11 Haziran 2020

Tales of a Hustler—Caught in the Act, PT 1

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Tales of a Hustler—Caught in the Act, PT 1
Tales of a Hustler—Caught in the Act—PT 1

School zones were such a bitch. Ten miles an hour for what seems like an eternity. “Yo Matt—isn’t that the dude from Jerry’s that night we were all down there ? Hunter seemed excited with all the fresh young meat on display. “You mean the one getting his ass kicked”? “Ya, that’s him”. “Yo jump out dawg, and grab him—and Hunter, don’t hit none of those k I d s, they’re minors”.

Hunter jumped from the jeep and pulled off the bully from joey. A few bully buds standing around as ‘shields’ started to come after him, but one stance and a hard cold stare convinced them to change their minds. The two jumped back into the jeep, and we headed towards Joey’s house. We chit chatted a bit, and Joey filled us in that he was getting his ass stomped a couple of times a week. He said he was running out of excuses to tell his mom about the bruises and scars. I told him that cover shit would catch up to him—he needs to just come clean with his mom. He said maybe, but school would be out in a couple of weeks anyway.

We dropped Joey off and told him we would cruise by the school again on Monday—to look for the jeep and just run and jump in. If anybody asks anything, just tell them it was your big bro, lol.

Back at the crib I was feeling kinda lazy, so I shed the tee and knocked of the kicks, and took a vertical position on my back on the couch. Picking up the remote for an endless afternoon of channel surfing, Dustin comes walking up the hall way. Grabbing a coke, and then positioning himself between my legs, and resting his head right in my crotch. Crossing my legs over on his belly, he settled in like a baby in a blanket. Hunter kinda snickered a bit and offered “you two are sad, yo”. I glance back over my head and looking at hunter just said “whut”? Hunter went on with “I mean it’s like a little k I d smooching up to his idol or some shit—nothing wrong I guess, just a bit girly” Dustin sat up and jerked around, and flashing at Hunter “he is my idol punk, more than you could ever understand” “Oh yo dawg– I didn’t mean no shit about it, just an observation, that’s all” Hunter offered in defense.

Dustin jumped up from the couch, and heading for the kitchen, dropped his shorts, and exposing two perfect hairy mounds said “well observe this, bitch” Hunter waved him off, and Dustin grinning from ear to ear fished out two beers from the fridge. kaçak iddaa Returning to the couch and assuming his previous position, he took a good long slug of his beer. Hunter, continuing his irritation of Dustin, continued his questioning . “So like, when did you two first fuck “? Dustin, becoming increasingly irritated at Hunter’s questioning, spun around on the couch, and lowered his head to my belly. As he started licking up and down my chest and belly, he began reciting to Hunter; “well, you see dawg, it was just after my 14th birthday. Matthew had thrown me the most awesome party at the skate park. That was when he gave me my Tony Hawk skate board. I always liked hanging with him and his diamond dawgs, and wanted to be in the ‘crew’. Dustin paused, as he took a quick suck of my right tit, and then the left.

I begged and begged him for days. I already knew then that I wanted my big bro, and joining the crew would make that happen at the initiation.I started walking around the house in just my underwear—showing off my tite lil boy ass. It was well known at school that Matthew had the biggest cock—girls and bois both wanted it. At 14, I already had 7”, and it made a really nice bulge in my tightey whities. “ Dustin slid down to the bottom of my legs, and picking up my right foot, wrapped his mouth around it, and started sucking on each toe, one at a time. Hunter was now tring to hide his arousal at Dustin showing off while telling his story.

“He finally gave in, and set it up for the coming Saturday night. I hugged him, and told him I loved him so much. I remember he was wearing a rag top, and I got my first whiff of his bushy funk, and stole me a quick lick of his sweaty pits. He smelled like an a****l, and it made my dick hard as fuck. I had flashbacks of the day he came back home—after dad took off for Mexico. He was laying there on the couch on his back, just like now. I walked up close to him, not remembering him. He stunk like a pig—feet and pits were ripe as fuck. I didn’t understand yet, but I knew I wanted it. Hunter was now panting, and slumping down in the chair. By now the twins had emerged, and quitely took a seat on the smaller couch, and listened in. Dustin, now switching over to my left foot, and running his tongue all over it, continued. “ I ran down the hall to my bedroom, and started jackin off. It didn’t take long for me to bust, and even then shot enough jizz to cover my belly.

