27 Mart 2023

Sanborn Retreat Pt. 03

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“Well, do you know what we do?” Dakota asked as she and Catherine entered the dining hall. The room was large, even larger than she expected. The tall, sloped ceilings and the dark beams running the room’s length only added to its grandeur. On the far end was a stage, and the remainder of the spaces was filled with rows of tables. Some were filled with groups of scantily clad women, although the room was mostly empty; perhaps it was still early for lunch. Regardless, it was a bit overwhelming, and Dakota was glad when Catherine took the lead.

“It looks like people are lining up over there; I guess we should join them.”

Near the back of the room was a table, behind which two women wearing the camp’s uniforms stood. They were dolling out ladles of something, although Dakota couldn’t tell what it was until she and Catherine got closer. Grabbing a tray and set of dishes each, they were fortunate to be at the front of the line before too long.

“One scoop or two, dear?” the woman at the first pot asked Dakota as she approached.

“Um, two, I guess.”

“Here you go,” the woman doled out the portion before turning to serve Catherine.

Looking into her bowl, Dakota discovered that their lunch was some sort of stew. Judging by the beans and ground meat, she guessed it might have been chili. The toppings station all but confirmed this, bowls of shredded cheese and sour cream filled to the brim. Dakota took a big spoonful of each, grabbing a piece of cornbread from the table.

“Don’t forget one of these,” the second woman working the table set a white, individually wrapped tablet on Dakota’s tray. She thought it may be a dinner mint, although it didn’t look like any she had seen before. Fortunately, the woman cleared up any confusion. “It’s to keep you from getting sick,” she winked, “You just let it dissolve on your tongue; don’t swallow it whole or chew it. Oh, and take it only after eating your lunch.”

Dakota clued in that it was likely the medication Amelia was telling her about earlier. Studying the pill more closely, she could just make out a few letters etched into the surface. “What’s in it?” Dakota asked the woman.

“Well, I can’t tell you that. Both because I’m not allowed, and I don’t really know,” the woman chuckled, “But I know it’s safe. Staff have to take them every day too, just in case.”

“Oh, OK.” Dakota had more questions, but Catherine was soon at her side again, tray full of food.

“Where do you want to sit?”

Dakota looked around the room. “Um, I don’t know.”

“Well, Melissa is over there,” Catherine gestured to the right corner of the room with her head, “Do you want to eat with her?”

“Yeah, works for me,” Dakota replied, navigating towards the counselor. Sitting across from Melissa was a brunette whom Dakota didn’t recognize. Regardless, set her tray down and took a seat on the bench beside the mystery woman.

“Oh, hey Dakota,” Melissa greeted her, swallowing a mouthful of chili, “I see you’ve had some fun.”

Looking down, Dakota was starkly reminded of her filthy state. Next to two fully clothed women, the towel covering her lower half did little to help her pride. Nor did the trail of filth that she suddenly realized was following her from outside. Fortunately, Catherine looked about the same, so Dakota wasn’t alone in her depravity. “Yeah, just enjoying some of the facilities.”

“Take a spin in the outhouses?” the woman to her left asked.

“No, um, actually, we were using the hot tub. I haven’t gone to the outhouse yet.”

“That’s Faith, by the way,” Melissa explained, taking another bite of her lunch.

“Right, sorry; I didn’t even think to introduce myself,” she stuck out her hand, “Faith Watts, I’m the troop six counselor this year.”

Dakota hesitated, unsure if she should shake hands and get Faith covered in shit in the process. However, Faith didn’t seem to mind as she locked hands and gave a few quick shakes before returning to her food. “Nice to meet you,” Dakota smiled, “We were actually just talking to one of your troop members outside. Her name was Jenna.”

“You did a little more than talk,” Catherine chimed in.

“Hey, I can’t blame you,” Faith grinned, “I love me a redhead. Although you’re not too bad yourself,” she eyed up Dakota.

“Oh, um, thanks,” Dakota blushed, eating a spoonful of chili. It was spicier than she was expecting but didn’t taste bad. Very meaty with a hint of something she couldn’t quite place.

“If you haven’t tried out the outhouses yet, what would you say to a grand tour by yours truly?”

“Yeah, if you’re free.”

“I’m always free if it means getting a chance to play with a cute girl,” Faith took a bite of her cornbread, “After lunch of course; it’s important to fill up as much as possible when you’re here. Don’t want the tank running empty,” she patted her stomach.

Catherine stirred her bowl of chili, taking a bite before talking with her mouth full, “I was expecting lunch to be a little less… on the nose.”

“What do you mean?” Melissa asked.

