12 Haziran 2020

‘The Garden Room’. #1.

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‘The Garden Room’. #1.
This is a full story, that has to be blogged over a number of episodes. It is essentially BDSM, coupled with other unusual sexual predilections.. It is written from my own, the woman’s perspective… If you are looking for a quick fix from some sexually charged, short story sex, this isn’t for you! If however you like to read about sexual build up, and tension, and enjoy mystery, then this is for you.. There is certainly plenty of sex, because this is a sex story, but there is a plot, and an ending, just like any book.

I was young, just sweet sixteen, and this, my first sexual experience, was just a fumbling, on a mattress at the back of a young lads, fathers’ garage. I had fancied this lad for a while, and he had pursued me for a few months. So, eventually on a rainy Saturday afternoon, and after a lot of kissing, I allowed him to put his hand up my T-shirt, and then let him squeeze my large breasts through my bra. After a few attempts by him and having him rub my crotch through my jeans front, I gave in and allowed him to unzip my jeans. He tried to push them down from my waist, but that I wouldn’t allow! I did let him slip his hot sweaty palm under the edge of the elastic of my forgiving cotton knickers though, and he played with my soft apricot coloured pubic hair. My pubic mound wasn’t all that hairy then, and still isn’t today, most of my pubic hair grows around my outer labia. What hair I did have on my mound, however, was short, and very curly, he ran his fingers through it gently, stroking my flat tummy, wide hips and pubic mound as though I were a dog. I think looking back, he was just happy to have gotten that far with me. I’m sure on reflection, that I was the first girl he had ever touched up. However, as he rubbed my mound, I felt a strange feeling in my tummy, it was rather like butterflies, fluttering there. Each time his fingertips encountered the wrinkle of skin at the top of my vagina, it was a little like an electric shock running through my groin, this scared me a little. As he continued his administration’s to my lower stomach area, and using his other hand, he succeeded in rucking my T-shirt up, and then lowering his head, to kiss the tops of my breasts. I was surprised, as my nipples began to ache in a pleasurable way, and whilst I focused on that feeling, he quickly glided his fingers deeper into the crotch of my jeans! He might have been inexperienced, but he was pushing, luckily for him, all the right buttons on a woman’s body, and I groaned in pleasure. He tried to suck my nipples through the cotton material of my bra, and my nipples went very stiff. Back then, I was a little worried about my tits, thinking them a little too big maybe. I hated the fact that my nipples, now I was older, seemed to be erect most of the time, which was embarrassing when I went braless in the summer. Men stared at my breasts quite often, especially when I went swimming. I thought that maybe, my bosom looked ugly. I found it hard to avoid the gaze of older men, who appeared to leer at my nipples pushing out from the thin material of the cups of my bathing suit. I was at that time, far too shy to wear a bikini, and my father would have complained if I would have worn one anyway, he was quite protective.

The lad was grinding my hip, with the crotch of his jeans, he was moving rhythmically against me, and he was muttering, maybe moaning! I lay there as his fingers caressed the outer lips of my vagina, he took his mouth away from the material of my bra, and said something?

“You’re all moist down there, have you wet yourself?”

As he said this, he slid his middle finger all the way past my inner labia, and on into my vagina, my first fingering!

I moaned, I couldn’t help it, and then I worried if I’d become pregnant, someone had told me that if I let a boy into my private parts, I’d get one in the oven! Even with this worry, I couldn’t stop him from repeatedly, slipping his digit, in and out of me,

“Blimey, you’re soaking down there, and sticky, your pussy feels hot and tight!”

Involuntarily, I started lifting my hips to push his finger further inside me, but on one of the withdrawals, and as my hips went down, he added another digit, it felt wonderful. Raising himself up on one arm, but keeping his hip motions going, he roughly tried to push my jeans down, but they were too tight, and I had my legs apart, from where he’d had his fingers in me. I pushed his hand away from my denim’s waistband, as I did, I encountered something hard in the front of his jeans, and he explosively moaned.

“please unzip me, please, please unzip me!”

His hips were still pushing his groin into me, and then he forcefully guided my fingers to the tag of the zip on his jeans. The securing button above it, had already been undone by him at some point. Gripping the brass tag, I tugged it down, it wasn’t easy, the hardness inside, pushing against the material on either side of the zipper.
As it came down however, I felt material on the other side, and realised that it was his pants, he was groaning loudly, as I inserted my fingers, and then touched through the thin material, what I realised, was his erect penis, and he groaned very loudly. I pushed my fingers higher, and found the waistband of his pants, and pulled downwards hard, and suddenly his cock was in my hand, hot, and sticky! He rolled onto his back; with his stiff penis, gripped firmly in my hand. He reached down, and caught my hand under his, and using his own fingers, he moved, my fingers, up and down his length, it felt warm, soft and full. On the downward journey, and at the bottom of the stroke, I felt his wiry pubic hair rustle against my knuckles, and the little finger of my hand, encountering his testicles. At the top of the stroke, there appeared to be a ridge covered in skin, and above, and under that, moist softness. A somewhat heady musky aroma filled the air, and then he suddenly gasped on a downward stroke. Something explosively shot a good metre into the air, but was quickly gone, and then unexpectedly, he was hurrying to zip up his jeans again!
Oh my god, I’ve made him orgasm!
My girlfriends referred to this action, when a girl played with a man’s erect penis, as ‘Jerking a guy off’, and I knew it was when a guy got overexcited, and his seeds rushed out of his penis!
He stood and looked downwards at where I lay on the old mattress, I pushed down my T-shirt modestly, and he looked embarrassed. I pulled the zipper on my jeans up, and then stood up myself, his face was now scarlet, there was a strong smell of bleach? He stammered that it was time for me to leave. I left.
We never did see each other again, in a social way.
However, I did have a few lads, all friends of his, call out as I walked by them, that I was a,


and so, I guess he didn’t keep his experience with me, a secret.

