to cum, and he shouted out “OH GOD I YES I’M CUMMING, YES! OH GOD YOUR PUSSY IT SOOOO GOOOOD!” Ron emptied a huge load into me as I wildly pumped my cunt against him. I was cumming like crazy. I couldn’t believe that after drinking him down first, that a guy could still have that much sperm left. But Ron shot at least as much if not more into me. It was the most erotic scene I have had in a long time. The head and shaft were covered with cum. I turned and bent down and took him into my mouth and cleaned him up. Ron and I straightened out our clothing and I came home. Lets see what shall I make for dinner, best I just make a big salad, I’ve had my meat already.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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