“Well, I istanbul Escort Bayan guess when you think of food that will give you the shits…” Catherine trailed off, holding up a spoon and letting the chili run off it into the bowl.

“Hey, if it works,” Faith shrugged, “And if it doesn’t, the bulking agent will make sure it does.”

“The what?” Dakota looked at the woman.

“They don’t usually tell the campers, but they add a little special ingredient to the food here,” Melissa explained, “I don’t really know what it is, to be honest; probably just a natural fiber or something. They just called it a bulking agent in the counselor briefing we had. Don’t worry, though; it’s nothing dangerous.”

“I mean, maybe not chemically,” Faith picked up her bowl, scraping the last of her chili into her mouth, “But when you leave here, you will miss it. Trust me; coming home after my first year here sucked. I had gotten used to birthing these massive loads, bigger than anything usually possible. It’s like an addiction.”

Dakota wasn’t sure how to feel. First, there were the unknown pills, and now she found out that her food was being secretly altered. Although, if it meant getting bigger shits, she wouldn’t complain. In fact, the thought turned her on more than she should maybe admit. Something about secretly being given super laxatives made her pussy ooze. Like Faith, she practically licked her bowl clean, hoping to get as much of the bulking agent in her as possible. She downed her cornbread, too, and was left with only the white tablet on her tray.

Tentatively, Dakota picked it up and ripped open its transparent packaging. Both Melissa and Faith took theirs with little incident, almost as if it was just a daily vitamin. Catherine hesitated, but she too ate her pill. Now the last one, Dakota placed the tablet on her tongue as she was instructed and closed her mouth. Almost immediately, she could feel it fizzling as her saliva melted it. Fortunately, there was no flavor aside from a little tartness, and it soon dissolved to nothing.

“Fuck, I don’t know about you guys, but I need to get going,” Faith squirmed in her seat, “Smelling you dirty bitches this whole meal has gotten me real hot and bothered.” Dakota watched as the woman undid her belt and snaked a hand down the front of her shorts. It came back up a few seconds later, two of the woman’s fingers now coated in a layer of white cream.

“May I?” Dakota didn’t wait for an answer as she grabbed Faith’s wrist and brought the finger to her mouth, using her tongue to clean them thoroughly. The woman’s pussy juice was sweet with a tinge of salt, perhaps a little flavor of stale pee, too.

“Mmm…” Faith grinned, “Filthy girl. You ready to get going to the outhouses? It’s always real busy right after mealtime.”

“You good if I head out?” Dakota asked Catherine, letting out a breathy sigh as she felt a hand move up her towel and tease between her legs.

“Yeah, no problem,” Catherine smiled, “If I don’t see you later this afternoon, I guess I’ll see you in our room.”

Leaning over, Faith nibbled at Dakota’s ear as she whispered, “I’m going to make you cum like you never have before.” She gave the woman’s clit a quick, devilish squeeze before standing up. “Goodbye, Melissa, Catherine,” she nodded at each of them.


“Leave your tray, honey; the staff will deal with it,” Faith purred, taking Dakota’s hand in hers and leading her outside. “So, you’re an eater then?” Faith asked as they walked.

“Um, yeah. How could you tell?”

“Well, your breath absolutely stinks, and your teeth are a nice brown color.”

Suddenly embarrassed, Dakota covered her mouth with her hand, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize,” Faith turned to look at the woman, gripping the back of Dakota’s neck and pulling her into a kiss. Running her tongue along the woman’s teeth, she licked up any remaining shit. “I think it’s hot. I’m an eater too, you know.”

Slightly rattled from the sudden kiss, Dakota took a second before she continued following Faith. Fortunately, the outhouses were less than a minute walk away from the main hall. The two ducked into the forest’s tree line, and down the gravel path until arriving at the wooden structure Dakota had been shown that morning. From the outside, it looked the same, but she hoped the pit below was now a little more full.

“Down here, dear,” Faith circled the building and unlatched the wooden door at the bottom. Then, undoing a couple of buttons, the counselor pulled off her top and shorts, hanging them on a hook beside the door.

“Why are you hanging up your clothes?” Dakota asked, confused. She expected Faith to go in fully dressed but was somewhat glad she didn’t as the woman’s large tits were now hanging bare and free. On each was a pert nipple, Faith’s small areola surrounding the erect nubs in dark brown flesh. It took all of Dakota’s power not to reach out and squeeze them.

“Don’t want to get them dirty,” Faith replied, wriggling out of her panties. istanbul Escort Between her legs was a big bush of light brown pubic hair, the curls around her pussy slick and covered with cream.