On my arriving home, I went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, and met my mother there, she immediately asked,

“What have you got down the front of your jeans darling?”

On looking downwards, I noticed for the first time, that I had some whitish, sticky spots on my right leg, oh god, it’s his ejaculate I thought!
I quickly told her, that it must be Seagull shit, as I had been walking on the beach!
She looked at me strangely, and then,

“In the rain Lucy? really have you any sense in your head? Go upstairs right this minute and get those jeans off right away. Bring them back down to me, but don’t dab at the stains, you’ll only make them worse!”

Upstairs in my bedroom, I changed quickly, but before going back downstairs to my mother in the kitchen, I paused momentarily.
On my closer inspection of one of the thicker, bigger spots, it looked gooey, clear, but shot through with white.
It smelt like bathroom bleach when I sniffed at it, being careful not to rub my nose in it. Just for a second nonetheless, I was tempted to touch it to the tip of my tongue, but I didn’t at the last moment.
As I gave my jeans over to my mother, I worried that, she too might examine them closer, but she didn’t, luckily for me.
After repeated washings over the next few days, there was still evidence of the white stains, and when she examined the marks closer, she had then smiled in a funny way, and told me that I appeared to be growing up.
I managed to keep my face blank in this extraordinary exchange, and then she informed me, that is might be better for her to buy me some new jeans.

My mother bought me some jeans the very next day, and also some new underwear. She bought me several pairs of pretty, and very lacy, matching bra and pants sets! She told me to try them on, and to make sure they were comfortable.
Upstairs in my bedroom, standing in front of my mirror, I felt a little self-conscious when I put them on. However, when I mentioned this to my mother, she told me that I was growing up, and needed to be dressed more as an adult now. I’d peeked at her when she told me this, and she had a funny smile on her face, and for a second, I wondered if she knew what the marks were.
My mother had been only my age, when she’d met my father, coming to this town on holiday, and going home, so I heard, a different girl, to the one who had arrived. She’d had me at s*******n, just three months after they had gotten married, so I guess that he’d had to marry her, with her having one in the oven so to speak.

My figure had blossomed into a shapely 36D-24-36, and I had long, just over shoulder length, curly red hair, and unblemished white skin, and at only sixteen and a half years old, I had the body of a fully-grown woman, or so my mother told me. Often women friends of my mother would say, that they wished they had my figure, skin, hair and hazel eyes, but I didn’t see myself as good looking.

For the next couple of months, I kept lads, who showed any interest in me, at arm’s length. Some of these lads, were the same ones who had called me a ‘Slut’ earlier!
So, I guessed that being a slut wasn’t such a bad thing?
It wasn’t that I had no interest, but rather that I had awoken, to the fact that I was interested in sex, well my body was, but that I had been close to having intercourse without any protection!
I knew about condoms, but wasn’t sure who put it on the guy, me or him?
Who got them, me or the guy, there was so much I didn’t know?
I had seen them in the chemist down the road, but I wouldn’t be going into my local chemist, and actually buying one! If I did, the women in the chemist, would be sure to gossip!
I had two best friends, Emma and Amanda, and we had often talked about losing our virginity, but it had seemed a long way off, and maybe it wouldn’t even happen, until we got married? Would there even be a man who wanted to marry us? Marriage seemed like a dream, but I couldn’t believe a man would ever want to stick his penis in me, let alone marry me.
Now though, and after my experience with the boy in the back of the garage, I wasn’t so sure. Would I have let him enter me, if he’d had protection?
I’d never know.

This was the seventies, there was lots of talk about sex, but for us, there was more chat, than sex! However, we did enjoy talking about the subject, but sadly, apart from the basics, we knew, almost nothing about this specialty.
I had of course, nevertheless, told them about my experience, with the lad on that rainy Saturday.
We had all agreed though, that a damp mattress, in a cold garage, was definitely not the way to lose one’s virginity!

There were, however, several other girls that we knew, and they were lucky enough, to have older boyfriends. Some of these guys, were 5 to 6 years older than them, or us.
We, Emma, Amanda and I, would watch enviously as these girls, would be whisked away by boyfriends who had motorcycles, or even cars!
Us three friends though, were seemingly, stuck in a rut, with only the spotty boys we knew from growing up.
How did one get a real boyfriend, we wondered?
This was something we often-talked about, and although we were sixteen, we wondered if we just looked too immature for older guys to consider?
One of the girls we were really envious of, was called Joanna, and she had a very tall, dark, and handsome boyfriend, a bit clichéd I know, but he would have been perfect for me I thought, and I often imagined myself, behind him on his motorcycle.

