24 Ocak 2023

Bisexual Fantasy Ch. 01: Danny

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I recently took the completely terrifying step of discussing with my wife (of 10 years) my evolving sexuality and my recently realized sexual attraction to men. She basically told me this wasn’t really surprising and that she was surprised I was surprised she was taking it so well. She’s known for a while that I like anal stimulation, but I hid my attraction to men. She just watched, supported, and let me come to my conclusions on my own time. Long story short, we discussed boundaries and comfort levels and now a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. We’ve decided for the foreseeable future to remain monogamous. But she understands that I’m going to have fantasies about other men, just as I might about other women. In that spirit, here is how I fantasize my first bisexual encounter would go…

“Hon…I cant find my car keys and the tile battery is dead. Do you have any idea where they are?”

“Well dear” she says sardonically, “did you look on the key ring?”

“Of course I did, they’re not…”

They’re there

“Did you just put those here?”

“No they’ve been there since yesterday”

I roll my eyes in mock disbelief, knowing its 100% true.

“What would you do without me?”

“Probably eat Mac n Cheese every night and drink myself to sleep.”

She pulls me in for a goodbye kiss. Her lips are so soft and taste faintly like cherry. She has to stand on her tippy toes to reach my level so her arms are wrapped around my neck in a loving embrace, half supporting her weight, half squeezing to show her love for me.

“By the way” she says, breaking our kiss

“My mom is taking the kids tonight, I have a surprise for you so I need you home on time, can you do that?”

“For you? Absolutely. What is on time, exactly?”

“6:00 sharp!”

“You got it!” Shall I pick up something for dessert?”

A smile, no…a grin shows on her face for the briefest moment, but it’s there. As quick as it appears, it’s gone and she responds;

“I will have everything ready to go. The only thing I need from you, is you!”

She boops my nose, and gives me one last kiss while spinning my body around and smacking my ass. So sexy!

“Go to work husband, I’ll see you tonight!”

“Love you”

“Love you too”


As I’m heading home from what turns out to be a relatively busy day at work, I have a mini panic attack. I forgot all about being home on time. A quick glance at the clock quells my fears, I’m actually early! So I decide to stop at the grocery for her favorite wine and a dozen pink roses. Pink roses are her favorite because her grandfather used to give them to all the women in the family at get togethers. I don’t know what she has planned, but I figure you can’t really go wrong with this combo.

When I pull in to the driveway, I notice nothing unusual, so I grab my things and head inside, wondering what this woman has planned for us…

“WIFEY!” I yell out. “I’m ready for my back massage!!”

“Mmmhmmm” she responds with a smile, greeting me from the kitchen. She’s wearing her apron so she must be making some kind of dinner or something. It’s weird, I can see her shoulders.

She grabs my hand, pulling me the rest of the way into the foyer and closes the door. Immediately, she gets down on her knees and starts undoing my belt. As she’s kneeling, I can see that she is indeed wearing an apron, I can also see that it’s the only thing she’s wearing!

“Oh my! This is…unexpected!”

“You have no idea,” she says.

She has my cock out now, stroking it. There’s lust in her eyes. She wants it hard, NOW.

The initial surprise didn’t allow me to process what was happening. I mean, I still have flowers and wine in my hand. But that look…she gazes up at me and I believe I may have gotten a bit dizzy for a second due to the instant rush of blood to my penis. In an instant, I’m ready for what ever she has for me.

She grabs my shaft and lifts it up, and to the side. She’s gently fondling my balls with her mouth. Ever so lightly sucking them into her mouth and flicking her tongue around them. Then, she slowly drags her tongue up the shaft. She’s headed for the spot of precum that has quickly developed on the tip. As she reaches it, she pulls away, making eye contact, as the tip of her tongue is the last to leave the tip of my cock, a string of clear precum spans the distance.

It’s picturesque. Like something you might see at an erotic art gallery. As the setting sun shines through the small window next to the door, it highlights her hungry face and glints off the clear liquid spanning our bodies, creating what I can only describe as the most erotic image in my mind that I’ve ever seen.

She takes me in. All of it. I’m not huge, I’m not small though and she just completely engulfs my entire cock so fast that my hand, almost instinctively, reaches for the back of her head. I ditch the bottle and flowers and begin lightly guiding her onto myself. Not pushing, just…enjoying, caressing, scritching. She loves when I run my fingers through her hair. She escort izmir knows I love blowjobs of any variety, but enthusiastic blowjobs are my favorite. I just love them so much.

