9 Haziran 2024

Unbelievable! Ch. 03

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I reported for work each day eager to assist Eve with her photographic work, but even more eager to accede to her sexual demands in the evening.

Workwise, I was learning fast and becoming an asset to the studio; knowledge that boosted my all-round confidence, especially when it came to love-making. Though, I suspect the occasions when I did presume to be the sexually dominant partner, Eve was only being patronizing. But her condescension didn’t worry me; the fantastic sex we enjoyed was more than compensation.

Eve had an engagement to photograph a wedding that weekend, an event she said that would require me to be responsible for some of the still photography, and movie sequences.

It was Eve’s policy to check out in advance both the church and reception locations for lighting and any particularly interesting angles or backdrops they could use for the pictures. Eve gave me that responsibility on this occasion and I set off in her Mini-Cooper with a feeling of pride in the fact she was placing so much trust in my judgement.

I headed for the four-star country hotel where the wedding was being held and asked at the reception desk to see any rooms the wedding party had reserved for bridal preparation purposes. I was informed that three rooms had been booked, one of which was already occupied by a member of the party.

After viewing two of the rooms and satisfying myself about their suitability for Eve’s sequence of pictures focussing on the bride, I knocked on the door of the occupied room. It was opened by an alluring, good-looking woman with dark hair, I judged to be about thirty-years old. The short, grey fashionable dress she wore was buttoned through to the collar, with pink contrast at neck and cuff. It was a simple dress but on her body it took on a look of sheer elegance.

She held a glass of champagne in her hand and I got the impression it wasn’t the first that day! After presenting my business card – Eve had some printed in my name — and explaining my presence, the door was opened wider for me. The woman who’d opened it ushered me in, shouting over her shoulder to someone in the bathroom. ‘Hey, Clare, come and take a look at this handsome hunk, says he’s assisting the photographer tomorrow. But he could assist me anytime he likes!’ She linked arms with me and led me into the bedroom, her firm breasts pushing against me as we walked the few steps; my todger tingled with anticipation. Of what I wasn’t altogether sure, but it was a gratifying sensation being flirted with.

The woman in the grey dress introduced herself as Steph. ‘I’m the chief bridesmaid or should I say, maid-of-honour. But I understood we were having a lady photographer tomorrow.’ She said.

‘That’s correct.’ I replied. ‘Eve will be officiating tomorrow. I’m her assistant.’ I then went on to explain my presence. But Steph wanted to ply me with alcohol.

‘Would you like some champagne, Paul?’ Steph asked reading my name from the card I’d given her.

‘Better not, I’m driving. But I’ll have a Coke if you have one.’ Steph took one from the mini-bar and pulled the tab.

Just then the bathroom door opened and out stepped an older lady wearing a short satin wrap. Unfastened, the garment hung open offering an exhibition of lingerie befitting the curves of such a matronly woman.

Quite naturally, I couldn’t help staring at her large, melon-shaped breasts encased in black satin and the stockings and suspenders held in place by a black girdle. She slowly fastened her wrap as my ogling became apparent, but not quickly enough to hide the fact that she wasn’t wearing panties to cover her perfectly trimmed strip of pubic fluff!

I coughed and was about to apologise for staring but Steph spoke first.

‘Paul, this is Clare, the bride’s mother. Clare, this is Paul who will be assisting with the pictures tomorrow.’ Clare held a hand out for me to shake.

‘I’m pleased to meet you, Paul.’ Clare said looking me straight in the eyes. I shook her hand holding it a moment longer than was necessary. But when I tried to take it away, Clare wouldn’t release it. I watched a lascivious smile lift the corners of her mouth, an acknowledgment of the fact that I’d seen she wasn’t wearing panties.

Once more I found myself being attracted to a mature woman and trying to assess her age, but on this occasion I simply had no idea how great the gap was. Being the mother of the bride she was obviously older than Steph, the maid of honour, and she did look older, but it didn’t detract from her sexual appeal. She was a gorgeous, curvy lady and, I thought, if the opportunity ever arose ….!

When Clare thought she’d embarrassed me long enough, she released my hand and went to a table where the drinks stood. Lifting a glass of champagne and taking a sip she said. ‘Ah, that’s better. I think I need a few more of these to calm the nerves. It’s all getting rather stressful for me at the moment.’

