22 Şubat 2021

My Parent’s Neighbors Pt. 02

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Winter Break and Home Again

I breezed through finals, packed up my things and gave away perishables to those who had to remain on campus during the break. My parents had booked a first class seat for me on an early morning Saturday flight. I arrived home exhausted around dinner time due to the long drive from SFO.

I didn’t see Marion or Samantha until Monday when they were backing out of their driveway to go work out. Marion called me over to say hello turning in the driver’s seat to give me a delightful view of her cleavage. We talked a bit about my schedule for the break as my eyes darted back and forth from hers to her breasts. She asked if I’d like to workout with them again. My mind flashed back to the sauna along with the shower, then my fantasy. Of course, I told her I’d love to. We made plans to workout Wednesday then off they went.

The rest of Monday and most of Tuesday I was with my mom finishing up Christmas shopping. The crowds weren’t too bad since Christmas wasn’t until the following week. She gave me a list of things to get my dad who is extremely hard to buy for since it seems he has everything. So, we got the usual underwear and socks and a couple of ties for him. Mom said all she wanted is more time with me. She mentions that every year but I buy her things with money dad gives me. It’s hard to spend more time with her when I’m away at school so I spend as much as I can when I’m home.

Wednesday morning rolled around, and I was ready for some ‘me’ time working out and sweating. Marion met me at our front door at six in the morning ready to go as Sam waited in the car. We talked along the way about what we’d all been up to since we last spoke. Sam was off from school also busy planning her final trips to the various universities where she’d applied along with her competition in January.

When we arrived at the gym, a few people were working out. I went through my routine casually conversing with the others there, introducing myself as Marion and Sam’s next door neighbor. About halfway through my workout, I heard some weights crash. I looked over to see Sam wincing in pain with a barbell rolling on the floor away from her. I ran over to see if I could help along with most everyone else.

Sam was in agony. She’d added a bit more weight than usual and lost her grip doing a deadlift. She was rubbing her lower back which is a common strain while deadlifting. I got her some ice to put on it and made her lay down and rest, telling her I’d dealt with this before. I suggested she see her doctor just to be safe.

Marion was on top of that right away calling their doctor to see if she could get in that day. They did have an opening. We helped Sam to the car and drove to the doctor’s office. On the way over I explained a ‘cupping treatment’ we use on the athletes at school. I had my set of cups at home if she felt like she wanted a session. The doctor confirmed my quick diagnosis of a sprain, suggesting rest along with massages and wouldn’t you know it, a cupping treatment.

In case you didn’t know, cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which cups are applied to your skin for a few minutes to create suction drawing blood to the surface. It has many beneficial uses which include help with easing the pain. It also reduces inflammation, improves blood flow, helps relaxation, promotes well-being, and as a type of deep tissue massage.

We took Sam home from the doctor’s office, fed her some acetaminophen then had her lay down in her bed. She was feeling a tiny bit better but still sore.

I asked if she wanted my help, she winced a bit replying with a weak, yes, please.

I went home and got my medical bag along with my cups. When I returned, I asked Marion to get a couple of sheets and spread them on the floor so I wouldn’t get any oil on Sam’s bed. I then asked for some olive oil which made them both look at me as if I were nuts. I told them about the various oils that can be applied when massaging. Since I didn’t have any in the kit, olive would have to do.

We helped Sam strip down to her panties and a tee shirt. She lay on the floor face down; then I put a rolled up towel under her feet to promote blood flow to her core. I explained the cups to each of them. Oiling up my hands, I proceeded to massage Sam’s lower back. Despite my lust for her, I remained profession as Marion watched me gently knead her daughter’s back fascinated by my movements.

Her body was just as I fantasized it would be, firm, soft, and fantastic, along with being a pleasure to work. She did have a couple of knots in the lower region which I focused on, spending extra time trying to work them out.

After working most of her back, I dried the oil from my hands then brought the cups out to begin the treatment. The cups left their tell-tale little rings while helping ease the pain and stiffness in Sam’s exquisite body. When I finished, we helped her back up to a standing position. She began rubbing her back while I sat on the floor, casino siteleri her firm ass inches from my face.