“Oh my God, whatever prompted this, I love it. Can I cum in your mouth?”

In lieu of an answer, she quickly stands up and with a giggle on her face, starts walking toward the kitchen.

“Uh….babe?” I shout with a bit of glee still in my voice.

It’s a comical image, me standing there with my pants down around my ankles, my arms out, a mixture of joy, shock and defeat on my face. She pokes her head back through the doorway and smiles as if nothing happened.

“That’s enough for now, bring me those flowers, we need to get them in a vase.”

I put myself back together and grab the goods. As I head to the fridge to chill the wine, my wife’s bare ass is hanging out, framed in by the blue apron ties. One of the ends is hanging down further and is just slightly nestled into the crack of her cheeks.

My wife’s ass is huge and glorious to look at, imagine, fondle, it’s just great. As payment for the kind greeting, I smack her ass as I walk by, watching the impact ripple through her flesh. A tiny “Ohooh” escapes her and I can tell she is just as turned on as I am. I put the wine in the fridge and throw the flowers in a vase.

This woman is preparing quite the meal for us. I see steaks sitting on the counter. No doubt ready for me to grill soon. There’s An array of side dishes in various stages of completion and one of my favorite appetizers, smoked salmon bruschetta.

I approach my wife from behind and slip my hands between the loose fabric of the apron and her warm, soft body. I caress her breasts, focusing at times on her nipples which are getting erect with my touch. I passionately kiss her neck up and down, occasionally running my tongue along her ear. I pull one hand free and liberate her from the confines of the apron tie. It’s now just hanging there around her neck.

I crouch down in front of her and motion for her to put one leg over my shoulder. Grasping the edge of the sink with one hand for support, she gently places her other hand behind my head and pulls me in. To say she is wet is an understatement. I can see a trail beginning to run down her leg. As I approach her pussy with my eager mouth, I close my eyes in ecstasy as the smell hits me. The wonderful aroma of a woman’s vagina is overwhelming to me. It is a physiological response I can neither understand or deny.

I start with an open mouth, flattening my tongue so as if to clean up a bit on the first pass. I take in a mouthful of her nectar and revel in its flavor. I quickly swallow and return to duty. There are times when she wants slow and light touches. There are others where it seems my tongue couldn’t possibly be rough enough to satisfy her hunger. This time was the latter.

This unspoken knowledge, gained from the firm, but kind pressure on the back of my head, the light gyrations of her hips onto my face. I couldn’t believe it. 30 seconds in and she’s about to cum. I do my favorite trick. I form a light suction with my mouth and encompass her mound. At the same time, I play a triple tongue melody on her clit. I alternate between this and full vagina swipes with my tongue, taking breaths only when absolutely necessary. I was in band and quite good…I know how to use my tongue!

I can feel her hip speed increase, she’s pressing harder now, practically grinding herself on my face. All of a sudden, the grinding stops, but the pressure of her hands does not relent. I can feel the contractions in her clitorous. She’s cumming, and hard! After a few moments, I move my tongue, just to be sure. Her entire body shudders and she swiftly pulls my head away, almost like she forgot I was down there.

“Wow” she gasps. Suddenly exhaling as if she forgot to breathe “I needed that”

“Happy to oblige ma’am” I say in my old town sherif’s voice.

We giggle as I stand up and we pull each other into an embrace. It feels good and right and for a moment we just stand there, looking into each other’s eyes. I can see love in them and I know she sees it in mine too. We go in for a kiss and I’m surprised. Not because we’re kissing, but because my mouth and face are slathered with her juices. We make out right there in the kitchen. The fact that she’s tasting herself is both a seeming non-issue for her and a complete turn on for me.

I know where this is going. It’s inevitable. I start to pull her in the direction of the bedroom, but she resists.

“Nope!” She says matter of fact. “I know I’m being a bit of a tease, but I’ve worked hard on this meal and we are going to relax and enjoy it, even if you do have a boner the entire time!” She says this last part with a wink and a quick flick of my dick.

“My greeting was just an appetizer, just you wait until dessert!”

I want to protest, but I know sometimes waiting is worth it, plus, the food does look and smell amazing.

“Okay love, how can I help?”

“You can go handle the meat, Mr.”

