24 Ocak 2023

The Ritual

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My wife and I have always been into somewhat kinky sex, but we recently added a new wrinkle to our experiences. Gina is 5’4″ tall, 34C breasts, small waist, and an ass to die for. Her almost platinum blonde hair is kept very short which has always turned me on. I am 6’1″, 195 lbs. and still fit at age 35. Gina danced with the ballet in our home city for over 14 years and the effort and time she put in shows. She is now retired at the age of 28 and was never the prima ballerina but she has been able to maintain her dance figure, nonetheless.

Being a musician myself and having a wife so heavily involved in the arts, we have been around enlightened and hedonistic people since out teens. Because of our proximity to people with fluid ideas of sexuality we have found ourselves participating occasionally in threesomes, foursomes and moresomes but that is rare. Costumes, being a large part of Gina’s world for so long had become a kind of “kink” for us, especially her.

I had always enjoyed Halloween parties since I was a kid, but especially Halloween parties as adults. Even when nothing sexual was going on, we both found costume parties to be great fun. Many times, the parties we attended tended to have very scantily dressed women and men. That was part of the appeal of Halloween parties. If the woman’s face was covered enough to make her anonymous, I always loved trying to figure out whose female body I was looking at. Gina would get extremely horny at these parties checking out all the men. It would always lead to great sex afterward.

Several times, our costumed friends would have us back to their place for sex or we would have the sex after-party at our house. That’s when our most fun swinging experiences would happen. During these moments, I noticed Gina was especially randy and like to fuck with her and her partners masks still on. I asked her why she liked to fuck so much when costumes were involved, and she said it gave her the illusion on being fucked by strangers. That was not true as we knew everyone at these parties, but it was a window into her fantasy life that I would take advantage of later.

We used masks, toys, and restraints more and more in our private sex life because of the open discussions she and I had. She said it was something she had always wanted to explore more with me as she trusted me to keep her safe.

I have always enjoyed the type of sexual relationship with women where ritual was involved. I don’t mean harmful rituals or extreme pain rituals. One mild ritual I really liked was planning an evening in bed or planning an entire weekend in bed. Sometimes it was simply drawing a bath for Gina and putting scented candles around the bathtub and our bedroom.

I really love very quiet, romantic music during sex, especially foreplay. Extended foreplay, edging Gina closer to orgasm without completion was a ritual we engaged in. Reading erotic stories to each other, tying her up and blindfolding her, then toying with her using feathers, crops, and toys was also very ritualistic for us. The longer we could draw out our foreplay as prelude to orgasm, the better. One of the most erotic types of ritual for us was to have Gina blind-folded after her bath and have her lie back on our bed while I lay between her legs and slowly shaved her pussy. That would lead to her cunt blossoming open, dripping with her creamy juices and me slowly and gently eating her out. All these activities seem somewhat ritualistic to us and led to incredible sex.

Several years ago, we took a vacation to Europe and Amsterdam was one of our stops. We wanted to explore the sex and drug culture of Amsterdam for ourselves to see what our friends were talking about. They had raved about the openness of the city and the live sex shows. We attended several of these shows but found them lacking in eroticism and even depressing. It was not the turn on we had hoped for. We asked some of the locals in attendance if there were on-premises sex clubs and private sex parties they could recommend. We had described some of our kinks around costuming and bondage for Gina and were given a number to call.

When we returned to our B&B, we called the number. I very polite lady took our call and walked us through some of the options. She was very matter of fact and knowledgeable and said she thought she had several potential places for us to explore. One was a public, on-premises site that was, in her words, “outlandish” and the other was a weekly event held at a private country home that was more discreet. She gave us the phone number and website of the private location and wished us well.

We were both incredibly nervous but highly motivated as we didn’t escort izmir know if we would ever get back to Amsterdam and we wanted to strike while to iron was hot.

We both agreed we wanted to proceed and called the number given to us by the lady on the phone. A gentleman answered the phone in a strong Dutch accent. We described ourselves and our interest in attending one of his parties. He gathered some basic information, gave us the address, and asked us to drop by the location the following morning.

It was quite a long ride to the country home. The man we had talked to on the phone was not available but his wife, Arica took us on a tour of the house, pointing out the various rooms, shower areas, bar, pool, hot tub, etc. Arica had spoken to her husband, Jon, and he had told her of our wishes. She made an especially detailed tour of the performance and bondage area and as she talked, Gina was squeezing my hand like a vise. She looked at me grinned and took a deep breath. She was liking what she was hearing and seeing.

We then went back to Arica’s office, and she explained schedules, costs, health requirements. Once we had agreed to participate, she had us fill out paperwork describing our wants, fantasies, do’s and don’ts, safe words etc. Gina wanted to be publicly paraded before a crowd, restrained and the used by multiple, men while being in a costume and mask. Nothing was off-limits except extreme pain, extreme humiliation, or water sports. Arica said the club could meet her requirements, including costuming if necessary.

