9 Haziran 2020

the spiritual breack in (English chapter 1 & 2

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the spiritual breack in (English chapter 1 & 2

This story is in fact a diary, brought in the form of a docudrama. As in real life, sometimes not everything goes smoothly, sometimes there are unexpected twists and limitations.

So don’t expect imagined characters who come around ten times a day without any problem, all characters really exist and all situations have actually taken place.
The only fictional are the names and the arrangement of place and time.

The title is ambiguous.
Yes, Eric and especially Vanessa break into each other’s minds but this is not all.
The most beautiful criticism I have received so far was “nicely written, makes you dream away but the sexual acts still leave much room for deepening” … in fact, she had therefore discovered the second floor of “spiritual burglary”. Make you dream away, almost see the characters before your eyes, create the cries and whispers, the groans and grind of teeth between your ears. I have broken into your mind, you no longer need words written in capital letters because you hear them internally, according to your experiences and fantasies.

I wish you a lot of reading pleasure (and additional activities), to fully understand the story, read the parts in the correct order because they are regularly referred to previous episodes.
Google translation; original text : Dutch

1. the conversation
What’s the matter with you? Vanessa asked. We have met three times now, you are always attentive, professional and friendly, but I can see and feel from your whole attitude and the look in your eyes that you actually want something completely different, so to speak, you radiate horniness.
Eh, you are indeed a very attractive woman, you are …, I mean …, well …, I do indeed dream of it, but, how would I say …
Eric, where has your eloquence gone? You canlı bahis siteleri are suddenly stumbling here like a boy on an exam that has not learned his lessons. You are married so you know how to seduce a woman and I have known you long enough to know that you are not a gay gay … what is the matter?
Well Vanessa, I am indeed happily married and want to remain faithful even though the sex is substandard but your appearance is such that you could tempt the Pope.
Well then?

Well, suppose I try to seduce you effectively, you go into this, we cuddle a bit, kisses, caress each other, but then I have to tell you we can’t go on. It would harm our friendship and I don’t want to lose you; rather a good friend without sex than almost sex and then a past friendship.
Because of feelings of guilt towards your wife, you mean?
No, I would have put them aside even before the first step, but I am simply closed.

Gekkie, I would have broken you open properly otherwise, don’t you think?

Spiritually, but you see, what I actually meant by not being able to go on simply refers to physically; I am indeed not gay but I do like kinky sex.
Oh, how suddenly you are self-confident but you draw the wrong conclusions; who tells you i don’t have any kinky edges? You could still be surprised, silent waters sometimes have deep grounds, you know. Tell me what do you think is kinky enough to experience that sweet sin? Convince me, maybe we dream the same deep down.
That will be an endless list, you know, pain, humiliation, tease and denial, just bondage,
Simply bondage; just; to express it, you have to be a hot thunder to speak of “ordinary” bondage, does the whole world do it every day for sure? Just say what you don’t like, that list will be much shorter.
Yes, deeds without mutual consent, permanent damage and s**t, that makrobet is an absolute taboo for me.
Not too bad, I don’t have to know anything about those dots, otherwise we have a huge match; I’m just thinking of something, are you impotent because you said you just couldn’t go on physically?
Now you draw the wrong conclusions, I said I could not continue physically because I am locked, literally so … there is a padlock on my penis.
Splendid, I want to see your dick you know.

2. The consequence.

Splendid, I want to see your dick you know.
Good, please, but don’t laugh, because that’s not all, I’m still shaved and I wear panties.

Oh well, just do it, if I’ll laugh, I will decide myself, I’m used to something and you still love humiliation, you said? Start by taking off your pants so I can already evaluate your taste for panties.

(Horny but with red jaws I lower my pants down to my ankles – damn shoes too)

Hey, good taste, a semi-translucent thong turn around so that I can see your buttocks … but first take off that shirt because that is a bit too low for an unobstructed view.

If I immediately take off my shoes, then those pants can go.

No, you leave it on. If you do something that I don’t like, I step away and you can hop after me to apologize; nice and humiliating not?
And yes, I see something shining on your cock, just below that wet spot on your slip; you are apparently so horny from our conversation and from having to expose yourself that you are already producing precum.
You do have a lot of hair to claim that you are shaved, at most a bit trimmed yes.
A nice ass too, I’ll inspect that later, just take off that thong then I can take a closer look on you.
(I was only allowed to lower the thong to just above my knees, that Vanessa is apparently a bondage expert because my ability makrobet giriş to move was already limited by my clothing)
As you can see, I am indeed Vanessa shaved but only on one side, all are completely shaved or not at all, but now say for yourself, this is original and humiliating. Did you really think that I would lie about something like that after I had exposed myself during our conversation?
Mmm, big balls, big cock and that lock is in your frenulum, doesn’t that hurt?(meanwhile everything is touched and stroked)
Piercing the frenulum, yes, but the piercing was originally much smaller because I did it with just a needle. After it was healed it stretched through the lock and that sometimes annoys me but it only really hurts when things are wrong positioned.
Nice that the lock is going so badly when I masturbate you but I get it on my finger every time, take it off now or I get a blue finger and that is not part of my kinky dreams.
It therefore acts as a kind of chastity device, not nice on the fingers but also not so nice on the glans and on the frenulum; so masturbating is possible but is not as tasty as without … even with ejaculation it is rather a failed orgasm.
Yes, well, now give the key, then I will masturbate you so that you are a little calmer before I inspect you further.
I cannot do that, I already told you that I am locked, every time I meet an attractive woman I wear it, after all, no woman leaves me with that lock in her mouth or pussy; you are the first and only one.

How, How, what do you think, you won’t get in with me like that! And since masturbation does not work so well, you will have to go home extra horny. Do you really not have it?

No, if I had it then the lock would not make sense. Are you taking something off?

Well later, first I want to play with you; a pity you are married, I would like to bite your buttocks and scratch them open.

Go ahead, we don’t have sex any more, so if I pay attention a bit when changing clothes, she doesn’t notice it. However great our love is, since years she has been purely platonic.

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