She gestures izmir escort bayan toward the steaks “They’re rested and ready to go on the grill. Get cookin’ hubband, you haven’t seen anything yet!”


The dinner was amazing. She loves cooking and trying new recipes. I’m not going to lie, sometimes her food experiments fail, but she knocked this one out of the park. Funny enough, she did make a kind of Mac and cheese, but that almost makes it sound lame, this was some gourmet stuff, somehow amazingly cheesy, but not too heavy. It had a buttery crisp on top when coupled with the caramelized cheese was insanely good. She has this salad she makes that really tastes amazing and of course we nibbled on the bruschetta all throughout. The steaks were pretty good too if I do say so myself. Seasoned perfectly and topped with broiled goat cheese, it practically melted in our mouths.

We’re eating on the back porch, my wife (fully clothed now) and I sit back in my chair, and savor the last bites of my dinner.

“Wow babe! That was truly amazing. We haven’t eaten that good for quite some time, this was a very nice surprise!”

She laughs knowingly and with a grin says “Don’t forget dessert! That will be the best part!”

Just then, the sound of a truck pulling into our driveway bounces off the neighbors house into the back yard.

“OH! That’s dessert!” She shouts excitedly as she gets up to run inside.

‘Hmm, she ordered in dessert?…this must be one hell of a delectable treat for her to go through that trouble.’ I muse to myself.

Her head pokes back out to the yard…

“Cmon! Don’t you want to greet him?”


She’s already gone. So naturally I’m curious what the heck she’s talking about. Not that I shun delivery drivers or anything, I just generally don’t find the need to “greet” them for a 10 second transaction. I bring in our plates and head to the front door where my wife is talking quietly with someone who I know not to be a delivery driver.

I’m a woodworker, and throughout the years I’ve met lots of great people, whether to borrow tools, help with projects or just generally share in our like minded interest. The man standing at my door is named Danny, I’ve had him over a few times to purchase wood, or plane the odd piece that he can’t accommodate with his equipment. I like him, he’s a really nice guy, fun to hang out with and truth be told…I kinda have the hots for him. His down to Earth, kind demeanor, and honestly very sexually appealing body are a great combination.

A few years ago, I realized that I was probably bisexual. I say probably because I wasn’t in a rush to define my sexuality. I merely knew what excited me and I found that I was okay with that, and to my great relief so was my wife. At the time, we agreed that at that point in our lives, we weren’t really ready to explore these new feelings outside our marriage. We were and are committed to our marriage and decided that anything that could potentially harm that would have to be very carefully considered.

“Danny! Hey man! How are you? Aren’t you supposed to be working today?”

Danny is a firefighter which is yet another tick in the “attractive to me” category. As you might expect for a 35 year old firefighter, he has a similar build to me, but is very well toned. I wouldn’t go so far as to say ripped, but he’s got definition. He has Sandy brown hair with light blue eyes and a genuine smile that would make any gal (or guy!) melt with excitement.

“It’s my Kelley day, so I’m off till Wednesday.”

“Oh, okay! What’s up, did you need a tool or something?”

My wife practically gagged as she laughed and put her finger on Danny’s grinning lips.

“Stay here, don’t move. I need to inform him what’s happening here.”

Danny stands firm as my wife brushes past him and I swear out of the corner of my eye, I saw her hand graze across his crotch.

“What’s going on?” I whisper with a confused smile to my practically giddy wife.

She grabs my hand and leads me to the living room next door. I look expectantly at her, she can barely contain her excitement.

“Hon! You’re wild! Where’s this dessert you’re speaking of and what’s Danny doing here and why were you groping him??”

She leans in conspiratorially and whispers into my ear…”Danny. IS. Dessert!”

I repeat the phrase in my head, because it doesn’t immediately make sense. ‘Danny is dessert?’…My heart skips a beat, there is no more confusion, all of the subtle clues start coming together, forming in my head the master plan that my wife knew all along. What was going to be an amazing night with my just my wife somehow just turned into something completely unexpected, but not at all unwelcome. God I love this woman.

“Ohhooo, really?” I say in disbelief

“Does Danny know this?”

“Oh, Danny knows!”

“Ok?…I know you know him, but how did you know that…”

“Please, you’re practically a smitten child when you’re around him. You’re telling me you need 3 hours to dimension one little izmir escortlar board? No, you have the hots for him and to be honest, I do too!”

