9 Haziran 2024

Two Wild Women – One Saturday

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Solo Male

Thank-you to everyone for reading and commenting on what I write. It’s easy to write this, because unless I label something as fiction, fantasy or a dream, I only write what happened. Can two women really be this horny all the time?

Certainly. There are lots of us out there.


Saturday. A day for less work, if any at all. A day that often finds us having sex enough times, it seems we don’t really stop.


What woke me that morning was my pussy screaming for attention…that’s pretty normal. We were on our sides, her ass tucked in my tummy. I wanted her so bad, but to fuck myself on her required some rearrangement which would wake her. My pussy was already soaking my thigh!

My hand went to work.

I slid it down between us and didn’t mess around…my finger slid right inside my pussy, so dripping wet…my finger forced a flood of my juices from me as I twirled it around in circles inside me.

The trembling of my body was uncontrollable, and I was now fucking myself deeply, reaching for the back of my overheated pussy with each stroke, my breath hot on the back of Blue’s neck…

No one could sleep through that, and Blue woke up, turning over and facing me, taking me in her arms and speaking softly and hotly to my lips…

“Aaaawwww, my poor baby…lemme get that for you.”

I almost came when she said that! I lapped at her lips with my tongue, then kissed her…

“Oh…gee…would’ya mind?”

“Not at all, Sunnybuns!”

She rolled me onto my back…I was sooooooo close to cumming. I spread my legs wide for my hot lady and she gave me hot, wet kisses along my inner thighs, licking my smooth skin VERY close to my pussy.

I wove my fingers through her hair and raised my ass up…

“Baby…cumming baby…won’t wait…”

Blue smiled, opened her mouth wider and nailed my pussy with her entire mouth, using her tongue to fuck my clit!

Immediate orgasm!

Baby reached under my thighs and held my hands down, sucking and roughly licking my clit, making me cum so fucking hard in her mouth!

She rode my pussy with her wonderful, wet tongue all the way through my orgasm while I screamed for her!

Nothing like a hot morning orgasm to start my day. Nothing like Blue’s pretty face buried between my legs, licking my cum still oooooooozing from my pussy, her soft cheeks on my inner thighs.

Oh yeah…she could make me cum again like this. So easily…so quickly…

Still holding my hands down, she rocked my body with each lick of her wonderful tongue, then she rubbed her face in my wet pussy and slid up to my mouth, rubbing her lips on mine and Betturkey licking them. She sank her lips upon mine and kissed me oh-so-deeply, exploring my mouth with her warm tongue.

We purred to each other, thighs against pussies, our mouths fucking, our tongues having a wild time…

Blue wrapped her legs around me…I held her ass…her pussy was dripping on my tummy…I spread her swollen outer pussy lips and she rested her clit on my strong tummy muscles. I held her hands and she leaned forward on my hands, looking in my eyes. I arched my back and she fucked the HELL out of herself on my tummy! FUCK! Baby came so much, screaming the whole time!

I had luscious Bluecum all over me!

Baby slid off my body and caressed my tummy…

“Time for a shower, Sunnybaby?”

“And wash you off me? Hell no! I want to wear your scent as long as I can!”

“I hoped you’d say that! Me too!”

We had a great time dabbing LOTS of musk on each other…lots of it! We smelled so damn good! I smiled at Blue.

“Let’s see, today is Saturday. I want to smell like this for you as long as I can! MAYBE I’ll take a shower on Monday.”

“Yeah! Maybe! Maybe not!”

We spent the rest of the weekend naked as we always are, anyway…and sex…LOTS of sex…as though we couldn’t get enough of each other!

I did take time to lie in the sun that day. Working on my tan is something to which I remain addicted. There’s just something about lying nude in the sun…a feeling like no other.

Maybe it’s the way the sunlight makes my pussy tingle when it’s shining directly on it, or the heat the sun bakes onto my ass when I’m on my tummy, or the way my sweat trickles down between my ass cheeks, caressing my opening before it flows down to my pussy, making it throb even harder…

Or maybe it’s the way Blue LOVES to fuck me while I’m out there! Yeah, that’s what I love most!

Before she soaks me in suntan oil, she loves to devour my pussy. She’s so damn good at it! I eagerly spread my legs for her, my body already trembling with anticipation, so fucking wet for her, my inner thighs dripping wet. She slips her finger deep inside me and smiles…

“Oh, I think somebody needs a good tongue-fucking!”

Yes, yes! That somebody is me!”

She smiled at me while licking my inner thighs, making sexy sounds with her mouth, purring for me…I whimpered, my fingers in her hair, my breathing deepening with every lap of her tongue…softly squealing, the closer she gets to my pussy.

WAY too close to my sloppy-wet pussy, she opened her mouth wide and hotly sunk her teeth onto a thigh muscle, sending hard shocks of pleasure Betturkey Giriş all through me…it made me sit up and grab her body, screaming out loud!


