10 Mayıs 2021

The Oedipus Complexity Pt. 03

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Note to readers: Following a lively and mildly inebriated cocktail party conversation on New Year’s Eve, this is an effort to combine three of the most popular fetishes/kinks at Literotica and many other places: Mother-son incest, voyeurism and cuckolding. It is wholly fictitious and in no way, shape or form reflects any personal experiences or desires.

If that’s not your cup of tea or coffee or beer or wine or scotch, please use your back button.

Thanks in advance to all who read it and extra thanks to anyone that votes, and especially to those that leave comments.

And a special thanks to Todger65 for editing and general guidance.

Trying, but completely failing to guess what his wife was up to, Rex followed Billy to his room.

Helen had rearranged the sheet to mostly cover herself, revealing her left leg and had her forearm under her breasts to lift and mash them together to display their full immensity. The top of the sheet drooped down just low enough to show a teasing hint of areola. She looked strikingly sensual, and from her smile, she knew it.

“First off,” she said to Rex with sweet sincerity, “I want to thank you for examining me earlier. That meant more to me than you’ll ever know.” She smiled. “It was the best exam I’ve ever had.”

Rex smiled at the little inside joke and nodded. “You’re quite welcome, dear.”

She smiled at Billy. “Did he tell you he checked my vagina and you didn’t hurt me?”

Billy nodded and smiled.

“But we need to wait a while before we make love again. Okay, baby?”

Rex’s brain was hitting on all cylinders and all were empty. Why was she being so open about it so soon? They had specifically talked about not flaunting the situation, especially for the first week or so until everyone had found solid emotional footing for the new arrangement.

“I understand, mama. I can wait as long as you need me to,” Billy said earnestly.

“You don’t have to wait completely, baby,” she smiled. She turned to Rex. “All this hovering around me. Billy sit over here,” she said patting the side of the bed. “Rex would you sit over there, please.” She pointed him to the chair in the corner.

She wasn’t being mocking or ridiculing in any way. Rex was sure her warmness to him was sincere, but he was growing concerned because he had no idea where she was going. “I’ve really got a lot of papers to review,” he said.

“It probably won’t take long. Please?” She said as Billy sat next to her.

Knowing she was up to something, but unwilling to risk squabbling in front of Billy, Rex sat in the chair. Having him sit halfway across the room, while Billy was at her side when she was barely covered, was looking like she might be arranging a new pecking order.

“You boys talked about last night while I was asleep?”

Billy shot Rex a questioning look and Rex nodded.

“We talked and everything’s cool, mama.”

She gave Rex a look. He nodded and said: “I think we’re all on the same page. No problems.”

“Wonderful. I don’t want there to be any problems. If any pop up, we need to get them out in the open. I love you both and I don’t want anything to disturb our happy home.” She looked at Rex. “I don’t want to upset or alienate anyone. You know that, right?”

“I do.”

She sat up higher and the top of the sheet dipped a little to expose more areola as she bent her left knee to draw up her leg. The sheet slipped between her legs and moved aside a little. From where Rex sat he could the fringe of her pubic fur. He knew that was no accident.

“Okay, there were a few things we didn’t talk about when we were making plans for our new situation,” Helen said pulling the sheet back up over her breasts. “One of them is that at some point you could see us together. I don’t want to have to go the guest room every time like we’re hiding and sneaking around.”

“Absolutely,” Rex said. “You shouldn’t have to go down there, unless you want to. And I don’t want either of you to ever feel like you have to sneak and hide.”

“Thank you, darling. And there are places we certainly won’t do it.”

“Outside and in front of windows,” Billy chimed in. “We talked about that earlier.”

Helen smiled at him, then looked at Rex. “Anyplace else that’s off limits?”

Rex felt like he was missing something obvious, but couldn’t fathom what it might be, and he really didn’t want to do anything that could cause even the slightest bickering in front of Billy who could very easily think any discord was a result of last night. “None that I can think of. Preferably not on the kitchen or dining room tables.”

She smiled. “I’m a little old for those kinds of acrobatics.” She paused. “What about here, in our bed?”

Rex had assumed and hoped they would from time to time so he could video them. “Sure. But not while I’m sleeping or reading.”

Billy laughed and Rex shot him a wink.

“Thank you,” Helen said. “That guest room bed is awful to sleep in.”

“Like cement,” Billy agreed.

Helen smiled at her son. “Yes. illegal bahis My back is achy. Maybe you could give me a massage later?”

