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‘Uncle’ turns racist niece into a bimbo for black

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‘Uncle’ turns racist niece into a bimbo for black
I am the ‘uncle’ to Cindy-Lou. She is 19 years old and a very pretty blond. She has always been very pretty and sexy to see. Her parents had always been very rich. They had lived in the upper-class part of New Orleans. Her mom died when she was 10 years old. When her mom was still alive, they held parties and soirees. They still did when her mom died, but mom could stop her dad before he made racist remarks. And less and less people came because of her dads racist remarks. She had not noticed how racist they were, she used them herself. Even more since her mom had died.

I liked to come over to their house just to see Cindy-Lou. She made my fantasies go wild. As she always made racist remarks, I fantasized about her sucking and fucking black guys at lot. When she was 18 years old, at one of the parties I was standing on my own and thought nobody could hear, so I made the remark: “Would you love to see that girl being ravished by a gang of black guys?”. I heard a voice behind me: “Yes, a gang of black guy would just be what that racist bitch would need, might turn her into a slut for black cock.” I had not been as alone as I thought. “If you ever need a gang of black guys to do her good, let me know. And I will take care of it”. I turned around and looked into the black guy’s face. “I am Daddy Brown. I am with the catering. Here is my card. Really, if you need a gang to do her, give me a call”.

Later that year, her dad passed away. It turned out that her dad was broke when he died and she had no place to live anymore. I had been a friend of the family. So, I told her she could live with me and I would be her ‘uncle’. It was a good way to keep fantasizing about her having sex with black guys. It was a lot easier when she was around.

One afternoon we sat at the terrace of my house overlooking the gardens. There were three black guys working and they had their shirts off. It was warm, so you could not blame them. I also had it warm and felt lazy and comfortable. My niece just remarked: “Look at those dirty half-naked blacks. They just look like a****ls.” Before I knew it, I remarked: “It would be lovely to see those a****ls ravage you.” Cindy-Lou looked to me with a kind of I don’t know face. It was a combination of anger, curiosity, desire and blond dumbness. She tried to sound angered. “Uncle, how can you say something like that? I would not fuck black guys. Dad always said they are dirty.” I just remarked: “And you never were curious if they would be dirty? Maybe you love ‘dirty’.”

To my surprise my niece looked at me with a little more desire and curiosity in her eyes. “Well, uncle I am a little bit curious. Dad was always rude, but it made black guys the forbidden fruit. And I desired the forbidden fruit. Rumor has it that they are good fuckers. I have been looking at them and especially their crotches. I have tried to see if they have big black cocks to suck on and fuck with. Once in a while I fantasize about having sex with ‘niggers’. I love that word it is so nasty and dirty. It gets me all tingly.”

I wanted to see how curious my niece had become. Would she want to suck and fuck black guys or would she only want it to stay a fantasy? It tried to make her at ease and more relaxed. She does not drink much, but I wanted to make her a little drunk. Just so much that she would loosen up and tell me about her fantasies. She accepted second glass of wine.

“How long do you have these fantasies? Did you have them when your dad was still alive?”

“Much longer. I have seen those black guys look at me at all the parties we had in the past. They could not take their eyes off. They ogled me. I could see them undress me on the spot. It made me uneasy and anxious at the same time. I began to love it when they ogled me. I walked a little like a bimbo so they would ogle me some more. I only did it when no one was looking. At first, I did not fantasize, but found it nice they stared at me. I like to see they would follow me with their eyes. They could not touch me. We lived in totally different worlds. There could be no physical contact at all.”

“I surely did not see it. Your dad never caught you? He would have been angry with you. You would be grounded for months.”

“Dad never saw it or never told me he had seen it. I don’t think he did. You know how much of a racist he was. He would have hit me if he had seen it. No one else ever told me they had seen it. I think no one saw it. I wanted just the niggers to stare at me. I started looking back and see how they were. I took especially took note of their crotches. I wanted to see if they really have big dicks. I could not see their dicks, but I had a computer in my bedroom and went on the internet to search for interracial porn movies. Dad had installed a parent control program, but I am a k** of the noughties. I could disable and able it at will. Dad was gone so many evenings I could watch as many porn movies as I wanted.”

“Did you ever have sex with niggers or did you only watch movies?”