Baby squealed with delight and fucking POUNCED her open mouth on my pussy! My back arched and I screamed non-stop while she sucked my big outer lips AND my over-swollen clit in her mouth! I came like hell, my body bucking wildly! She held onto my hips and kept her mouth on me, sucking me ALL the way through my fantastic orgasm!

My body finally relaxed…I laid there, panting, my body soaked and glistening. Baby slid her tongue between my legs and lapped at my quivering pussy, licking the last of my cum oozing from me, and catching the cum and juices flowing down to my ass…and driving me crazy.

Baby got the very sun-heated bottle of suntan oil and squirted it on my body…I jumped, loving every bit of that! She rubbed all of me with her hands and firmly patted my pussy…

“Blue! You’ll have to fuck me again!”

“Oh, I just might…you do have to turn over later, and your ass is all mine, sweetheart…”

I was now on my tummy in the sun, my body glistening with banana-scented suntan oil. My pussy had not net calmed after the indescribable mouth-fucking Blue gave me. Sweat was pouring from my skin…I could feel it running in little rivers off my body and down through my ass cheeks. My still-swollen butterfly pussy was absolutely soaked with hot sweat mixed with my cum still ooooooozing from deep inside me.

I spread my legs wide with my ass facing facing the sun, which was not directly overhead. Baby likes me tan all over. She loves my silky-smooth pussy and firm ass darkly tanned, and it makes me horny as fuck to look good for her…and makes it that much easier to seduce and tease her when I just HAVE to have her, which is pretty much all the time!

Fuck! My ass and pussy felt so hot from the sun! My skin wasn’t burning…my tan is too dark to worry about sunburn, only staying out a few hours per day.

My pussy wasn’t throbbing…it was POUNDING with my anticipation of when Baby will come back out and play with me, taking total control of her very own overheated slut and fucking my ass…the hard, hot ass-fucking I adore from her and must have! Without touching my pussy, she makes me cum like that!

“Nice ass you have there, hotstuff!”

“You’re back! I thought you’d never get back out here!”

She lied down beside me and draped her body over mine, sliding on my oily skin.

“Ooooooooo…you feel deliciously slippery!”

Our lips met and we kissed soooooooooo deeply, whimpering to each other as she rubbed her inner thigh on my ass…still with our mouths playing and sucking, she slid our big double toy between my ass cheeks and rubbed my opening…I squealed into her mouth…

Breathlessly, with my mouth against hers, I raised my ass and teased the toy with my opening and breathed hard into her mouth…

“Baby…get the other end of that toy inside that pussy of yours, squeeze it tight and make me your sweet whore…”

She kept her lips to mine…

“Sunny’s ass belongs to me, Sunny’s pussy belongs to me, all of Sunny belongs to me.”

My breath was hot on her mouth…

“Take my body…make me your possession…fuck me like a savage animal…”

That made Blue’s breathing hotter and deeper…she slid over my body, spread her legs wide and straddled my ass. She sat up on my ass and POURED the rest of the suntan oil, VERY hot from lying in the sun, down the front of her! It flowed down her breasts and tummy, then I could feel it flowing all over my back, my ass and down to my pussy, burning my quivering outer lips…


Baby purred for me and slipped her end inside her. A soft sexy squeal arose from her. She eagerly spread my ass cheeks and lowered her pussy to me…my end slid so easily inside my ass! I screamed out and was already so close to cumming! I was so fucking ready for her!

Blue wasted no time and started fucking my ass, driving the toy deeper and deeper into me…I could feel her thighs rubbing the sides of my ass while she fucked herself on the toy while fucking me, making little screams with each hard, hot thrust she made into me.

In only a few more fucks, we were using the full length of the toy and her hips and thighs were pounding my ass, both of us screaming and fucking like two female animals in heat…the sound of our oil-and-juices-soaked bodies slapping so hard together was so fucking hot with the toy BURIED in each of us, and sliding so easily in my ass and her fantastic pussy!

Suddenly, we both came together! Baby held onto my hips and fucked me harder…I bucked my ass at her and fucked HER harder…she held her hand under my pussy and let my steaming cum collect in her hand…she rubbed it all over the front of her… I could feel her cum flowing down the toy, soaking my opening!

Blue fell over on my back, the super-flexible toy bending and staying inside both of us…


“Oh, my dear, sweet Blue…you REALLY know how to fuck me…”

We gently slid the toy from inside each other, then I rolled over and we turned around in 69 reverse, and I had Blue’s pussy for lunch and she feasted on Sunnypussy…we both came luxuriously all over again, then we licked sweet ladycum from each other’s faces and kissed and kissed and kissed…

The End.

Thank-you for reading!

My love to all of you,


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