He smiled and nodded eagerly.

She looked at Rex. “Moving on, or a little backwards. At some point it’s possible that you’ll see us together. I don’t want that to be a problem. If actually witnessing us making love is going to be problematic, then we need to set some rules. Like not doing it when you’re in the house or could be coming home. Things like that.”

Rex shrugged. “It wasn’t a problem at all last night.”

“But that was specifically arranged and we were as far away from you as possible. What if, for example, you come home unexpectedly and walk in on us in here or in the bathtub?”

“‘Bathtub’?!” Billy blurted, causing his parents to chuckle.

“Most of the doors have locks,” Rex said. “And you know I don’t just open a closed door without knocking.”

“And I know you can’t help but be analytical about everything,” she sighed with a smile, “but sometimes spontaneous things happen.” She rubbed Billy’s back. “And you know how impatient and single-minded young men can be once they want something. We could be in a room without doors. The living room. Rec room. Kitchen -but not on the table.”

“Point taken,” Rex conceded. “Will it bother me to see you?”

She nodded.

“I don’t think so.”

“You do like to watch.”

Rex’s heart skipped a beat in terror. He put on a poker face. “What?”

“You like watching people. We go to the mall, you’re watching people. We go to a ball game, you’re watching people more than the game sometimes. And you don’t do it as much as you used to, but you frequently have one of your cameras and you’re snapping everything from sunsets to idiotic people.”

“Remember when that security guy at the airport last year thought you were a terrorist for taking pictures?” Billy laughed. “That was funny as hell when you put him in his place.”

Rex grinned. “He was an annoying twerp.” He nodded at Helen. “Another point taken. I’m a watcher. Got me there.” He was tremendously relieved that she wasn’t talking about his hidden camera array in the house. If she found about that…

“I’m not trying to score points,” she said. “I just want us to be as up-front and prepared as we can be.”

“The answer is, I really don’t believe it would upset me. It wouldn’t be like catching you having an affair with the milkman.”

“They don’t have those guys anymore,” Billy grinned.

“You two ganging up on me?” Rex laughed. “I’m sure it won’t bother me. To answer your next question, I probably would watch a little bit unless you tell me you don’t want me to.”

Helen smiled. “I wouldn’t be upset. Not at all.” She rubbed Billy’s back again. “What about you, Billy? Would it bother you if Rex saw us making love?”

Billy thought about it for a moment and then shrugged. “Naw. I don’t think so. Don’t know why it would if it doesn’t bother you, Rex.”

Helen smiled at her husband and let her raised leg fall to the side. The sheet slid higher to expose her vagina to him, and he suddenly realized what was about to happen. A small voice in the back of his head told him leave, NOW. He shut it down. He wasn’t going anywhere.

“Well, since we’re all decided that it wouldn’t bother us,” Helen said in a husky tone, “there’s only way to find out for certain. Billy, will you take your clothes off, please?”

Billy flashed her a startled look. “Right n-now.”

“Only if you’re comfortable with it, baby.”

“Just kinda sudden,” he swallowed.

“Last night was sudden and you enjoyed it.”

“Well, yeah.”

Rex couldn’t move. Could barely breathe. Her orchestration of this had played him like a fiddle.

Helen let the sheet fall halfway down her breasts to show Billy her swollen nipples. “Do you want to show him how you make love to mama?”

“R-right now? You said you were too sore.”

“It’s not sore any more. It’s very, very wet down there right now.”

Billy hesitated a moment and then jumped up and tore off his shirt and shorts.

Rex couldn’t stop himself from staring at Billy’s cock in utter amazement. His cameras were top of the line, but they fell far short of fully duplicating reality. The kid’s cock was more or less flaccid but it was coming to life rapidly and it was incredible.

“I told him how big and beautiful your penis is,” Helen whispered, pulling the sheet completely off herself, “but stay there for a little bit so he can see for himself.”

His eyes feasting on her naked body, Billy’s cock arced out in a downward curve that rapidly lessened as it engorged. In a few seconds, it was pointing straight out, swelling in girth and length, levering upward. In a few more seconds the giant spar was fully erect at a forty five degree angle, the head darkening an angry shade of red. His balls hung fat and heavy, promising vast amounts of come.

“Kneel up here next to me, baby,” his mother cooed, patting the bed next to her shoulder.

