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The home we were brought to the night before the challenge was to begin had the appearance of something constructed to remind you of a palace from a time long ago. Though I wasn’t that familiar with Indian history and I had no idea how long ago it might have been representative of, it did seem to reflect what we had been told about the man’s ego and feeling of power and control over the region.

I was accompanied on the trip by Mary Borden, a man she hired as a bodyguard just for this trip, and Ishaan who would be our primary representative with Mr. Chowdhury and his people. Mary had a team of people waiting in Mumbai in case they were needed for any negotiations should the need arise.

Mary and I were given a large guest room to share and the bodyguard was given a small room across the hall. Neither Mary or I got much sleep that night. Ishaan had delivered the schedule for the coming day and I was hopeful, but still intimidated by what I didn’t know was to come. The first day seemed to be manageable given what I had experienced in the course of my duties but I wasn’t sure this Mr. Chowdhury cold be completely trusted and I worried about the unknown that might spring up. That was foolish, but everything was so strange and new to me: the idea of the challenge; the idea of needing a bodyguard; involvement with a man such as Chowdhury; a sexual challenge to establish a business relationship; being in India; and, being in the remote part of India. There was so much for the mind to fuss over.

The next morning as we finished the light breakfast brought to us, a servant provided me with a sheer saree and I was shown by one of Chowdhury’s junior wives how to put it on. The saree is five yards of material that is wrapped around the body and d****d over the left shoulder. Because it was sheer, there wouldn’t be an under-skirt to tuck the material into so a thin cord was tied at my waist. The material is gathered to hang to the floor, then tucked into the cord (or petticoat, if it is used), then it is wrapped around the body and tucked with pleats added, then d****d over the shoulder. Normally, the saree is worn with a form-fitting blouse underneath. But not this one.

Once completed, I was surprised how much of my body was still visible underneath despite the layers by wrapping. The way it was d****d over my left shoulder, though, it was one layer of sheer material covering that breast and my right breast was fully exposed.

I looked at Mary and her look back to me was of deep concern. Neither one of us had any idea what we were getting me into.

I motioned with my head to the door, “You may as well have him come in. He’s going to be seeing a lot more in a short while.”

She did as I suggest and I felt kind of sorry for him. He had a kind of rugged handsomeness about him but I was doubting I was going to feel much like helping him with any bodily tension he was likely to experience by watching me during the next days.

The man stood at the door as Mary returned to me. I looked at him and gave him a smile. “Don’t worry about looking, Bob. It’s going to get a lot more blatant.”

Mary took my shoulders in her hands, “Tina, I am sorry I ever asked this of you. I am sincere, we can leave at any time, right now, if you want.”

I smiled, “We’ve come a long way to just turn back now. This first day appears rugged, but not awful. I’ve had gangbangs and that kennel adventure. This should be okay unless these guys are horses in disguise.” That managed to make her chuckle.

A soft knock on the door turned our attention in that direction as Bob, the bodyguard, cracked the door and opened it. Ishaan stepped just into the room and followed by a young woman dressed identical to me. The only difference I could see in her dress was that she wore thin slippers on her feet while I was barefoot.

Ishaan indicated her, “This is Aashi, one of Mr. Chowdhury’s concubines.” He looked at her softly, “She is my sister.” He looked at us, “Her name means, smile. Now, she must always smile, but it is not the smile I remember.”

I stepped up to her and looked at her petite, dark-skinned body, and black hair. She was as exposed as I was and this was apparently her normal appearance. I turned back to Mary, “So, humiliation and intimidation are his tactics. He will present the white, American executive as a concubine, a woman only for the pleasures of her masters.”

“Tina, calm down and focus on the task at hand.”

“I am, Mary. If he wants to represent me that way, fine; I can give him a woman whose purpose is sexual gratification. I’ll give him a concubine, but I am betting the concubines in this house have a communication system all their own and they know more about what is going on than others think. We need to get her assigned to us to assist me in their ways.” I smiled. “Maybe there is a way for us to ensure Ishaan will succeed in gaining his sister’s release if we get that cooperation?”