My pussy was trembling as I watched her twist and turn in front of me checking herself out. My heart was pounding by the time she finished her self-check. She was amazed at how much better she felt. She thanked me then headed off to take a warm shower to get the oil off herself, something I gladly would have helped her.

Before she left, I told her to drink additional water to help remove the toxins generated by the body massage. Marion graciously helped put my medical bag back together and clean up while Samantha was showering. As we put everything away, Marion asked me if I had time would I mind massaging her. I told her I didn’t mind at all. I had thought to say no due to her flirtations, but that wouldn’t have been very neighborly so we made plans for later that week. Visiting again would also give me a chance to check on Sam. I secretly hoped she’d want another massage or treatment so I could touch her once more.

That night I lay in my bed imagining Sam naked next to me purring and cooing as I made love to her. I pictured her firm body under me as I licked and kissed her taut muscles. I traced her well-defined abs with my tongue as she squirmed, her hands gripping the pillow beneath her head. I’d tease her, licking up to her small firm breasts coating them with my tongue then sucking on one nipple letting it pop as I released it from my lips. I continued doing that until she begged me to finish her off, gently nudging my head lower with her hands. When she’d cum, we switched positions, her face buried between my legs. My fingers became her tongue teasing my pussy as I brought myself to an intense climax in the dark.

Yes, I was infatuated, and I was also confused. Marion seemed to be flirting with me; she’d noticed my lustful gazes at Sam yet said nothing to discourage me. I didn’t know if I should flirt back with Marion who was sexy in her own right or ignore her and see which way Sam leaned. She was confident in her skin and what yummy skin it was.

I figured I’d play it by ear and see what happened. With my luck, I’d get caught in a compromising position with Marion by Sam and lose out on everything. I contemplated returning to school and not thinking about the temptations living next door to my parents.

I woke around eight after a restless night. I could hear mom doing what moms do early in the morning, cleaning or laundry. I got up, showered then dressed. I headed downstairs to help mom or get in the way. My mind slipped back into my little drama playing out with Marion and Sam. The questions kept bouncing around never settling on an answer.

Why hadn’t they affected me before? What changed in my mind about them that had them both regularly in my thoughts and fantasies? Maybe I should ignore them both to hang out with my mother. These and other questions continued racing through my mind only to be put on hold by my cell phone notifying me about a new text message.

It was Marion, telling me she was free if I wanted to come over to do her massage. I sighed before answering it, debating whether to make up some excuse to avoid her.

I relented, texting her I was free and would be right over. She replied with a happy face emoji which made me laugh despite my uncertainty.

I grabbed my cups in addition to my yoga mat along with a variety of oils. I told my mom I was going next door to give Marion her massage. I was in my shorts, a tee, and flip flops since the weather was in the sixties. I rang the doorbell not expecting Marion to whip the front door open so quickly. I jumped back startled by the vacuum it created.

Much to my surprise and I hate to say it, but my delight there stood Marion in a tiny string bikini. I don’t know if my being startled or my wide eyes at her state of undress caused her to laugh at my confused reaction. Ushering me in while apologizing for scaring me, we headed to the living room where she had a mat ready. I set my things down as she asked if I wanted something to drink. I declined, slipping off my flip-flops. I knelt down to organize my oils to begin our session placing them within easy reach.

She closed the curtains to the sliding glass door which led to the backyard. I asked her why and she replied that even though it backed up to the nature area, she didn’t want anyone looking in. I shrugged my shoulders thinking ‘whatever’ as she flittered about the room lighting scented candles. She passed by a CD player pushing the play button. I heard waves crashing on a beach through the speakers and grinned to myself.

“You’ve set this up nicely. I normally don’t have such things as candles and music when I massage.”

“If I could have gotten a table, I would have.” she smiled.

“A table makes it easier for some things. The floor is fine. Is Sam home? I brought along my cups if she wants another session.”

“No, she’s out shopping with some friends. I don’t expect her back until slot oyna close to dinner time.”

I knelt with her standing on the other side of the mat. “Okay, if and when she wants another treatment, you know I’m next door. So, any areas in particular you’d like me to focus on?’

She looked down at me. I could see a mischievous grin develop on her face.

