12 Ocak 2021

A New Mutual Hobby Pt. 03

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When my mother finished swallowing my first load of cum for the day, she sat back down in the chair opposite mine, and wiped her mouth with a coy look about her. I could only sit half slumped in my chair with my cock twitching, sloppy wet with my mother’s saliva. Even after last night and again this morning, it was hard to believe that one of my deepest, darkest fantasies had become a reality. And based on what she was hinting at in regards to my sister Rachel, my number one fantasy was going to be fulfilled today too.

“Now eat your breakfast.” She said in her motherly tone. “I’ve got all the protein I need today.” She laughed at her wit, and stood up to go to the bathroom.

Moments later I heard the shower turn on. I was four bites into my eggs and I contemplated abandoning my breakfast and going in there with her and fucking her again. But I knew if I was going to have my sister I wanted to have all the stamina I could muster.

Admittedly, just the thought of having Rachel on her back with her legs spread for me was enough to harden my dick again, but I didn’t mind. It was just me and mom now, and David and Melissa wouldn’t be home until the tomorrow afternoon.

Rachel was to arrive around noon, so I still had some time to clean up the house, and myself for that matter. I went to work cleaning the dishes and general trash cleanup that there always seemed to be in our teeny kitchen, and by the time I was done I heard the shower turn off. My thoughts about Rachel had kept me semi-erect, but images of my glistening wet mother brought me to full mast.

I quickly stepped out of the kitchen and walked brazenly into the bathroom. Mom actually shouted at first, instinctively covering herself up with nervous laughter.

“Get outta here you insatiable man!”

“I am insatiable, for you.” I whispered into her ear as I grabbed her and pulled her ass into me. Her hair was still dripping wet, her body literally glittering with the light of the sun coming through the window. I had never seen a woman her age so sexy. Her tits were low, but still had health to them, and her hips, my god her hips. They were the hips of motherhood.

The hips that I lived between.

I reached around and used my first two fingers to massage her clit, and I could feel her tremble at my touch. The rich flowery scent of her shampoo was still powerful in her soaking wet hair; I breathed it in and kissed her on the back of her neck, and behind her ear as I groped at her breasts and played with her clit.

“Bubby,” she moaned, her eyes closed now, leaning back into me, her ass pressed hard against my swollen member. “Oooh, Bubby.”

“Bend over the counter,” I said, pushing her away but keeping a hand on her hips. She immediately assumed the position, her legs wide and her wet vagina glistening, open for her son. I couldn’t simply fuck her again. I had to taste her.

I got on my knees and I buried my face between my mother’s ass cheeks, and the sweet, warm juices of my mother’s cunt, my birthplace, filled my mouth. Her legs trembled and I could feel her body tense up, but my tongue was as insatiable as my cock. I buried my tongue further still in her pussy, feeling the walls inside her clench and tremble while she dripped all over my mouth and my nose.

“Hoooo-hooooleeeeey ffffuuuck, Bubby!” she moaned. “Oh, sweet Jesus, get in there baby boy. Taste me, taste your mother’s juices. Ooooh fuck, Bubby feel how wet I am for you?”

I moaned into her pussy in response, and she trembled again. It wasn’t long before her I felt her cumming all over my tongue. I let her ride my face while she let out whimpers of pleasure, and just when her body began to relax, I stood, and slowly slid my rock hard cock into her.

“Mmmmmm, yessssss,” she breathed into the cold bathroom counter. “Nice and slow, Bubby.”

Now she reached back with her left hand and pulled her ass cheeks apart, so that I could see my swollen red member slide in and out of her slick wet hole. It was more than I could take. I couldn’t look away, just listening to my mother moan my name and feel her slick wetness squeezing my cock with each thrust, it was the hottest thing I’d ever seen.

My body locked with my arms around her from behind, my cock buried as deep inside of her as I could, and I blasted what felt like the biggest load of my life deep inside my mother’s sopping wet pussy.

“Ohhh, my God, mom.” I groaned, looking down I could see dribbles of my white jizz seeping out of her hole. “Fuck me, this is too good.”

My mom laughed out loud, “My thoughts exactly.”

“Okay, finish cleaning up, we gotta get ready for Rachel.” I said as I pulled out of her and gave her a slap on the ass. She shot me a look that said, watch it, mister, but it was difficult to take seriously when she did it at the same time as she reached down and swept a dollop of my cum off her pussy lips with her thumb and sucked it all off without breaking eye contact.