I could see the wheels spinning in Mary’s head as the powerful woman in her own right considered the options and potential. She smiled at me, then took Ishaan’s arm and led him aside for a separate discussion. He looked at me and his sister frequently, then his eyes got big and he took Mary’s hand, shaking it and kissing it. He then had a similar conversation with Aashi. Her eyes, too, went big and hugged him, quickly looking back at the open door. She nodded energetically and spoke in a normal voice.

Ishaan added, “Only Hindi is allowed to be spoken in the house except for translation to foreigners. I will translate for you. She says it is time and her master and guests are waiting.”

I padded barefoot along the elegant hallway and watched the petite, brown body of the young woman in front of me and wondered how life could be so different for people merely based on where they happened to be born. A new motivation was building within me if there was anything I could do in this situation to help her and Ishaan.

My thoughts were interrupted by a building wave of noise coming from ahead of us and my refocusing mind recognized it as many voices joined into a rising din of anticipation and amusement mixed with the musical sound of some instruments.

A courtyard within the building appeared as we approached. It was open to the sky above with the structure of the house surrounding it on all sides. Large pillars provided cover around the courtyard. Two fountains added to the ambient sounds with water splashing. Between the two fountains was a grassy patch and in the center of it was an ornately woven rug spread in the center. Around the courtyard were people but what caught my eyes was the man sitting on a palace-style, large, ornate chair directly in line with the center between the two fountains underneath the cover provided by the structure held by the pillars. Around the courtyard, the floor of the house rose three steps from the level of the courtyard. Around him sitting on cushions were women of various ages, all wearing sarees. These were not sheer, but elegantly designed and decorated. Ishaan whispered that those were his wives. I counted five.

Surrounding the courtyard were 30 or more people, men and women, seated on chairs and cushions. Ishaan indicated these were dignitaries from the surrounding region, business associates of his, and his family members who were also involved in his business affairs in one way or another.

Seated on lower steps from him and his wives were five other women. These did not have the comfort of cushions but sat on the hard-stone steps. These women were also of mixed ages and were dressed like me, their darker skin showing even more starkly through the sheer layers of the saree material. These were his concubines and it was interesting to me that they existed in common space with the wives, yet clearly degraded by their dress and where they sat relative to him and the wives. I found Aashi in the mix and saw she was the youngest among them.

Mr. Chowdhury greeted everyone in a loud and commanding voice from his seat of power. It was apparent by his attitude and the relaxed nature of the other people that this sort of the thing has occurred before.

Ishaan quietly reminded me to follow his lead and attitude. Proper decorum and the appearance of respect was important in placating his ego and achieving our goal. I followed Ishaan into the center of the courtyard while maintaining a discrete step behind him to the side. We stopped directly in front of the rug spread on the ground in front of the man.

Even though Mr. Chowdhury spoke very good British English, he would refuse to in this situation. Ishaan stood alongside me and translated. At some point, he would retreat to rejoin Mary as an observer.

Mr. Chowdhury explained to his guests that ‘these Americans’ have come wanting to be partners in his important project that will bring improved living conditions and growth to the region. Like any man of power, he made it sound as if it would be through his singular effort of will that would allow it to be realized. I already didn’t like the man and his egocentric attitude and sneering appearance reinforced it. I glanced back at Mary and saw her face and body language revealing her struggle to maintain her own control. I knew the proposal and support her company was offering for this project would be crucial for its success, yet his attitude gave no such credit. We were warned of this.

He directed their attention to me, a white American woman dressed in the saree of a concubine to allow for the visual pleasure of any who might lay eyes on her. He announced what was already known to all of them that we seek to gain his approval to work with them on the project by successfully pleasing him and his guests through various acts of sexual conquest. He declared that he had devised a number of interesting challenges that could go into the next day, if … he lets the ending hang and everyone in the space laughed at the implications as he continued. Ishaan suggested that he not continue with the translation as they were only meant to demean me and canlı bahis şirketleri entice his guests.

