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The Other Kind of Films

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[Father forces son to be star in his adult film; mom inserts herself into film; they become a couple. Mom has primordial fight with another actress for right to do sex scene with son. Mom and son end up with studio after divorce. Father doesn’t fare as well.]

Growing up as an only child, I always wondered what my parents did for a living. Most kids know what their parents do; it is so important to understand what they do for role modeling and other things. As for me, I was only told that my father was a filmmaker and my mother did support work, such as make-up, etc. Later I learned that he had control over their joint bank accounts as well as a nice business inherited from her parents. Unknown to mom, he had traded all their money and that business for a film studio. Rumors at the time were that the studio was making only one kind of film, and that my father was mesmerized by them. That was why he wildly overpaid to buy the studio, taking our family from comfortable to very shaky. It bothered mom a bit also that the studio had been making films with heavily hung actors, but no actresses whatsoever…

After that disastrous purchase, there were boom times and bust times. I could always tell how business was because we went out every Sunday. If things were good it was the best steak house in the city; if things were tight, we might go to the Golden Arches for a burger. Well, things were so tight now that we had to forego the burger and just skip our Sunday outing altogether.

Normally, our family had dinner for three, but that was it for togetherness. This Sunday, given the problems, we had a family meeting. I finally found out about the film business and my parents’ real activities.

It turns out that the films he was making were adult films. My mother was forced to be doing make-up, body make-up, and other duties to save money. If that wasn’t shocking enough for me, there was this:

His next film had to make a fortune or we would be losing the house and everything else. He had secured a cheap set, leftover from another production and bought for almost nothing. Someone had made a sci-fi film with all the usual sets, décor, background, green screen pictures, etc. Now, dad would be making a similar film, only adult. He was in luck as the actress from his last film still owed the studio one more film.

So began one of the silliest movies ever made. The hardest part for me was not remembering the lines (Was there really a script? Someone actually wrote this?); no, the hardest part was in not laughing during every scene.

Silly scene number one: On planet Hysteria, the local environment made their males wither into small, blobby, gnomes. The appearance of a statuesque, heavily muscled male with a huge fully functioning cock sent excitement across the planet. The women of the planet were eager, almost desperate, to be seeded by a superior male. The winner (by lottery) was that actress under contract, Vivian. Her name in the film was Wisdoma.

Wisdoma: “Space muscleman, how do you wish to breed. I cannot live any longer without your seed. Make me your own, and now, before a million other hags get to you!”

She is wearing a flimsy toga. It is easy to take off. Underneath that she has an okay body. This brunette said she was 41, her figure about 32-30-36. Wisdoma pulls down my astronaut flight suit, releasing my broad shouldered, heavily muscled physique. My huge ten inch cock, already fully erect, springs into view. From behind the set I could hear a soft moan. (It was my own mom!) Then Wisdoma got before me, fell to her knees, and paid homage to my bobbing mighty ten inch staff. With difficulty, she could open wide enough to take it all in. Again, I heard a soft “no” from behind the set.

Meanwhile, Wisdoma began the unmistakable motions of love. Her head was going up and down on my powerful love tool. She removed herself only to replace it with a hand. Her hand quickly became a blur of motion as my cock somehow got more and more upright, thicker and harder. Her other able hand cupped my family jewels, now considered the most valuable and cherished items on that planet. Then something odd happened.

During this scene, a text message came in for my father. It seems that one of his financial backers wanted to meet him, today, for a possible big new investment. That was so important that he left the set in the director’s hands and left. The director was about to resume mersin escort the scene with a close-up, my cock about to burst.

As it was written, Wisdoma would tell me that she had to go to the other room for just a few minutes–that I could wait on the balcony. I was supposed to go to the balcony. Later, frustrated by her lengthy absence, I would relieve the pressure by jacking off over the railing. Unseen by me in the dark were all of the adoring MALE creatures, their pathetic puny bodies all crowded outside the balcony hoping for, and receiving, just a few drops of my precious offering. They had a violent scrum for a drop of that white gold, the winner having his flabby pale face dripping with my manly goo. Well, that is how it was written in the original script.