I couldn’t stop smiling. Shutting the door behind illegal bahis me, I began to wonder if the attraction to incest was genetic. What were the odds that my mom AND me are both into fucking each other, when incest only occurs in ten percent of the population? Looking out to my driveway, still bereft of my sister’s car, I could only hope.

I had the house cleaned and myself cleaned of my incestuous post-coital stickiness by the time she arrived. She was wearing a pear of tight black yoga pants, and a sweatshirt that was just a little too big for her. She looked just like I remembered her though; thick brown hair, green eyes, freckly face, and fat, bouncy ass. When she bent over to get her luggage I had a perfectly good view of it. In fact in the time that she had delivered three children, it had lost some of its former “bounciness”, but was larger than before, which I was more than happy to see.

My mom caught me staring at her ass and shot me with her elbow, giving me a wry smirk.

“How was the drive?” my mom asked while Rachel continued to dig in her car with her magnificent ass pointed at us. With my mom and I’s shared new hobby, I didn’t feel bad at all to flat out stare at the mound that could be seen between my sister’s luscious thighs.

“Boring.” She answered. “Hey, Aaron, do you remember that huge ass waterfall you and I took pictures at that one time?” she finally stood up and winced in the sunlight as she asked.


“Well remember how it was like, stupid crowded when we went? I drove by there on my way here, and there was literally no one there. I was like, ‘pff. Now I know when we need to come back.'”

I tried to ignore the implication, so I helped her with her suitcase and led her inside.

“Such a sweet gentleman,” My sister cooed, walking side by side with my mom behind me.

“Got a cute butt too,” My mom added bravely.

My sister laughed and I heard the sound of her trademark backhand-whatever-body-part-is-closest maneuver that she was known for whenever you embarrassed her.


“What? I made him, I’m allowed to think he’s hot.”

She laughed, but didn’t rebuttal, which I was grateful for. With my mom in on this, seducing my sister was going to be easy.

Right after we dropped Rachel’s luggage we went out for lunch to the same restaurant we used to always go as kids. We sat across from each other with my mom beside Rachel, and the two of us kept exchanging knowing glances, which my sister did not miss.

“Why do you two keep doing that?” she demanded, slamming her turkey wrap down on her plate.

“Doing what?” my mom played innocent fairly well.

“You keep smirking at Aaron and he keeps blushing.”

“I’m not blushing!” I said instantly, feeling my cheeks flush up even more as I said it.

“Sure you’re not, and you’re both bad liars.”

“Rachel,” my mom smiled, and her hand dropped beneath the table and she reached across into Rachel’s lap. I had no need to wonder where she had placed it. My sister froze like a statue, and her eyes went wide. “It’s not something to discuss in public. Understand?”

“Uhm, uh, yeah, I think so.” Now she had gone completely red in the face. It was a few seconds before her eyes met mine, and I wasn’t sure how to react. I just kinda shrugged with my face. You know how you can do that? Like, “Well, what are you gonna do? I’m fucking our mom, I mean, eh, tomato tom-ah-to.”

The rest of the lunch went in a kind of haze, and my mom seemed to enjoy it very much. She kept bouncing up and down in her booth seat and she ate with a little jig.

We got the check, and the entire time Rachel hadn’t said another word, nor had she even looked me in the eye again, and I began to fear the worst.

I drove us to the restaurant, so the drive back was quiet too. My mom mentioned something about a new housing development going up near my neighborhood, trying to be conversational. But Rachel merely sat in the back seat away from the conversation, with her eyes out the window, her hands in her lap.

At the house, I led us in, and we all gave our collective “aahs” and “oohs” of getting home and being able to relax. My mom’s eyes met mine, and we both looked to where Rachel stood.

“So you two are fucking each other?” Rachel said as soon as the front door was closed, without a hint of hesitation whatsoever.

My mom actually laughed, but Rachel’s face was not an amused one. She didn’t look quite angry, exactly. More like a mom trying to sniff out bull shit.

“Yes, we are.” Mom answered in the same voice that she had used as we were growing up to confirm our incessant questions about whether or not we would have vegetables with dinner. Rachel leaned against the wall by the front door, and looked at me again. In fact she looked me up and down. I saw her eyes dart to my crotch momentarily.

“For how long?” she looked to our mom again.

“Just since last night, if you can believe that.” My mom smiled again, looking illegal bahis siteleri at me with a twinkle in her eye.

