8 Haziran 2020

Spring Break Fling Lesbian

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Spring Break Fling Lesbian
It was a hot night in Myrtle Beach but that did not stop me from wanting to dance. After a day lying on the beach and swimming and looking at all that man meat, I was ready for some f-u-n and hoping to get laid. It had been month’s since I had a cock and I was so horny looking at all that oiled man candy. I had found the ideal outfit while cruising along the Boardwalk shops; a satin-like tank top and matching running short set in a bright aquamarine color that made my sun-bronzed skin seem to glow. A skimpy white thong and some sandals and I was ready for the evening.

As I walked into the air-conditioned nightclub, the pounding of the music was so profound that I could feel it in my bones. The chill in the air made my nipples standout and gave me goose pimples along my arms and legs. I needed to get the old blood moving so I made my way straight to the dance floor. Like most places, there was one area were all the dancers were women, dancing either as singles or in some loose pack. I moved to the edge of one such pack and began to move with the beat of the bass line. As the music swept through me I closed my eyes and gave myself over to it, shifting my body in joyous celebration.

As I had danced, the pack had moved and flowed around me, placing me at the center. I sensed another woman moving close behind me and then felt her breasts against my back and her hands on my hips. We moved together in a sensuous grind as the others swirled about us. Her hands began to move up along my flanks and then underneath the tank top, grazing the underside of my breasts. In a wicked mood, I closed my eyes and surrendered to the sensation as her hands brushed across my erect nipples, sending shock waves through my entire body. Emboldened by my acceptance, she began to stroke and pinch my nipples as I ground my ass against her groin.

Another of the women moved up against my front as we swayed to the music. Her hands moved upwards along my legs and under the rear of my running shorts to cup my buns. Between the hands on my breasts and the ones caressing my ass, I was really becoming aroused, and the verge of climaxing right there on the dance floor. The woman behind me began to kiss the side of my neck as the one in front of me pressed her lips to mine, her tongue darting between my lips to tease my own.

The song ended and we reluctantly separated as the band put down their instruments and began a break. We moved over to a table in the corner and I was handed a chilled white wine. As I sipped the wine I observed my dance partners, two of the older girls in my sorority at college. The one who had been behind me was Ingrid, an absolute knockout of Scandinavian beauty – almost six feet canlı bahis siteleri tall, long blonde hair so pale it was almost white, eyes so blue they looked like pieces of the sky, perfect body barely concealed by her halter top and shorts. Her roommate Veronica (Ronnie) was the other – petite, raven haired, green eyed – also dressed provocatively in a micro-mini of electric blue.

While the band’s rest break came to a close, we talked about college and the sorority and the lack of good men. Ingrid made a comment who needs men and we all laughed thinking nothing of the comment. They both had seen me at pledge week and at the induction, but had not had any opportunity to seek me out during the spring term. They could not believe their eyes when I came into the club; I was the last person they had expected to see in Myrtle Beach during spring break. Most freshmen went home. I explained that I was planning of heading home on Monday but intended to enjoy a few days of fun (meaning hoping to get laid)and sun before then. They both promised to help me meet those goals as the band started up again.

As we returned to the dance floor, Ingrid and I gathered around Ronnie. I was unsure about being too forward on the dance floor. But Ingrid soon had Ronnie swaying against her. I moved along behind her and then reached a tentative hand to caress Ronnie’s hip. The silky material of her dress made it feel like I was touching her bare skin and I had this overwhelming flash of what it must be like to actually caress that smooth flesh. Almost of had been, its own volition, my hand moved down her side and under the hem of that mini to find that Ronnie, like myself, preferred thongs. Her naked buttock was as silky as her dress even smoother than I had imagined as my pussy started getting wet.

The next dance number found Ingrid in the middle of us, and made a point of seeking her firm proud breasts by easing my hands in at the sides of her halter, cupping them like a living bra. I rubbed their hard points between my thumb and fingers, causing her to groan a little as I tweaked them harder. Meanwhile Ronnie was stroking the insides of Ingrid’s thighs, her fingers brushing the outer edge of her shorts.

There was no doubt where this evening was heading as we all could feel the sexual tension. Whenever we danced, we found every opportunity to touch one another. Occasionally another woman would join in, but for the most part, it was if the three of us were alone. We paid no attention to those around us, but I am quite sure we put on quite a show for everyone there. Finally, we knew it was time to leave the club.

We walked out onto the Boardwalk and turned along the beachfront. It was agreed that I would mobilbahis join them at their hotel because it was closer and they had a larger room with a better view of the beach. We would stop every so often to kiss and touch one another, keeping are juices flowing and the fires burning. We entwined in the elevator since we had it to ourselves. Ingrid pulled my top off and she and Ronnie soon began to suckle my nipples. I pulled Ingrid’s halter aside and fondled one breast while my other hand explored Ronnie’s delightful ass. When the doors parted at the correct floor, we ran down the hall to their room, still half naked. Once the door closed, Ronnie pulled her dress off over her head and Ingrid and I shucked off our shorts.