Arica was very specific and serious about the health requirements. No condoms were allowed in the club so we had to each get a physical from their doctor and return it with a clean bill of health before we could attend a function. The next party was in 5 days, so we had to hurry. It was no problem seeing the doctor as he was a club member and healthcare services are extremely reasonable. Once he got a look at Gina, I felt sure he would be in attendance.

The anticipation over the next several days was deliciously excruciating. The “ritualization” of our sex lives, the candles, baths, shaving and foreplay caused a sexual anticipation that made our private sex life so rich. The waiting for Gina’s party was a whole new level of sweet stress we had never experienced. We fucked almost constantly, and I used multiple vibrators and dildos on Gina over the few days before the party to get her both stretched and highly aroused.

The day arrived and we reached the house several hours before the party was to start. Arica and another woman, Steffi, took Gina into the preparation area and I spent time with Jon. He showed me more photos and videos of previous events and they were wildly erotic. The members participated in every type of sex play known to me and some I had never seen or done. There were all-out orgies, mmf, ffm, gangbangs, female orgies, some male-on-male play, bondage parties, cunnilingus only parties, blowjob only parties, etc. There were even pegging parties where the women used strap-ons on the males. I had never seen that and didn’t think I wanted to experience it, but who knows. When in Rome…

As Jon and I wrapped up our meeting, other members were beginning to show up. Many were average looking couples and singles, but many were very attractive. Jon and I were sitting in the bar having our third cocktail when a couple came out from the dressing area and walked over to where we were sitting. Their crotches were about eye-level. They were both totally nude except for shoes, she in red heels and he in a type of slipper. He was about 6’3″ and sporting the largest flaccid cock I had ever seen. She was about 5’0″, olive skinned with a beautiful body. Here breasts were large with dark nipples and her pussy was covered in thick, trimmed black hair. I could smell her fragrant cunt from where I was sitting. She smelled fantastic. We chatted for few minutes, and they moved further into the club.

More and more people arrived until there were approximately 100 people in the club of all ages, shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. As the appointed time arrived, I was stripped and led to the “performance” area. By now, most attendees were either completely nude except for masks and shoes as well. I was wearing a plain black, leather mask and house slippers. Some of the women were stunning while others were more average looking but attractive. The men were more of a mixed bag with many looking fit and well-hung while others were average in looks and equipment. Some of the men were significantly older the Gina and I and some had rather large bellies. Several middle eastern men were in the crowd with beautiful dark-skinned izmir escort bayan women.

A raised platform was approximately 2 feet high and about 30 x 30 feet square. The entire stage was surrounded by theatre bench-type seating. The lights were dimmed and the leather covered sawhorse looking device was bathed in tightly focused spotlights.

When we were all seated, a curtain opened, and Gina was led out onto the stage by Arica and Steffi who were both nude. Gina was in a type of costume that reminded me of the uniforms worn by ancient Roman soldiers. Her eyes were covered by a brown leather mask. Her torso was covered in a small leather vest-like garment. Her tits were spilling out over the top in a very sexy manner but the article of clothing that covered the lower part of her body was a short, leather skirt that for all practical purposes was a Roman legion type of thing with four or five flaps that hung down over her pussy, the side of her hips and her ass. She wore no panties. It barely covered her pussy and ass and would soon make for easy access by some very lucky people. I had never thought of what this costume would look like on a gorgeous woman, but it was incredibly erotic. She even wore leather lace up Roman style boots that matched her skirt and vest and came up to mid-calf.

Gina was put on her back on the sawhorse-like bench. Her arms were tied to her ankles which were pushed up towards her breasts, opening her already drooling cunt like a dew-covered flower. Jesus! She was already breathing hard and sexy as hell. Her torso was lashed to the bench so she could not move no matter how hard she was being fucked. Her head hung off the end of the bench, perfectly positioned for her to work her cock-sucking skills on the lucky men. My cock was so hard it hurt. Many of the other men in the audience were erect as well and were enjoying being attended to by some of the women in the crowd. Moans and groans could be heard from the women who were being touched as well.

After being caressed and kissed repeatedly by Arica and Steffi, Gina juices were flowing down her open labia onto the bench. Four men then made their entrance to the stage. All wore masks. One was black and dressed as an African warlord, head dress and all. His cock was hidden beneath his loincloth but was obviously very large. A bald white man with a large belly hovering over a monster cock was there as well. He was dressed in a toga-like sheeting. He was only about 5’8″ tall but his cock was outsized in length and especially girth. Next came a tall skinny black man with another large cock and dressed as a biker. His leather pants were crotchless, so his cock was on full display along with a set of pendulous balls. The last man was dressed as a physician and guess who? I knew he was attracted to Gina, especially knowing we were becoming new members of his club. Our friendly doctor had become one of Gina’s men. He was average looking and fully clothed in white. His genitalia were not visible. Large cocks were not specified by Gina or me, but she was surely going to experience them tonight. I am a respectable 8″ but these guys were in a whole other league.

The four men encircled Gina. The three costumed men each took positions. The African was at her head, the bald man was at her left side and the biker at her right side. The doctor pulled up a stool and sat between her legs just like he had done during her examination. He leaned into Gina’s cunt at made a show of slowly lifting the leather flap that covered her blond-haired bush. He inhaled a large breath of her scent and made an “Mmmmmm…” sound. The crowd murmured their approval. Gina was already squirming and moaning at this erotic moment.

