24 Ocak 2023

Swinging At Sea Ep. 01

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This is the first part of Swinging At Sea.

As always this story takes place in a happy alternate reality where people don’t worry about pandemics, STD’s, or the need for birth control. Please forgive the creative liberties I took with the rules and regulations aboard cruise ships.


Blizzarde: First person narrator of this story. A thirty-four-year-old wife seeking to rekindle romance and erotic fun with her husband.

Xander: My thirty-nine-year-old husband who has taken me on a cruise.

Calliope and Zane: Former neighbors of ours who we run into our first night aboard.

As always I welcome your comments. I hope you enjoy reading!



First Day Aboard

My husband Xander and I were on a cruise. We’d hoped the romantic getaway would help us rekindle our sex life and get us used to being alone together again.

Up until the last year or so we’d had a pretty great sex life. We were both adventuresome and curious when it came to sex, and there wasn’t much that we hadn’t tried together. After several years of dating and then marriage we’d tried every position we could imagine, along with lots of toys and outfits and even several roleplays.

We even enjoyed giving and receiving pleasure to each other so much that we’d once gone to a swinger’s club. We’d spent the evening dancing while almost completely undressed, and we’d even spent time in a semi-private room watching three other couples’ fuck. We’d left the club so turned on that he fingered me to two orgasms while he drove us home, and I went down on him, getting a mouthful of salty cum just as we pulled into our neighborhood.

I kept sucking him through his orgasm and he stayed hard, and before our garage door was all the way back down, he had me bent over the front of the SUV and pumped me full of another load as I orgasmed over and over on his cock.

We’d decided that on the next visit to the club we’d go even further, and then two things happened to derail that plan.

The first was that the club closed. Apparently, the owners had passed away in an accident and their extended family didn’t want to run a business like that so the building was sold.

The second was that my sister moved in with us. She was going through a divorce and needed a place to stay for a few months, which turned into a year.

I love her dearly, but she sure killed our sex life. We went from creative and constant sex with nonstop nudity and foreplay to keeping our sexual encounters in the bedroom while doing our best to keep the noise to minimum.

After a year of biting pillows during orgasms and not being able to enjoy each others naked bodies in every room of the house we had really gotten into a fairly boring routine. When she moved into her own place we rewarded ourselves by booking a cruise.

We figured that the warm weather, change of scenery, and time spent alone together would be just the thing to jump start a new chapter of adventuresome sex, and a chance to pull ourselves out of the sexual rut we’d found ourselves in.

Our hope was that a week of fucking and sucking and tickling and teasing each other in a new environment would remind us how to be perverts once we got home. We’d even heard that many swingers frequented these cruises, so we agreed that if the opportunity came along to play in front of another couple, or even with another couple, we’d definitely go for it.

On our first night aboard we’d been lounging naked on our private balcony, in the beginning stages of what promised to be some steamy foreplay when we realized that we hadn’t used our free drink vouchers. They’d been given to us when we came aboard and were good for the first night only.

Reasoning that we had the rest of the nine-day voyage to fuck each other silly we got dressed and with just eight minutes to spare before midnight, we found a nearly deserted lounge. A few minutes later we found a comfortable table and sat down with two margaritas.

“To a perfect getaway.” I said, holding my drink up.

“To romance.” Xander replied.

“To draining so much cum out of your cock this week that you forget your name.” I said with a wicked smile.

“To fucking you in every position I can imagine.” He said with a chuckle, clinking his glass against mine.

We each took a drink, and I felt a free sense of adventure. We needed this vacation.

“So what’s the plan for tonight?” I asked. “Do you expect to get me drunk and take advantage of me?”

“I plan to get you down on all fours and tease you until you beg for some cock.” He said.

“That shouldn’t present too much of a challenge,” I said, “I’m practically ready to start begging right here in this lounge.”

“Shame on you Xander!” boomed a deep voice.

We looked up and saw a tall handsome man standing next to our table. Next to him was his wife, a stunning brunette.

“I agree!” she said. “You should know better than to make Blizzarde have to beg for anything!”

“Holy fuck!” I istanbul travesti squealed in delight. “What the hell are you two doing here?” I jumped up and wrapped my arms around both of them at the same time.