“I only watched movies. I could not get befriended with those niggers, could I? Dad would kill me if he found out. And I did not come anyway near niggers. On my school there are no niggers and where we go there are no niggers. I loved to watch those nasty, dirty porn movies, but I could not fuck niggers. It would not be right. You just can’t suck or fuck niggers. That would be wrong. But you can watch.”

“So, you may watch, but you can’t suck and fuck them. That is weird. But you fantasize about having sex with them, but you find it wrong to have sex with them. What are fantasizing about so that sex would ever be possible?”

“They have to **** me! If they would **** me, I did not want it and they were to blame for me having sex with niggers. They would grab me and force me to suck and fuck.”

“You have fantasized about being ****d by niggers? And that wasn’t a nightmare? You could not possibly like the idea of being ****d! Just sucking and fucking them is wrong, but being ****d by them is not? If they would **** you, they could also knock you up if you were not on the pill. You like men to take control and let them do what they please as long as you don’t feel guilty. Maybe I should become your master and make you my slut slave for black cock.”

“Oh, gosh, if that could be possible.” was all that Cindy-Lou said. And she just looked with a kind of dumb bimbo face at me.

“You want me to be your master and make you fuck black guys?”

“You are my master. You took me in your house and pay all my bills. If I would leave, I don’t have anything and can’t do anything. Mommy always said I was dumber than a bag of rocks. You could force me to fuck blacks or you could set me out of the house. I would not know where to go. So, you have power over me, you only need to use it and make me fuck niggers.”

I was flabbergasted. What just happened? How did I get from a silly remark from becoming the owner of a slut for black cock? Could I make her fulfill every interracial fantasy I had ever had? Would she do anything as long as she did not feel guilty about it? Could I set her up for a gangbang **** with niggers? Could I have her in breeding parties? My mind went wild. I had somehow opened Pandora’s Box. At that moment I did not react to Cindy-Lou’s remark. I had to let this bahis siteleri sink in. I remembered my conversation with Daddy Brown. Maybe it would be a nice idea to meet and talk about the possibilities.

A week later I met Daddy Brown at his place or should I say her place. I had to go to the beauty salon of Miss Brown. Miss Brown is a Big Mama you don’t mess with. She could provide a full service for sluts for black cocks. She had a beauty salon, but also a tattoo parlor in Holy Cross. It soon became clear she could really provide a “full service”. We talked about things we could do with Cindy-Lou. It became obvious; we would turn dumber-as-a-bag-of-rocks Cindy-Lou in a mindless black-cock-sucking-and-fucking bimbo.

A week later, I drove with Cindy-Lou to Miss Brown’s Full-Service Beauty Parlor. I had told Cindy-Lou, we would get her a make-over. Miss Brown would give her a completely new look. As we arrived, we were greeted by Miss Brown and Daddy. “Call me Big Mama”, Miss Brown told us. She turned to Cindy-Lou and told her she would make her pretty for all guys, but especially for black guys. Cindy-Lou turned to me and just asked if that was what I wanted. I told her I did and it was ok. Willingly Cindy-Lou followed Big Mama.

Big Mama took Cindy-Lou to a shower and told her to undress and demanded Cindy-Lou to turn over the clothes she was wearing. Big Mama gave the clothes to one of her assistants and told her to destroy them. Big Mama and one of her female assistants got scrubbing washcloth so Cindy-Lou had a good hard scrub down. They washed and scrubbed everywhere, even between her legs. After a while they were done and dried her off.

They took her to a next room. It seemed to be another shower, but it was not. It was a professional tan spray gadget. Big Mama told Cindy-Lou to step inside and took the job of tanning Cindy-Lou. First, I thought she would just give Cindy-Lou a nice color, but it soon became clear that Cindy-Lou would look more like a plastic bimbo. Just a little too much orange, well just too much. After Cindy-Lou had her paint job, Big Mama took her to get a manicure, a pedicure and getting her nails done. At the end the nails of Cindy-Lou were pink, very pink. With the tan and the rest, she started to look like a plastic bimbo.

Next Cindy-Lou would have her hair done. All of it. Not just her head, but also her pussy. She had to sit in a chair that made it possible to work above and below. They shaved her pussy bald and bleached her hair on top. Her hair was straightened to appear longer and thinner. The final touch was her make-up. She got pink lipstick, but green eye-shadow and black eyelashes. She still was naked. That was not a problem as it was very warm in the parlor, but it was time to dress her up and give her a final appearance.