Us three friends, would sit in the local coffee bar on a Saturday morning, drinking, and chatting about our daydreams, bahis siteleri and then Joanna and her guy would arrive outside, on his jet-black Norton motorcycle. She’d be sat behind him, on the pillion seat. He always looked like a vision of masculinity to us, as we sat open mouthed watching his every move. When they came inside the shop, they would sit in a booth, often opposite us. Whenever I observed him, it was surreptitiously, from beneath my red fringe, as he sat chatting with Joanna, and drinking coffee. He looked dashing in his dark blue leather motorcycle jacket, but he always seemed to be wearing shades over his eyes, eye’s that I longed to see. He completed his look, with faded blue denim jeans, and Cuban heeled cowboy boots. Sometimes as he got up with her to leave, he would look my way, and stare at me intently, I would immediately blush foolishly and look away. As they left together, and when he stood just outside of the window of the coffee shop, I’d watch intently as he helped Joanna put on her black full-face helmet. Once as he put his own matching helmet over his head, he took off his shades for a second, and he seemed to look directly at my face! It was then, that I noticed for the first time, that he had deep blue eyes, just before I had to look away, embarrassed, and blushing furiously.
There was no doubt in the minds of the other two girls, that I fancied him,
but we all knew nevertheless, that I’d never go out with him, as he was Joanna’s boyfriend.

This was the ‘Joanna’, who had already had one older boyfriend before him! The ‘Joanna’, who it was rumoured, had already lost her virginity, before she even went out with him!

Sometimes though, I would notice him out on his own, riding his motorcycle past me in the town, or out on the main road where I lived. A couple of times, I did think, that he looked at me, but to be honest, I thought that this was probably all in my imagination.

Then one day, a casual friend called Miriam, told me offhandedly, that she had started to learn to sail, and that Joanna’s boyfriend, was teaching her the basics. I would never have put Miriam, and Adrian, for she told me Joanna’s boyfriends name, together. Miriam wasn’t very good looking, and if anything, she was a little too fond of Mars Bars, and if I’m honest, I wondered why Joanna’s boyfriend could be bothered with her. However, Miriam had gushed on about just how fine-looking Adrian was, and how he would probably take her out, when eventually, he and Joanna broke up.
I guess I was very shallow, in my belief that Adrian wouldn’t even take her out, due to her appearance, let alone make her his new girlfriend.
I was nonetheless surprised, that Miriam thought that Joanna and Adrian were going to breakup, but when I attempted to get more scandal, she clammed up!
How interesting I thought, but then wondered why they might be breaking up? Surely Joanna wouldn’t be letting him go, it must be Adrian finishing the relationship!
Apart from what Miriam told me about Adrian though, I knew little, other than the fact that I really fancied him.
A few days later, I heard on the g****vine, a juicy bit of gossip! Adrian had broken up with Joanna, something about her not being interested in him. Later that afternoon, when I was walking with Miriam in the town, she told me that she was going sailing with Adrian that evening. She said he was very upset about the breakup, and that she meant to give him a shoulder to cry on! For a crazy second, I wondered if Miriam would ask if I could go with them but realised just how stupid that idea was! Only a few moments later, I heard the rumble of a motorcycle approaching us from behind, Miriam turned, and then said,

“Oh it’s Adrian!”

Adrian drew up alongside of us, and as he sat astride the Norton, I could see his piercing blue eyes through the slot of his black helmet. He had an animated conversation with Miriam, explaining to her, that he could not go sailing this evening. All the time whilst they were talking, I took the opportunity to look at him more thoroughly. Adrian was even better closer up, but he soon noticed my stare, and looked somewhat nervous, so I looked away, blushing. A few seconds later, he rode off, leaving a somewhat upset Miriam. She now believed that maybe he had only been taking her sailing, as a favour to Joanna. Miriam told me that her mother was very keen on Adrian, explaining that he had a good job, a house, car and two motorcycles. I took this, to be rumour, he wasn’t that old, and at the time, I thought that none of that mattered to me anyway. She went on to explain however, how he had charmed her mother, when he had picked her up to go sailing, and that he had spent a while chatting with her parents. Her father, unlike her mother, had thought that Adrian was too old for her, even though he liked him.

My own father would not be a problem, as he was away for eighteen months, with the Royal Navy, somewhere off South America, and I was sure I could keep any boyfriend, out of my mother’s sight.

A few days went by, it was a glorious summer, with perfect warm evenings. I’d walk my Red Setter dog along the main road towards the town, and then back again. Sometimes when I was promenading, young male tourists would sound their horns, as they drove past me, or even call out ribald comments, usually about the size of my breasts. I’d always blush, and then they’d have more to shout about! So, it was when I was walking my dog one evening, that I saw Adrian on his motorcycle, riding towards me, but on the other side of the road. As he passed, I saw him look my way, but because of the shades he was wearing, I couldn’t be sure, if he was looking at me, or something behind me. My heart picked up when I saw him, but as he rode on by, I realised that he wasn’t going to stop, because he didn’t know me.

Miriam had told me the day before, that she hadn’t seen him at all, and that she thought he was probably still upset about his break up with Joanna. Thinking about him, filled all my thoughts on the last half mile of my walk, to the outskirts of the town centre. I turned around to walk home, and it was then that I saw Adrian riding back towards me. As I thought I’d got nothing to lose, and in a rash second, I waved casually, and to my surprise, he slowed down, and eventually came to a halt by the side of me. He removed his crash helmet, as his face came into view, I could see that he was smiling. I felt myself go quite weak at the knees, and something inside stirred, it was those butterflies in my tummy again.