‘Well, it would be one less thing to stress Betturkey about if you would make up your mind which of these outfits you intend wearing tomorrow.’ Steph levelled sternly sweeping her arm around the room at the numerous dresses on hangars and the lingerie sets strewn on the bed. ‘And stop embarrassing young Paul, walking around showing everything you’ve got!’ Clare took the hint and gathered her wrap tighter, which only served to highlight her fabulously heavy breasts.

Was it just my dirty mind going in to overdrive or was I sensing some tacit sexual invitation from these women? Was I deluding myself or were Steph and Clare about to attempt seduction of me? Fuck, my conceit knew no bounds! I’d only been in their company a couple of minutes, but it was long enough to realise these women were sexually intoxicating.

I thought about my immediate situation, should I play it safe and leave or stay, and risk being wrong about having sex with these two?

Having had an unlimited amount of sex with the mature Eve these past few days my confidence levels were boosted to the point of arrogance and here in this room with Stephanie and Clare, two very charming women, I felt the need to demonstrate that arrogance. I decided to give the moment impetus and putting down my drink, I prepared to leave.

‘I think I’ve seen all I need in here.’ I said. ‘One of the other rooms is far more conducive to what we have in mind. So I’ll leave you in peace to decide on your ensemble for the big day, Clare.’ I smiled and turned away.

‘No, don’t go yet, Paul.’ Steph said adjusting a loose strand of hair. Our eyes met and I sensed she was about to say something of relevance. I wasn’t to be disappointed. ‘Perhaps, we should get Paul’s input on which outfit to wear. After all, being the photographer he might have some thoughts regarding its photographic appeal.’

‘Oh, I don’t know,’ Clare replied. ‘I’m sure the young man wouldn’t be at all interested in what I wore.’

‘Well, let’s ask the young man, then.’ Steph turned to me. ‘Paul, would you care to give Clare any professional guidance in the matter?’

At this juncture I felt the stirring of an erection and, as my brain was currently being ruled by my cock, I agreed. ‘I’d hardly say professional guidance. But it would be a pleasure, Clare. However, I’m sure you will look gorgeous whatever you decide on. But surely your husband would be the person to ask?’ I replied obsequiously.

‘There is no husband, Paul. He disappeared many years ago. However, as a young man of the world I would value your opinion. Now, which of these shall I try on first?’ Clare indicated the different costumes hanging around the room, all of which looked very becoming for a lady who I adjudged to be older than Eve, but nevertheless pleasing and very tempting.

Clare possessed a statuesque figure, not overweight, but generously proportioned in all the important places. Unlike Steph whose younger figure was hourglass beneath the short-skirted dress she wore.

I assumed my role as Clare’s fashion guru in the hope that I would get to see more of her body beneath the wrap and to that end I selected a dress that looked to have a low neck-line. I handed it to Clare. But when Steph prompted me to also choose the lingerie Clare should wear with the dress, I knew I was right about the sexual vibes the women were sending out! But then Steph delivered a coup d’état that confirmed everything.

‘Paul, I want to let you in on a secret. Clare and I have made certain arrangements for tomorrow, arrangements that should appeal to the horny mind of a young stud like you.’ Steph’s words made Clare giggle, the result of too much champagne so early in the day.

‘No, let me tell him, Steph.’ Clare interrupted. ‘Who knows, we might even persuade Paul to have a trial session!’

Bemused, I waited to hear about their arrangements. But it was talk of a trial session that made my ears prick up. I moved aside a set of cream silk lingerie, its touch sending tremors through my body, and sat down in the space created. Steph topped up their drinks and Clare began.

‘The truth is we don’t get on with the groom’s family. They think he is marrying beneath himself and we, Steph and I that is, think they’re all snobs, all except Brian — the groom’s father. He is a lovely chap. His wife is a real pain in the arse, though. So what we plan to do is, flirt with him during the reception then invite him up here for a shagging session! A sort of revenge, which I’m pretty sure he’d enjoy as we get the impression he doesn’t get much in the way of home comforts, if you know what I mean!’

I smiled to myself thinking about Steph and Clare working their charms on the father of the groom, wishing they’d practice their seductive routine on me first. In fact it was more than a wish; I craved the carnal attention of Steph and Clare.

Then a thought struck me, is this what Clare referred to as a trial session? My erection Betturkey Giriş twitched at the very thought of these two women forcing their voluptuous bodies on me.

