11 Haziran 2020

Sex on black leather.

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Sex on black leather.
My wife and I had a fun session a couple of evenings ago. We were in our lounge watching TV on our sofa. We started getting amorous, beginning as usual with a kiss, her leg rubbing against mine, then my hand on her nylon clad knee creeping up her thigh and under her skirt. A few minutes later we were wrapped round each other on the big rug in the middle of the floor slowly undressing each other.

My wife had a sex bomb figure when we married. Now in her thirties, apart from being a bit plumper and her breasts bigger her figure’s still pretty hot with good legs, big but firm boobs and a neat little bush of dark brown pubes between her thighs.

We’d got each other nude and I was slowly working her up hot, kissing her breasts and flicking her nipples with my tongue, gently massaging her furry sex mound and stroking her vagina lips. She was doing the same for me, stroking the inside tops of my thighs, tickling my balls, lightly stroking my shaft, and taking just the head of my penis into her mouth and massaging it with her lips and tongue while I ran my hands over her naked body. I was about to get on top of her for missionary position when she squirmed out of my clutches.

We’d recently bought a big black antique leather arm chair with wide arms. My wife climbed onto it and got into a position canlı bahis şirketleri kneeling with one knee on each arm with her back toward me and leaning toward the back of the chair. Perched like that she looked penis straining hot with her smooth round bottom toward me gleaming under the lights, her heavy breasts swinging, her thighs invitingly spread wide with her furry pussy showing out below her bum cheeks. She looked at me over her shoulder and I saw her fingers peep out between her legs from behind as she fingered her pussy.

“Like this!” she said softly, but with excitement in her voice!

Both of us are always looking for new and interesting sex positions, and she’d never asked for sex like that before! My hands started on her spread thighs, stroking the inside tops just below her pussy, roamed over her bum cheeks tickling her down her bum crack the way she likes, and slowly worked toward her furry cunt mound, and I kissed her naked back as my hands played with her. My penis was up hard and I was frantic to have her.

She began to get excited, moaning and trying to strain her legs even wider. When my fingers reached her pussy I found her vagina lips were well oiled with her juice and her pubic hair was sopping with her sex juice. I began to stroke her vagina lips smoothly and rhythmically canlı kaçak iddaa along their length with my fingertips while continuing to caress her bare thigh and her naked bottom with my other hand. Soon she was whimpering and trembling with arousal and I moved my fingertips to the little peak of her clit, between the folds of her arousal swollen juice soaked labia at the top of her vagina.

It wasn’t long before her orgasm exploded. Her whole body tensed, her back arched as she thrust her pussy hard against my hand, she gave a series of little cries culminating in her orgasm shriek and her breasts bounced as her body juddered with the pulses of her sex climax.

For a minute or so afterwards she knelt there with her spread knees still on the arms of the chair, flopped forward panting as she enjoyed her afterglow. I stood behind her holding my hand cupped between her legs gently massaging her throbbing mound and prodding her bum cheek with the head of my erect cock, as if she needed reminding I was there. She looked at me over her shoulder and grinned – she knew what to expect from me after a finger fuck!

I held her spread thighs and pulled her against me. I savoured the pleasure of sliding my lust swollen penis head along the soft smooth valley between her bum cheeks and of poking her vagina lips canlı kaçak bahis with my penis head. Then I slid in full length. Some guys like smooth shaven pussies, but I love the feel of my wife’s pubes brushing against my tight shaft!

Her vagina was as deliciously warm and tight as ever, and as always after she’s climaxed she was well juiced. I pumped her firmly and methodically. A climax always leaves my wife’s vagina excited and aroused for a second orgasm. She climaxed again while I was shagging her and I held her thighs tight as she gasped and involuntarily thrust her thighs.

Then it was my turn! I pumped her hard, using the full length of my erect penis, thrusting my hips against her bottom. I pushed her against the back of the chair with my orgasm thrust as my cum rose and my penis spurted exquisitely inside her. My cock was still half erect when I slid out of her and I wrapped my thumb and forefinger round my shaft to wank the last pulses of pleasure out of my cock and the last spurts of semen into her bum crack.

I staggered back, picked up my wife’s cream coloured satin panties from the rug and used them to wipe the last strand of semen dangling from my cock as I stood watching the semen mixed with her juice slowly trickling down my wife’s spread thighs from her gaping vagina.

After a romp and shag like that we decided that was enough sex for one night. We took a shower together and went to bed. That antique chair must be nearly a hundred years old and now every time we look at it we wonder how many other men have had their women on it the way we did!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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