He then leaned in and lightly kissed Gina’s clitoris causing her to whisper, “Oh, my God!” As she bowed her back and tried to thrust her pelvis at the mouth near her cunt, the African tilted her head back and lay his swollen member on her lips. She opened her mouth and licked the head of his cock. She strained against her ropes and tried desperately to get the huge cock into her mouth. The African gentleman teased her for several moments then rested his hand under her head and fed her about 3-4 inches of his meat. She inhaled deeply through her nose and moaned loudly round the cock in her mouth. She shuddered from head to toe as the doctor enveloped her entire cunt with his mouth. Gina went crazy, jerking and thrusting against her restraints trying to free herself to take full advantage of her orgasm. The two other gentlemen unbuttoned her vest and began twisting and squeezing her nipples, stretching them several inches from her breasts.

As Gina continued to accept izmir escortlar the large black cock in her mouth the doctor stood, dropped his pants, and released his member. It was thick and covered in veins. He slapped Gina’s open pussy with it several times causing Gina to give off a strong moan around the African’s cock. The doctor then pushed down on the large head and slowly inserted all 10 inches into my wife until his balls were resting on her asshole. He held it deep within her as she shook and vibrated with a powerful orgasm. The cock in her mouth began pulsing as he masked invader pumped her mouth full of his seed. She choked slightly at the unexpected torrent of cum, but then gulped repeatedly until she had it all.

As the physician began slowly pumping in and out of Gina’s snatch, the fat man moved to Gina’s head and inserted his cock into her mouth. She was still trying to catch her breath when her throat was invaded a second time. This man started slowly deep throat Gina immediately. She looked overwhelmed and I thought she might use her safe word if nothing else to slow the proceeding, but she recovered and was able to let him continue. Meanwhile the doctor was picking up the pace of his thrusting and Gina was loving it. She was back in control to a degree and relaxed into what was happening. Now the skinny fourth man began loosening the ropes that tied Gina’s hands to her legs.

Once her legs were free the man got on the bench and straddled Gina, facing the doctor. He grabbed Gina’s ankles and pulled her legs upward, bringing her cunt and asshole almost level with the bench. The doctor pulled out of her pussy and began licking her asshole, tonguing her repeatedly caused her to say something but it was unintelligible with the fat cock in her mouth. At this point the Warlord had returned with some lube. The doctor moved out of his way and he began inserting his large, long fingers into her ass. He did this for a while as the fat man continued slowly fucking Gina’s mouth.

The doctor and the warlord stood to each side holding Gina’s legs up toward her chest as the skinny man got between her legs and began slowly pushing his cock into her ass. Gina reacted but moaning loudly around the prick in her mouth shaking her head from side to side. Arica, who had been standing in the shadows approached Gina, asked the man in her mouth to remove his cock so Gina could talk. Arica caressed Gina brow and lightly kissed her, asking her if she wanted to stop. Gina took a moment and said she wanted to continue. Arica then stepped back and said, “Gentlemen, continue.” The man between her legs began to push the head of his cock into Gina’s rear. She held her head up as if to watch her ass be penetrated. Suddenly, the cock popped past her sphincter, and she sighed loudly, saying, “Oh, my God…… go ahead and fuck me slowly.”

With that permission he pushed against her resistance and as she breathed deeply over and over, his member slowly inched up inside her and finally slid all the way home. He was balls deep in my beautiful wife’s ass. She asked him to hold it deep within her to give her time to relax. As he did this, the fat man lay his cock back on her lips and she opened her mouth to accept him. Almost simultaneously, both men began sawing in and out of her. She began building to a ferocious climax. Soon she was again shaking and mewling around the cock in her mouth and orgasmed with such force that she squirted all over the skinny man’s chest and crotch. This went on for half a minute when the fat man spewed his cum into her mouth in such volume, she couldn’t contain it. It choked her and poured from her lips down the sides of her face and onto her ears and on to the bench. This sight set off the man in her ass as he clinched his ass cheeks and came deep into her bowels, holding himself fully sheathed in her tight ass. Her orgasm was so powerful she had tears leaking from the corners of her eyes. As the black cock slithered out of her, a torrent of white cum poured from her ass causing her to shiver through another mild orgasm. Arica and Steffi came to her and removed any remaining restraints and let her relax and recover.

One final event was still to take place. 5-10 men from the audience and the physician circled around a prone Gina and began masturbating, soon shooting many loads of cum onto her entire body. She had cum from her hair to her toes. Jon then approached me and said she was all mine. I got on stage as the others were getting off and walked up to Gina. She was smiling wanly, said, “Thank you,” and pulled me down to kiss her. The fact that she was covered in so much cum did not phase her or me. I kissed her lightly at first and then more deeply. As the crowd watched I got between her legs and inserted by raging hard-on into her warm, creamy cunt. She felt heavenly. After only a few thrusts, I buried my meager eight inches in her and added my load to her.

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