‘What do you think of our little plan, Paul?’ Steph asked.

‘Honestly? I’m thinking lucky old Brian. But, secretly, wishing it was me!’ I spoke with an assertive, authoritarian voice.

Did I possess no scruples regarding the age of women I wanted to fuck? Was I was becoming a sex addict with a fetish for mature women in lingerie!

Following my revelation the two women glanced at one another. Knowing glances that I was supposed to see. ‘My, oh my,’ Clare said. ‘Did you hear that, Steph? Young Paul wishes we were going to fuck him! What do you suggest we do?’

‘There’s only one thing we can do — fuck him!’ Steph replied as she started to unbutton her dress.

I drooled at the prospect of seeing Steph’s body and wondered about the style of her underwear. I didn’t have to wait long. Steph’s nimble fingers undid the top three buttons with the craft and dexterity of a striptease artist to reveal a cleavage you wanted to slide your cock in to.

Steph’s performance was riveting, as one by one, all the way down to her waist; the buttons were nonchalantly dealt with. She slipped the dress from her shoulders and allowed it to gather at her waist. My eyes devoured every inch of her fabulous breasts that were contained in a bright, peach-coloured bra. She cupped each one squeezing them out of their natural shape and blowing me a kiss as she did so. ‘They love to be squeezed like this, Paul.’

I was so engrossed by Steph’s actions I didn’t notice that Clare had sidled up behind her friend and had placed her own hands on top of Steph’s. Together they squeezed and caressed in perfect union.

‘They also love to be caressed by me.’ Clare murmured moving from behind Steph to stand alongside her still continuing to caress her friend’s breasts. Steph inched her fingers beneath the older woman’s wrap nestling them between stocking-tops that reached half-way along her meaty thighs. Clare writhed and ground herself against Steph’s digits, her wanton expression an indication of where she wanted them to come to rest.

I was spellbound, enthralled by the carnal performance being enacted for my benefit! A performance so far removed from the sexual parameters I’d been accustomed to, it beggared belief! It was also very arousing. So much so I had to adjust my erection to a more comfortable position, an action that didn’t go unnoticed by the two women who were watching my every reaction.

‘Paul’s cock is troubling him.’ Steph whispered to Clare. ‘Do you think we should help him out?’

‘Certainly, I feel it is our duty, seeing as we are responsible for his trouble. Would you like us to make you feel more comfortable, Paul?’ Clare asked cocking her head to one side.

While waiting for my reply Clare wriggled Steph’s dress to the floor. I recalled Eve’s words from the other evening about making me feel more comfortable and wondered if these two had masturbation in mind too. I tried to answer Clare’s question, but the sight of Steph in her matching peach-coloured lingerie with a suspender-belt holding up glossy tan stockings took my breath away. I was consumed with lust.

‘The poor boy’s lost his tongue, darling.’ Steph replied. ‘Let’s help him to find it again.’

In a joint move Steph and Clare swiftly got themselves into kneeling positions either side of me on the bed. I was pushed onto my back and immediately felt fingers undoing the belt of my chinos and drawing the zipper down. I relaxed into submission soaking up their womanly murmurs of approval at the sight of my bulging erection.

I had been schooled by Eve in the art of playing the passive, slavish partner to her sexually aggressive and domineering personality – a role which I relished, incidentally. But on this occasion, as my clothes were unceremoniously stripped from me, I sensed my cock was extra hard because of the sensuous lingerie I was reclining on!

Clare didn’t appear at all concerned that the three of us were cavorting on top of her finest silk and satin, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to point it out to her. The feel of it was magical! Surely, this had to be the ultimate in sensual sex! Being fucked on a bed of silk and satin lingerie!

My theory was borne out by female fingers exploring my rigid cock and tight balls. I gazed down at the undisciplined behaviour of the two women indulging in their basest instincts and when Clare asked me if I’d ever been sucked, I lied and shook my head. Each of the women then took it in turns to demonstrate their guile and expertise in cock sucking, leaving me with the dilemma of who did it best. Christ, I thought, what a week this was turning out to be!

It was all very well lying there accepting the treatment being administered by Clare and Steph, but I wanted to take part too. I wanted to caress these women bent over my pubic zone. I wanted to slip my fingers into their pussies, to tickle their clits and suck them one at a time. But the vision of two gorgeous ladies clad in erotic lingerie and fighting over whose turn it was to suck my cock was a sight you didn’t encounter on a daily basis. So I left them to their efforts and continued scrunching my own fingers amongst the silky lingerie I lay on.