Adrian sat casually side saddle on his motorbike, he’d taken his helmet off, and shades! He then smiled, and asked me, if I was doing anything Friday night?
I shook my head, and he told me there was a dance at the local ‘Sports Centre’, and then asked if I would like to go with him? I just nodded, and he asked me where I lived, and I suddenly realised, that he was suggesting that he would pick me up, and then take me to the dance straight from home.
I panicked, I couldn’t let my mother meet, or even see him!
My mother would instantly realise his age, and undoubtedly think he was not the right guy for me!
So, I said I would meet him at a road junction that was near to our house. Adrian gave me a funny searching look, but agreed a time with me, and then with a tiny smile, he put his helmet on, and with a nonchalant wave, he rode off into town.

I couldn’t believe it, Adrian had just asked me out, but then I had to remind myself, that he had just asked me to a dance, not necessarily ‘out’! Still, I was very excited, and when I got home, even my two younger brothers knew something was up. My mother simply asked me why I was so energised? But I just told her that I’d had a lovely evening, and that was all. She gave me a quizzical glance, and I speedily scampered up the stairs to my bedroom. Once there, I lay on my back on my bed, staring at the ceiling, and imagining what it would be like to be held in his arms? My heart speeded up and coupled with the fact that I felt sort of itchy between my legs, I‘d say that I felt hot and bothered.

The next day when Emma, Amanda, and I got together, I couldn’t wait to tell them my news! Maybe I did exaggerate a little, because I opened with my news, by exclaiming,

“Guess who has asked me out?”

Followed by telling them all about Adrian, and how he had pulled up on his motorcycle, and how he had asked me out! This wasn’t quite a lie of course, but I’d deal with him not taking me out again, when they asked about my date with him, on the following day. For now, neither Emma, nor Amanda, knew that it was just the dance and nothing more.

Friday couldn’t come quickly enough, and I attempted to dress sexily, although to be honest, I had no idea what that would even look like, and I only had limited clothing anyway.
When I went downstairs, my mother asked me where I was going?

“To the ‘Sports Centre’ with a friend.” I replied.

I saw her do a slight smirk, as I tottered by on my platforms, and I said,


She smiled broadly and asked,

“This friend? Is it a boy?”

To which I could honestly reply,


As Adrian wasn’t a boy, he had a job, a car, two motorcycles, and a house, and no boy I knew had those things. On the short walk to the junction, I worried if what I was wearing, made me appear attractive? I was dressed in a longish shiny pleated black skirt, and a white lamb’s wool jumper. Underneath I was wearing a white lacy bra, with matching knickers and bare legs, I’d made sure to shave my long legs though, even though I only had a very occasional downy hair on them. As I neared the corner of the junction, I saw Adrian sitting side saddle on his big black bike. He was dressed as always when I saw him, but he was talking casually to two policemen. As I got nearer, I could see a police car parked further into the junction, and as I arrived, Adrian smiled slightly at me, as did the Policemen.

One of them said, “Good evening young lady”,

he looked me up and down, and I was conscious of how my nipples were yet again letting me down, by peeking through the wool of my jumper.

“Now you go careful with this bad lad!”.

Both men laughed at something that was obviously funny, but that I wasn’t privy to, and then got into their car and drove away. Adrian grinned, and explained that they had been talking to him about being a naughty boy, as they had seen him speeding, and now they had told him that if he was seen again, he would lose his licence! I wasn’t sure what to say, but it didn’t matter, as from the other side of his motorcycle, he produced, a black full face helmet, one I recognised as having been Joanna’s.

Adrian got off his bike, and stood up, he was very tall, towering over me, and I’m not short at one hundred and eighty centimetres. He had very wide shoulders, and I caught a whiff of what could only be his cologne.
I unexpectedly felt weak at the knees, and he caught me as I wobbled slightly on my heels.

“Are you okay? “He asked, I nodded.

Adrian showed me how to put the helmet on, and how to tighten it under my chin. Once I had it on securely, he pushed me away gently, and then looked me up and down, as though I was some sort of exhibit. He smiled that tiny smile of his, and then said,

“Well you’re looking pretty, maybe I should have dressed up myself!”

But I wasn’t sure if he was paying me a compliment, or if he was implying, that I was overdressed for the dance. He got onto his bike, and started it, looked at me, and commented,

“I didn’t even think of you wearing a skirt!”

For a moment he looked a little perplexed and then he said,

“I should have brought the car, you will have to get on carefully behind me, you’ll have to hitch up that skirt to keep it out of the way of the wheels.”

As I slipped my naked leg over the warm leather of the saddle, there was a gust from the warm summer breeze, and my skirt lifted somewhat, leaving my groin exposed for a second or two. My modesty was only just covered by the white lace gusset of my knickers between my inner thighs. Adrian was looking back towards me at that precise moment, he was hanging onto the handlebars, steadying the motorcycle for me,

“Nice legs!” He commented but said nothing more.

However, his eyes told me a different story, and from the way they creased up at the sides, I knew that he was silently laughing at me!