Big Mama took her to the dressing room. Hanging were a dozen or so dresses. They had all different colors but mostly pink, green and purple. At the other side there were shoes. All high-heeled. Some with a stiletto, others with solid heels. All clothes looked to belong to a –cheap- hooker. Big mama had Cindy-Lou put on all the clothes one by one and gave her matching shoes. Every combination was spot on. Big Mama really knew how to get a perfect makeover. The last combination was a green spandex dress that almost left Cindy-Lou’s cunt bare, had bands over her tits that almost left them bare as well and pink stilettos. With the last combination, Big Mama first walked to the back of Cindy-Lou. She placed her hands firmly on Cindy-Lou’s hips and made Cindy-Lou turn and twist a little. “That looks fine”. She walked to Cindy-Lou’s front and again placed her hands-on Cindy-Lou’s hips and wiggled her a little. Then to my shock and surprise Big Mama tossed Cindy-Lou over her shoulders. She pushed the legs of Cindy-Lou together so Cindy-Lou could not move them. She had a very firm grip and Cindy-Lou could not escape.

Big Mama went downstairs into the cellar. I and Daddy followed. Big Mama went into a slim lighted room. Daddy held me back and placed some earplugs in my hand.

“You can listen to the sounds inside the room for a little while, but not too long. In the room there is a hypnotic tape running that will turn everyone that listens to it too long into an air-headed black cock loving bimbo. Normally a hypnotic tape will come with stop words or stop sequences. Like when I click my fingers and I will count back to zero and you will forget everything, but there are no safeguards in this tape at all. The tape is meant to turn someone permanently into a bimbo slut that loves black cock and does not want to do anything else but fuck black cock. So, you can listen to it for a few minutes, but when I indicate you need to put the plugs in, you have to”.

When I walked into the room, I had the earplugs in and would take them out later to listen. I saw Cindy-Lou placed inside a pillory. It had a headpiece, a part that supported Cindy-Lou’s body and just below her legs to keep Cindy-Lou up. Cindy could not go anywhere. She was completely tied down. Her legs were stretched along the supports and she was standing with her legs spread and her cunt unprotected. I had a good look for a few minutes. It seemed that Cindy-Lou did not protest. It did not look as if she was screaming or yelling.

I took my earplugs out and listened. Cindy-Lou was not screaming or yelling, but I could hear the tape. It was a soothing voice. I listened to the words spoken.

“I am a good bimbo. I am a slut for black cock. I love black cock. I only love black cock. I want to suck and fuck black cock. I want to swallow black cum. I want black seed in my cunt. I want black cum on my face and body to show I proud to be a slut for black cock. I don’t mind to get pregnant by blacks. I don’t mind to have a black baby inside me.”

I listened for a few more minutes, but it all came down to the same. Daddy gave me a hint that I should put on my earplugs again. I did so, I did not want to be a slut for black cock. At a glance I saw several black guys standing in the back of the room. They had just been standing there. All with earplugs, but for the rest naked.

Now Big Mama gave a signal and the first of the guys came and stood behind Cindy-Lou. It looked as if he would take her doggy style, but he just teased Cindy-Lou. He rubbed his cock against Cindy-Lou’s cunt, but he did not shove it in. He kept rubbing and teasing. He could easily shove his cock inside her, but he didn’t. He kept teasing and rubbing for several minutes and stepped back in the line. The next black guy came over and did the same thing. He kept rubbing and teasing, but he did not penetrate Cindy-Lou. I wanted to shout. “Take her, fuck her!”. I was about to step forward and really shout as loud as I could. Daddy stopped me. He took me by the shoulder and took me out of the room. When we were out, he took his earplugs out and indicated me to do the same. “She has to ride them. They are not allowed to penetrate her. She has to ride them. She has to give in to them. She eventually will, but it might take some time. Some bimbos give in after ten minutes, others after two hours, but they always give in. They surrender to the sound of the tape, to their own desires or whatever. Cindy-Lou will give in and will ride those black dicks. That’s what we are canlı bahis waiting for. She has to ride them. When she does, she will be a slave slut to black cocks.”