Their names were Calliope and Zane and they’d been neighbors of ours until about six years ago. They’d moved north to take care of Zane’s elderly mother, and we hadn’t seen them in all that time.

They both hugged me back, and then Zane lifted me up and twirled me around, before dropping me and catching Xander in a bear hug as he too stood to join us.

“We take lots of cruises, remember? Besides aren’t we entitled to a little vacation?” asked Calliope, leaning in to give Xander a kiss on the cheek.

“But how the hell did you end up here? On this cruise?” I asked, gesturing at the two of them to join us at our table.

Zane sat down next to Xander, and Calliope slid in next to me, putting an arm around my shoulder.

“First things first.” Said Zane. “We need to catch up. Are the margaritas good?”

“They’re excellent.” Xander said.

“Then I’ll go get us all some.” Declared Zane.

He moved off towards the bar and Calliope gave me a squeeze.

“I can never decide which is prettier.” She said. “You or your name. After all this time I still don’t know where it came from. Who on earth decided to name you Blizzrde?”

“My parents had been married for just about a year when they were snowed into their apartment for several days due to a horrible snow storm.” I replied. “My mother told me the power was out for two whole days and they had absolutely nothing to do but fuck and sleep and fuck some more. She’s fairly certain that’s when I was conceived.”

“Well that sounds like a perfectly good way to use ones time.” Calliope said.

“That’s our plan for this cruise.” Xander laughed.

“Well Zane and I promise not to keep you from your sexual pleasure too much longer!” smiled Calliope. “You both looked about to dash back to your cabin when we came in.”

I blushed and Xander and I both laughed.

“Was it that obvious?” I asked.

“Oh my yes.” Replied Calliope. “Being a wanton slut who enjoys sex more than life itself I can always recognize that level of lust in another.”

Within moments Zane returned and there were four more margaritas in front of us. We toasted first to ‘old friends’, and then to ‘new adventures’.

Not only were Zane and Calliope old neighbors and old friends, they were the ones who had first invited us to the swingers club all those years ago. At the time we’d been too hesitant to take them up on their offer, but it had resulted in adding a layer of flirtation and openness about sex between the four of us.

More than once we’d ended up in their pool late at night swimming naked, and Calliope and I had had some erotically flirtatious conversations many mornings over coffee after our husbands had left for work.

Often those conversations left me so horny that the minute I was alone I’d masturbate to two or three orgasms. Calliope had been the first woman I’d ever seriously fantasized about while I came.

They were a few years older than us, but that hadn’t kept them from being among our best friends in our neighborhood. Xander is thirty-nine and I’m five years younger than he is, and Calliope was forty-seven while Zane was fifty-one.

“So how did you end up on this cruise?” I asked again.

“Carter and Emily told us.” Said Calliope. “We called them to catch up and we got to gossiping about the old gang, and when we asked about you they said that you’d had a houseguest for an extended time and were about to celebrate getting your freedom back by taking this cruise.”

“We’d actually invited them to come with us,” said Xander, “but they’re a bit preoccupied with a houseguest of their own at the moment.”

“Emily told us that,” said Zane, “and after we got off the phone with them we got to talking about old times, and decided to surprise you two.”

“Well we’re glad you’re here.” Said Xander.

“Are you sure you feel that way?” asked Calliope. “After we got aboard I began having second thoughts. I was afraid we were intruding on your time together.”

“Of course we feel that way!” I said. “We’re just planning to do some reading in the sun, some drinking, some eating, some sightseeing, and have lots and lots of sex to fill out the rest of the week!”

“To cruise sex and old friends!” said Zane.

We all laughed and raised our glasses with the other couple and drank. This was my second margarita in the space of several minutes, and I felt pleasantly warm and relaxed.

“So how has your sex life been?” asked Calliope, looking at the two of us.

“The past year has been fairly uneventful,” said Xander, “what with having Blizzarde’s sister living with us and all.”

“This cruise is really our first chance to cut loose for an extended amount of time.” I told them. “We definitely have been running low on kinky and perverted fun for a while now.”

“Well,” istanbul travestileri said Zane, “one of the reasons that we love to cruise is that it always does wonders for our sex life.”