“Yes”, he says, “I know what you are thinking. Few have gone past the first day, much less a white American woman who is not a whore hired for these challenges. You see, I have made a new condition in this case that she is not a hired whore, but instead a woman from the company and of good standing and high status in the company. I have had it verified and this woman is that. Before you is an executive of their company.” Loud talking and more laughter ensued. “Yes, it should be interesting and I hope that makes this more entertaining and exciting as we witness what she endures.” He looked directly at me, “It certainly makes it more exciting for me.” He laughed, “Although this might be very short!” Heavy laughing rose in the room.

He then announced that there will be two or three challenges per day and, if it extends past today, he has arranged challenges, though that is not expected. He assured his guests they will be provided with a festive atmosphere with drink and food throughout. He wished them all an enjoyable time, then turned his gaze back to me and clapped his hands.

At the sound of the clap, two of the concubines rose and approached us. One was Aashi who whispered to her brother that she had been assigned to assist us. I smiled at Ishaan but my attention was shifted by the hands of the two concubines unwinding the saree material from my body. When the material was removed, they even remove the cord around my waist that only served to tuck the material into. I was now completely naked and the only one in the room that was. I took some pleasure in the sounds that rose from the guests as they were now able to fully see me. I would take my encouragement where and when I could.

I whispered if they knew what was first. Aashi whispered in Hindi to her brother, “Four black men. It is said they are large.” She glanced at me and I could see the blush even through her dark skin.

Four, I thought to myself, I can do that.

Ishaan touched my arm discretely and retreated to the side where he joined Mary. I heard a buzz spreading through the guests and turned to find the cause. From behind the fountain to my left I saw four very black men and as naked as I was. They were large, but not excessively so. Perhaps they were just so large compared to Indian men. As they moved around the fountain, I was also able to gage if maybe it was their cocks that were so large. They were, certainly compared to average. A smile spread inside me, though, because they weren’t really large in comparison to Mr. Woodburn who had claimed every part of my body. If these men were larger, it was only slightly. Even so, I could understand why they would be intimidating to anyone not used to the size.

I decided on the spot to not challenge this challenge with my own attitude but instead to placate his intention so I put on an attitude of concern and nervousness.

The men stood two on either side of me and we all faced Chowdhury who smiled like a Roman magistrate might at the sight of lions hungrily eyeing their prey before being released. Something was said, but without Ishaan, I didn’t know what. I surmised the intention, though when the men turned to surround me. They all stood a few inches over six feet and were certainly something over 200 pounds. They had strong, muscled bodies and were imposing. Their cocks were all about nine to ten inches, very close to Mr. Woodburn now that I had a closer look.

Their hands were suddenly prodding me everywhere, grasping my breasts and nipples, probing between my legs, and fingering my pussy. I was pleased by the reaction of the one to first stroke my pussy. Yes, I was wet and ready. I may not like the attitude of demanding this type of activity to win a business arrangement, but my body responded to anticipation, not to offense from a business concern.

I sensed this wasn’t the first time they had done this, but I did sense a change in them when I sank to my knees in front of one and took his cock in my hands to lick, kiss, and suck on the head. The others crowded around me quickly and I heard a buzz rise around us. With one cock in my mouth, I shifted my hands to the sides and blindly grasped for two more cocks, occasionally shifting to take a new cock into my mouth and changing cocks in my hands. It wasn’t long, given the public circumstances, that all four cocks were rigid and standing out from their bodies.

I knew I was intended to be used and merely taken by these four, but I also wondered in my mind if this could be manipulated into a lot more. Could putting on a real show for everyone further the cause of succeeding?

One of the men encouraged me to the ground on the rug. I lay on my back subserviently. He used his feet to kick my legs open and knelt between them. I had made the decision to initiate a submissive, tentative response … then escalate it to take control at the proper time.

The other three men stood stroking their cocks as they watched the first one pound into my pussy. I groaned at the rough fucking he was giving me. His pelvis impacted my clit with some regularity as his intention of overwhelming my body with his cock drove him. I reached up and clung to him, lifting my hips to meet his thrusts. He pulled back a bit and gazed into my eyes as I moaned and ground my breasts and groin into his strong body and I saw the look in his eyes change to recognition. He understood, he wasn’t destroying me at all, I was getting ready to orgasm. That recognition seemed to change his response, too. His hard, rigid cock slamming into me grew more intense, his thrusts rammed deep into me and held for a moment, and at that moment, I felt his cock pulse and swell through my tightly clamping pussy walls.