Now the director was getting a last minute script update. She looked up at the actress who gave her the update, suspicious that it should appear at the exact moment that the studio owner Mal was called away. The director whispered that she wouldn’t do this, at least not until she got approval.

The mysterious actress, wearing that same set of flimsy veils seen on Wisdoma, gave the director $500. The director said “Looks like I have approval”, checking the bill in the lights for authenticity.

The surprise (mystery) actress came on the set just as Wisdoma re-appeared. What transpired was a cat fight that was totally unscripted, but fully recorded. It was made all the more visceral because it was real. As the veils covering that actress were ripped off by Wisdoma in the brawl, it became clear to one and all that it was the make-up lady, MY MOM, who was the mystery actress.

As the two women clawed away at each other, I received shock number two. I had never had anything unsavory going on with my mom; in fact, I had never seen her in so much as a bathing suit. Well, here she was stripped almost nude, and my powerful cock, completely uncovered for the scene, was starting to ache. My balls, swollen with seed, hung beneath like a pair of small mangoes, ready to engulf the next womb I assaulted with a torrent of lively, vibrant sperm.

Back to the fight. The two women, both over 40, were huffing and puffing as the digital camera whirred away. When mom grabbed her hair, the wig came off, the other actress totally bald! When she yanked at her bra, it came off, along with the padding that had made her seem so busty. It turns out that actress Vivian was over 40, and over 50 for that matter. As her rather elaborate girdle was exposed, she made a final lunge at my mom. I saw mom, unused to fighting, draw back with her right fist. It came forward with surprising speed and power, hitting that other actress, and old bag, Vivian, square right below the eye. After each of mom’s three punches, you could hear a crack, then a snap, and a crunch. That actress with the true figure of a char lady had fought for a man in a struggle almost primeval in its nature and ferocity. In the event, Vivian, the 56 year old playing Wisdoma, had been beaten to a pulp by my quiet but surprisingly strong and healthy mother. The last three blows did some real damage, the last punch snapping her head around before she fell like a sack of potatoes.

Mom was totally exhausted. She also was totally nude. Whereas Vivian had been exposed as a bald spinster with the alluring figure of a librarian, my mom had a spectacular figure, 36-24-36. Unlike that old bag, mom had a full head of flowing, healthy dyed blonde hair, a bra actually filled to the bursting point (and it was all real, all mom in there) and the legs of a Hollywood starlet. Now mom played a woman of that planet who had reached me by besting her rival. I had to reciprocate and breed her.

With that, we cut and went to the breeding bed, where I was about to mount my own mother, playing the luckiest woman on the planet. The camera closed in to show mom guiding my huge ten inch phallus into her steaming depths. Mom’s hand took that staff and stirred it in her pot. Trying to energize herself after that exhausting catfight, she used my ten inch telephone pole to touch herself in all the right places. Her eyes closed from the passion, causing me to grab back my unit and kiss mom’s soft cherry lips. I pushed her back romantically and mounted her properly.

More than anything, I wanted this to be pleasurable for my gorgeous mom. I had really only seen her for the first time a few minutes ago. No longer just an older woman to me, she had become the very symbol of sex appeal. So, for her sake and the sake of the camera, I did my best. My heavy lumber had fallen onto the starving, wet lips of her pussy. I dragged it to and fro. Mom moaned in pleasure. I rose escort mersin up on all fours, turning that ten inch mighty ram from a fallen log to the power drill that it was designed to be.

With the camera starting to overheat, my long cock was pushed slowly in, the uncut oversized head dragging, tugging against the tingling vaginal walls of my mom’s mature pussy. When my cockhead tapped the inner wall, mom sighed in ecstasy, thinking what a good investment that $500 was. To reward me for ‘going along with the script changes’ so well, mom gave my visiting cock a mighty handshake, her three rings of muscles almost yanking it clean off.