“We sure could use that.” Said Xander. “Things were definitely on the right track a year ago, but the past twelve months have taken a definite toll.”

“Oh, please tell us about the right track!” said Calliope with a twinkle in her eye. “That sounds very promising.”

“We finally visited the club you had invited us to all those years ago.” I said. “And we loved it. So much that we were planning a return visit when it closed down.”

“We had heard that it closed.” Said Zane. “A setback for perverts all over the state!”

“Well a setback for us anyway.” Said Xander. “We hadn’t fully enjoyed our first visit since we were just sort of exploring. The second trip was going to be the one where we really cut loose.”

“And when did your sister arrive?” asked Calliope.

“About the same week the club closed, two weeks after we were first there.” I said. “Just in time to throw a wet blanket on our lust.”

“Well at least you got to play that first visit, even if you didn’t really take full advantage.” Said Zane. “Our first visit was certainly our tamest one as well.”

“We didn’t really play even, that first time.” I said. “We just watched and kept our hands to ourselves.”

“Until we got in the car to head home.” Laughed Xander.

“Okay I’m going to need some details,” said Calliope. “and another drink.”

“We’ll happily share any details with you that you want to hear,” I said, “but only if you tell us about some of your visits to that club, and let us buy the next round.”

“Your wife drives a hard bargain!” Zane declared.

“I happen to like hard things.” I said with a wink.

“Nevertheless,” Zane said with a laugh, “It’s one bargain we will happily accept. Come to the bar with me Xander, while the ladies find us somewhere a bit more private and comfortable to talk. And to share.”

Xander and I looked at each other, and as strange as it sounds, their confidence, the alcohol, the late hour, and the fact that we’d been ready to fuck already once that night all worked together in the moment, and we simultaneously shrugged as if to say ‘why not?’.

We weren’t certain, but it felt like something sexual could happen between the four of us, even if it didn’t go any further than a flirtatious conversation.

The four of us got up, and as the men headed to the bar I followed Calliope around the corner and up a short flight of stairs to a secluded observation balcony, with comfortable high backed booths grouped around short patio tables in cozy conversation circles. The booths were arranged in such a way as to provide almost total privacy.

We selected two near the railing and settled in to enjoy the soft ocean breeze. Calliope kicked her sandals off and stretched her bare feet out past the railing, and she looked so comfortable I did the same.

“I can’t get over what a surprise it was to see you.” I told her quietly. “We had even agreed that if the opportunity to play with another couple came up on this cruise that we were going to go for it. And who should appear but two people that we’re already comfortable with and attracted to.”

“Attracted to?” she asked with a grin. “Well that’s certainly encouraging news.”

“Oh yes.” I giggled. “Xander used to stay hard for hours after the four of us would swim together naked at your place. Your body really turns him on.”

“Well it’s good to know that at least one of you is interested.” She said softly. “Both of us certainly are. We used to fantasize about playing with you both as well.”

“It’s not just one of us.” I said to her, looking into her eyes in the soft moonlight. “You and Zane have both always made me horny.”

“If I knew that some of those morning coffee conversations could have been much more interesting.” She said with a wink.

Even as I suddenly blushed I could feel my belly tighten with pure lust as I realized what she meant.

“You mean……?” I asked. “That you would have…..”

“Blizzarde,” she whispered, “I’ve wanted to taste your pussy and make you cum since the moment I met you.”

“Oh wow.” I said, feeling my heart skip a beat. “I think this cruise just got even more sexually interesting than we’d planned for it to be.”

“Sexually interesting is our plan for this cruise too.” She assured me. “If you and Xander aren’t ready to play with us, or if you just prefer to concentrate on each other, we are definitely planning to keep an eye open to opportunities to play.”

“I think we’re definitely interested.” I said softly, thinking back to how hard Xander would pound my pussy with his throbbing cock after seeing Calliope naked.

“Well then,” said Calliope, sliding just a bit closer to me on the loveseat. She placed her hand on my thigh and I felt a bolt of heat push through my entire body.

But we were suddenly travesti istanbul interrupted by the arrival of Xander and Zane.

“I told you we’d find them here.” Zane told Xander. He held out a champagne glass to me while Xander handed one to Calliope. “My wife is a creature of habit, and this is one of her favorite places to be after midnight on this ship.”

