12 Haziran 2020

The Hot Wife Part 1

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The Hot Wife Part 1
Lara sat outside her office smoking a cigarette and playing on her phone. She had been in a bad mood all morning, all week actually after moving back in with her parents following her breakup with the man she assumed she’d be married to, a doctor who she always managed to get her way with, Lara typically had gotten her way her whole life, her family was rich and she had moved in with her now-ex never having to do anything most young adults learn to do in their c***dhood, cooking anything, doing laundry, cleaning up. All of this had always been taken care of and if there was any good part about moving back home it was that she didn’t need to do any of that sort of thing again.

Even guys had always come easy to Lara, she had never really been single for very long starting in high school. Her body was always curvy, with wide hips and a big ass that jiggled when she walked, her breasts were big and heavy, always obvious no matter what she wore. her raven black hair and olive skin made her eyes pop out at people and her smile had always been able to charm everyone. As a woman now in her 20s Lara loved fashion and taking care of herself and of course was accustomed to always looking her best. Her lifestyle didn’t lend itself to working a 9 to 5 and after college Lara never got into any job she held, she always hated work.

Scrolling through her social media contacts she stops on Dale, her boyfriend from high school and the first year of college, who she had run into on the street several months earlier and who looked decent. They had dated for several years and broke up because Lara didn’t think he was good enough for her, he didn’t have any ambition she thought, and he wasn’t going to be able to do the things for her that she needed. What She always did like about Dale was how much he catered to her for most of their relationship. How accepting he was of her and how little they actually had sex through their relationship, Lara found sexual intercourse tedious and pretty much always had, short of a one night stand during a summer vacation years earlier. Dale would complain, sure he would but ultimately he was always going to go along with what Lara told him he would go along with, and he illegal bahis would lick her pussy for however long she wanted, as long as she let him look at her while he jerked off afterwards. It made Lara laugh to herself as she threw her cigarette away and she remembered this, she hadn’t thought about Dale or their relationship much after she broke up with him, Dale was basically her bitch, and after a while he resented that and they fought. They were also so young, she scrolled through his pictures and decided to send him a message, why not she thought? he wont say no.

“hey stranger, good to see you (sort of) recently, I think we work close to each other want to grab a drink sometime would be good to hear what you’ve been up to”

Lara Paused momentarily before sending, she shrugged then sent the message, sticking her phone in the back pocket of her tight jeans as she walked back inside. she felt her phone vibrate and checked it again after getting on the elevator.

“hey Lar! long time no talk, was good seeing you too and i am def in for a drink im just out of the country right now im back next week i’ll give you a message, hope everythings good with you. Dale”

she smirked again and typed back.

“out of the country, thats secretive 🙂 message me when you’re back”

looking at her phone she noticed the text response bubbles opening and closing and laughed again. Oh Dale she thought, same old.

“i will for sure, have a good weekend”

Lara went back to her desk to finish out her work day, she barely thought about Dale again after the exchange.

Dale was at his desk working when he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. pulling it out to check who was messaging him he was surprised to see it was from his ex girlfriend Lara. Dale had dated Lara in his teens and was well past over any lingering dislike he maybe had towards her after they broke up. That was years ago and since then Dale had changed for the better. He had been weak and allowed himself to be surrounded by people who used him who he didnt really like. He had done well for himself and was now living comfortably on his own as a bachelor, spending his time not in the office playing golf, working out, and fucking as many women as he could tipobet get his hands on. Dale had been in other long term relationships after Lara, they had broken up long enough ago that Dale had experienced two substantial relationships and had been the one to end both of them, not finding enough in common to consider spending his life with. Why would he? he had earned his success and was now enjoying his reward.

He had thought about Lara. A lot more than he let on, their sex life fueling his deepest fantasy, Dale enjoyed being the dominant in the bedroom but with Lara he enjoyed the exact opposite, and his memories of how much she controlled him had been enhanced by years spent fantasizing and playing it out while he stroked his cock. She was such a bitch and he made jokes about their relationship to his friends or as an anecdote to other people, secretly it always turned him on. Her body was great and well taken care of, pampered professionally so it was always amazingly well manicured and even though Dale had been with many other women, Lara had always been the most perfectly groomed woman Dale had ever seen. So when he saw her on the street several months ago while out for lunch at work he had kicked himself afterwards for how awkward he probably came across, fumbling his words and going out of his way to be a dick to her and her friend. he was now nervous reading the message. He knew from her social media that she was single, but what could she possibly be hitting him up for? they hadnt talked in years.

Dale wrote back telling her he was out of town and he didn’t know why, this was very out of character for who he was. After some messaging back and forth Dale told himself he’d message her again on Sunday night since it was already Thursday and he had plans. He barely did any work for the rest of the afternoon, instead thinking back on their relationship and how he would moisturize her body after she showered, not being able to grope and take her body but instead just impotently covering her naked curvy body with cream. How she would tease him by flirting with other guys around him or lay on her pillow with her ass in the air while he ate her pussy and ass until his jaw was sore, jerking tipobet giriş off while he did it because there would be no other release for him. Dale’s balls ached by the time he got home and he jerked off in his hallway with his jacket still on.

Dale thought he was in control, that this was his chance to see how Lara was all these years later, how the tables were going to be turned now that he was a successful fit man in his peak and she was living at home unable to hold a job… Dale was wrong, he had no idea yet but he was wrong.

The next week Dale and Lara met up at a bar close to Lara’s office, Lara was wearing a black skirt with chunky high heels and a blouse that she had unbuttoned to show the world her ample cleavage. Her black leather jacket rounding out the outfit, she sprayed herself with a dose of perfume before walking in, seeing Dale already seated, he motioned to her assuredly and she walked towards where he was seated, a big smile growing across her face.

Dale looked good, Lara thought to herself, he stood up to give her a hug and she noticed his expensive navy blue suit looked like it had been made for him, his short hair and stubble looked great on him and he was obviously in much better shape than the schlubby guy she had left all that time ago.

they drank and talked for several hours about what they had been up to and their relationships and everything else, laughing and smiling at one another and Lara admired who Dale seemed to now be, he was in control and flirty and she liked it, the conversation steered to their relationship several times with them playfully laughing about it and Dale saying:

“i still love to eat pussy of course, i just usually get laid afterwards now”

Lara laughed and blushed “well you were always very good at it”

They both hugged and agreed that the evening was fun and they needed to do it again soon Lara laid in bed that night and for the first time in a long time slid her panties off of her legs and laid on her back opening her legs, her nipples hardening through her shirt as she licked her fingers and rubbed her pussy, moaning to herself while she closed her eyes and thought about Dale going down on her, and his dick shooting cum while he looked at her like she was a goddess, she came and fell asleep with a smile on her face. Dale went home and looked on his favorite porn site for a girl who resembled Lara, cumming all over himself while he watched it.

To be continued….

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