“Aren’t you going up to use the toilet?”

“Oh, no. I told you; I’m an eater too. We’re going to have to wait until someone else comes to use the outhouse. Shouldn’t be too long.”

“OK,” Dakota took the woman’s hand and helped her into the pit. With the door open and the rank air able to escape, she was reminded of how bad the smell was in the small room. Not wanting to let any more of it out, she dropped her towel and stepped down, breaking the surface of the shifting sludge with her right foot. It was warmer than she was expecting and chunkier too. Grabbing the door’s latch and pulling it shut behind her, Dakota walked down the two steps until she was covered up to her knees in waste.

Faith appeared to be in her element, treating the pit toilet like her own private pool as she splashed around in it. The light from the dim bulbs lining the rough reflected on the surface of the sludge as the woman’s movements broke away the top crust. “I think we’re some of the first people to come in here this year!” Faith exclaimed happily.

“So, what do we do?”

“Enjoy ourselves until someone shows up,” the brunette shot up from the liquid, grabbing Dakota and pulling her down in one fluid motion. Fortunately, Dakota managed to steady herself against the concrete wall, but she was still brought to her knees. The sudden attack was exciting, as was the feeling of being surrounded by filth once again. Although, unlike the hot tub, this shit was old and spoiled.

With her head now only a few inches from the surface of the septic filth, Dakota could make out individual logs and chunks of shit bobbing along. Her nose burned as the heavy, thick air filled her lungs with the stink of rotting human waste. If it weren’t for Faith currently feverishly attacking her breasts, Dakota might have been too overwhelmed to stay.

As it was, however, the feeling of hands gripping her tits and mashing handfuls of shit into them was almost overwhelming in a different way. Dakota could feel her pussy spasming as it longed to be filled, the occasional spurt of waste leaking inside almost enough to satiate it. When that feeling wore off, Dakota took matters into her own hands and began grinding the heel of her hand into her mound. Faith was still gripping her chest; the woman’s eyes glazed over with a look of pure lust as she worked away, squirming in the filth.

“God, that feels so fucking good,” Dakota whimpered. Not wanting Faith to feel left out, she used her free hand to begin fingering the woman’s cunt. The shit surrounding it became a gloopy mess, working both as a lubricant and barrier for Dakota’s finger. With each thrust, she could feel more shit being forced inside of Faith. As her vaginal walls were quickly coated in the vile sludge, Dakota started to remove her finger entirely between each thrust to ensure the most amount of shit got pushed inside.

“I want you to fist my dirty cunt,” Faith wined, her knees becoming weak as arousal rippled through her body, “I’m your little slut. Please, fist my pussy, and I’ll do anything for you.”

“Anything? You’re going to regret that, you dirty bitch,” Dakota hissed in the woman’s ear, “Beg for it.” It was unusual for her to be the dominant one during sex, but Faith seemed to want it.

“I want you to get a handful of shit and force it in my loose little piggy cunt,” she repeated, “Please, fill my womb with a disgusting shit baby.”

Satisfied, Dakota did as she was instructed and scooped up as much shit as she could in one hand. Then, making a fist, she searched between Faith’s legs until she made contact with the woman’s hole. Dakota pushed her hand against the opening, taking it slow so as not to tear Faith in two. Without warning, her entire fist popped inside and was swallowed by the woman’s vagina; it was far looser than Dakota expected.

Based on the orgasmic moans coming from Faith’s mouth, she didn’t appear to be in any pain. “Deeper. Fuck me deeper,” she gasped, gripping Dakota’s wrist and forcefully pushing it inside.

Dakota guessed that this wasn’t Faith’s first time with a fist in her vagina based on the depth alone. It was seemingly never-ending, too, as Dakota was a decent way past her wrist before hitting the woman’s cervix, bringing her to a halt. However, it was only for a brief moment, as she was soon pulling back before going in for another thrust. “You like that, huh? My fist deep in your fuck hole?” Dakota teased as she picked up speed.

“Yes, I love when you fist me! Split me open!”

“You’re so loose,” Dakota continued, attempting to fit more of her arm inside the woman, “Of course, a slut like you could take a whole fist.” She could feel the waste mashing around her hand. It was whipped into a slurry as she moved, combining with Faith’s juices to create an unholy amalgamation of bodily fluid. It was obvious that Escort istanbul Faith was close, the walls of the brunette’s vagina becoming tighter as they clamped on Dakota’s wrist. “Are you going to cum for me?” she hissed in the woman’s ear.