My cock was now fully lodged inside my sexy mom, the movie studio camera still recording every move we made. The nice director called “cut” and halted the action. She was going to use one of those new tiny probe cameras for the “real action.”

The thin wire, in body color to be undetectable in low focus, was fed into mom’s fertile depths. The camera was placed in a corner of mom’s tight dark alcove. It was so strange for all of us to see on a monitor a cave, with a huge moving boulder approaching. The boulder had a hole vertically slit in it. The huge boulder (my cockhead of course) moved to within a whisper of the camera. The slit in it expanded, ending up the size of a bottle-cap. On the close-up, it looked big enough to drive thru. Then all of sudden, a ripple came thru the huge thing taking up the whole tunnel. The slit partially closed, then opened like a yawing chasm. I yelled, totally out of my character, “Oh, mommy!” and then a flow of white semi-opaque liquid came forth. The torrent made a wave, the wave sloshing against the far wall and then rebounding.

As the tiny probe camera recorded, that fertile womb began looking like a tub, the water level (in this case cum, consisting almost totally of life-giving sperm) rising with time as that bottle-cap sized slit kept spitting out shot after shot after shot. All of the pent-up passion from this movie, and all the years I secretly wanted my mom, came bubbling up and emptied into my mother’s receptive and totally unprotected womb. By the time the probe became useless, the liquid now fully occupying that intimate place, I had fulfilled my manly duty and fucked all of my potent sperm into mom’s fertile womb.

By the time the director said a final “cut”, mom and I were totally exhausted. The small film crew all applauded our efforts. As I stood up shakily, flexing my bulging biceps in triumph, my mom remained on the bed, her pussy dripping the very seed of life. Both her thighs were glistening as they were covered by excess cum. The huge leak led to the bed edge, where four separate thin waterfalls were dripping to the floor. I went to my prostrate mother and picked her up. I kissed her as I carried her to the little dressing room to the sound once again of applause.

The director re-cut the film to eliminate mom’s off-camera comments and moans, the very shaky transition between actresses, and the final disturbing parts of their catfight (since it was a movie and not a reality documentary about steel cage death matches.) The film turned out to be a raving success, 99% of which was attributed to mom’s incredible figure, insatiable appetite for love making, and that damn little probe. No one had ever seen what love really looked like, deep inside, live and in color.

Three weeks later, much had changed. Mom had had it with dad’s losing ways as well as his pathetic 3 ¼ inch cock. He had traded all of their wealth and security for a studio. He had to get out, now. Her attorney said that his odd handling of their assets would sway the court, and it did. Mom kept the house, the good car (an Audi A6, leaving him with the Smart micro two seater.) I was over 18 and free to go anywhere, but you guessed correctly; I stayed with mom.

We got a call a week later. The film had been a huge success, with 112,483 downloads so far at $9.95 each. Since mom won the studio and all rights (bought with her money by her incompetent ex-hubby), we would be getting a little bonus of $559,602.90, which was half of the sales. Though we weren’t under contract, they asked us for some extra footage for a ‘director’s cut’ that would be sold for $19.95 on DVD or download. We said it sounded great.

Instead of going to the studio, they set up our house for shooting, saying that these were “reality” shots of the actual actors and their real lives.

Scene 1 showed mom doing a pregnancy test. The camera did not cut away at any time so the jaded viewer could see it was authentic. Sure enough, and this was news to us too, the litmus tester turned blue. Mom was pregnant…by mersin escort bayan me! That was an unexpected bonus from that film.