We all fell onto the king sized bed and resumed our kissing and caressing. I captured Ingrid’s right breast with my mouth, pulling and biting her nipple with my teeth. Ronnie was busy stroking and caressing my sides and breasts, pinching the nipples and then kissing and sucking them. Ingrid pulled away from me and then moved my arm upwards toward the head of the bed just as Ronnie did the same with my right arm. They each tied my hands to the headboard with soft scarves, trapping me.

I had never done this and I found the idea both scary and exhilarating. They each began to slowly caress my body, Ingrid the left side and Ronnie the right. Without a word, they tugged my thong down my legs baring my trimmed pubis to their gaze. Then they tied my ankles with other scarves. I was now trapped, completely exposed to their gaze and whatever their intentions were. Now they both began to kiss each other, caressing each other’s breast and sides, cupping buttocks and stroking thighs. They pulled one another’s panties off and then resumed kissing and touching.

I had seen other women make love before but never from such a disadvantage. Bound as I was, I could only groan as my own sexual tensions mounted. Seeing their hands moving between the others thighs, parting the outer and inner lips to stroke clits and plumb the slick passages made my own body cry out to be touched. The heady musk of their arousal added to my own passions, and seeing Ronnie shudder as Ingrid brought her over the edge made me quiver in sympathy. I wanted….I needed….I craved.

I knew they could see my condition. I could feel my juices running down the crack of my ass and knew my outer lips had swollen open to expose my molten core. Ingrid fell on me, her lips against mine and her tongue dancing within my mouth. Her hands pinched and pulled my nipples as Ronnie’s hands moved along my legs and sides. Surprisingly, Ronnie untied my right leg and then moved up to untie my right arm. Ingrid pulled me mobilbahis giriş onto my side and the Ronnie retied my arm. As Ingrid licked and sucked on my nipples, Ronnie began to kiss and caress my back, her tongue making a slow sensual path down my spine. Both Ingrid and Ronnie’s tongue crossed my waist at the same moment. Ingrid moved my free right leg onto her shoulder as she moved my mouth across my abdomen. Ronnie’s hands stroked my buttocks, her fingertips brushing long the dusky crevasse between them. As one both leaned forward, their mouths touching me simultaneously, Ingrid’s tongue on my clit as Ronnie’s found my anus.

I exploded….there is no other way to describe it. I came so hard and so long that I lost conscious thought. Neither woman let up, their mouths and fingers explored, teased, and caressed me through several more orgasms. As Ingrid sucked and nibbled on my clit, she slid her fingers deep inside my soaked pussy, Ronnie simultaneously filled my ass with her fingers. I shook and screamed as another powerful wave rocked me.

I realized that Ingrid’s shaved pussy was right in front of my face and I buried my tongue deep inside, slurping up her sweet juices, Oh, how I wanted my hands free! As if reading my mind, Ronnie untied my arms and I spread Ingrid’s lips with one hand while I slowly pushed several fingers into her. She was so wet that I had to try, so I curled my thumb tight against my palm and slowly slid my entire hand inside her, filling her. She started to grunt and gasp as I pumped by fist inside her. Ronnie had moved behind her and was fingering and tonguing Ingrid’s ass, while her hands twisted Ingrid’s nipples. Ingrid’s entire body began to shudder as she came, her juices almost squirting out in a gush, coating my arms and face.

I disengaged from Ingrid and turned as Ronnie filled my arms. Our mouths and tongues battled as we kissed, her hands tangling in my hair as I pulled her atop me, her legs straddling me. Ingrid slipped from the bed and returned with a double headed strap on. She placed the straps about her hips, the shorter end slipping inside her, and then she coated the larger, longer end with K-Y jelly. She slipped behind Ronnie and then slowly pushed the dildo into Ronnie’s ass. Ronnie’s whole back arched as the hard rubber dong filled her. Ingrid began to pump Ronnie’s ass and also began to rub Ronnie’s clit. I concentrated on Ronnie’s nipples and breasts. It took only a few moments before Ronnie lost control, screaming and thrashing as she came. Ingrid, too, came from the complimenting pummeling of her own canal from the strap-on.

I slipped from the bed and helped Ingrid unstrap the dildo and then, using warm washcloths, gently cleaned up Ronnie and Ingrid, and then finally myself. I crawled back into the bed with them both my pussy was still on fire and said I’m next strap that thing on. They both took turns fucking me with that strapon thought out the night as I had many orgasms from my new friends.

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