As we rode off, and then pulled out onto the main road, all I was thinking about, was that, I perabet güvenilir mi hoped none of my soft red curly pubic hairs had been showing along the edges of my panties. I wondered if I had just spoiled any chance of ever going out with him. Joanna had always been so well turned out, she was petite, and she definitely didn’t have wobbly thighs like me! It was also true, that I would never, ever be called petite, I was far too rounded.
Looking back now, I guess I was probably showing him a perfect camel toe, the thin see-through material of my knickers stretched tightly across my labia, with my red hair shining through to his gaze.

The ride to the dance on the back of his motorcycle, was uneventful, although we got a lot of glances as he parked his motorbike, mostly other girls staring at me. I guessed they wondered just where Joanna was? It was possible they hadn’t heard the news of the breakup yet. A couple even moved in near, and asked if I was ‘with’ Adrian, but I was non-committal, as I couldn’t exactly reply ‘Yes’.
He saw the excitement on our arrival, and he would know what they were all thinking, but he chose to say nothing. I was left wondering if he hadn’t brought me along, just to maybe make Joanna jealous, I hoped not, I didn’t relish looking foolish later.
Once we were inside, it became obvious to me, that Joanna wasn’t at the dance, and I felt relieved. Adrian, as it turned out, didn’t dance, but knowing I was going to be there, Emma and Amanda had turned up, just to see how I fared with him, so I danced with them instead, and he chatted with guys whom he obviously knew. At the end of the evening, he took me back to the junction, and I got off, but I stayed close to him, as I rather hoped he’d ask for a kiss.
He didn’t!

Adrian did, however, ask what I was doing the following afternoon, which was nothing, so I told him I was free. He asked me, if I’d like to go along the coast with him, and then have a look at where he was thinking of surfing in the evening. I nodded.
We hadn’t really spoken much through the evening, but I’m quite quiet anyway, plus I was rather in awe of him. I didn’t think he was actually interested in me, well not in the way I wanted, but was more likely filling in his time until he got over Joanna.
Adrian told me, not to wear a skirt the next day, and then laughed, telling me that if I did, all the guys along the road, would be enjoying the view of my naked long legs! And then without a backward glance, and with just a little wave of his hand, he rode off, and it was then suddenly, that I realised he hadn’t said when he’d pick me up?
I walked the short distance from the junction to my home, I felt rather dejected now, wondering if this meant it was all over between Adrian and I, before anything had even started. Once inside the house, I managed to dodge my mother, and went straight up to my bedroom, and once there and undressed, I cried myself to sleep.

The next day, I mooned about the house, my mother of course noticed I was out of sorts, but she left me be. I was dressed scruffily, in blue jeans, with a white T-shirt, no bra, and some old flat sandals, it was quite a surprise when the doorbell rang however, and my mother smilingly said,

“it’s someone for you!”

I wondered which of my friends had come calling, but when I got to the open doorway, Adrian was stood there, casually leaning against the door side, in his leather jacket, a soft smile on his face. He looked so handsome, and my heart skipped several beats!
I hastily looked behind me, but my mother wasn’t there, not as I had expected, so I looked back at him questioningly?

“I thought we had a date.?” He said.

I looked behind me again, the hallway was empty, no sign of my mother thankfully.
I looked back at him,

“You’ve called at my house, what’s my mother going to think?”

Adrian looked slightly puzzled, and then silently pushed gently past me, walked forward, and disappeared into the kitchen, where no doubt my mother was. I didn’t move, I heard voices, but I couldn’t hear what was being said.
And then Adrian reappeared, and I heard my mother’s voice call out,

“Don’t be late darling!”

As Adrian passed me, he caught hold of my hand gently, and pulled me outside.

“What did you say to my mother?” I asked.

“I just asked if you could come out to play with me this afternoon, and then I told her that I would look after you, like you were a princess!”

I was speechless, even more so, when he produced, a smaller version of his leather jacket, which he held out to me, telling me that when he had bought it earlier in the day, he had roughly guessed my size. He helped me into the jacket, it smelt good, all leathery, and then as I stood, he helped me put the helmet on again, but all that ran through my brain, was that he had bought me an expensive jacket, me of all people! I slipped onto his bike, behind him once again, this time, he told me we would be going out of town, and he would go faster, so I was to cling onto him. Holding the bike between his thighs, he reached behind him, caught hold of my hands, and then brought them with my arms, up to hold him firmly around the waist, and then, we were off.
As we moved away, I caught sight of my mother, she was standing at the living room window, with a large silly girlish smile on her face, and then she was gone in a blur.

As we left the edge of town, I snuggled up to his broad back, I wasn’t worried about where we were going, or for how long! I was just happy in relishing his cologne, and the warm feeling of his muscular body.
The motorcycle hummed, and vibrated between my legs, this felt rather nice, and I felt that peculiar feeling in my groin again.
Minutes later, Adrian slowed the bike, and then turned off the main road, to take us more cautiously up the north coast’s winding, narrow coastal road. On the left side of the motorcycle, and from where I was resting my head on his back, I could see vast vistas of beach slipping past. They appeared one after another, as we left one cove, and then went on to the next. The smell of the warm sands, and the sensuous aroma of coconut, from the gorse that was in flower, jam-packed the air about us. I couldn’t dream up a more romantic scene. Adrian seemed happy to be out in the fresh air, and it was almost as though he had forgotten about me, until he put his hand down, and rested it on my denim covered leg, just behind the back of my left knee.
My heart skipped a beat, and the skin beneath my jeans, tingled where his hand was resting, and I felt my nipples harden! Coupled with the vibration of the bike between my legs, my breathing picked up! A few moments later, Adrian slowed the motorcycle, and then pulled into a small layby overlooking a long beach. For a split second, he checked the road both ways, and then, he turned a ‘U’ in the road, and we were off again, now with the beaches and cliffs on our right. I felt so happy.