“No way.” She scoffed now. “You’ve got to be messing with me. There’s no way you two are fucking each other.”

I looked to my mom, unsure of how to proceed. She, of course, being the mother and “knowing best” and all, knew exactly what to do.

“Aaron, drop your pants.”

“Whoa,” Rachel protested, “Hang on,”

“Yes, ma’am.” I smiled, unbuttoning my jeans and pulling them down with my boxers. I wasn’t hard by any means but I was getting there, knowing what my mother’s plan was now.

My mom walked across the room, grabbing Rachel’s hand as she did, and she knelt down in front of me, forcing Rachel to kneel beside her. She looked at my gradually stiffening cock with a low and lustful look that I had seen in our past experiences.

“You really shouldn’t be so surprised,” my mom said as she took hold of my dick in her warm, soft hands once more. “Your brother is a machine.”

Without another word she stuck out her tongue and she slapped my cock across her face, running her tongue all along the underside of my dick, flicking at the head with a deadly look in her eyes. I looked to Rachel, she looked envious, her eyebrows furrowed with focus on our mother’s lips sucking on my cock.

“I cannot,” she began as mom’s head began to bob, “believe – “

“Believe it, big sister.” I smiled, running my left hand through her thick brown hair. She finally looked up at me and in her eyes at that moment I knew my mother wasn’t exaggerating before. Rachel loved dick, and it didn’t matter who she was getting it from.

“Now,” my mom said once she plopped my cock from her mouth. She pointed my cock at Rachel’s flushed face like a microphone. “Your turn.”

“I can’t.” she said in barely more than a whisper.

“Of course you can. People have been fucking their family members since they knew which hole to put it in. And trust me, sweetheart, there is no dick as good as incest dick.”

My sister regarded her warily, but nonetheless she gripped my cock in her tinier, and admittedly quite cold hand.

“There you go.” My mom encouraged her. “Now taste it. Mmmh, look at him he’s even got some pre-cum for you, baby. Get that with your tongue before it falls.”

Rachel hesitated for another second, but then stuck out her tongue and caught my pre-cum on her tongue like honey from a bottle, her eyes locking on with mine as our skin touched. Once she did that the rest was a blur. She swallowed my cock in one motion, and began to gently tug on my ball sack, just like mom had last night, and I couldn’t help but wonder if mom had taught her that. I groaned to show my sister my appreciation, and ran all of my fingers through her silky, thick brown hair, feeling her throat work on my member.

That was when I felt my mom reach around and start to probe at my ass hole while she fingered herself. I looked down at her, barely able to keep standing. She gave me a victorious smirk and then looked back to Rachel, gagging over and over on my cock.

“Don’t make him cum yet, sweetheart,” my mom said. “He’s been waiting for this for too long. We want him to get a good nut built up.”

My sister moaned at the idea, and pulled back, her saliva falling in swoops from my cock. She wiped at her mouth with the back of her hand but regarded my beating dick hungrily.

“Now stand over here,” Mom gestured to the space beside the couch once she released herself from me. “And take your clothes off.”

Rachel stood and did as she was told, and knowing full well what my mother wanted, I followed suit and stood naked behind Rachel, and bent her over the armrest of the couch.

“Ooooh, my god I can’t believe this is happening.” She groaned, and I could hear a trace of fear in her voice.

The last thing I wanted was to force myself on her, or for her to resent this experience in any way. So I pulled myself close, pressing my rock hard, red hot cock against her back side, but pulled her back up to lean against me. I wrapped my arms around her, feeling her naked breasts and her stiff nipples under my fingers. She leaned her head back against me, and I could feel her slide her ass upward, getting the tip of my cock closer to her opening.

Her shampoo was not unlike my mothers, thick and sweet, intoxicating to breathe in. I sucked on her neck, and nibbled on her earlobes. I wanted to seduce her, not just fuck her.

My mother had taken note and was sitting on the couch now, her hand out in her daughters crotch, fucking her with her fingers.

“It’s all right, sweetheart, get ready for him.”

“I want it,” Rachel cried quietly. “Give it to me, brother.”

I had heard exactly what I had dreamed about. I bent her back over the couch again so she was face to face with our mom. With her legs spread wide, her pussy lips glistening, and her magnificent ass spread by my hand, I rubbed the head of my cock against my canlı bahis siteleri sister’s vagina, and tremors began to shake through her body. I saw the ripples especially well on her amazing ass. Our mom had laid on her back on the couch spread eagled and was guiding my sister’s face into her pussy. Just when I thought I could see my sister’s lips touch my mother’s pussy, I pushed my cock into her.