“My hamstrings feel a bit tight along with my calves. Were you going to use olive oil or canola?” With a hint of sarcasm, in her voice, she asked as she knelt down.

I laughed, “No, I bought some essential massage oils, ylang-ylang, lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree.”

I explained the differences to her while she laid face down and got comfortable. She opted for the ylang-ylang mostly due to its aroma. I waited until she was relaxed then began at her feet. I applied the oil after warming it slightly in my hands. I started using it on the arch of her right foot. I sat back on my heels as I gently yet firmly went over her entire foot. My fingers slipped between her toes coating each digit. Her nails were painted a bright red and looked expensive. I complimented her on them as I continued my work.

Marion lay sighing contentedly as I methodically handled one foot then the other. I eased each down when I’d completed it. I then moved up each leg having separated her legs so I could slip in between them.

Moving my hands up and down her calves then her hamstrings, I could feel her body tensions easing. I was tempted to ask her to remove her bottoms, but with the flirtations I’d experienced and my lust for her daughter, I thought better of it.

My hands continued up over her cheeks which were firm for a woman her age. Not that she was old but, I was used to a much younger clientele. She could give a few of them a run for the money in the firm ass department.

She was resting, arms crossed, her head to the side, eyes closed enjoying her massage. I slipped from between her legs to her midsection to get a better angle. She opened her eyes and softly told me I had great hands, and she was enjoying my work. I smiled, thanked her then continued the task at hand.

When I had offered Marion the oils to choose from I had a feeling I shouldn’t have mentioned the ylang-ylang which has a very erotic aroma and has aphrodisiac properties. I hadn’t used it much in the past; now I was beginning to see why. I was starting to get slightly aroused as I continued coating Marion in it. I could only imagine what was happening to her as she moaned and cooed while my hands inched further up her body.

When I finished one side of her back, I crossed over her to get the other. She opened her eyes, watching me as I moved to her shoulders. She commented on how delightful the oil smelled, I agreed, mentioning I’d never really used it that much.

She grinned, “It’s making me tingle a bit; you know where.”

I blushed, “Yes, I should have mentioned that. Should I stop?”

She admonished me for even mentioning stopping, “You better not, young lady. I haven’t felt that in quite some time. I’m enjoying it in addition to your touch.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it, Marion.”

I moved to sit at her head to do her shoulders, one hand on each side while I leaned over pushing down her back. A few times I went a bit too far letting a breast brush across her ear as I pushed downward.

“Oops, sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” she asked.

“My boob on your ear. I extended a little too far.” Wondering how she would respond.

“Oh, sweetie, I didn’t mind at all. Haven’t you figured out I’ve been flirting with you unsuccessfully since Thanksgiving?”

“I wasn’t sure, Marion. I mean you are close to my parent’s age. I’ve known you and Sam like forever. I’m flattered. I didn’t know you liked the fairer sex.” I grinned as my hands worked a bit slower.

“I have since I was a teenager, my love. My dear departed husband didn’t have a problem with my choices as long as I was discreet. Back then he could have been blackballed in his advancements if it were known I cheated with the ladies; men they don’t seem to have a problem with. Speaking of Sam, I’ve noticed how you look at her, especially when we were in the sauna.”

I blushed, “Yes, she has quite the body. It didn’t feel right knowing you were flirting with me. I hate drama.”

Marion moaned as replying, “Oh, that feels good. Did I mention I was discreet? You never struck me as one who enjoyed men or women my darling, Casey. Sam won’t be home for another couple of hours. Hint, hint.”

“I know, I’m not overtly sexual. I’ve dated both boys and girls from time to time. My school work and career have always been my main focus. She won’t, huh? Are you suggesting something Marion?”

“It’s up to you. Like I said, if you and Sam got together I wouldn’t complain. I wouldn’t tell your parents anything, that’s your business. My massage and the oil are making me frisky. I sense it’s affecting you also. What do you say we go up to my room, canlı casino siteleri get this oil off me in the shower and see what happens.”

I thought about it for a few seconds as my hands continued gliding over her back. I hadn’t had any close personal contact in ages, and her offer was tempting.

“Are you sure Sam won’t return anytime soon?”

She sat up, reached behind her back to untie the bikini top, letting it drop to her lap. She took my hands placing them on her breasts, holding them there.

