25 Ocak 2023

Mums And Daughters

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Catching Mum

“Oh, Sylvia, stop, stop, I can’t handle any more,” I shout.

Sylvia smiles at me and says, “Oh, Mary, I wanted to make you cum an even dozen times.”

“Damn, girl, you drive me wild.”

“I only return the favour, my hot girlfriend.”

She takes her mouth off of my pussy and crawls up and nestles next to me, resting her head on one of my tiny 28aa boobs, her hand covering the other one. I hold my wonderful lover close to me and feel us melt together in post-orgasmic bliss. I feel her 32a boob press into my side.

My heart gradually slows from its pounding beat and my breath eases. I feel so happy that I met Sylvia four months ago. We love each other so much and our high levels of passion match perfectly.

I glance at the clock and mumble, “I guess I should go home. Mum wants me to help with something.”

“Oh, really, Mary, who are you going to be in a threesome with?”

I laugh. “No, no, I highly doubt that. She hasn’t been with anyone since the divorce.”

“You never know,” Sylvia says with a smile. I grin back and slowly get dressed and leave her with a lingering goodbye kiss. On the drive home, I muse about Mum being with someone but dismiss the idea.

I park my car in the driveway and walk into the back door. I freeze as I hear a groan. More groans follow, from two different voices. I slip off my shoes, tiptoe toward the lounge and peer around the corner into the lounge room. I suppress a gasp as I see Mum and another woman with their mouths in each other’s muffs.

My nipples harden and my pussy starts getting damp. I am tempted to touch myself but I resist. The sight of my Mum getting pleased makes me happy, and the other woman, whom I now recognise as her long-time friend Sharon, seems equally pleased.

I silently set my handbag on the floor and extract my phone. I take several photos, zoom in for some close-ups, and then take a video with sound. After a minute, Mum moans as Sharon makes her cum, and then she lashes Sharon’s pussy until she cums too.

I step into the room and watch them drift down from their orgasms. My pussy is dripping. Mum spies me and pulls her head up. “Oh, Mary. Um, gosh. I’m so sorry. I was just…”

I interrupt her. “Oh, Mum, don’t apologise. I’m so happy that you are finally getting laid after so long.” She blushes, not knowing what to say.

Sharon pulls up to look at me. “Hi, Sharon,” I say. “Thanks for giving Mum what she’s been needing.”

“My pleasure, Mary.”

“Yes, Sharon, I could see that, and hear it.” Sharon and I laugh, but Mum is still shocked at being caught and only gives a small smile. “Well, I’ll leave you two alone. Have fun.” I grab my handbag and shuffle into my bedroom and close the door.

I quickly strip off my pants and knickers, grab my phone and fly onto the bed. One hand slips under my top onto my braless boob as I view the photos and video of the two mature ladies cumming. Then I rapidly rub my pussy to another orgasm.

After a minute, I send the photos and video to Sylvia and call her. “Check your texts,” I say, still panting a little.

“Oh, okay,” she replies. After a few seconds, she yells, “See, I told you so. Your mum finally got lucky! Good for her. I’m envious. I wish I had come over with you and we could have ravaged both of them.”

“Mmm, that would have been fun. But I think this was Mum’s first time with a woman, and she was embarrassed.”

“Well, I’ve always thought she was a yummy mummy. I’m wet again already, seeing them together, and oh wow, you took a video of them cumming. Hot!”

“Yeah, it was a surprise to me. I’ve been out to Mum for some time and she’s been great about it after the initial shock, but I always thought she was straight.”

“I’ve tried flirting with her, but I guess I’m not her type, haha,” Sylvia says.

“Maybe you’ll have a chance now,” I reply, grinning.

“Maybe. Well, thanks for the photos. I’m going to masturbate to them now.”

“Enjoy, Sylvia. Bye.”

I think about Mum’s new sex life and smile. I change into my nightie and open my bedroom door. I hear Sharon and Mum say their goodbyes and then hear the front door open and close. I walk out to see Mum, who has gotten dressed again.

“Oh, Mary, I’m so sorry you saw that,” Mum says while blushing again.

“Don’t be silly, Mum, I’m very happy that you are enjoying sex again. It’s been so long.”

She sighs softly and says, “Yes, it has.”

“So now you and Sharon can have lots of fun!”

She smiles and relaxes slightly, relieved that I wholeheartedly approve of her new experience. “You’re okay with this?”

“Well, of course, Mum, why wouldn’t I be? You know I’m a lezzo.”

She pauses for a moment. “In fact, she has suggested a weekend away.”

“Oh great! You two can fuck yourselves silly.”

“Oh, Mary, really.”

“Yes, really.”

“Actually, Sharon suggested including you and her daughter. You know Lizzie, of course.”

“Oh yeah, she’s really cute. I’d love to come along.”

“Okay, porno izle I’ll let her know.”