Clare was the first to want a change. Without inviting my opinion she straddled my chest in reverse and forced her pussy onto my mouth, while Steph continued to suck my cock. Clare mumbled something about getting a little in return for her cock-sucking efforts and proceeded to move herself against my mouth.

Clare’s musky vaginal aroma was slightly different to Eve’s, but more than paletteable. I managed to bring my hands and fingers into play and parted Clare’s generous, fleshy labia, seeking her clit with my tongue. Clare’s engorged nub wasn’t too difficult to locate but her position made it awkward to tease, so I asked her to straddle me the opposite way. This she did and I quickly resumed contact with her.

Clare’s reaction to my deep tonguing and clit sucking was to vociferate loudly. So vociferous in fact I wondered if she could be heard in the next room! But it didn’t matter to Clare whether she could be heard or not, because I’d resorted to rubbing her clit with my thumb while three of my fingers were buried deep in her love tunnel!

Clare’s frenzied enjoyment came to the attention of Steph, who ceased sucking my knob and settled herself closer. She watched the goings-on for a few seconds before declaring she too wanted to be sucked and tongued.

A friendly struggle then ensued between the two women, giving me a much needed break to catch my breath, before Steph and her pussy presented themselves for some tender loving care courtesy of my tongue and fingers. I administered the same treatment to Steph critically noting the difference between the two females. Steph’s clit wasn’t so prominent, her love passage not so lax, but her copious aromatic juices were nectar on my taste buds. I licked and sucked at them as if I was dying of thirst.

Then the most fantastic thing happened. Clare, dispossessed of attention, began to rub Steph’s clit. At first I didn’t fully comprehend what was happening, but when the realization hit me that these two women were pleasing one another sexually, I very nearly ejaculated! I ceased my own hedonistic pursuit and watched Clare use the tips of her fingers to inflict her style of ecstasy on Steph’s pussy.

I’d watched sapphic behaviour on the internet and found the sight of two women pleasuring one another highly erotic. But in real life it was even more so.

Clare introduced other fingers to aid her stimulation of Steph’s clit by slipping two of them between Steph’s already puffed, wet labia and working them in and out. I could not take my eyes from the girly action taking place just inches from my face; it was fascinating; I could even smell it!

‘Why don’t you lend a hand, Paul?’ This was Clare speaking softly. ‘I reckon Steph won’t be too long before her climax. Let’s give her a big finish.’

I could hardly contain myself. Apart from enjoying the sapphic spectacle of lust, I was now being invited to join and assist in Steph’s orgasm. It was mind blowing.

‘What do you want me to do?’ I asked of Clare.

‘If you can reach her tits, squeeze her nipples hard. Tug on them and make her moan.’ She answered.

‘Is that what she likes?’ I stupidly asked.

‘Oh, yes, our young Steph loves a bit of pain. The dirty cow loves being hurt as her pussy fills with juice. Don’t you?’ Clare’s question was accompanied by the deliberate increase in tempo of her fingers in Steph’s pussy.

Steph, who had been listening to Clare prompting my help, grabbed my hands and lifted them to her breasts and nipples. She was heard to groan. ‘Do what Clare said, Paul, hurt me a little and hurt me nicely.’

I did as Steph wanted twiddling and pulling on her nipples with what I considered to be reasonable firmness. But my resolve didn’t match Steph’s expectations and she told me so. ‘Fuck, I’m nearly there, squeeze me harder!’

Well, I squeezed as ordered and within seconds Steph’s whole body was convulsing with her orgasm. It was amazing to witness Steph reach her climax through the auspice of Clare’s ministering digits and my own forceful fingers, possibly the most exciting experience I’d had … since my last encounter with Eve that is!

When Steph finally came to terms with her relief, Clare suggested it was time I fucked them, starting with her. She wanted to know if I could manage them both and in my arrogance I replied they should check out my erection, which was throbbing and dribbling pre-cum gratuitously.

After some fooling around Steph and Clare proceeded to position themselves on their backs, legs high and wide ready to receive my blessing. However, the situation, as thrilling to witness at as it was, didn’t look conducive to what we all had in mind and after a brief and breathy fingering session, I suggested a rearrangement of bodies.

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