Looking me in the eyes, she responded, “No, I’m not one hundred percent positive. What would you do if she walked in right now with your hands all over my boobs?”

“Since it’s obvious I’m massaging you, I’d tell her I was helping you with a self-exam and was about to massage your front side. She would be welcome to watch.”

“Oh, that is good. Sam might believe it too. I don’t. I think right now you’re a horny little bunny, but you don’t want to ruin any chance you have to get into Sam’s panties.”

“Marion, when you put it like that, it sounds crude. Let’s finish the massage. I was feeling it a bit ago, but now I’ve lost the mood.”

“I’m sorry. Maybe I’m a bit jealous of you lusting after Sam and not me. Let me text her. I’ll tell her you’re staying for dinner after my massage. I’ll ask her to join us. I didn’t mean to be abrupt. Forgive me? Oh, since you’re not in the mood are you going to quit playing with my breasts?”

I blushed a deep red, slowly removing my hands from her lovely globes, “Yeah, sorry about that. I didn’t realize I was lingering. They are very nice, Marion.”

“I don’t mind at all. Like I mentioned earlier, you have a great touch. My phone is on the counter. I’ll get it and text Sam.”

She got up leaving her top on the floor. I watched as she walked to the counter then leaned against it facing me. She pulled up Sam’s number, hit the keys then pressed send. After a few seconds, her phone dinged. She read it then texted back. Setting the phone down, she strolled back over.

Facing me, she dropped to her knees, “Shall I lay on my back now for you to continue fondling my boobs?”

“What did Sam say?”

“Oh, she’ll be here for dinner since I invited you. But, it won’t be until around six. It’s just a little after nine; we have plenty of time to do whatever we want to, sweetheart.”

“Oh, mom said we’re having dinner at six also. It’s my favorite, lasagna.”

“She’s next door; we can walk over together after our shower and tell her you’re having dinner with us.”

“Our shower?”

“Yes, why not? You’re horny I can tell. You don’t have anything to do after my massage do you? What could it hurt? She won’t be home so we can enjoy each other’s company for a couple of hours. Who knows, you might even enjoy it.”

I thought for a few seconds. Marion was right, I was horny. I was lusting after them both and what could it hurt? Sam was way out of my league. Marion wanted me; I should go for it and settle a few conflicts in my mind.

“Okay, after I finish your massage I’ll take my things back home and let my mom know I’m having dinner here with you and Sam.”

She smiled, “That sounds delicious, Casey. We can shower when you get back, taking our sweet time. Then depending on our moods, eat lunch in the kitchen or my bed.”

I laughed, “You’re not shy about this at all are you.”

“No, I want you as much as you want Sam. We could play little games or cut to the chase and enjoy each other.”

She laid down, hands back at her sides waiting for me to finish. She was right, we could play games which is usually frustrating to one or both, or we could enjoy each other and see where it takes us.

I started on her shoulders again this time with her topless. Her nipples were hard as my oily palms glided over them. I liked how they felt. My pussy was tingling once again, but I refrained from doing anything.

I worked each arm in turn, scooting about her on my knees as she lay, eyes closed enjoying the soft music, the aroma, and stimulation from the oil along with my hands over her body. The more I touched her and thought about her proposition the more I became aroused. Despite having her right in front of me, I still flashed images of Sam.

Moving between her legs, I traced the curves of her hips with each hand. I went from her pelvis to her hips letting my body glide over her tummy. I kept eyeing her breasts as they rose and fell as she breathed.

Her eyes remained shut as my hands slid over her tummy. She was in such a relaxed state she didn’t notice I’d shifted to one hand while the other quietly removed my tee shirt and unhooked my bra. I laid my tee behind me then switched back to two hands so she wouldn’t notice. As she moaned, she whispered how delicious she felt. I managed to work my bra down each arm and off without disturbing her peace. Placing it on my discarded tee, I was now topless, my nipples firm and tingly. I squirted a bit more oil on my palms. Using both hands again I lubed her thighs from her knees to the perineum. She moaned a bit more enthusiastically hoping I’d get closer with my upwards movements. I remained silent pausing only to oil my breasts for a surprise body massage.

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