11 Haziran 2020

Throat Training

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Throat Training
So this happened a while ago.

I was at a friend’s house and spent the night. We did normal girl stuff, which I guess you guys think is tickle fights and comparing underwear… or something. I dunno. But, we just complain about school and whoever isn’t there. So, too bad. Haha.

Anyway, my friend’s dad, let’s call him Mr D. He’s a good looking guy, I guess. I dunno. And he’s always really nice to me. So, I went to the kitchen to get a snack and he was in there drinking some water. I jumped cause I didn’t expect anyone to be around the house. He apologized and started to leave the room. I tugged at his shirt and said he didn’t have to run away. So, he stayed and we talked. No, you pervs, we didn’t talk about sex stuff. He asked about school and stuff and I asked about his job. He has some job where he designs some kind of motors or something. It sounded interesting, but I guess I forgot. Hey! It was a while ago.

Anyway, he left after a while and I went back to my friend and we went back to our nonsense. It was fun nonsense. We did play truth or dare, but keep your pants on boys, nothing raunchy happened. We just told each other what boys we might like and stuff like that.

Anyway, so I got up the next morning and my friend and her mother took me home and I slept all morning. I woke up and had a thought. My friend and her mom were going out all day, so her dad was all by himself in the house. I dunno why, but I liked that thought. So, I called their house. He answered and I said something about forgetting something there and if he could come get me cause it was totally important or something.

He agreed to come get me. See, didn’t I tell you he was nice! He showed up at my house and beeped, so I ran out to his car and jumped in. “Hi! Thanks for getting me! I’m so dumb, I forgot my… ummmmm… thingie”.

“Oh, it sounds important, you can’t even remember what it is.” He remembered what I told him, but he was going to tease me that I forgot. We drove to his house and I looked around for a little bit and then came back to him in canlı bahis siteleri the living room and apologized and said I couldn’t find it. “Well, maybe (my friend) has it. We should send her a text.”

“Nooooooo! She’ll just make fun of me! Please don’t!” I was still clinging to this little lie I told so I could go back here and be alone with Mr D. “I… I… um, I didn’t… um… forget anything.”

“Oh, then why did you ask me to come pick you up?”

“I… I… um… just wanted to see you again.” I blushed a lot. My face felt so warm.

“Oh, did you now? And why did you want to see me again?” I just blushed. He took my hand and led me to the couch and we sat down together. I was nervous, but I had to tell him.

“I dunno, I just… ummmmm… I guess I like you Mr D.”

“Oh, in what way Brat?”

“You know. That way!” I must have been bright red.

“I see. You know, (my friend) and her mother won’t be back for some time. We can have some fun together, if you’d like.”

I nodded excitedly! YES! “Yes! Please!”

He took my hand and led me to a spare bedroom and pinned me against the wall and kissed me. Like really aggressively. And his hands were all over me. I kissed back and touched him some. He was a lot taller than me, so my head was tilted back to kiss him. He started pulling my shirt up over my head and I let him, even lifting my arms up to let him get it off. Then he unzipped my pants and pulled them down. He had to squat down to get them off. I giggled and patted him on top of his head. “I’m so tall!” He laughed and pulled my panties down and off. I blushed and kinda put my hands over my pussy. He grabbed me by the wrist and moved my hands away one by one. Then he stood up and removed my bra. I was completely naked and he started grabbing me all over, rubbing my body. He was being aggressive, but, I dunno, kinda gentle.

“I want you to kneel down right here Brat.” I just nodded and did what he said. He then unzipped his pants and there it was! He had a big dick, well, not that I’d seen many at that point, but it seemed enormous. canlı casino My eyes went wide and he rubbed the head of it on my face, then to my lips. “Now, open that pretty little mouth for me Brat. We’re going to have some fun.” I opened my mouth and his dick went right into it. I made these muffled sounds, you know, cause my mouth was full. He grasped my head and thrust his hips, making his dick go deeper. I felt it get to the back of my throat and I gagged. Like, I really gagged. I backed away and looked up at him.

“What are you doing?! You’re choking me.”

“Get back where you were. You’re going to give me a proper blowjob young lady. And that involves some gagging, especially when it’s done right.”

I nodded and moved back to where I was and opened my mouth again. He insert his dick again and thrust it deep. I gagged again, but I didn’t back away. So, I gagged again, harder. I felt like I might puke, but he just kept on going. He let me back away a little and looked down at me.

“You have to let it get deeper. I want my entire cock in your mouth. I’m going to hold your head in a better position so we can get it deeper.”

I nodded and let him position me as he wished. My head was tilted back and when he shoved his dick back into my mouth, I felt it go soooooo much deeper. I gagged even harder. I felt something urp up out of my mouth and onto his dick and crotch. He did not stop thrusting. He got deeper each time, and I was struggling for air, swatting at him to push him away.

He let me back away and I coughed and gagged and spit. OMG! This was nuts! While I recovered, he undressed himself and then grabbed my head and pushed his dick against my lips. All he said was, “open.” And I opened my mouth. And he fucked it again, it seemed like it went deeper and he thrust harder this time. And I kept gagging and spitting up slobber. Then he thrust really deep, I could feel my face squish into his stomach.

“There we go. Good girl. Let’s keep it there so you get used to having my dick in your throat.”

I whimpered and tried to push kaçak casino him away, but not too hard. He responded by grabbing my head really hard and pushing his hips forward and pinning the back of my head against the wall. “Don’t push away, let it stay down your throat. Stay right there. Good girl.” Every time he called me a good girl, it was like I was filled with energy to do whatever he wanted. After a while, though, I was running out of air, so I slapped at his hips and made muffled squealing sounds. He knew why I was struggling, but made me wait several seconds (which felt like a million hours!) before he let me up.

While I was coughing and gagging, he rubbed his dick all over my face. Then he helped my up to my feet and moved me over to the bed. He put me onto the bed on my back. But my head was hanging off the edge. He stood so his dick was right at my mouth and he just said that one word, “open”, again. And I opened. And he fucked my throat again. This time, it was able to go really deep without much trouble, but it felt weird, I felt so vulnerable while he just rammed his dick down my throat over and over. He had his hands on my little breasts and was squeezing them hard while he just fucked my throat like it was a sex toy or something.

I was gagging on it the whole time, every time it thrust in, my throat would try to push it back out. I was making retching sounds and he just kept on thrusting. He kept telling me that I was a good girl, and I kept making sure my mouth was open enough for him to fuck. Then he pushed it in all the way and held it there again. But this time, it was because he was cumming. I felt it spurt into my throat, which REALLY made me gag, so much so that it spurted out of my mouth and all over him. He pulled his dick out and slapped my face with it while I gagged and sputtered. Then he put it back in and told me to clean it off with my mouth. Then I was told to clean up the rest of the cum that I had spit back out. I did so, licking and sucking the cum off of his crotch.

He helped me to my feet and kissed me on the forehead. “You did so very well Brat. We will have to do this again.”

I nodded and looked up at him with a smile. “When?”

We then figured out some times where we could be alone either at his house or mine. And my lessons continued!

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