We have a light dinner and watch a movie together before I head to bed, feigning tiredness. I am worked up about everything that has happened today. Starting with Sylvia’s ravaging me, then finding Sharon and Mum licking each other and now imagining the possibilities of the weekend retreat have my mind spinning and my body pulsing with passion again.

I get under my bed covers and turn out the light. I think of Lizzie. She is petite and a bit younger than me, 18, but with prominent boobs – I’m guessing 36c. We fooled around once but it was just some kissing, no touching even. Maybe I’ll have a chance to do more with her.

I imagine myself with her, kissing her again. My hands go to my boobs as I think of feeling her large boobs and making her nipples hard the way mine are now. Then I’m sucking her nipple as my hand finds my pussy. My finger slides into my slippery hole and I thrust into myself madly as I imagine Lizzie’s hard nipple under my tongue.

I imagine her gasping as I lash her nipple. I fuck myself and cum, my pussy dripping over my fingers. As I relax, I wonder what the weekend will be like. With Lizzie there, will we have no chance for sex? Or will she want to? I drift off to sleep.

Afternoon Delight

Over the following days, I keep thinking about the upcoming weekend, hardly able to wait. Finally, Saturday morning is here, and Sharon arrives in her large SUV with Lizzie. She comes in and helps us carry our suitcases to the car, placing them in the back. I can see that she’s packed plenty of food, so we won’t starve.

I climb into the back seat with Lizzie, and Mum sits up front. Lizzie is wearing shorts and a tight-fitting top just covering her ample boobs and exposing her trim stomach. I stare at her and try not to pant as my body goes flush.

“Hi, Mary,” she says with a smile.

“Hi, Lizzie. Nice to see you again.”

“This should be fun.”

“I hope so,” I reply.

Sharon and Mum chat away in front as we drive. Lizzie pulls out a video game and plays it. I gaze out the window at the scenery, which is becoming rural as we continue. I sneak peeks at Lizzie’s boobs frequently, my hands wanting to reach over and caress them, but of course, I don’t.

After an hour or so, we turn into a narrow lane, then down a gravel driveway past a sign reading Enchantment. We pull up and I see a charming old cottage that seems like it’s been well maintained. We all get out and lug our things inside.

It’s rustic inside, but it’s clean and it feels homey. Sharon and Mum open up all the windows to air the place and move luggage into the bedrooms. Lizzie and I unpack groceries, and I find excuses to bump into her boobs as I squeeze past her to the pantry and fridge. She’s smiling at me, apparently not minding.

Sharon says to us, “I put you girls in the far bedroom, and Monica and I will take this bedroom, okay?” We shrug in agreement. I am excited, thinking that sharing a bedroom with Lizzie might allow me to see her at least partially naked at some point.

When we are all settled, Sharon locks the car, comes back in and announces that we are all taking a little walk to appreciate the woods. I love nature, so that suits me fine. We exit the cottage and walk down a path. Sharon and Mum walk hand-in-hand and I smile at that. I look over at Lizzie and she smiles at me, so I venture to take her hand in mine. Her smile broadens and she gives my hand a squeeze.

We walk for about half an hour. Sharon and Mum are chatting madly, but Lizzie and I are mostly silent, absorbing the scenery. We arrive at a lookout and we have a view of a lovely green valley. We stand and gaze. Lizzie places her arm around my waist and I place mine around her shoulder. I’m feeling so close to her and my body starts warming up.

After a minute, Sharon and Mum walk on, but Lizzie and I stay behind. She turns and looks at me, and I sense that she desires me as much as I desire her. She pulls me close, pressing her ample boobs into my tiny ones and kisses me softly.

All of my resistance evaporates and blows away in the breeze. I pull her tightly to me and kiss her deeply, my tongue sliding into her mouth to play with hers. We both moan. My nipples harden under her boob’s pressure. I run my hands over her back.

Lizzie pulls away and pants, “Oh, Mary, I’ve been dreaming of this ever since Mum told me about this weekend. I remember kissing you once so sweetly, and I’ve often thought fondly of that moment.”

“Lizzie, I’ve been thinking of you, too. I hope we can steal some private time together to, well, do more than kiss.”

Lizzie blushes at the idea of “more than kiss”. She says, “Um, yes maybe, Mary. For now, I guess we’d better catch up with our mums.”

“Okay.” We walk on, holding hands again. We see our mums waiting for us.

Mum says, “Beautiful view, isn’t it?”

I look Lizzie up and down and reply, “Yes, it sure is.” Mum and Sharon smile altyazılı porno at me.

We walk for a few minutes and return to the cottage. Sharon says, “Lunchtime! Lizzie, will you set the dining table, please?”

“Sure, Mum.” She and I get plates and cutlery and set them around the knotty table. Again I “accidentally” bump into her. We are both smiling a lot.

