13 Kasım 2023

Brother to Brother Ch. 06

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Chapter 6- Carter is just full of surprises.


I stepped into the shower, turned it on, and felt the warm water fall down on my body. With the shower now on, I looked over to Carter who was timidly standing outside the shower, as if waiting for my command. He just stood there, carefully watching the water stream down my body.

I look over to him and demand, “Get in here you dirty boy.”

He shakes his head, “Sorry. I had a little déjà vu moment just then.”

I pull him in under the shower head with me, “Ah, so you’ve seen me in the shower before?”

He laughed, “Seen you? Aiden, I watched you for like 5 minutes a year ago.”

I kissed his neck and spoke, “Tell me more.”

He thought back to the incident and confessed, “Well it was a typical weekday afternoon. I was taking a nap in my room after my class when I heard the front door close. You must’ve been in a rush because all I heard was the sound of you racing up the stairs, fumbling through your drawers and the shower running.” I found that spot on his neck and started to softly kiss his skin, rubbing my cheek against his stubble. “I saw that you left the door wide open as I walked out to see what all the fuss was about. As I walked down the hall, I heard the sound of the shower and steam escaping out the bathroom. My urges got the better of me and I walked up to the doorframe, seeing the perfect outline of your body, drenched in water and lathered in soap. I was only watching for 5 minutes, but I swore that I could watch you all day. Needless to say you nearly gave me a heart attack when I heard the shower turn off. I run back to my room, hoping to go unnoticed and daydreamed of being able to see you like that again.”

I kissed his lips, “Part of me wonders what would have happened if you didn’t wait; if you acted upon your urges sooner rather than later.”

He picked up the bar of soap and started to lather up my chest, “I wonder that too. But you know, I’m glad I waited. Because who knows how things would have turned out?”

I scrubbed his back and let the water wash the soap away, “Timing’s everything.”

We shut off the water and started to towel each other off. I loved the way his dark body hair contrasted against the white towels. I was never able to grow hair like him, and that made it even sexier. Carter slowly turned me around and started to wipe my back, getting lower and lower. He found himself right up against my ass as he leaned into a nice lick along my hole.

I let out a small moan, “What happened to no funny business?”

He pulled out, wiped his mouth and stood next to me, “I couldn’t help myself… God that tastes so good.”

I stop for a minute, “Either we get dressed and go or you have sex with me right now because I am not going to just stand here with this boner between my legs!”

He kissed me, “Come, let’s get dressed.” He took a few steps out then turned to me, “Besides, I have a surprise for you later.”

I shook my head and followed him to our closets, “You are just full of surprises today.”


It was nice being out with Aiden; having him in the passenger seat, holding my hand as I drove those empty streets, and walking with him towards the ticket counters. God, I felt like I was 15 again, going on my first date. In gaziantep escort every aspect, that’s what I wanted it to be: a real date. I wanted to take him out and show him that all of this wasn’t just to be contained in the bedroom; I wanted Aiden to know that this all could be real. And as we got our popcorn, shared our extra-large coke and sat in the seats at the back of the theatre, I knew that it was real. I can’t even remember what movie we watched, and I’m sure if you ask Aiden today, he wouldn’t know either. Truth be told, we spent the entire time cuddled in each other’s arms: Aiden rested his head along my chest and fed me popcorn and licked his fingers, pulling him up for a kiss every now and then. We didn’t even notice the movie ending and we stopping kissing just in time to see the movie attendant walking over, telling us we had to leave.

As I pulled into the diner, I watched Aiden staring out the passenger seat and from the reflection on the window; I saw a smile on his face. Knowing him, his mind would be racing with literally thousands of thoughts, but that smile on his face told me that things were going great. We walked into the diner and sat at one of those quintessential 50’s booths.

Our waitress walked right over, “Hello boys, they call me Ms. Carly, and I’ll be your server tonight. What can I get ya?”

I swooped right in, “Hello Ms. Carly, we’re going to make it real simple: we’ll get two cokes, two cheeseburgers, an order of fries and a large chocolate milkshake.”

She scribbled our order on a tiny notepad, bat her eyelashes and responded, “Sounds great boys. I’ll have it right out for ya.”

Aiden looked over, shook his head and smiled. I may not be a lot of things, but I sure was a charmer. I took control of the conversation; asking Aiden about high school, graduating, what his plans were…the typical big brother stuff. And as he talked I watch him get into his own little world; taking a mile a minute and trying to keep up with himself.

Before we knew our, Miss Carly came strolling over with our food. She sat it down and spoke, “Well here ya are boys. Told ya it’d be quick!”

Aiden looked at the food and commented, “Boy Miss Carly, this looks real good. Can’t wait to dig in!”

She smiled, “I’ll send your compliments to the cook. You boys enjoy!”

And we did. That food was honestly some of the best we’ve ever eaten. We kept going back to that diner every week or two that we’ve become regulars. Miss Carly still works there to this day and she always tells us how she remembers this night; our first date there.

Miss Carly walked over, “Either you two really enjoyed the food or it magically disappeared.”

I laughed, “You caught us. It was real good. We’ll definitely be coming back.”

She smiled, “Please do honey. I’ll be here, waiting to take your order.”

I pulled out my wallet, “So what’s our damage Miss Carly?”

She bat her eyelashes and smiled, “Nothing, sweetie. It’ll be on the house.”

I insisted, “Are you sure ma’am?”

She swat her hand in the air, “Of course I’m sure! We never get such sweet boys in here. I swear, the way you two look at each other just make me miss being young and in love.”

Aiden’s face turned red as he replied, “Why thank you Miss Carly. That’s awful sweet of you. You have a great night and we’ll see you again sometime.”

