10 Mayıs 2021

The Only Woman I Have Ever Loved

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Everyone in this story is over 18 years of age. All characters are fictional, and any similarity to people of the same name or description is purely coincidental. If you are merely looking for a story to arouse your libido, this may not be the story for you.

Please take the time to cast your vote. I welcome all comments and constructive criticisms. However, I would ask that you do so with your Literotica name and not anonymously. If the criticism is negative, I would like to read your stories so that I may also learn from your works. This story is much shorter than my previous stories, but I you enjoy it anyway. Please vote.

Copyright 2019

*** *** ***

The story I am about to share with you happened over twenty-five years ago. I was only twenty years old at the time and going to college in a small town, at a small college in Eastern Tennessee. Since my mother and I live in North East Alabama, I guess the obvious question is, why did I go to school to a little known college in Tennessee. The simple answer is, “Full Ride Football Scholarship.”

My name is Jake Morehouse, and I live alone with my mom Rebecca or Becca as her family called her back in her original home town in Florida. Mom no longer has any extended family because her mom and dad died when a tornado hit their home, killing both instantly.

I am six foot two inches tall, weigh two hundred twenty-five pounds, and I have blond hair and deep blue eyes. My mom is five feet nine inches tall with a perfect figure, green eyes, and ash brown hair. Her breast size is what I would call a medium ‘C’ and her bra size confirms that she did wear at 34 C. Of course I looked, every young man has looked in his sister or mom’s underwear drawer. I loved my mom dearly, and I made it my job to protect her and care for her, because my father died when I was seventeen, and I felt responsible for my mom as I was now the man of the house.

I played football for a small but powerful level ‘AAA’ high school in North Central Alabama as a placekicker. We won the state championship for our division. I was the top scorer on the team for two years running, with a 76% average for field goals, with the longest from 51 yards out. I also had a 98% average on extra points. Being from a small town and making only average grades, I got offers from six smaller colleges.

Since my dad died in my junior year of high school in crash with a drunk truck driver, I knew that mom would be all alone, so I chose a school in Southeast Tennessee that would pay for everything, including tuition, books, meals, and lodging for four years. Best of all, I was only going to be two hours away from my mom. I could be home in a hurry if she needed me.

We sold our old house after I graduated from high school because mom said that she felt haunted by her memories of dad in our old home. We received what mom called a large settlement in a lawsuit over dad’s accidental death. We used some of dad’s life insurance and the proceeds from our old home to buy a log cabin home in the mountains in North Eastern Alabama, where no one knew us. In essence, we started over in a new home and a new town. We owned a little over a hundred acres of pasture land and wooded land on the side of a mountain. We now lived in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Northeast Alabama. The hilly almost mountainous topography of the area extended for many, many miles to the east.

It was a busy summer after we moved into the house. I installed fences and improved a barn that came with the property. Heck, I even built a chicken coop and a small fenced-in area for them to free-range. We bought five calves and one yearling at the local auction. We had the yearling cow slaughtered and processed for the freezer. Since we only had about twenty acres of pasture, we bought hay rolls all summer. We bought hay for the months ahead, as we found farmers who were willing to sell us their excess hay for a reasonable price. I put what I could in the barn, and stored the rest in a lean-to next to the barn.

I found it painful for me to leave my mother when I had to depart for college to begin football practice. She had become very dependent on me, and at nineteen years of age, I knew I would miss her so very much. It was obvious to me that I had come to love my mother beyond what was normal. A young man shouldn’t feel this much love for his mother. Though I had never touched my mother in a sexual way; I knew it was wrong by society’s moral standards and even against the law if we had a sexual relationship as mother and son, but I couldn’t help the feelings for her in my heart.

Before leaving, I said, “Mom, I don’t want to go. It worries me to death to think of you staying out here all by yourself. Mom, you know that I love you so much, and it is my responsibility to take care of you and protect you.”

“No, Jake baby, it is not your job to protect me. You are a nineteen year old freshman in college, you need to study and do well in school. I also love you with all of my heart. However, right now, your job is to go to school and keep your scholarship. illegal bahis You should be home at least for a short visit between now and New Year’s Day. We have to be patient, and we will be back together soon.”