Sharon makes sandwiches as the rest of us sit on the benches at the table. Mum is smiling, happy to be here and with Sharon. I see a glow in her that has been missing for years, and I’m so happy about that. For a moment, I forget that she’s my mum, and I see her just as an attractive woman.

Sharon brings our sandwiches and leans in front of me. I can’t help but stare down the cleavage between her large 38dd boobs. The sight gets my juices flowing. I glance to my left at Lizzie and she’s grinning at me, understanding my feelings.

Sharon then brings four wine glasses and a bottle of rosé. She pours us each a glass, and I feel like a grownup. “Why not?” I think. We munch our lunch, the walk having whetted our appetite. I sip the wine and slowly feel its effects as my body relaxes.

I become very aware of the three pairs of boobs around me. I try not to be obvious as my gaze wanders around and appreciates their variety. Sharon smiles at me.

When we are done eating, Mum cleans up the plates and Sharon takes the wine glasses over to the coffee table and refills them. Sharon takes Mum by the hand and leads her over to the sofa, having them sit together. Lizzie and I stand and watch.

Sharon takes Mum’s head in her hands and turns it to her. She kisses Mum softly and Mum whimpers. Sharon’s hands roam over her body, making Mum kiss deeply. Sharon wastes no time unbuttoning Mum’s top and exposing her 34b boobs in her bra. Then she deftly reaches behind and unclasps her bra, lifting it to allow Mum’s naked boobs to appear.

I gasp, seeing my mum in a sexual way for only the second time in my life. Lizzie echoes my gasp. I turn and see that her hands are on her boobs. I bring my hands up, and caress my boobs. Since I haven’t worn a bra, I can feel my nipples through my top, stiffening with excitement.

A groan grabs my attention again. Sharon has removed Mum’s top and bra and is rubbing her face over her boobs. I pinch my nipples and match her groan. Sharon lifts her face and sees her daughter and me, rubbing our boobs. “Well, girls, if you are going to watch, you should get naked.”

Lizzie hesitates, but I whip off my top, displaying my naked boobs. Sharon says, “Oh, I love your tiny boobs, Mary, they’re adorable.”

“Oh, Sharon, I want your big boobs,” I reply.

“Yours are perfect, Mary. Don’t worry.”

“Well, I’m glad you like them.”

“Very much. But right now I have to pay attention to Monica’s.” Sharon plants her mouth onto one of my mum’s nipples and starts licking it. Mum groans in delight, and I move my hands to my boobs.

Lizzie looks at me and unbuttons her shirt and shrugs it off, letting it drop on the floor. I gape at her lovely, large but firm boobs in her bra. “Oh, Lizzie, I love them. Take your bra off and let me see,” I implore.

She reluctantly reaches back and unclasps her bra and drops it too. I blurt, “Wow, Lizzie, I love them! So big but firm, and those nipples, yum.” She blushes with embarrassment.

I reach down and unzip and drop my shorts and then take my knickers off so I’m all naked. Lizzie is staring at me but not moving, so I say, “Come on, Lizzie, get naked with me.” She slowly takes off her shorts and knickers. I see her nicely trimmed but full bush, which is so different from my shaved pussy. I rub my mound and stare at her bush.

“Oh, Lizzie, I love your fur. I can’t wait to feel it.”

I am entranced as I see Lizzie slide her hand down and run her fingers through her bush. I decide I have to try that later. I rub my palms over my hard nipples as I see Lizzie’s finger disappear into her bush, her palm pressing on her bush and rubbing. One of my hands jumps down and rubs my mound as I watch her.

Her hand moves up and down, and I imagine that her palm is rubbing her clit. I slide a finger into my pussy and find it dripping. I swirl it around and then spread juice over my clit as I keep watching Lizzie. I gasp as my hard clit throbs under my wet finger.

A loud moan from the sofa grabs my attention. I see that Sharon and my mum are naked now, and Sharon is kneeling in front of Mum with her face planted between her legs. She must be licking in her pussy or on her clit.

I can’t see Mum’s pussy but I admire her lovely boobs, which are jiggling as her body shakes under Sharon’s loving treatment. I glance back at Lizzie’s boobs and see that her nipples are hard. I slide my finger deep into my pussy and groan as my pussy clamps down.

Lizzie is sliding her finger in and out steadily now. I can’t hold back and I do the same. Mum suddenly screams and I hear her yell, “Oh, Sharon, I’m cumming. Yessss.” Her body shakes violently for a minute before sex hikaye Sharon pulls off and looks over at us, her face glistening with Mum’s juice.

“My turn for fun,” Sharon says as she lies down on the sofa and spreads her legs. I admire Sharon’s large boobs. Mum places her mouth on Sharon’s pussy and starts to lick. Lizzie moans and I turn to see her slamming two fingers into her pussy. I slide two fingers into mine, feeling my tight pussy expand to allow them in.