I figured there might be at least one word we had in common and I said it strongly into his ear, “Fuck … yessssssss … fuuuccccckkkkk!”

My orgasm exploded and my pussy began spasming around his cock and he responded to that bit of added stimulation. His cock erupted violently with several spurts of cum drenching my pussy and his voice crying out his climax. As he collapsed on me, I again heard a buzz around the courtyard.

That man rolled off me, his cock pulling from my clasping pussy. He lay beside me breathing heavily as the next man knelt between my splayed legs. I raised my knees in preparation and reached between my legs for his approaching cock. When I found it, I guided the head to my pussy, then moved it up and down along my gaping slid to find my hole. With the head at my opening, it sank inside an inch, and I grasped him under the armpits and pulled him forward. At the same time, he thrust his hips and he slammed into my open and leaking pussy.

He pumped into me for several minutes, my arms around his neck, and my legs now wrapped around his waist. I pulled him to the side but he was immobile to my efforts. But, he pulled back and looked at me as I continued to try to get him to roll to the side. The language barrier made it difficult, but he figured out my intention. Despite his confusion, he went with it and I soon found myself on top of him, his cock still embedded in my pussy. I shifted my legs to get my knees underneath me and began raising and lowering myself on his cock. Again, there was more buzzing as the guests saw me taking charge of the fucking rather than enduring it.

Once I got a rhythm going and the man was comfortable with the action, I sat up and motioned the other two to us. They were stroking their cock to maintain erections and it was a no-brainer for them to allow me to do it for them. I had a cock in my pussy that I fucked, one in my mouth that I alternated with one in my hand.

When the one in my pussy came loudly, I pulled off him as I felt the last strong spurt of cum fill my pussy more. I knelt on hands and knees and was quickly entered by the third cock. The remaining one approached my face. This time, the cock in my mouth didn’t seem content with being maintained hard but actively began fucking my mouth. I took it deep into my mouth and down my throat as the other cock slammed into my pussy.

I was no longer aware of anything specific around me. Any sounds became ambient to the grunting efforts and groans of the men fucking me. My own sounds were muffled by the cock fucking my mouth, but the men using me felt my arousal nonetheless. My pussy was clamping in spasms around that cock and my throat was clenching around that cock. After many minutes, the three of us exploded in climax one on top of the other. The man fucking my mouth pulled his cock out and squirted my face with spurt after spurt of his cum, coating my face and into my hair. The man behind me, perhaps witnessing that, pulled out and spewed his seed over my back.

I collapsed to the rug on my front and slowly the noise and sounds around the courtyard came to me as distinguishable. There was even some clapping. The men were struggling to their feet and I was surprised when two of them came to me and offered assistance to help me rise. I accepted and hugged each of them.

I wasn’t sure what was to happen when I felt soft, feminine hands on my arms. It was Aashi and she was leading me from the center of the courtyard and I could see Mary straight ahead, a look of concern dissolving into a smile.

* * * * *

I had been bathed and massaged by Aashi. Ishaan hoovered nearby, seemingly unwilling to leave Aashi when he had the chance to be near her. Bob remained inside the suite. Mary hovered around me constantly. I was fed and given something to drink. I slept for an hour and came to with soft kisses on my face.

I reached up and stroked her face and groggily offered, “Well … one down.” She giggled as I sat up. I looked around the suite, saw Bob still watching the door and me. Ishaan was talking to Aashi near the opening to the outside which brought a gentle breeze into the room. “Any information on what is next?”

Mary smiled at me, “You’re still not intimidated by this, are you?” I shook my head. At least, not yet. “Aashi just returned. She overheard Chowdhury tipobet güvenilir mi talking to some guests that those same men will next be given access to your ass.” She looked at me with renewed concern. “Those are big cocks, dear.”

I nodded. “Yes, but so is Mr. Woodburn. It’s not the anal fucking, but maybe the number of times. They are all so big. I wonder if they will have lubrication out there?”