*** *** ***

Once back at school, I was so busy for a few months due to the riggers of both my class schedule and football practice, that I had little time for anything else. However, I made time every night to call my mom.

I wasn’t sure why I had such feelings for my mother, but I knew in my heart that I loved her and that wasn’t going to change. Every time I had a quiet moment or tried to sleep, I would think of mom. I didn’t just think of her; I started to think of her sexually. I didn’t just want her with me; I wanted her to share my bed every night. Yes, I know that was sick thinking on my part, but I couldn’t help my feelings. I struggled with my thoughts of my mom all of my first year of college. By the end of the school year, I made up my mind to speak to mom about my feelings as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

After I finished my second year of college, I was ready to quit school and come home to stay. My dad died nearly six years ago, and mom was still alone and had not gone out on a single date. As her son, I loved my mom so much, and I wanted to help her from then on. My hands were tied by the fact that my off time from school and football was so short. I kept thinking that I must find a way to stay home and take care of this lovely woman, whom I care for so very much. I was twenty-one now and thought of myself as a man.

The day after I returned home from school I said, “Mom, I am so glad to be home for the summer to help you. I know that this place is a huge burden on one person. I have also missed you so very much. My time away from you these last two semesters have been the longest nine months of my life, despite our short visits on holidays.” I thought to myself that football and school were keeping me away from the only woman I ever loved.

Her response was very similar, “Oh, baby, it has been hard to manage the farm, but if I am honest, I missed you more than you could ever imagine. The best day of my life was the day you were born. How is it that you missed me so much? You are a varsity football player, so you must have been beating off those college coeds.”

“Mom, I haven’t dated anyone. I’m not even interested in those silly young girls. You are the only woman in my life. I plan to work hard all summer so that you won’t have so much to do after I leave to go back to school. But mom, the truth is I don’t want to go back to school. What I really want is to stay here with you. I want to be the man of the house so I can take care of you all the time.”

After hearing what I said she was crying huge tears. Though it took her a few minutes to stop crying, I held her like the dear person she was to me until her tears ended. Once she caught her breath and calmed her emotions, she said, “Jake, you are so sweet and thoughtful. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful man to care for me. Darling, you have to finish school. I am a strong woman and I will be able to take care of things until you finish college.”

I couldn’t argue with her now, she was the strongest woman I have ever known. However, I planned to bide my time and when the time was right, I planned to revisit this subject. I couldn’t stand the thought of being away her any longer. In my time away from home, I came to the full realization of how much I really loved my mom. I knew that it was wrong in so many ways, but I couldn’t stop my heart from loving this woman.

After the week of working on the farm together, I could tell something wasn’t right. Mom’s usually bubbly outgoing personality was subdued and sullen. Her current state of mind had me worried. We have a pretty large city about forty-five minutes from our farm, so I was developing an idea that might get her out of her rut and raise her spirits.

That night I cooked a great dinner of grilled steaks, baked potatoes, and a green salad.

We shared a bottle of wine with dinner and then opened another bottle to take to the family room for us to enjoy while we watched television. We have no pets, and we are down to only four heifers (young cows not yet bred) that do not need milking. With the pastures beautiful and green, the cows could be on their own for a few days without attention.

Mom suggested that we both get comfortable, and put on our night clothes before we got sat together to watch television. When we returned to the living room, I was wearing a pair of workout shorts, and mom had on a very short sexy silk robe. I couldn’t see if she had anything on under that robe, but my curiosity and imagination were running wild. Once she moved toward the couch, I did notice that she was braless, and when we hugged each other, I didn’t feel any panties. These actions all seemed a bit unusual, but I decided it had to be because of the wine and her happiness at having me home. My hormones were telling me to throw her on her back on the couch, suck on her illegal bahis siteleri beautiful breast until she was panting out of control, and then drive my cock deep into her long unused pussy. Finally, my big head overtook my little head, and I stopped from putting my thoughts into actions.

We were both feeling a little woozy, so I decided that it was as good a time as any to discuss my plan with mom. “Mom, I have a proposition for you.”