Bonus scene 2 was a morning wood session of the two actors, i.e. mom and I. It showed us ‘sleeping’, then my frisky yanking of the bed covers, revealing my gorgeous mother in a diaphanous peignoir. Still warm from sleep, I moved those silky thighs apart and got between her legs. I flexed my muscles in manly triumph at having access to this fantastic sexpot this sunny morning. As I gently pushed my ten inches of rock hard ‘morning wood’ into the now already fertilized depths of her womanhood, she awakened. I bent over and kissed her. I then slowly moved her legs up and over my shoulders for maximum penetration. The camera closed in for the old ‘in and out’. We did that for ten minutes, my cock like the piston in a powerful engine. Mom was fully awake and having her first orgasm within minutes. We finally locked lips and I lay still. The only thing moving were the swollen testes in my oversized scrotum. The cameras showed, live and then in slow motion replay, the shudder and then wave that started from my orange sized balls, rippled down my lengthy cock, and ended with a splash in her fertilized depths. The viewer could tell this as the excess seed that was forcibly ejected by each huge gusher was leaking out in a torrential outpouring around my cock.

The final bonus scene, scene no. 3, was made at the request, even demand, of the studio staff. They had come to dislike my father for his bounced paychecks, inept direction, screaming interludes and odd film choices. (‘Dreaming of Rosie O’Donnell’?)

The final scene on a film package that would end up with 212,792 downloads and DVD buyers had mom and I meeting with dad a final time. He had wanted to have a last meeting to exchange paperwork, so the studio was alerted as they requested. Secretly being filmed, he stood outside the wrought iron gates of our family home, angry that mom and I were together, holding hands before him. He didn’t know that the film royalties had paid off the house. Seeing me holding mom’s hand, he said that he had a companion now too, a student from the local university. Mom knew about that student; months before she had been angry that she was losing her husband to another man, but now she found it amusing.

At the final moments of our last meeting ever, he gave a ‘glamour photo’ of his companion to mom. She smiled politely and matched it by giving him a copy of the lab test, confirming her pregnancy. His head fell dejectedly and he got into his tiny Smart micro car. With a huge plume of blue smoke, the car started up, sounding like a lawn mower. It entered the busy road, almost being plowed by a Ford pick-up as it accelerated slowly and sporadically.

We ended up making four more films for the studio. Each film was a success, eventually earning us almost $2 million. Best of all, each film played out just like the first one, with a director’s cut showing a home pregnancy test (blue=positive), and a novel view of our prodigious home love life. The final film was made after we had sold that studio for $5 million. We had to complete the film and did, our final contact with the studio a view of our ‘afternoon delight’.

I was seated on a chair in our bedroom, my huge cock bolt upright, with my sensuous mom settling down over it. Mom looked to the ceiling in orgasmic delight as the uncut head of my cock scraped her tender vaginal walls. With my powerful arms, I moved my MILF mom up and down like a fuck toy. My rough ended uncut cock was really causing some delicious friction within the tender walls of the entrance to mom’s pleasure palace. With each stroke, my cock would gently ‘kiss’ the inner most wall, almost as if I was playing a game of tag. The difference was that we weren’t running around, with the only thing moving mom’s perfect body as I used it selfishly as a means to get off. My ten inch steel hard cock never had it so good. With one last deep probe, I touched all of mom’s intimate places. Finally, she rose as high as she could, on tiptoes, before she fell full force onto my mighty unit. We kissed as I came deep inside of her. The unmistakable water pistol ‘zit zit zit’ sound of cum being splashed, shot directly into mom could be heard in the stony silence of the room. We both sighed in pleasure.

That final director’s cut included a view of our little nursery, taken ten months after the film’s conclusion. They did that to allow time for events. Sure enough, the nursery had six cribs for the babies we had making those films (including one set of triplets.)

Then, completely unknown to us and made at the insistence of the studio staff, the last scene of the bonus cut was a cynical ‘tribute’ to the former owner of the studio. It showed the obituary and ‘lauded’ him for his ‘wise’ management of the studio before it was sold by a successor owner (mom) at great profit.

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