Dustin kaçak bahis started popping the buttons on my 501’s. “So that night, that he said I could join the crew, which would be the youngest ever, I asked Matthew if I could come down to his room and hang out with him.
He had never let me down in the basement, but he finally gave in to that too. We were just chillin, laying on the bed watching TV. I asked him if getting initiated meant I had to get fucked by all the guys, and he said yes—If I wanted in he wasn’t making any exception cause I was his lil bro.” Dustin had now hauled out my half hard cock, and was slowly stroking it up and down. He had bent down and took a long slow huff of my musky balls and ass crack, while watching the other guys getting worked up at his display. “I told Matthew that I wanted him to fuck me now—before the initiation, cause I wanted him, the big high school all star football jock to take my cherry” Dustin had now engulfed my cock into his mouth, and slowly started going up and down on my thick veiny jock cock.

He came up to continue, “So agreeing to be the one, but warning me, that he was really big, and that it would hurt, I just replied I didn’t care. To do me just like him and the guys will do come Saturday night. I told him I wanted his thick jock juice buried deep in my guts, so it wouldn’t shit out . He just nodded, and I climbed up on top of him, just like now. I rubbed my ass up and down his belly, making his dick get super hard. I could feel his fuck juice ozzing out from the head of his dick, and the fur on his belly tickling my balls. I reached over to the nite stand and grabbed the bottle of lube.” Dustin looked over at the twins, and repeated “I reached over to the nite stand and grabbed the bottler of lube” Suddenly ‘getting it’ Cody jumped up and ran to my room, and returned with the bottle of slick. Throwing it at Dustin, he snapped the bottle open, and holding it in the air, squirted a long stream straight down to my pulsating dick. Without even rubbing it in, he sat his still super tight jock hole down on my super hard jock cock. “I knew it was gonna hurt like fuck, but I didn’t care. I sat down on Matthew’s huge mushroom cockhead, already leaking fuck juice, and f o r c e d my hole to open up for his manhood. My eyes rolled back to the back of my head, and I lifted my hands that were supporting me, and plunged the rest of his 10” up to my guts. I let out a güvenilir bahis scream like a banshi, and Matthew jumped up to push me off. But I grabbed him by the neck, and hollared at him ‘NO’, and pushed my b o I ass down again on his massive cock. I rode my big bro like a punk in heat. Thoughts of Texas most famous high school quarterback fucking my ass, and the pressure it was putting on my tiny little boi hole made my dick so hard that my head started turning purple. I started pulling on it hard as I could. I yanked it so hard that it hurt.” As Dustin continued his story, he started riding my cock like a pro, squeezing it hard as he could.

“Suddenly Matthew let out “oh fuck” and grabbing me by the waist, slammed his cock deep into my guts, and unloaded his hot jock cum in me. I remember feeling spurt after spurt, filling my hole to the point it started spilling out. But he kept ramming, and ramming, and still spurting his junk into my ass. It lasted for what seemed forever. Finally he subsided, and I came off his dick, but quickly got my head down between his legs. Then swallowing his still half hard cock, I sucked up all the jizz I could get”

By now most of the bois had their dicks out, and jacking them a hundred miles an hour. Dustin jumped to the floor, with still a mouth full of cum, just like that night. He walked over to Hunter, who was just about to blow his wad. Dustin grabbed him by the hair, and as he opened his mouth to exclaim, Dustin dropped my load into Hunter’s mouth. Surprised, Hunter immediately swallowed my nut, and at the same time blew his own nut about 5 feet across the room. He shot about 3 ropes of thick juicy cum, and then the twins each shot their own in the same direction. Being the pig that he had come to be, my lil bro dropped to his knees and started licking up all the jizz from the floor. Once again, he went over to Hunter, and this time grabbing his jaw, and f o r c I n g his mouth open, dropped yet another mixed load of jizz into Hunters mouth.

The room got unusually quite. Then Dustin, flashing a big pearly white smile at Hunter said “Yo dawg, that’s about 2 grand worth of jock jizz you just got in ur mouth. I trust you won’t be giving me no more shit “? Hunter just shook his head up and down.

As we started grabbing for shorts, and sweats, or whatever, there was a noise that sounded like one of those ‘clearing throat’ that people do when they want your attention. Forgetting that all the windows were up, and the doors standing wide open, letting in the summer breeze, I look towards the front door. There stood Joey just inside the door. “Oh fuck” was about all I could muster. “Oh fuck” was Joey’s response.

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