Rachel’s body shook with pleasure and I stayed sunk inside her, my balls pressed against her with my cock throbbing. I closed my eyes, hardly able to come to grips with how amazingly snug my own sister’s pussy felt on my cock. I pulled out slowly, feeling every ripple of her inner wall against my cock.

Soon I was grabbing her by the hips and fucking my sister steadily and deeply while she ate out our mother. I could hear their combined moans; my mother encouraging me and my sister, my sister’s muffled into our mother’s pussy.

“Tell your brother,” Mom said, grabbing Rachel by her hair and pulling her off, “tell your brother how long you’ve wanted this.”

I could hardly believe my ears. Not only did I have my sister bent over my couch taking my dick like I had fantasized about countless times, but now my naked mom who had facilitated that was pushing her to confess that she had always wanted the same thing.

“I have.” She moaned, looking back at me now while I continued to thrust in an out of her. “I’ve wanted this, since high school, little brother. When I felt how big your cock was in your swimsuit.”

“Playing save the drowning victim?” I smiled, groping at her fantastic ass, pulling her cheeks apart to better see her pussy lips swallow me up, the slick sounds of her insides coating my cock sending chills up my spine.

“Mmhmm,” she went back to our mom’s pussy, and mom leaned her head back in pleasure. I reached around my sister’s hips and felt for her wet clit, and started to rub it while I fucked her. She moaned louder now into mom’s snatch.

“Ooh, you gonna cum on your brother’s cock, baby girl?” My mom smiled up at me.

“Uh-huh,” Rachel cried out, barely able to focus on pleasuring our mother. She clutched at mom’s legs with both hands and sank her face into her sopping cunt while she moaned. I felt her pussy soak my cock with her juices, and I saw her ass tremble as she came, over and over.

“Damn, Bubby. I think you just made your sister see God.” Mom laughed, stroking Rachel’s sweaty, flushed face. Rachel was recovering slowly, kissing our mother’s cunt sensually with her eyes closed as I slowly pulled out.

“What do you say we switch this up?” I laughed, letting my sister collect herself. But at the sight of her sopping wet pussy, gaping open, expanded to allow her brother’s girth, I bent down and took a mouth full of her ass, her soft meaty flesh tasted like sex on my tongue. I smacked both her ass cheeks, resisting the urge to begin fucking her with my fingers again.

I took mom by the hand and led her back into my room. Rachel scampered closely behind, closing the door to my bedroom once we were all inside. I laid down on my bed and mom took the initiative.

“Gimme that dick, Bubby.” She straddled me, holding my dick in her hand as she guided me back inside her again. “Now sit on your brother’s face, Rachel. You’ll be glad you did.”

She didn’t hesitate this time. She straddled me at the chest, and smiled at me when our eyes met.

“You ready for this?” she asked, a smile as big as I’ve ever seen on her face.

“Have been for years,” I answered, grabbing her by the ass and pushing her into my mouth. She tasted even sweeter than my mom, her pussy still dripping with the juices of her last orgasm. I saw only my sisters under-boob and her swinging hair as she held onto the wall while she grinded my face, but my mother had begun fucking herself on my cock again, and just like before, she had reached back to tenderly massage my balls. Up and down she went, and I think at a certain point my sister leaned back and our mother leaned forward and they began to kiss.

I couldn’t help myself, I started to laugh, unable to deny the sheer bliss of having my mother ride my cock and my sister ride my face. Rachel felt it too, and began to laugh as well, and soon after my mom was too. The three of us were laughing like naked fucking idiots because we all knew how fucking amazing this was. Such joy could only be expressed through laughter.

I was the first to collect myself, when I felt my mother hop off my dick for a few seconds, only to slide back on again, and I could see the bottoms of her feet by my sister’s knees, and I knew my mom was fucking me reverse cowgirl now. Her pussy was so hot and so wet that I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer.

Now they had stopped their laughing as well, as my mom was moaning so loud that my sister and I had stopped to listen. I could see in rapt fascination in Rachel’s eyes as she listened to our mother fuck herself on my cock. She was looking back, craning her neck, until she decided to switch to reverse cowgirl on my mouth as well. She leaned far forward like my mom, and now I was able to look under my sister’s belly at my mom’s pussy lips swallowing my member, both of our sex organs glistening with her wetness.

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