All the guys rubbed their cocks along Cindy-Lou’s cunt, but that was all for the first round. The first guy came in again. This time he did not rub his cock along Cindy-Lou’s cunt, but he placed the head of his cock against the cunt-lips of Cindy-Lou. He pushed against her cunt opening, but did not penetrate. He pushed and retracted again and again against her cunt, but did not enter. He didn’t do this as long as the rubbing and teasing. The other guys did the same thing and with each guy you could see Cindy-Lou had more and more trouble not giving in and riding their cocks. It would not be long before she would.

The same first guy came from the line again and placed his cock against Cindy-Lou’s cunt opening. He did not retract, only pushed. She did not ride him. But finally, with the fifth guy, she let her cunt slide over the cock ever so gently and started moving up and down and rode that black dick. She could no longer resist. After a little more than one hour she had given in. She had become a slut for black cock. She had started gently, but now she was riding like made. It looked great how that black dick vanished in her small tight pussy. The guy could no longer hold back and shot his load inside her. I saw his dick slipping out and a little bit of cum was dripping on the floor.

The next guy did the same thing. He placed his dick against Cindy-Lou’s cunt and she slide over it. She was not as reluctant as with the first dick she took inside. She really had given in. As soon as she felt his dick against her cunt, she started riding it. And not slowly, but fast. She wanted his cum inside her as quickly as possible. He didn’t stand a chance at all. Within a few minutes she had made him cum inside her.

From then on one by one they guys had their cocks milked by Cindy-Lou. Most guys not even attempted to hold back. They wanted to cum. They had been waiting for forty minutes to unload their dicks inside that slut’s cunt. The more guys came inside the bigger the pool of cum on the floor got, but most cum still went inside her cunt. Ten guys or so took a second round. But after an hour they all had finished shooting their cum inside her.

Big Mama went over and put her hands between the bars of the pillory. And gave Cindy-Lou a massage. “Well done little bimbo. You made the guys were happy. You did ride them good. They all came inside you. You will make a perfect slut for black cocks.”

Big Mama released the locks from the pillory so Cindy-Lou was free to move again. Cindy-Lou looked around in search of me. When she had spotted me, she came over. She hugged me.

She whispered: “Did you like it uncle? Did you like it to see me used as a bimbo and seeing all those black dicks cum inside me?”

“I loved it Cindy-Lou. It makes me very happy to see you used by blacks and have all that cum dripping from your cunt. You do realize we are trying to turn you in a mindless bimbo.”

“I don’t mind uncle. I liked being fucked by black guys. Would you also like it when they would knock me up? Do you want to see me with a big belly with a black baby inside me?”

“Love to see you become a breeding slut as well, but you could not keep the baby. If you keep the baby, you do not have time to be a slut for black cock.”

“Ok Uncle, I will have black babies, but we will give them up for adoption.”.

The next week we were back at Miss Brown Beauty Parlor. Big Mama had arranged another party of black guys to fuck Cindy-Lou in the cellar. There were about 25 black guys to fuck my little bimbo. Cindy-Lou was placed in a gynecologist’s chair. She had to wear a purple spandex dress and pink high heeled platform shoes. Everyone but Cindy-Lou had gotten earplugs again. I wanted to hear a little bit and did my earplugs out. I heard another soothing female voice.

“I am a bimbo slut. I love sucking and fucking black dicks. I love nothing else but black cock and black seed. I don’t think about anything but black dick and black seed. I want black seed inside my cunt. I want black seed inside my mouth. I will swallow black seed to feed me. I want cum all over my face and body. I will smear cum out over me as token of my submission to black sperm. I want to be bred by black guys. I want to have a black baby shot inside my cunt.”

This tape was raunchier than the previous one. And although it was soothing it was more compulsive. I was more threatening. It would be played all the time that Cindy-Lou would be fucked. But what would happen this time?

The first guy stepped over to Cindy-Lou and stepped between her legs and wide-open cunt. He stepped very close to her cunt, but did not shove it in. He placed his dick on her cunt and let it slide. He kept his hands on his back. Big Mama step towards Cindy-Lou and signed that if Cindy-Lou wanted it inside, she had to put the dick inside her. Cindy-Lou took the dick in her hand and maneuvered it inside her cunt. She began jerking the cock that was inside her. I could see the face of the guy. He tried not to cum to quickly, but he did not manage to hold back and within a minute he shot his load inside her. The next five guys did the same. Cindy-Lou had to jerk their cum inside her and all of them did. But Cindy-Lou became impatient. She began to make a fuss. Big Mama signaled the black guys to fuck her and ….