I watch Mum spread Sharon’s lips wide, exposing her big hard clit. She extends her tongue and licks it slowly. Sharon hisses, “Ah yes, just like I taught you, Monica. Mmmm.” I pull my dripping fingers out of my pussy and slide them over my clit.

Mum keeps licking slowly and steadily. Sharon’s head is rolling and she’s moaning constantly. Suddenly, Mum presses hard and licks quickly. Sharon screams, “Oh, fuck, Monica, yes. Lash my clit!” She does, and Sharon soon cums, filling the cottage with her yells.

Lizzie and I are entranced. We keep rubbing ourselves, edging toward a climax. Then Sharon says, “Your turn now, girls.” She and Mum sit together on the sofa again and gaze at us. Lizzie and I look at each other, and then I fall to my knees and dive my tongue deep into her pussy, tasting her sweet, salty juice.

I pull out and copy what my mum did to Sharon, teasing Lizzie’s clit with the tip of my tongue. With the finger fucking she has done, she is dripping wet and her clit is rock hard. It’s not long before she cries, “Oh, Mary, I’m cumming. Ahhhhhhhhhh.”

I lap up the juice she’s pouring out before pulling off and smiling up at her. Then I lie down on the floor and spread my legs, inviting her to return the favour. Lizzie kneels down and caresses my boob and fingers my pussy. I’m very excited from my rubbing, and I’m dripping.

She then gets between my legs and licks my juice from my thighs before diving into my pussy for more. The base of her tongue is scraping my clit and soon I’m cumming. “Oh, Lizzie, so good!” I shout.

After a minute, Lizzie asks, “Was that okay? I’ve never licked a pussy before.”

“Oh yes, Lizzie, you’re a natural,” I reply.

“You taste sweet. Does everyone taste the same?”

“Well, Lizzie,” Sharon says, “there’s only one way to find out. Taste Monica.” Mum and Sharon have been watching us lick, and their legs are spread, displaying their pussies to us. Lizzie crawls over and starts licking my mum’s pussy.

Sharon says to me, “Don’t leave me out, Mary, come lick me.” I smile and get between her legs and suck her pussy lips.

“Wow, Mary, your mum tastes so different – strong, musky.”

“I wouldn’t know, Mary, I haven’t tasted it.”

“Yet, you mean, Mary,” Sharon giggles.

“Sharon, I love your taste,” I say. “Tangy but not too strong.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

We girls get back into the pussies in front of us, licking away. I dive deep and drink as much of Sharon’s juice as I can, then slide up and suck on her clit. “Oh, fuck, yes, Mary. That feels so good,” she barks. I flick her clit once with my tongue and elicit a whimper.

My mum is moaning, so I assume that Lizzie is pleasing her well. I tease Sharon’s clit with a flick every few seconds, and she’s pressing her pussy forward, trying to get more pressure. I hold my ground and keep my light flicks going. “Oh, you bitch,” Sharon screams. I now know that I’m driving her wild.

“Oh, Lizzie, yesssss,” Mum cries. I shift my eyes to see Lizzie moving up and down quickly and figure that she’s lashing Mum’s clit hard and fast. “Ahh, I’m cumming.”

I flick Sharon’s clit a little more frequently, making her body shake but not letting her cum.

Mum says, “Ah, Lizzie, that’s enough. Thank you. I can’t believe you are new at pussy licking.”

Lizzie raises her face to look at my mum and smiles broadly. “Why thank you, I’m glad you liked it.”

“More than liked it. I’m going to love being with you again.”

Sharon moans under my teasing flicks and says, “Damn you, Mary, you’re not letting me cum. You two girls switch. Mary, you need to taste your mum. Lizzie, get over here and make me cum.”

Lizzie and I grin at each other and trade places. I’m gazing into Mum’s dripping pussy. I’ve seen it before, of course, like in the shower, but never this close and sexily. I’ve never imagined doing this with Mum, but in the heat of our collective passion, it seems like the perfect thing to do.

I dive my tongue in and lazily lick around. I pull out and say, “Oh, I see what you mean, Lizzie. Mum is very strong tasting, but I love it.” I dive back in for more.

“Ah, yes, Lizzie, good girl, lash my clit,” Sharon shouts. Lizzie is extending her tongue and trying her best to give her mum the pleasure she’s demanding.

Mum seems content with my slow, gentle pussy licking, so I continue that. I am relishing the taste.

“Oh, fuck, yes, Lizzie. I’m cumming,” Sharon yells. Her body bucks and she grunts like an animal. Finally, she collapses into the sofa and Lizzie relents and pulls away.

I pull away from Mum and gaze at the two satisfied women on the sofa. Then I glance at Lizzie and then myself and soak in the lovely view of four naked women, all different looking but all very sexy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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