“This is it babe, the surprise. There will be no hard feelings if you don’t want to move forward, I discussed that possibility with Danny, what do you think?”

My mind is racing…Of course she knew, of course she could see I wanted him. She knew I was bisexual before even I did. Damn. She’s good. Better than I deserve. And the fact that she’s interested too is just the icing on the cake. As I look at her expectant face, I reply

“I think we’re being rude to our guest and we better get back”

The look of glee that forms upon her face and mine at the same time could have made anyone think we were newlyweds.

As we walk back out to the foyer, hand in hand, Danny is patiently waiting. When he hears our approach his eyes meet mine and without words he seems to know the outcome of the conversation.

“Can I get you a drink?” She says with a wink, just to drive the point home.

We all head for the kitchen.

“Oh, boys!” My wife said suddenly. “Look, I’m excited about this and I think you all are too, but this is a new experience for all of us and we need to be realistic that the possibility exists, it may turn out that we’ve misunderstood ourselves. Ambrosia.”

“Ambrosia?” I say, confused.

“Yes, ambrosia, that is our safe word. If either of us wants to discontinue for what ever reason, just say that word and we should all agree to stop without shaming the person that said it. We need to feel comfortable and safe. Agreed?”

“Agreed!” Danny and I say in unison.

After getting some wine for my wife and bourbon for Danny and I, we all go outside to enjoy what little daylight is left. We chatted and made small talk about how she came about setting this up, how she randomly met Danny at the store and how as they were talking she was telling him how much fun we seem to have.

“I just got a feeling he would be up for it and decided to risk it!”

Our conversation puts everything on the table and coupled with the liquid courage is helping to dampen my apprehension, what little I have.

My wife starts smacking all over her legs and face “Bugs are eating me alive” she complains

“That should be us!” Danny proudly exclaims. We high five.

Smiling, she asks, “Care to move inside boys?”

“Let’s go!”

My last chance to stop this before it starts. I consider the risks and the benefits. What I want. What she wants. Should I end this now before we potentially all do something we’ll regret?

Hell no.

We all head inside and relax on the couch after refilling our drinks. Me next to Danny and him next to my wife. I’m taking a swig and as I put my glass down and peer over, I see my wife kissing Danny and her hand is working it’s way to his crotch.

‘It begins!’ I think. Right now, I’m so nervous but I’m soo turned on by my wife’s forward actions, I mostly just sit there in bewildered disbelief. It’s so hot I can feel the blood rushing to my penis already. I can see Danny feels the same way. I’ve obviously never seen what he’s packing before, but based on the outline I see forming in his crotch, I sense it going to be a very nice evening!

As I’m sitting there watching my wife of 10 years make out with and fondle a guy I’ve hung out with only a handful of times, Danny sneakily reaches over and places his hand on my crotch! Without looking, he removes my belt and unzips my pants so he can reach in beneath my underwear. It seems like he was pleased with what he felt because he didn’t let up. This goes on for a few minutes before my wife breaks her kiss with Danny and crouches down to the floor.

“Off! Pants off. Both of you. I want to inspect your lumber.”

Haha, woodworker jokes. I love this woman!

We happily oblige, take our pants off and promptly throw them across the room. Danny also takes off his shirt and I get my first glimpse of his fully nude form. My assessment of his build is pretty accurate. Like I said, he’s not ripped, but he’s definitely got some definition, especially in his abs and chest. That’s firefighters for ya!

My wife is now in the middle of both of us slowly stroking our cocks, one in each hand. We’re both similar in length. I’m uncut and approximately 7-1/2 inches. Danny is circumcised and very close in length, maybe 7 inches or so, but a fair bit girthier. I know my wife is getting the ball rolling for me and I can’t mentally thank her enough. She knows I want this, but she also knows I’m too shy to start things at times.

“Dear, since you’ve already had a little of me before Danny arrived, do you mind if I start with him?”

“By all means! I love watching this!” I say.

“Well…” She pauses, as if to form her words correctly or perhaps to see if I’ll come to the right conclusion…

“I think Danny might like it if we BOTH work on him. Together!”

I realize that I need to get my head in the game. My wife is doing this for me. No doubt she’ll end up enjoying it too, but this is for me. Instead of watching, I need to start participating or I’ll regret being so timid. I get down on the floor with my wife, look into her eyes. She gives his cock a little jiggle as if to say “it’s not going to suck itself!”

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