Being with Adrian, felt to me, like several Christmases rolled into one, and I felt in constant excitement. I couldn’t wait to see Emma and Amanda, and then tell them all about my trip out with him. But like all good things, it came to an abrupt end, and sadly we’d only been out for about an hour, although to me, it seemed more like ten minutes. Suddenly he slowed the bike rapidly, and then pulled into the driveway of a beachside house, stopping next to the front door?
He motioned me to dismount, and I slipped off the saddle of his bike. I stood awkwardly, as he flipped down a side stand, and then got off himself. Adrian asked if I would like a coffee, I checked my watch, it was only two O’clock in the afternoon, dinner at home, was at six, so my meal was four hours away, and I knew we were only ten minutes from where I lived, so I nodded. He then opened the front door, and I followed him into the cool of the house. We strolled through a short hallway, and then into an expansive open plan lounge. I looked about, amazed, you could have almost fitted our entire ground floor into this one room! I must have been gawping, as he smiled quirkily, and then asked me if I’d like to take my jacket off?
I nodded dumbly, and slipping my arms out of the leather, I passed it to him, my mouth still open. I’d just noticed that there were windows running the whole length of the room, sliding windows, ones that opened out onto a tiled balcony, that overlooked the beach outside. It was obvious that there must be a level beneath the floor where we were standing, as there was a back garden below, with palms and bananas growing in it. Moving away from me, Adrian suggested I take a seat? I looked about the room quickly? There were numerous places to sit, and off at one end, two long leather couches, coupled with two armchairs, facing a huge open stone-built fireplace. There was a long dining table in the middle, with chairs along its length, and nearest to me, a circle of stone, with seating running around its edge, and in its middle, there appeared to be a fish pond?

I chose to sit next to the pond, this being nearest to the doorway Adrian had disappeared through. I guessed he was in the kitchen, for I heard a kettle start up. Looking into the pond beside me, I saw that there were some fish beneath the leaves that were sitting on top of the clear water. Adrian appeared at the kitchen door, and asked if I wanted sugar, I shook my head, and he disappeared again. Gazing idly about the lounge, I spotted what had to be a staircase that appeared to go up, and down, this was a big house! I wondered idly what his father did as a job, to be able to afford such a large home? Adrian appeared with two mugs, and I smelt the delicious fragrance of coffee. He sat next to me, and we sipped at our drinks, he dipped a finger into the water next to him, and a large golden fish approached.
Adrian told me,

“This is ‘Simon’!”

He smiled when he said this, and I took the statement as a joke, but he assured me, that he had named the fish ‘Simon’, and that he, Simon, liked to be fed from his hand. Adrian rambled away about the fish for a while, and then asked me If I would like him to take me on a tour of the house. I was curious, and so again I nodded, he smiled and said,

“You don’t say much, are you naturally shy? Or just shy of me?’

Once again, I nodded, and he laughed loudly, and then said, “Come on, follow me”, and coffee mugs in hand, we walked to the sliding doors overlooking the view of the beach. Adrian slid one open, and the sounds of the tourists outside, suddenly filled my ears, and we stepped through onto the balcony. The floor was tiled with pure white porcelain squares, and there were five large white wicker loungers laid out, with some small tables made of the same material. “This is one of the balconies” he said, there’s another above, as each bedroom at the front has one as well. Startled, I asked,

“Just how many bedrooms are there?”

“Six, all en-suite, three at the front, three at the back, of course I only use one!”

“What job does your father do, to be able to afford all this?”

I blurted out, and then wished I hadn’t.
Adrian looked at me sadly,

“My father?”

“He’s dead!”

“My Mother lives further along the road though, but what do my parents have to do with my house?”

I felt foolish, and said,

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I somehow thought, that maybe you lived with your parents!”

Adrian walked back through the window, and I followed, and then he turned to face me,

“I inherited this house of you must know, but I earn good money as well!”

“What do you do as a job?”

I asked.
This would be one, of the many questions my mother would ask no doubt when I got home later, so I had better find out.

“This and that.” He replied

And then he smiled once more, and walked towards the stairs, with me in tow, feeling stupid.
As we stood at the stairwell, I looked downwards, questioningly, he said,

“Down there is the dungeon, where I keep the naughty girls, the ones who ask to many questions!”

He suddenly laughed loudly, and I giggled, I couldn’t help myself, and then he started up the stairs, I followed closely. I decided I liked his laugh, it was infectious, and I had already noticed, that even when his face was at rest, he seemed as though he was smiling, and because of this, he always appeared happy.

Once on the floor above with him, I saw that a long corridor ran the length of the house, with three doors off each side. Adrian opened the door nearest to us, and as I tipobet followed him into the revealed room, I saw that it was a bedroom. The room was a little messy, and he apologised, saying,

“I didn’t envisage showing company around when I got up this morning!”