“Champagne! How positively perfect!” Calliope said. “Xander was this your idea?”

“The champagne was my idea my dear!” said Zane, “But Xander insisted on this being their treat.”

Zane sat down next to me and Xander held out the bottle of golden nectar and poured some for each of us in turn. Then he sat opposite me next to Calliope, and without a word we clinked our glasses together and sipped.

“Splendid!” exclaimed Calliope. “On behalf of my husband and myself I want to thank you both!”

“A bottle of champagne seems a small price to pay to reconnect with some old friends.” I said with a smile.

“So what sort of interesting things shall we discuss, now that the four of us are experiencing a bit of privacy?” asked Zane as he settled in beside me.

“Blizzarde was going to tell us about their visit to the swingers club.” Calliope said.

“The two of you had invited us, and we really wanted to go but were a bit shy about it.” I said. “We weren’t sure we were ready to take that step. But more than once both of you said it was a turning point in your sex life.”

“Indeed!” Zane said. “It’s turned everything around for us. Not just our sex life. Our entire existence has turned around.”

“You make it sound like some sort of cult.” Chuckled Xander.

“Nothing like that.” Calliope said with a laugh. “It’s just that after we’d been married for a few years we’d fucked in every position we could think of, and we’d tickled and licked and sucked everything we could imagine in an effort to give each other pleasure.”

“The sex wasn’t bad,” Zane put in, “both of us had orgasms and both of us were enjoying it. We’ve both always enjoyed sex a lot. But it just felt a bit dry and stale.”

“Absolutely!” Calliope nodded. “We were definitely enjoying it. We both wanted it and needed it. But we found ourselves no longer lusting after it.”

“It was a matter of quality, and quantity.” Zane said. “It just wasn’t new anymore. We both wanted more. We both craved more.”

I looked over at Xander and saw him looking at me. We could both definitely identify with this.

“Can you folks relate to any of this? Does this make any sense?” Zane asked.

He took the bottle of champagne and began to top off everyone’s glass. I took another sip while trying to figure out an answer.

“I think we both can.” I said softly. “We’re just as interested in sex as we used to be. But the frequency has fallen way off. Before my sister moved in we would walk around the house naked and fuck just about everywhere.”

“I remember stopping by to return one of your coolers once.” Said Calliope. “I came around the back of the house to put it by your back door and I happened to glance through your kitchen window. You were sitting on the counter with your legs spread and Xander was licking and sucking your clit like you were going to die if he didn’t.”

“Well I didn’t die.” I said. “So he must have done his job well.”

“Very well from my vantage point.” Said Calliope. “It took all my willpower not to barge in and ask for some of the same.”

“You should have.” Said Xander. “After all what are neighbors for if not to help each other?”

“Not to mention that having Xander’s tongue on your clitoris is one of the greatest favors you can do for yourself.” I said. “Trust me.”

“Xander I’m going to definitely need to test that claim for accuracy.” Said Calliope softly. “And sooner rather than later.”

“Anyway,” I continued, “once my sister moved in all of that fun stopped. At least the stuff outside the bedroom. No more kitchen orgasms, or living room hand-jobs or garage blowjobs or fucking on the dining room table.”

“We go to hotels now and then,” Xander said, “but that gets expensive if you pay for a room every time you want to fuck.”

“Plus at a hotel you have to keep the noise down.” I said. “Which was also a consideration at home even with just the two of us.”

“I do recall Xander telling us once that you are a bit of a screamer.” Zane said.

“You recall correctly.” Said Xander with a laugh.

“So to answer your question,” I said, “there’s nothing wrong with our sex life, except that it’s been on life support for months, receiving only occasional transfusions.”

“We are definitely looking forward to getting back to what we once had.” Xander said. “Or maybe even having more than we once had.”

“Of course,” Calliope said, “we were the same. That’s what caused us to venture into the world of swinging. We wanted more. We each wanted to give more pleasure, and we each wanted to receive more pleasure. And we discovered that opening up our relationship gave us those opportunities in erotic ways we couldn’t even imagine. Opportunities to share that pleasure with others.”

She paused and made eye contact with first Xander and then myself. The sound of the waves below and the gentle ocean breeze added to the moment.

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