Completely transfixed, Rex watched illegal bahis siteleri the teen climb on the bed, his bed, and kneel next to her. The giant rod was at the same level as her face. Rex saw that her hands were fluttering when she reached to cup her son’s dangling balls in one hand and wrap the other around the base to bend it down. Billy groaned loudly when she kissed the underside of the head.

“Are you ready to squirt quickly for me?” She whispered.

Billy nodded as she slowly dragged her lips up and down the pulsating shaft.

“I want you to do something different the first time, okay?” She smiled.


“I told him how much come you can squirt, but I want him to see it. I want you to jack off for me and squirt all over my titties. Will you do that for me, honey? Please?”


Massaging his balls, she cradled her enormous breasts with her other arm to mash them together. “Now, show me how you jack-off, baby. And don’t hold back because I want your huge cock in my pussy as soon as you’re done squirting on my titties.”

With no hesitation or the slightest indication of embarrassment, the horse-cocked teen gripped his throbbing cock and stroked it fast and hard. In a matter of seconds pre-come oozed from the slit to drip onto his mother’s jiggling breasts in a gooey strand.

“Oh, yes,” she cooed, kneading his balls tenderly. “You’re almost there already. Let it squirt all over mama’s big, fat titties.”

Rex was utterly captivated.

In no more than a minute, Billy’s entire body began to tremble and his hand became a blur. His pre-come became a copious flow that laced his mother’s quaking breasts and lubricated his pumping with a wet, smacking sound.

“G-gonna…” he panted, his body suddenly arching forward.

Rex saw the already massive head balloon and then a long sappy rope of come blasted directly across his mother’s swollen nipples. Then another and another and another. His spurting release was so heavy that Rex could barely comprehend it. There were at least seven massive and powerful ejaculations that coated his mother’s breasts in a thick sheen before Billy’s hand began to slow.

Helen gave her husband a proud mom smile and he shook his head in genuine amazement.

Billy stopped jerking and grasped the headboard for support as he caught his breath.

“I think that was the most yet,” Helen said. “Can you get a towel from the bathroom, baby?”

Still a little dazed, Billy slipped off the bed and padded to the bathroom, his rock-hard cock jutting and waggling.

Helen gave her husband a warm smile and just barely loud enough for him to hear, she whispered: “I love you.”

Rex gulped and nodded. Now he was absolutely certain she wasn’t trying to make him a humiliated cuckold. She was lovingly sharing this with him.

Billy came back from the bathroom with a towel, his cock still bobbing with angry-looking, steely hardness.

“I think you’re still a little too excited to go inside me, baby,” she said spreading her legs as she sat up. Her huge tits swayed heavily as she patted the bed between her legs. “Come here.”

Billy climbed up and started to reach out the towel to clean her come-coated breasts.

“Not yet,” she said taking the towel from him and setting it aside. She smiled up at him as she cupped her breasts. “Since it’s all gooey with your come, show him how you fuck my big, fat titties.”

Rex needed a drink. Not necessarily alcohol, but anything because his throat was parched from breathing through his mouth. He had a feeling that was only going to get worse.

Billy scooted forward and whimpered softly when his mother enveloped his throbbing cock with her come-drenched softness.

“Show him how fast you can come again,” she said encouragingly, pumping her tits up and down his rigid stalk.

The teen leaned forward to grasp her shoulders and then started fucking her huge tits, slowly at first, and then with a rapidly increasing tempo as they got in rhythm. Their breathing came in shallow pants, but even louder was the sound of their slick flesh sliding and squishing together.

Billy lasted maybe a minute before his body began to tremble.

“Squirt, baby,” his mother whispered. “Squirt on me.”

The head of her son’s giant cock almost hit her chin when he suddenly made a wild thrust and groaned in ecstasy. The glistening mushroom head swelled and spat a long jet of come onto her neck before the pulsing spar slid back into her wetly smacking cleavage. His fingers dug into her shoulders and his hips jack hammered wildly as he spewed another monumental load.

Rex couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t as much come as the first time, but the volume was still nothing less than astonishing. Even with a break for most of the morning and afternoon, it was at least Billy’s eighth orgasm in less than twenty four hours and he was still producing an alarming volume of come.

“Oh, baby,” Helen gasped as her son’s humping slowed. “That felt so good it almost made me come, too.”

His canlı bahis siteleri body relaxed and with a beaming smile, Billy tilted his head to kiss her forehead. He leaned lower and took her face in his hands to kiss her on the mouth for a long moment. To Rex it was an incredible juxtaposition of tender love following the raw lust of their tit-fucking.