“I asked Ishaan that. Aashi doesn’t know, but she added that the idea is intimidation, humiliation, and conquering any woman taking part in these challenges. So, she doubts that there will be any.” I nodded. I was already thinking along the same lines.

“Inside my bag is a tube of lubrication and a butt-plug.”

“You brought toys with you?!?”

I chuckled, “I was trying to be prepared. How much time before I need to be back out there?” She checked her watch when Ishaan and Aashi came near. They had overheard our discussion. Aashi was wanting to help in any way for the hope of leaving the service of this man. It was determined that it was a little less than an hour.

Mary returned with the tube and the butt-plug and was smearing lubrication of the toy. I was watching Bob, he became aware of it, and shifted back and forth on his feet.

Mary forced the plug into my ass, stretching my sphincter repeatedly and adding more lubrication to it to coat my anal passage. With it inserted, I walked naked to Bob. Mary watched confused. “Bob, how would you like to help me out?” He nodded, of course. “I need you to fuck my ass.”

He chuckled, “You aren’t getting enough?”

“What I need is to be loosened up to take all four of them and be well lubricated. Besides, I feel sorry for you to have to watch all this and not get some relief.”

He got embarrassed by that, but, with a playful smile, added that he would help in any way he could.

* * * * *

Aashi had assisted me in wrapping the sheer saree around my body, again. As we walked back to the courtyard, I could feel the liberal amount of lubrication in my ass and the just deposited semen from Bob who was walking alongside Mary with a bit more of a swagger, perhaps now truly feeling a part of the little entourage.

The four black men were waiting around the rug on the ground, their cocks hanging between their legs. I walked into the midst of them and purposefully lay hands and fingers on them as I passed. I felt it couldn’t hurt to try to add some familiarity to hopefully ease the expected anal assault.

Chowdhury announced the next challenge: the same men would now also have access to my ass. The wording was interesting. They weren’t directed to all use my ass but they could.

I made the decision quickly, already having considered the effects on my body of different ways I could be fucked. Using gestures, I instructed one of the men I lie on his back. I straddled his hips and knelt over his hard cock, which I held vertically while facing away from him. Again, there was that buzz of comments around the courtyard as the guests watched and commented between themselves.

I slowly sank onto the cock using gravity as an assist. The strategy of using the butt-plug, lubricant, and Bob’s fucking was working. Although the anus closes quickly, the sphincter was stretched and stretched, again, to allow the easier passage of the cock head into my passage. The lubrication and cum inside made the insertion easier once the cock head passed my sphincter. I pumped up and down serval times, then moved my legs to sit down on the man and lean back onto his chest. I pointed to another man and indicated with my fingers for him to come to me. I put a hand on my pussy. He looked at me and smiled, understanding immediately. I wanted to be double-penetrated and he was more than willing.

I didn’t know what was coming past this challenge, but I had made the decision to give the most interesting exhibition possible. I had discussed it with Mary and Ishaan. Though we didn’t really know what to expect, the motivation of these challenges was to intimidate and conquer us. But, anytime it proved thrilling, the company got the contract. This time, though, Chowdhury seemed intent on making it more difficult than ever simply because we were American. I argued that if the guests were presented with an exhibition that surprised and thrilled, perhaps Chowdhury wouldn’t be able to back away even if the full challenge wasn’t completed. Reluctantly, Mary agreed. Ishaan warned, though, that if it seemed I was challenging the challenge process, it could lead to ever-increasingly bizarre acts within the challenge. It was a risk that needed to be taken.

Being double penetrated by the men rather than individually ass-fucked would end this challenge quicker than they might have anticipated, but it would hopefully be thrilling for all watching. Even Chowdhury seemed intent on the action before him.

The man approaching had his eyes singularly focused on my pussy. A nasty smile spread across his face as he knelt between my spread legs and lined up his rigid cock with my pussy. I knew the cock in my ass would make my pussy tighter, but the four fucks earlier had my muscles loosened … and pussies are very resilient.