We both exchanged hugs and started to walk towards the door when she grabbed my arm and I turned to her, “You two really are lucky to have each other. Don’t let go.”

I put my hand on hers, “I won’t ma’am. I won’t.”

I had the biggest smile plastered on my face as we drove past the neon signs and into the small two lane roads up to our neighborhood. Aiden didn’t say much, but I could tell by the way he held my hand that he was content. We got up to the house, walked in and stood in living room. We cuddled up in the middle of the room, sitting cross legged on the soft carpet and watching the new fire burn in our fireplace. I slowly pulled his arm and kissed my way up to his neck. He stopped me for a second to pull of my shirt and I did the same to his. I resumed; kissing his lips that puckered out to me. Aiden gently grabbed my face and started to kiss me harder, pulling me in towards him. I took his hand to my mouth and seductively sucked his fingers. He watched me, biting down on his lower lip and knowing that was to come next.

I took off my pants and boxers, then leaned him all the way back. He watched me as I unzipped his jeans and pulled them off, showing his stiff cock tightly pressed against the elastic in his boxers. Taking my time, I slowly slide them off and his cock rose up. I had seen him naked before, but there was something about how hard and how close his cock was to me. I started from the base and slowly licked up the top, getting a small tastes of pre-cum in the process. Aiden let out a small moan as I opened wide and went down on his long cock; only managing to get about halfway. I circled my tongue around the head; savoring the taste of the first and only cock I’d ever have. Aiden had propped himself up, trying to watch my every move. I could feel him on the edge of cumming and I chose to toy with him a little: getting him close, then pulling away before it was too late.

His breathing increased as he ordered, “Carter, please let me cum. I can’t take it anymore.”

I went down one more time and slowly sucked up, “Not yet little brother.”

I pulled his dick out and slowly kissed up to his mouth, stopping at his nipples and working them until they went hard. I finally lied on top of him, kissing him roughly and cradling him in my arms. I then stopped and looked deeply into his eyes, “Aiden. I want you to make love to me tonight. I want you so bad.”

He had a surprised look on his face as he responded, “Carter are you sure?”

I kissed him again, “Positive, little brother. I trust you more than anyone.”

He smiled, “Okay, now lean back for me.”

I did as I was told, lying back and anxiously waiting for further instruction. Aiden followed, rubbing my legs as he got closer to my crotch. He placed his hands under my thighs and slowly lifted them up. I felt so exposed with my legs in the air, but an eagerness swept my mind as I held the position. Aiden leaned in and licked my ass, getting that first initial taste.

He wiped his mouth, “God. You weren’t kidding about the taste.”

I laughed as Aiden went back for more. The feeling of a wet tongue against your ass and licking its way around was like nothing I had ever felt before. As Aiden licked, I opened up more, allowing his tongue to get deeper inside. Seeing that I was adjusted, he took his finger and slowly started to stick them in. I let out a short breath, getting just a small taste of what was to come.

Aiden had been fingering me for a few minutes and I had reached that point where my hole was practically begging to be fucked. I leaned up while Aiden still had his fingers up my ass and begged, “Aiden, please. I can’t take it anymore!”

He then pulled them out and covered his hard length in spit, getting it ready for me. I felt him slowly put the head of his cock inside me, and let out a loud moan. Aiden was popping my cherry and I was more than willing to let him. I shivered as he slowly pushed inside. He too was controlling his breath, feeling my ass push and rub against his cock. I felt every inch pushing through and moaned as he was almost all the way in. When I felt his soft pubs tickle my ass, I knew that I was full.

He looked down in concern, “How does it feel?”

I rubbed my chest and pinched my sensitive nipples, “Too good!”

Something took over him just then. What started out slow and tender soon turned rough and wild. He started pounding me like I did to him earlier and boy did I love it. It was like he was giving me exactly what I wanted before I even knew. I felt no pain as he rammed into me, pushing his cock as far as it could go, pounding at my sweet spot and causing me moan with all my breath. I watched my brother devilishly fuck me like I had done him wrong. And seeing the look on his face: a face full of immense pleasure that made all the waiting worth it. He was fucking me so hard that my entire body went sensitive. I watched my cock pulsate and I cringed, trying to hold back my urge to blast. I held back as long as I could. That was until Aiden expectantly grabbed my cock and I came right then and there. Streams of my cum flew out of my strained cock, hitting the short hair on my chest and drenching me as it dripped down and collected on my abs. Aiden lifted his hand from my cock, brought it to his mouth and licked off that rope of cum on his palm. I watched him as he cleaned my hand, almost wishing that he had more to eat. I then couldn’t help myself; I picked myself up and kissed him while he continued to pound me. I licked his lips, tasting the fresh cum he had just licked off. He pulled me closer and tightly held me as his breathing increased and I felt his body tense. Our lips met again and just then, I felt his warm cum blasting inside me. He let out a load moan as he relieved himself and by that point, I was almost sure the neighbors had heard us. He kissed me again as he slowly pulled out, causing his cum to drip out of my ass and we lied on our sides, facing each other. He caught his breath and I stared at him, reminding myself just how beautiful he was.

He slowly ran his palm against my stubble and asked, “How was your first time?”

I gazed into his light blue eyes and responded, “It was everything I wanted it to be.”

He let out a last moan and commented, “Carter Daniels. You always seem to keep me on my toes.”

I giggled, “You know me, always two steps ahead.”

He laughed, “So what’s ahead for us now?”

I slowly caressed his smooth face, “Right now I want to lie in your arms, feel your body against mine and forget every worry in the world.”

He kissed me a last time, “I love you and all your surprises.”

I leaned in closer, “I love you too Aiden.”

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