The next guy stood between her legs and pushed his black dick inside her. He fucked her hard and deep. He also yelled at Cindy-Lou, but I still had my earplugs in so I could not hear what he said. I took them out and listened.

“I am going to fill you with black seed. I am using your little cunt as my cum dump. I will shoot it deep inside you and you love it. You’re my slut for black cock.” I put my earplugs in as it was still dangerous to listen with the tape running.

The guy was fucking her good and deep. She did try to keep up, but she couldn’t. Her body was twitching and turning as she tried to. He kept pushing and pushing. I could see her yelling, but could not hear her. I saw the guy buckle and shoot his load inside her little white cunt. It all went in. I did not see any cum dripping out.

As soon as he stepped back his place was taken over by the next guy. He grabbed her tits and crushed them hard. He pinched her nipples and while doing so he penetrated her cunt. He kept playing with her tits while he was fucking her. I could see he was also yelling at her, but I did not want to take my earplugs out again. He kept fucking her and kneading her tits. He had a big dick and I could see it slipping in and out Cindy-Lou’s cunt. There was a white cream forming as all of the cum was whipped together. I saw him arch his back and then he came inside her.

She had already gotten five loads, but she still had least 20 loads to get inside her. I knew she was unprotected. It would well be possible that she would get black bred. But maybe it would be too soon. We just had to wait. At the end of the evening she walked up to me with her cunt full of black cum. She took my arm and made me follow her. She walked towards an armchair and sat down. She opened her legs and showed me her cum filled cunt. I could not hear what see said, but I could make out bahis siteleri something as ‘a nice black cum filled cunt, he uncle’.

Miss Brown gave Cindy-Lou homework: at stash of tapes to listen to. Miss Brown ordered Cindy-Lou to listen to the tapes for 6 hours each day. She took me apart and told me to buy as many black dildos as I could and ‘hide’ them all over the house. The tapes will order Cindy-Lou several times a day to pick a black dildo and fuck herself.

For the next four weeks, we had regular gangbangs at Miss Brown’s Beauty Parlor. Every time Big Mama had round up dozens of black guys to fuck Cindy-Lou. In those four weeks she must have had at least 250 loads of black cum inside her. And I had lost count of the loads she swallowed or that had been blasted over her body.

It was time to see if Cindy-Lou would pass the Bimbo-test. Had she become a mindless black-cock-sucking-and-fucking bimbo?

About two months after our first party at Miss Brown’s Beauty Parlor, Cindy-Lou and I went for a drive. She did not know what we would do, but I surely did. I drove to the Press Street Area. After hurricane Katrina this whole area had become a wasteland. Only empty buildings and abandoned housing projects. It wasn’t a nice neighborhood, but it was exactly what we needed for the test. I drove to one of the housing projects that had been abandoned. The houses lay in ruins, all the windows were broken. The houses did not have any doors anymore. The houses were painted in all sorts of pink, green, orange and purple colors.

I ordered Cindy-Lou to step out of the car. I threw her a green spandex dress and black high heeled shoes. I told her to put them on and walk the street. I told her to walk towards the end of the street and then turn left and keep on walking. As I watched her walk, she looked like a cheap hooker. As she was walking, I drove behind her. She walked a little uneasy. After she had turned left, she continued walking till the end of that street. She looked around as she did not know what to do next. I told her to turn left again and continue walking. With every step she made she became more and more unnerved. She kept turning around and looking for me. I drove beside her and told her to walking into an ally at the right of her. I could not follow by car. I saw her walking into the alley.

After ten meters or so, she was grabbed by four black guys. They overwhelmed her. They swept her off her feet and dragged her around. I left the car and went after them. I knew it had been arranged by Daddy Brown. They dragged her inside one specific building we had agreed upon. The building was in ruins. It was a three-store building, but it really was a dump. The guys would drag her to the front room on the ground floor. Daddy had told me how I could get in the house in one of the back rooms before the guys would be there.