As he pressed his cock head against my pussy, I shifted my hips up slightly to allow just another bit of room for his cock. I pressed into me, looked at me, then pressed hard, sinking his cock into my pussy half way. I cried out and that gave him some motivation to press harder. Another moment and his cock was buried deep inside me like the man in my ass. The man in my pussy was the position of movement. The one in my ass tried to add to the fucking but he was immobilized by my body and the man above pressing down and into me. The pressure from my pussy, though, provided significant stimulation inside my ass.

The sensation was amazing. These two large cocks filled me like I had seldom felt. The only double penetration to beat it was when Mr. Woodburn took my ass while I was knotted to the dog. This was a close to that, but that was the confidence I brought with me into my decision to double penetrate with them.

My orgasm rose sharply each time the man above crushed my clit with his pelvic bone. I was desperately holding on until one of them would be close and it was the man in my ass. As I thought, the feeling of another cock stroking along his was too much even if his cock wasn’t moving as much. I felt his cock twitch and pulse. My own orgasm crashed over me and I cried out loudly as it took hold. My orgasm sent my body in spasms of muscle twitches and shivers, my pussy and ass clenching and spasming around the cocks inside. The man in my ass was crying out in some language I didn’t understand with his own grunts and groans, but the essence was clear to all around the courtyard.

Soon after, the man above me followed us, sending his seed to fill my pussy and match my anal passage. The three of us collapsed as our bodies struggled through our mutual orgasm. The man above backed away first, pulling his cock from my pussy and I felt a trickle of cum following the cock, knowing that anyone with the proper angle saw my gaping hole. The same man extended his hand to me. I grasped it and he assisted me up, the cock in my ass being slowly pulled from my ass until it was free and an audible wet slap could be heard as it impacted his abdomen.

Supported by the one man, I looked around the courtyard. There was an initial moment of quiet, then excitement from the guests as the other man stood to join us. I reached up to kiss each of the men and thank them in English, presuming they understood that simple expression.

The other two men approach and the two I had been with backed away. I saw the exchanging comments and nodding. One started to go down to the ground, but I smiled and stopped him. I chose the one that was largest in muscle, though they were both well-muscled. I patted him on the chest and pantomimed a series of actions. I didn’t think he completely understood, but I was confident he would put it together very quickly. I then motioned to the other man, indicating my butt.

I jumped up and wrapped my arms and legs around him. His reaction was as I had anticipated. He caught me with his arms and braced his legs. He hefted me up and held me securely. I felt his hard cock pressing against my crotch as I moved inches from side-to-side and back and forth until his cock head was at my pussy opening. His eyes made contact with mine, a smile forming on his face as he slowly lowered me, my pussy engulfing more of his cock.

I glanced over my shoulder and, by releasing one arm, motioned for him to join us. I moved my free hand to my butt and he understood immediately, as did the people around the courtyard watching, a new buzz of comments rise from them.

I first felt his hands on my butt cheeks, spreading them to expose my just ravaged asshole. And, just ravaged would make this second insertion easier. Then, I felt the head of his cock pressing at that hole and slowly spreading the opening and penetrating. There was little resistance from my sphincter this time.

Once both were fully inserted into my holes, I turned my upper body to put an arm around each of the men. By a combination of using my arms and them using theirs and flexing their hips, they began both driving their cocks into my holes. This was a completely different experience because both were equally active in fucking, driving their cocks forcefully into me.

My head fell back, my long hair cascading down my back and bouncing as I was handled like some large rag doll. They alternated kissing or more accurately devouring my mouth with their lips and tongues. I groaned and gasped into their mouths as their fucking continued until I sensed a change in the man in my pussy. His cock swelled and his fucking became more urgent. I was turned to fully face him and pushed against the man in my ass. The man behind me held me steady, his actions stopping, as the man in my pussy began fucking me furiously until he groaned and cried out his climax and, with strong, brutal, thrusts, sent his seed into my pussy. He leaned against tipobet giriş us for a moment, somehow the man behind supporting it.

When the penis in my pussy was pulled out, the man behind had me fully in his control. One arm was wrapped around my mid-section, the other under my butt. With his tight embrace and flexing his hips, he fucked me and slowly turned in a circle. My front was fully exposed to all in the courtyard as he turned and drove his cock into me. It was obscene. It was delicious. It felt like the most exhibitionistic display of being fucked.