“Yes. I’m going to cum,” Faith collapsed forward, resting her head on Dakota’s shoulder as her hole was physically assaulted. “I’m going to…” she gasped, “Oh God! I’m going to cum.” As her orgasm ripped through her, Faith’s hands fell from Dakota’s breasts and instead moved to her back, clawing at the woman’s skin. The small room fell silent, Faith letting out a few choked gasps as she thrashed in relief.

Giving the woman a second to come to her senses, Dakota slowly removed her fist. Faith was still collapsed on her, so she helped the woman to her feet. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“No,” Faith swallowed, her legs shaking with unsteadiness, “You were amazing.” Holding on to the wall, she scrunched her face and pushed. After a couple of seconds, her now gaping vagina slowly forced out a thick stream of shit. It ran down her thighs, returning to the pool below her. “It’s been a long time since I was fisted,” she continued, trying to catch her breath, “I’m surprised you got in as easy as you did.”

“I’m surprised I got my fist in at all.”

“Eh, try pushing a child out of your hole,” Faith replied nonchalantly, “A fist is nothing. Now,” she leaned forward, kissing Dakota’s neck, “Your turn.” Getting on her knees, Faith dove between the woman’s legs. She lapped at Dakota’s tender folds, doing her best to suck off as much rancid shit as possible from the woman’s pale flesh. It was sharp in her mouth and much more bitter than the fresh stuff. Getting it down would have been a near-impossible task for the uninitiated, but Faith had plenty of experience last year.

“Fuck,” Dakota gripped the back of the brunette’s head, forcing it deeper between her legs, “You are one disgusting bitch.” She looked down to see a grinning Faith look up at her, the woman’s teeth stained brown and smears of shit on her cheeks. “Why did you stop?” Dakota asked, attempting to push her back.

Faith, however, resisted, instead putting a single finger to her mouth as she motioned up with her head, “Someone just came into the outhouse.”

In her arousal, Dakota didn’t notice that they were no longer alone. But, sure enough, one of the holes in the ceiling was now being blocked by a large, tanned ass. “What do I do?” she whispered, hoping Faith had an idea.

“Whatever you want,” she shrugged.

Cautiously, Dakota waded through the sludge until she was directly underneath the woman. Standing on her tiptoes in order to reach, she placed her hands on either side of the whole and gave a long lick from the base of the woman’s vagina to her puckered anus. This resulted in a surprised gasp, the woman jumping up on the toilet seat. However, after the initial shock faded, she returned her ass to the hole.

“I’m sorry,” a nervous voice came from above them, “I didn’t expect that.”

“I probably would’ve given her a warning,” Faith grinned, “You usually don’t expect a tongue up your ass when you sit on the toilet.”

“Oh, shut up,” Dakota gripped the counselor’s hair and forced her head back between her legs, “Keep licking; you still owe me.”

“Yes, mam,” Faith gripped Dakota’s thighs, spreading them so that she could have easier access to the woman’s still shit-coated pussy. Her tongue was back inside in a second, scooping out waste and swallowing it by the mouthful.

“You can keep going,” the woman spoke again, her already quiet voice hard to hear through the wood of the outhouse, “It felt good… when you licked me.”

Now having permission, Dakota went in for a second lick, this time being met with a long moan. The woman’s asshole was sweaty, the unmistakable salty, musky flavor coating Dakota’s tongue as she continued to pleasure the woman. Her strokes were becoming shorter the more she worked, soon replacing her licks with gentling prodding at the opening to the woman’s hole. Turning her tongue into a hard point, Dakota was able to push inside and begin licking the walls of the woman’s anus.

“Oh god,” the woman shifted on the seat, “Sorry, but my stomach has been a little off since I ate my lunch. If you keep doing that, I can’t promise you’ll be clean for much longer.”

Hearing this made Dakota’s heart flutter. With Faith between her legs and a stranger’s ass on her tongue, she could barely contain the orgasm building inside her. As Dakota pushed deeper, the taste turned bitter. She was starting to get the first pieces of shit, little nuggets that she scooped out and rolled around her mouth. Breaking them up with her teeth, Dakota chewed the chunks and created a bitter slurry as they melted into her saliva.

As her tongue worked further up into the woman’s rectum, she could feel a large log blocking the passage. Dakota poked and prodded at it but made little progress removing the mass. Going for a different approach, she removed herself from the hole and shifted forward, her tongue stroking the base of the woman’s vagina. Based on the trail of juice that Dakota was able to lap up, she assumed that her efforts were sufficient to turn the stranger on. The woman’s cream was sweeter than Faith’s, less musky, too; she had probably showered before coming to the camp.

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