Helen broke the kiss and leaned back on her hands a little, her enormous, thoroughly coated tits jiggling and swaying like succulently over-ripe melons straining a vine. “Just a sec, baby,” she said when Billy reached for the towel. She smiled warmly at Rex and said; “Will you, please?”

Rex’s already reeling mind nearly overloaded completely. This was so erotically surreal that he half-wondered if he was going to wake up from an incredibly vivid dream. He hesitated a long moment and then rose up from the chair slowly, not certain that his trembling legs wouldn’t collapse.

Helen’s smile brightened joyfully when he came to the bed. She looked up at Billy. “Please get a warm, damp cloth.”

Billy climbed off the bed to go to the bathroom.

She turned to Rex. “I really want you to be part of this, honey.”

He knelt on the foot of the bed and scooted up between her legs. The scent of come was heavy and pungent and in no way offensive. He unfolded the towel and held it in both hands to drape it over her come-glistening tits. She groaned a little when he began to gently, reverently, clean her breasts.

“You also like my big, fat titties, too. Don’t you, honey?” She smiled up at him.

He nodded woodenly. He couldn’t remember the last time he had touched her breasts and he had forgotten how heavy and firm they were. He took his time to squeeze and heft the enormous mounds through the towel, savoring every long second.

“My cleavage, too.”

He dragged the towel up and down the valley between her wobbling breasts, soaking up his step-son’s copious seed until Billy returned and she motioned him to give Rex the washcloth.

Rex took his time, lovingly wiping her immense breasts with the damp cloth.

In a moment, she took it away and whispered; “Touch them.”

His hands trembling, he reached under the massive globes and hefted them. She moaned softly as he began to gently squeeze and knead the wonderfully soft but firm mountains of flesh. He worked his hands to her nipples and she breathed heavily when he took them between his thumbs and forefingers to roll and twist ever so delicately. She moaned continuously as he pulled and tweaked, coaxing the already fat buds into thickly swollen spikes.

“S-suck me,” she pleaded.

Rex didn’t hesitate. He leaned down and sucked in her right nipple. He flicked his tongue over and around the bursting nub and then gently nibbled its rubbery wonderfulness.

Helen’s body shook. “G-get on my side.”

Without taking his mouth off her throbbing nipple, Rex moved over her leg and took the huge breast in both hands.

Helen smiled at Billy through narrow eyes and said; “Will you suck the other one, baby?”

Billy climbed on the bed. His cock had softened a little, but was still leaking pre-come and bobbing stiffly. He gently lifted his mother’s other breast and sucked in the fat nipple.

“Yesss. Both my wonderful men sucking mama’s fat titties,” she sighed with husky contentedness.

Her hips twisted and squirmed and her entire body quivered. Her husband and son suckled and massaged her huge breasts with loving hunger and adoration. Her arms began to shake and she choked; “Don’t stop, please.”

They scooted with her as she slid her hands back and reclined on the pillows. With her hands free, she caressed the backs of their heads and necks. She opened her legs wide and bent her knees a little.

“Rub my t-thighs,” she panted. “But don’t touch my pussy.”

They slid their hands down to caress her thighs, massaging the supple flesh and letting their fingertips roam up to brush and then retreat from the fringe of her fur. It wasn’t long before she was shaking all over and her hips twisted and bucked.

“Mama’s gonna come,” she gasped.

Suddenly, her orgasm exploded and she was crying out wildly, pulling their hair and mashing their faces into her heaving breasts. Her body arched and collapsed in convulsing waves of moaning pleasure. Her release was feral, almost violent.

Rex wasn’t certain, but he thought she came at least twice, possibly three times before the racking ecstasy began to taper off and her body slowly relaxed. Her hands calmed and lightly caressed the back of their heads.

“My sweet, sweet boys made mama feel so good,” she sighed. She let them suckle her a little longer and then she said; “Okay, that’s enough for now.” She kissed each of them on the forehead and beamed at Rex. “You’re such a wonderful, unselfish man. Do you want to watch us make love?”

“Yes. Very much,” he said quietly.

“Pull the chair up so you can watch his cock going in and out of me.”

He slid off the bed as she turned to Billy. “In my closet is a long pillow. Please get it.”

Billy bounded off the bed. His cock was once again at full mast and swayed hugely as he darted to her closet. Rex pulled the chair to the bed as Billy came out of the closet with a slightly curved body pillow.

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