* * * * *

I was lying on the bed with Aashi giving me another massage after a brief meal. She was using some ointment that had penetrating, soothing abilities. Although she massaged my entire body, she was now focusing on my pussy and asshole. The ointment seemed to do wonders at relieving soreness and reducing the swelling of abuse from those large cocks.

Mary sat near me on the bed and Ishaan stood near his sister. Aashi’s fingers were working the outer lips of my pussy and when she glanced to me I saw the blush spreading over her, the sheer saree doing little to hide the deepening color of her chest and spreading into her face. I suspected she hadn’t touch a woman like this ever before.

In an attempt to divert her mind, “You say the next is four dogs?” Ishaan translated both directions in the conversation.

“Yes. He has many dogs. I heard mention of a German Shepard and the others are the same size. You will have to be … mounted by each of them. The man from the kennel talked about ‘knotting’?”

I nodded and explained the difference between a dog’s cock and a man’s. She looked at me in horror. I smiled and shocked her more, “It’s actually quite pleasurable once you get used to the knot.” I explained about the dogs back home without saying anything about the Woodburns. She looked at Mary but she shook her head, which was true, she still hadn’t ventured into the dogs.

* * * * *

I stood in the center of the courtyard for the third time this first day. The four knots would be manageable, but the use including the large men would be noticeable by soreness. I only hoped Aashi could continue working her magic with the ointment and her fingers.

The concubines removed the sheer saree from my body and four men brought out the dogs. As Aashi said, one was a German Shepard, two were Labs, and the last was a Retriever. After an explanation of the next exhibition by Chowdhury, which I largely ignored, one of the dogs was brought toward me. I glanced back at Mary who was fidgeting, her weight shifting from one foot to the other. Our eyes made contact, but my attention was redirected to the approaching man and a****l as I heard the click-click of claws on the hard tile floor of the courtyard surrounding each fountain.

A murmur rose from the people as I moved purposefully to the center of the rug spread on the ground between the fountains. They were by now used to my assertive approach to each of the challenges so far. I suspected their curiosity was primed for this one, especially since my reaction to the appearance of the dogs was hardly any different than my reaction to the men at the other times.

I stood waiting for the a****l to reach me, bent over and offered the back of my hand for it to smell. It might have seemed a silly gesture, but I wanted some level of comfort before I offered myself to it for mating. Did this and the other dogs have any experience with mating? Did they have with human females? One question was answered when the a****l raised its snout and sniffed the air. Despite my baths between the challenges, I had no delusion that my pussy and ass were cleaned of past cum deposited inside both. The a****l indicated his recognition of it, too, as he warily followed the scent to my pussy as I stood before him. When his nose pressed at my crotch, I open my legs where I stood and sighed as his tongue shot out and lapped quickly at my open pussy.

After several quicker licks of his long tongue, I squatted before him and scratched his ears and neck, tentatively bringing my face to his snout. His tongue came out to lick my face. I laughed and slowly reached underneath his body for his sheath. When I touched it, however, he gave a low growl and danced to the side. Another question was answered. If he had familiarity with mating women, it wasn’t to the extent that the women attempted to initiate their own sexual contact with the dog. This was going to have to be mounting on the terms of the a****l, which would be different than my experiences with Paddy and Sammy back home.

I gave the dog another friendly scratch of the ears, then sank to my hands and knees on the rug and waited. He walked around me. On his second trip around, he stopped at my butt and sniffed, his wet snout touching the crack between my cheeks. I spread my knees and lowered my head, tilting my ass up and exposing my pussy to him. His sniffing led him to my pussy and his tongue sent an involuntary shiver through me and a sigh to escape my lips. I looked around my shoulder and patted my butt. He licked me some more before making his move to mount. His body landed on me and his front legs wrapping around me, the claws catching my right side. I flinched at the scratch but kept my focus on the steps I had in mind.

