12 Haziran 2020

The Breeding Party Part 4

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The Breeding Party Part 4
When she left the spa, Linda came to the unit to visit me where I was pulling C.Q. Duty. The runner, out of courtesy, got up and went outside the Orderly Room so we could talk in private, if we wished. He stepped out of the door, and Linda came around the desk to give me a hug and kiss me. She had changed back into her mini-skirt and see-through blouse, but, for modesty sake, had pulled on a light sweater to hide her breasts. She still wasn’t wearing any panties.

She pulled the chair around the end of the desk, and sat down, pulling the hem of the skirt high enough so that i could see her pussy, and undid the sweater so I could see her boobs. She set to telling me, in great detail, who she had seen that night, and what they had done to each other. She had a special way of relating such things that I enjoyed it as much as actually being there watching it happen. She also related how she had started teaching the landlord’s son how to please a woman. She told me what they had done in just as great a detail that it was as if I were watching them.

We talked for about 30 or 45 minutes. I asked if she had anything planned for tomorrow. She only knew that our friend would be back, probably early, for his second lesson, and to review what he had learned the day before. This made me laugh. Then she asked me about the young soldier who was my runner. I told her about him, the best I could. She asked me if I minded if she gave him a peek at the goodies. I told her that it would pendik escort be up to her. She nodded, so I stepped to the door, and told him that my wife wanted to meet him.

She had stood up, and re-buttoned her sweater. He introduced himself, and I introduced her to him. They talked for a few minutes, and she stood up and, when she sat back down, she had pulled her skirt back up. The hem was even with her pussy, so it was in full view. After she sat back down, she unbuttoned her sweater again., It would open on its own. He had placed his chair so it was between Linda and I, but off to the side. He sat down and looked over at her. BANG!!! Her pussy hit him straight between the eyes. I knew what he had seen from the way he gasped. I didn’t let on that I knew anything. Then I acted as if I were making an entry in the log, and, GASP!!! I knew what had happened. Her sweater had opened, and he could see her breasts as if she were topless. She was sitting there like she was getting something from her purse. It was sitting on the end of the desk. She was fully exposed to him. I had seen her use this same routine many times before, and would, most likely, see her use it again. She had her face turned down, but, couldn’t hide the sly smile on her lips. She loved teasing like this.

She found what she was “looking” for. The slip of paper our friend had given her. She showed it to me, and I returned it so she could put it away. She sat back in the chair as if nothing were happening. She adjusted in kurtköy escort the chair, which made her skirt ride a little higher. There was no doubt that he could fully see her pussy in front of him. It was nearly 0100 in the morning, so I knew that there wouldn’t be anybody coming in to disturb us. So did she.

She had asked if he were married, and he wasn’t. She also asked if her were serious about anybody. He wasn’t. She smiled at him, and stood up.Her skirt did NOT drop down to cover her. Her sweater was wide open, and her skirt was bunched near her waist. He was seeing her as if she was totally naked. She knew that there would be a sofa in the Commander’s office, or there would be a rug, at least, on the floor. She looked at him looking at her. I knew what she was thinking, and gave a slight nod. She took the sweater the rest of the way off and laid it across her purse. Looking at him, she unbuttoned her blouse, and pulled it out of her skirt, and removed it. Then she removed the skirt. She stepped over to him, her nude body open for his inspection. She took his hand, and helping him to his feet, placed it on her breast. She kissed him, placing his other hand on her mons,, so he could feel how soft IT was, too.

She let him feel her up, while she unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants. “Come witt me. She whispered. “I gonna gib you some my pussy. I wan you cum inside my hole.” He was nearly in a state of shock. He followed her into the other room. I put my finger to my lips, indicating kaynarca escort that she should be quiet. She nodded. She had done this , before.

They went into the office and she finished undressing him. She lay on the sofa, and held her pussy open a tiny bit. She always getting a man for the first time. He knelt down beside her and began eating her pussy. She had to put her fist in her mouth to keep from calling out. She slid down in the floor and turned to where they could go 69. They were having a GREAT evening. I was standing in the door so I could see everything they did.

They made each other cum, her several times, before he filled her mouth. I went in the latrine and brought her a wet paper towel. She cleaned him completely and wiped her face, then turned to present her ass to him “Doggy Style.” He grabbed a both hands full of soft ass, and started in. He pushed until he had completely penetrated her, all the way to his balls, and began to hump in and out of her. They fucked right there in the C.O.’s office, until, with a hard shove he went deep, and shot her full of his cum. She, upon feeling his last squirt, turned and cleaned him with her lips and tongue once more.

She helped him get dressed, and I told him to take a nap if he wanted. She put her clothes on, kissed me, and told me that I had better be ready to give it to her 2 or 3 times when I got home. She wanted to be nice and wet for the landlord’s son. Before anybody came around the next morning, I cautioned the runner that, as long as he kept quiet, he would be allowed to fuck her, again, as much as he wanted. If he talked about it, it would end. In the 6 months before I separated from the Army, he never, to my knowledge, told anyone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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