He led me past a King-sized bed, its continental quilt all bunched up on its surface, the pillows flattened from where his head had obviously spent the night. For some reason I longed to leap onto the bed. Hug one of the pillows to my face. Inhale his fragrance!
And then unexpectedly, I had a vision of Joanna lying back on this, his bed, her legs spread, and Adrian mounted between them, making love to her, and for a fleeting moment, intense jealousy overtook me.

Adrian opened the door to the bathroom, and then looked back at me,

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing!” I gasped, and then suddenly, I felt like crying, and I didn’t know why?
Adrian’s face became serious,

“Your face has gone all red, there must be something wrong? You don’t think that I’ve brought you here, just to try to have sex with you, do you?”

I shook my head vigorously,

“No! No!” And then, I exclaimed “But you could if you wanted to though!”

And there it was, my need for him, was out in the open! Not even I had known about this need, as until that precise moment in time, I hadn’t thought sexually about Adrian, more romantically!

“I could what? Make love to you? That’s crazy, we have only just met!”

I knew then, that he must be such a lovely man, for I had just offered my virginity to him, not that he actually knew that I was a virgin! But there he was, questioning, just how long we had known each other, as though that was of great importance to him.
I walked the short distance to him, stretched up on tiptoe, and tried to kiss his lips! It was just a sudden impulse, the yearning of a young girl, who believes she has found her soul mate. For just a second, he resisted, and then he enfolded his powerful arms around me, lifted me from the floor, and kissed me passionately.
I tasted the hotness of his breath, the sweetness of his mouth, the pressure of his lips, kissing mine. I placed my arms around his neck, lifted my denim clad legs, and wrapped them around his waist. My breathing was ragged, and I felt him walking me towards the bed, he bent, and then placed me on its surface, down amongst the quilt.
I let my arms fall back behind my head, let my knees fall open, my feet spread, legs drawn back, a slut pose for him. He stood above me, looking down on me, he wasn’t smiling now, his face looked unexpectedly serious, as he said,

“You’re beautiful.”

And then he lowered his face to mine, and we kissed deeply again. Adrian breathlessly pulled away, I didn’t have much experience in kissing, but it didn’t seem to matter to him, as he fervidly returned my embraces.

Adrian’s hands vigorously tugged at my T-shirt, and I raised myself a little, so that he could pull it upwards, and then off, more easily. This revealed my large, pale skinned breasts, to his avid eyes. My breast tips, finished with their coral pink nipples, nipples that ached to be touched, and explored by his hands. He lowered his head once again, but this time his mouth descended onto my right nipple, his hot breath touching it first, well before I actually felt the wonderful sensation of his wet lips on the crinkled skin of my areola. Adrian drew my nipple up into his mouth, sucked strongly, and I felt a gush between my legs, followed by an incredible urge for someone to touch me there!
As he was lavishing my breasts alternatively with kisses, and also suckling on my nipples, which felt wonderful, I did also somehow manage to kick off my sandals. Next, I worked on the button at the top of my jeans, it popped open, and I unzipped, hands hastily pushing the denim away from my hips. I raised my buttocks slightly by arching my back, and then I felt the cool material of the quilt on the cheeks of my bottom, as my jeans and panties slid down to my thighs. I waggled my legs furiously, and kicked them off, and then they fell off the bed onto the floor.
I moaned loudly, arching my back, and forcing his face into the valley of my breasts with one hand. I lifted my knees, spread them apart, and pulled them back to my chest! I took one of his hands and dragged it to the opening of my vagina.
Adrian murmured as his fingers encountered my hairy mound.

“Are you absolutely sure about this?

“Yes, Yes!”

I felt his fingers exploring me gently, and then a surprising sensation, something stirred there, something felt more than wonderful, something felt so good, I never wanted it to ever stop!”
This really did shock me, he hadn’t even inserted a finger yet, and at this time, I knew nothing of the fact that girls, women, could orgasm!

I lolled back on the bed now, allowing him to do as he wished with me. Adrian rolled on top of me, disappointingly, I found, that he still had his jeans on! I had thought, that maybe, like me, he had taken them off! His hips however, now ground down on my wide spread thighs, and I lifted my legs, and hugged him to me with them. My ankles crossed behind his back, this position seemed so natural, so right! My movements drove him to kiss my lips, with even more fervour, his chest crushing my breasts under him. I felt ecstatic, the feeling in my groin hadn’t stopped, somehow his jeans front, was still exciting me, but more and better was to come!
Adrian slipped slowly down my body, kissing each part in his ever downwards journey, eventually he reached my tummy, spending some time on my belly button. However, when he moved down further, and then on into the soft hair of my pubic mound, I sensed that something special was about to happen, and I wasn’t wrong. When his lips grazed my unknown, and uncharted clitoris, I went mad, humping my labia against his lips.
Adrian raised his head,

“Slow down, slow down, we’ve plenty of time!”

All I could do was moan, and moan loudly at that.
He licked at me gently, but even that set me off, I couldn’t stop my hips from bucking, so he gripped my buttocks in both of his hands, and then used them, and his face, to hold me in place! He licked at me just like I was a lollypop, gently, but firmly, and at just the right pace, my first ever orgasm, ripped through my body, and left me panting.
Panting for more!

“Adrian, please more, lick me some more, don’t stop please!”