At home with Sammy and Paddy, I would use my mouth to make them erect and the first penetration secure. This dog wouldn’t allow that intimacy so I was going to have to rely on his instinctual mating, which meant his cock would make partial penetration and grow inside me. This, of course, led to many incomplete and unsatisfactory penetrations. Without assistance from anyone else, I would need to accomplish it on my own with the least amount of frustration for the dog as I could.

As soon as his cock found my hole, I reached back with one hand and secured his rear leg and pulled him in tight against me. He thrust into me with the wild, frantic, a****listic nature of canine fucking, but my grip on him prevented him from pulling out of my pussy with his wild motion.

I could feel his cock quickly lengthen and swell inside me, filling my pussy with cock with each stroke in. I could finally relax and released my grip on his leg. Without my holding him, he relaxed his grip slightly and repositioned himself before regripping me tightly, his frenetic thrusts continuing in my pussy.

I rejected any thoughts about the people surrounding the courtyard and focused on the mating ritual I was involved in. I felt the familiar bumping of the forming knot against the outside of my pussy and I prepared for the effort of taking the knot as it grew larger and tried to force its way into me. I repositioned my legs and hands for support and pressed back against the dog to present as rigid an object as possible. He pressed and pushed and thrust and I pressed rigidly back against him. I felt the ball of the knot spreading, slowly but steady, my pussy lips until it suddenly was pushed through and I cried out in relief and satisfaction, the knot filling my pussy greatly and the cock pressing deeper inside.

Once inside, the knot restricted his motion but his intention of fucking never changed, it only caused his cock to move in shorter, jerkier motions. Those new motions though occasionally bumped my g-spot, which was an added stimulation to the base, taboo, a****listic fucking, the feeling of fur on the back and the ball jammed inside. I felt his knot and cock swell and pulse and knew I was about to receive another pussy full of cum, this time canine. When it spewed out of the cock, I felt the warm, watery semen coating me, filling me inside. It was all I needed for my own orgasm to crest and take me for my own ride as the dog continued its jerky last thrusts as he continued to cum.

I dropped my face and chest to the rug, gasping and struggling for breath as my orgasm began to ebb. The dog pulled, testing the tie, then turned, pulling on leg over my back, then the rear one until we were ass-to-ass, the instinctual defensive position of canines in nature.

I reached back and stroked the fur of the dog and it testing the tie, again. At this point, all he really wanted was for the knot to shrink so the tie would be broken, but nature had devised this manner of increasing the likelihood of inseminating the bitch. His only problem was that this bitch wasn’t going to be inseminated no matter how long we were tied together by that knot.

I heard more murmurs while we were tied. When the knot began to feel like it was stretching my hole for escape, I assisted with my own movements. As the knot popped out of my pussy, I took a new chance. Before the handler could pull the dog away from me, I moved to the dog who was wanting to clean his cock and knot. I coaxed him onto the rug and moved my face to his belly and slowly inched closer to his cock. The dog released a low, guttural sound, but the menace wasn’t there this time. When I captured his cock in my lips, the people around the courtyard were uttering much more than quiet mutterings. It was as if they had released a loud gasp at the very same moment. I smiled as I licked the cock, then nuzzled the dog before taking my place in the center of the rug on my hands and knees, again.

I looked up at the next handler and smiled at him. I almost laughed when I saw him adjust his pants in front. The dog he was holding was going to get relief before he would.

I was mounted by the next three dogs in much the same way with much the same results. I was given new loads of dog cum until it was draining from my pussy as each knot pulled out. I orgasmed with each dog, ensuring it by manipulating the knots against my g-spot.

In the end, after I pulled myself up to my feet after the last knot was pulled from my very used pussy, I stood in front of Chowdhury. He only looked down at me from his chair. The guests around the courtyard were clapping and talking excitedly. In an obscene gesture that was almost unintended, I parted my legs. I looked down at the cum running from my pussy, some running down my thighs, a long string of cum hanging from my lips until it broke and fell to the rug. I looked up at the man … and I smiled … weakly.

If I managed to piss him off, who knew what I might be facing tomorrow. But, how could I not smile? I completed Day1.

* * CHAPTER THREE: CHALLENGE DAY 2 will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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