I rushed to see what would happen. I managed to be in time and just saw the four guys drag Cindy-Lou towards a matrass that was lying on the ground. The guys slammed Cindy-Lou on the matrass. Three guys pushed Cindy-Lou to the ground and one guy tore her clothes off.

I looked around the room and I have no idea how many black guys were in the room. But it must have been at least 50. These guys wouldn’t take it nice and easy. Some looked as they hadn’t had any pussy for at least a year. They would take advantage of an innocent victim.

The guys pulled her legs apart and the first one threw himself onto her. Cindy-Lou didn’t protest. She just opened her legs wider and locked her legs around his bottom, pushing him deeper inside her.

“Come inside me. Shoot your cum inside my pussy”, Cindy-Lou yells. It seems to be effective. He shoots his load inside her. “Oh, that was too short. Come give me another black cock to fuck. I also want one to suck and two to squirt over my tits.”.

The event was intended to be a ****-play, but Cindy-Lou willingly everything she wants. I see the guys do as Cindy-Lou asked for. She almost swallows the cock inside her mouth. It was big, but you can’t see it anymore. She keeps sucking. I saw the guy jolt his cum inside Cindy-Lou’s mouth. It was too much, she could not swallow it down. I saw a lot dripping from her mouth down on her tits.

The two guys trying to squirt over her tits aren’t quick enough. Cindy-Lou takes their cocks in her hands and jerks them. I see has a firm hold; she is not letting go till they shoot over her. She moves her hand all over their cocks. It is too much for them. They squirt all over her. Her tits, face and hair are all covered with cum.

“Come on, shoot inside me. Dump your load in my pussy. Give me your nigger seed. Give me a black baby.”, she shouts at the guy that is still fucking her. It is all he needs to shoot his load inside her. She pushed him away and spreads her legs. “Who is next? Who is going to fill me up again? And I need some cocks to swallow and to jerk as well. Guys, come on you’re so dull. Let four guys stand beside me. Maybe I can jerk four cocks at the same time.”.

While another guy rammed his cock inside her cunt, four guys stood beside her. “You have to stand closer together or I can not take two cock in one hand at the same time.”. To get as close as Cindy-Lou wanted, the cock of the two guys at each side touched each other.

“Yeah, that is better. Now I can take them in my hands.”

She was jerking two guys at two sides of her. The black guys had never experienced anything like this. She jerked so hard; their cocks turned red! Unbelievably, they came together. Again, every cum was shot over her belly, her tits, her face and her hair. She looked very dirty and cheap. It seemed fitting she was fucked and used as a cheap whore in a broken-down house.

I lost track of which guy fucked her, had a blowjob or jerked over her body, but I had never felt so good watching somebody get fucked and used. I could not wait to see her being used as a black-cock-suck-and-fuck bimbo. Really, my money was well spent as long as she stayed with me.

After she has been used and serviced by all the black guys inside the broken-down house, she walks to the door. She still hasn’t seen me. She hopes to see me outside. I hasten to the front door so I can catch her on the way out.

“Oh Uncle, that was a nice party. I was fucked and used by so many black guys. I really enjoyed it. I have taken so many loads of black seed, I could be pregnant as you would like it. I can’t wait to see my belly grow with a black baby inside. Can we do it again tomorrow. I love being used by so many black guys.”.

She passed the bimbo test. She completely ignored the fact she was -more of less- ****d. She had enjoyed all of it. She even wanted more. It there would have been a hundred black guys, she had fucked them all.

About two months later, Cindy-Lou comes to me.

“Uncle, I have missed my period for a second time in a row. What could be wrong with me?”.

“I don’t think there is anything wrong, sweetie. I think you are knocked-up with a black baby.”

“Oh, golly, that means I am a good bimbo. I am pregnant by black guys. Should I get big silicone tits to be the perfect bimbo?”.

“Yes sweetie, after you deliver the baby, we will get you some very big silicone tits. Black guys will see you as the ultimate fucking toy. They will knock you up again.”

“Uncle, can I still fuck black guys now I am pregnant?”.

“Yes, Cindy-Lou, you can still fuck as many black guys as you want.”.

“ok, so I can still go to the gangbang with 100 black guys this afternoon?”.

“No problem, you can take as many black cocks as you want. Whenever you want”.

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