He obliged, and sensations better than any I could have ever imagined, crackled through my body like electricity. I stopped counting how many times I reached a peak! And then, the waves of pleasure stepped up a notch, and when I neared the peak, I felt that I was going to wet myself, and so the peak, with my worry, quickly fell away. This happened a few times, and then Adrian stopped his ministrations at my vagina, and asked’

“Have you had enough?”

I nodded, and Adrian asked once again if I was sure? This time I said ‘yes’!
Adrian pushed away from the surface of the bed, and as my ardour cooled to some extent, I realised that I was naked with a man that I didn’t know properly. For a second, I felt scared, and then incredibly bashful.
My face flushed cherry.
I do blush easily, and with my facial skin being so white, it was instantly noticeable. Adrian looked concerned, but he seemed to understand straightaway, and hoisted the quilt over my prone nakedness, averting his eyes as he did so. I cuddled into the soft cotton, and instantly felt reassured.
Adrian, who was still looking away from me, asked if I was okay, and when I said ‘Yes’, he turned his head back, leaned forward and kissed me on my forehead. I elevated my face, and tried to kiss his lips, and he pulled back marginally, before allowing the kiss. I smelt and tasted an unknown muskiness on his mouth, but his breath was sweet on my tongue, and we kissed deeper, and held our embrace, before he then kissed my eyes, and pulled away. Looking up into his face, I could see a reluctance, and wondered if he wanted to kiss me more, but was concerned that I wouldn’t like it.

“Adrian, would you kiss me some more, please?”

He grinned, and for the first time, said used my name,

“If that’s what you’d like Caja? I’m more than happy to spend the rest of the afternoon kissing you!”

He lay down by the side of me, on the outside of the quilt though. As he moved, I saw plainly that at the front of his jeans, there was a bulge, he most definitely had an erection. He placed his arms around me as best he could, the edge of the quilt was just above my nipples, and I was very conscious of the warm skin of his arm resting on my naked back. The feeling of this, seemed to produce a tingle in my skin, and I felt so happy, just lying in his arms, in the sun streaming through the window.
We kissed, and again, although less now, I smelt and tasted the muskiness from before, and then I realised, it was my own vagina’s fragrance and tang, and I blushed again. Adrian moved his hand on my back, from where it had been resting on my shoulder, it then travelled downwards slowly.
He continued kissing me deeply.
The brushing of his fingertips felt like hot feathers being laid on my soft cool skin, and the tiny hairs on the nape of my neck, shivered. This was followed swiftly by a renewed tickle in-between my thighs, and I moved against him, as if my body was being directed without thought, and by some innermost instinct.
Adrian slid the palm of his hand, unhurriedly down to the base of my spine, and then outwards onto the large firm cheeks of my buttocks, cupping and caressing them soothingly. Removing his other hand from its reassuring position on my shoulders, he caressed the tops of my breasts lightly for a few seconds, before pushing under the quilt edging, and cupping one of my large breasts. His thumb brushed my nipple, it was already hard, achingly hard, and then he rotated his thumb, circling the scrunched skin of my areola, and I whimpered against his lips. Placing his whole hand over my tit, he squeezed gently, and then again, but now more vigorously, at the same time his other hand crushes my right buttock firmly, whilst he draws me confidently in against his torso.

Adrian’s tongue is surveying my mouth, constantly swirling, and exploring its depths. His moist warm breath increasing my randiness. I am powerless in his enfolding arms, as his hands now rove my naked body freely. I have my own hands on his back, but now, cautiously, I examine his hard physique with my palms and fingertips. Catching hold of the bottom of his T-shirt, I tug upwards, and he lets go of me, sits up, and pulls its thin cotton material right off him. On his lying down again, and as his now bare chest touches my naked boobs for the first time, I shiver, and Adrian draws me back into his embrace, crushing and mashing my tits against his powerful pectorals.
Suddenly feeling unusually self-confident, and before he can begin kissing me again, I turn my head to one side, and murmur through his hair, into his ear,

“Make love to me now Adrian, I want to feel you inside of me!”

I felt his upper body stiffen in my arms, before he asked,

“Are you sure?”

I urgently push my hand down to the front of his jeans, and clutched at the bulge I discovered there,
and replied,

I felt his penis stiffen even more inside his jeans, it seems suddenly extremely large, and this makes me feel slightly alarmed, would all that I could feel in my hand, fit inside of me?
Not once did my clouded mind, think of anything other than, the thought of him using me on the bed to fill me with his need, and seed, all as he took my virginity!
Did the idea, ‘will I get pregnant!’
Go through my mind.?
My body was firmly dictating its urge to be mated, to be mounted, and be filled with the healthy seeds of an eligible strong male. Adrian filled all my bedtime fantasies, all my night-time dreams, of who might take my virginity, and the feelings coursing through my body, were driving me on.
Luckily for me, Adrian was not so daft, he was more mature, he was no young boy, driven by his first experience with a young girl. He lifted away from me, and then, got up to stand at the end of the bed. I knew my chances of full sex were drifting away, and I lifted my arms towards him, imploring him to return to my side. The quilt now only partially covered me, and his eyes saw most of my nakedness, was he rejecting me finally, as he saw my body undressed?

“I haven’t got any condoms in the house, are you on the pill?” He asked.

I certainly wasn’t on the pill, but I wished at that moment I was, But I had to shake my head, my fervour chilled. Adrian was of course right, my senses came back to me, I certainly didn’t want to make the same mistake as my mother had!

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