She raised her eyebrows and said while giggling, “Sweetheart, is it proper for you to proposition me?”

“No, mom, not at all. Let me at least tell you what I have in mind.”

She replied, “I’m sorry, baby, tell me what you are planning.”

“Mom, I want us to go to Huntsville, or Chattanooga for about three days. You need a break from the farm, and we need to spend some quality personal time together instead of always working. So mom, what do you say.”

She didn’t even have to think about it, “When do we leave? Make us a hotel reservation for four nights, and let’s leave the day after tomorrow.”

“Thanks, mom, you won’t be disappointed. I promise.” I answered.

She quickly replied, “I hope you won’t be disappointed either young man. After all, I have really missed having my man at home.”

Before we got up to go to bed, she turned her body to lay across my body and face me on the couch. I could feel her nipples pushing into the thin tee shirt I was wearing. Mom was excited, and perhaps a little drunk. I loved feeling her breasts on my chest. She pushed me down on the couch so that she was nearly on top of me. I could feel a real tingle in my nether regions, which resulted in a steel hard cock. I knew that she had to feel my hard cock rubbing on her pubic mound. I had dreamed of this very scenario many times as I beat off in my bed at college. I couldn’t believe that my beautiful mom was laying on top of me with only my thin shorts and her silk robe separating us from having sex. Rebecca started rubbing her sex against the massive bulge in my shorts, causing me to say, “Rebecca, if you keep rubbing my cock like that, I am going to come in my shorts.”

Becca moaned and said, “Hush Jake, this is the closest thing to sex that I have felt in years. Please don’t make me stop; I am so close.”

Without another word, she started to shiver and shake as she enjoyed a powerful orgasm. Her orgasm caused me to begin shooting rope after rope in the most intense orgasm that I had ever experienced. Once we both returned to breathing normally, I just held her tightly. Then we both said at the same time, “I love you, darling.”

What happened next shocked me a bit. Becca reached into my shorts and used her fingers to scoop up a glob of my cum, which she then put into her mouth. She did this several times before she removed my wet shorts altogether and used her mouth and tongue to clean my cock thoroughly. Not to be outdone, while kneeling between her legs, I untied her short robe revealing her naked body and shaved coochie. Putting her legs on my shoulders, I gave her the best oral sex that I knew how to provide based on my limited experience with women. Finally, she enjoyed her second organism of the evening.

When we were both satisfied, Becca took my hand and led me to her shower. Once we finished washing every part of each other at least twice and dried off, she led me to her bed. Though all we did was hold each other and sleep, it was incredibly erotic for both of us.

*** *** ***

On Thursday, we left for Huntsville at 9 AM. Not only did I tell mom what kind of clothes to pack, I looked through her closet and picked out a beautiful black dress for her to pack for a night out. I made dinner reservations for that night at a great restaurant, and I ordered tickets for the next night for us to attend a musical. I discovered that the reason mom was so down was that she had been so very lonely while I was away. She even said that when dad was alive, they slept in each other’s arms every night. She said that she so missed a man’s body lying next to her every night. “Jake, thank you for last night.” We did a bit of touching and kissing. However, we mostly just slept together, and yet, it was still great.

Finally, I took a chance by saying, “Rebecca, over the next four days, I want us to pretend that we are dating and not mother and son. Would you agree to do that?”

“Well, Jake, after just a taste of being with you last night, I would be honored to go with you on a date weekend. I hope that you have some special plans for our time together. If you see a clothing store on the way to the hotel, would you stop for a few minutes so I can go in and buy a few new clothes for this trip.”

“Sure, Becca, I would do anything for you. All you need do is ask.” I replied. I spotted a shopping center on the way into town with a well-known women’s store. I parked, and Rebecca went into the store. After waiting on Rebecca for a little over an hour to complete her shopping, she finally returned to the car with three bags of clothing. I asked her what she bought, and she said, canlı bahis siteleri “You will just have to be surprised.”

After my dad’s death in a horrible auto accident, mom suffered from nightmares for several years and as a result she had to take sleeping pills to get a full night’s sleep. I didn’t know if she was still using them or not. Perhaps, I would find the answer in the next few days.

We had a nice late lunch and checked into the hotel. When we got to the room, we discovered that there was only one king-sized bed. I looked over to Rebecca and said, “Becca, is this going to be a problem? Do you want me to see if they have another room available?”

She looked so brave, saying, “Lover, if it doesn’t bother you, it certainly won’t bother me.” She had the brightest smile on her face.

“Rebecca, sometimes you surprise me, but I am so happy for you to buy totally into this whole date idea,” I replied.

We both changed into very casual clothing so we could rest before we got dressed for dinner. For me, that was exercise shorts and a tee-shirt, and for Becca, it was one of my big tee shirts and panties. You could have knocked me over with a feather when she laid down beside me. She put her head on my chest, wrapped her arm over my chest. Eventually, she even laid her bare leg over my left leg. I was able to feel her braless breasts on my chest. My old shirt was so thin that I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my chest. In only a few minutes, I had a painful erection. After about thirty minutes in that condition, I finally fell asleep.

We both woke up after we slept for about three hours, which allowed only thirty minutes to get ready for dinner. I phoned to make excuses, and they were kind enough to book us for Friday before the musical. I ordered room service, and we stayed in the room that night.

While Becca was shopping for clothes, I had walked over to a local grocery and bought four bottles of her favorite wine and a wine opener. We shared the wine while we enjoyed a great dinner. It was much better than I expected from room service.

We watched a good movie on one of the hotel’s premium television channels. Then after the video was over, Becca said, “I am going to the bathroom to shower before we go to bed, I will only be a few minutes, then you can have the bathroom.”

I replied, “Okay, baby, I’ll be right here waiting for you.”

About twenty minutes later, I turned off the television and had only one light next to the bed. I hoped that Becca would feel comfortable with a bit of light in the room.

When Becca walked out of the bathroom, all I could say was, “Wow. You look beautiful.” She had on a short baby doll gown that was see-through, and she had on a matching thong.

“Thank you, kind sir. Now, it’s your turn.”

I went into the bathroom, took care of necessities, brushed my teeth, and then I got under the covers with Becca. As I turned off the light, I slipped off my gym shorts leaving me naked from the waist down. I asked one more question, “Becca, are you still taking a sleeping pill to be able to sleep all night?”

“Yes, sweetheart, on most nights it’s the only way I can get to sleep. However, I did sleep very well with you this afternoon.”

Becca reached over to kiss me goodnight. It was such a sweet kiss on my lips that turned hot and passionate. “Jake, I love you so very much, and I always will darling. Goodnight sweetheart.”

I replied, “Good night my love. I hope you have a wonderful night. Night of sleep, that is to say.”

*** *** ***

After I kissed her neck and shoulders for a few minutes, I whispered, “Good night, lover.”

Rebecca, my beautiful mom, was asleep in minutes. Her breathing was soft and steady. I put my arm around her waist and shook her lightly, but there was no response. I knew that now I would have to go to war with my conscience. I loved this woman with all of my heart. I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize our relationship or her trust. However, I wanted this woman as my woman. I had never wanted anything more than this in my life.

So I started weighing the pros and cons of having sex with Becca. She is the one who had been in a down or even depressed mood when I first returned from school. She liked the idea of us going out on a date as lovers rather than as mom and son. Rebecca was sleeping after all. She even said that she was taking sleeping pills on most nights, so why not tonight? She’s the one who chose to buy and wear a short see-through gown and a thong. Becca had to know that a twenty-one-year-old man, even her son, couldn’t possibly resist that type of temptation. Hell, I must have already known that I couldn’t resist the temptation because I had a bottle of lube and a towel tucked under my pillow before she even came to bed. Why was I struggling so much over this decision? WHY? Because you were going to rape your mother while she is asleep, that’s why, you idiot. Are you a rapist? It was a struggle of good and evil. I wasn’t raised to do bad stuff. However, I loved this woman more than life itself. If I go to hell for sharing my love with her, so be it. Slowly I moved my hand to pull down her thong. The elastic was so weak that it was easy to slip down and off of her legs. The moved her legs a little, but she still seem to be sound asleep.

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