13 Haziran 2020

Pizza flash

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Pizza flash
We had discussed a pizza flash many times and Mandy knew it would as be as exciting for her as it would be for me, but the opportunity had never really presented itself until I booked a weekend break in self catering cottage on the outskirts of Cardiff, one of three on a farm about 2 miles from the city.

Having had a liquid lunch, we had shopped for a sexy top for Mandy to wear out for dinner that that night, and were both quite turned on by the time the taxi dropped us back at the cottage. Whilst sharing a bath, a little bit of teasing and playing around, I suggested this would be a perfect location for a pizza flash.

We excitedly discussed the possibilities, wondering whether or not we could get one. We decided to give it a go and hurriedly browsed the local directory to find a pizza company that would deliver, then rang them to place our order and giving them location and postcode of the cottage.

We discussed various options of what to Mandy could wear as she had only brought a limited choice of clothing. She finally settled on her white satin bath robe, which she thought would not seem out of place. This would be a safe bet and she could decide how far to go depending on the reactions of the delivery person.

The plan was to make it look as she recently bathed and had hurriedly thrown on the robe to answer the door. We had thought about her remaining wet but her robe would stick to her skin and limit her options, whereas being dry would allow the silky fabric greater fluidity.


By now it was getting quite dark. The layout of the cottage had the front door opening directly into the lounge area, with the bathroom and bedroom to one side.

I was to remain in the bedroom and say something to confirm a male presence, just in case.

We were extremely aroused with the anticipation of what we were about to do and I watched excitedly as Mandy practiced in front of the mirror turning this way and that, tying it loosely with one simple twist of güvenilir bahis the sash, pulling it one way then the other to see how much of her soft cleavage would be on show as I busied myself positioning our camera discreetly on the unit near the window to capture her performance.

The moment arrived when we heard a scooter enter the farm; we had told the company that our cottage was furthest along the yard. Mandy peeped through the curtains and was relieved to see that the rider was a man, perfect for our plan.

Mandy will continue, to elaborate her on her feelings during the experience.

Even though I had a glass or two at lunch time I was trembling with anticipation at what I was about to do. As you may have read in some of our other escapades, we get extremely turned on letting other men enjoy my nakedness. This weekend was no exception, I had spent much of the morning trying on revealing tops that would normally only be worn with a camisole, occasionally parading out of the changing room without one, and so was already really sexed up.

My satin bath robe was slightly translucent and cut to mid thigh. As I stood in front of the mirror I thought to myself rather vainly, that it contrasted well with my tanned thighs. The contours of my breasts were vaguely discernable but my hard nipples were quite prominent.

Although little on the small side, it could be drawn over just enough cover most of my upper body. I also knew that if the light in the room was quite bright it would be almost see though. I played with the outfit to see different effects as I often do before I go out. Dave could not help but comment on my performance as he fiddled with the lighting, and photographed me as I teased him as to what I’d be willing to show. I was already well aroused when we heard the rider pull into the yard and peeped out to see a stocky man probably in his forties approaching the cottage. Dave smartly placed the camera in amongst some ornaments on the unit perabet and disappeared into the bedroom.

The moment I heard the knock on the door my legs turned to jelly, I switched on the camera for my husband and adjusted my robe so that the valley of my cleavage was showing.

With a deep breath I opened the door praying he would be susceptive to a bit of harmless titillation and was relieved to see his eyes were immediately drawn to my chest sending a shiver through my body.

The front door tended to swing closed so I needed to hold it open with my back against it to be able to interact with him. Making a nonsensical remark about the door seemed to retrieve his attention and he responded with a cheeky comment about the chilly evening. Nevertheless I was delighted to see that he was unable to stop his eyes wandering down to the openness of my robe and I dared to look down to see the soft curves of partially covered breasts and feigned embarrassment.

As I moved forward to take the pizza I needed to hold the door with my elbow causing the fabric to allow further exposure of my naked breasts, then suggested he hold the door as I called to my husband to ask where my purse was, just to make his presence known.

Turning away from him, moving across the room to put the pizza down between the door and the table lamp, I asked him the cost and, took time rustling through my purse for the money knowing my silhouette would be revealed, at the same time discreetly pulled the top of the robe before skipping back towards him, knowing much more of my cleavage would easily slip into view.

By this time he had obviously sussed our game and our willing victim saucily commented on his lucky night intensifying my arousal. I purposely took time counting small change into his hand, giving him ample opportunity to enjoy my erect nipple which had now conveniently slipped into view.

Apologising to him, I called for an extra pound; Dave replied and called me into perabet giriş the bedroom. Immediately as I entered the room, Dave could not resist drawing me close to him slipping his finger between my legs to feel my wetness which sent my tummy into tumbles of excitement. Then wanting to push the envelope to excite us further, he loosened the sash; confident that by the time I reached the front door it would fall free as though by accident.

As I returned my knees were trembling and I was very conscious of the wetness between my legs. I teasingly kept my eyes locked on his, mischievously preventing him from taking in this daring progression as the knot slackened and eventually slipped away to expose the recently trimmed stubble on my pubic mound.

I momentarily turned my head to speak to my husband to allow him a little leeway to voyeur my accidental exposure should he so wish. Then saw he was unable to resist, allowing his eyes to take in all the nakedness that was being presented to him. I thought I was going to cum on the spot as I enjoyed watching his lecherous eyes caress my body. I was revelling in his admiration and wondered if he knew how aroused and wet I had become or if my swollen pussy lips had been left gaping when my husband slipped his finger in earlier. I offered an apology if he had been offended. The ecstatic grin on his face said it all as he deposited the money in his wallet.

Not to miss out on the action and to prolong this daring foreplay, Dave called out for him to wait and casually walked towards the door to see the man’s face turn crimson with embarrassment.

Dave slipped his arm inside my robe and around my waist to increase my exposure and confirm his approval. My arousal at this time was so high that my pubic mound involuntarily thrust forwards as my pussy lips clenched in ecstasy. Then thanking him for delivery, Dave gave him a £5 tip.

As the door closed Dave’s hand covered my stubbled pubes, his finger was almost sucked into my pussy giving me one of the most powerful orgasms of my life.

From the time he arrived to his departure must have been less than two minutes, but the true exhilaration I felt at that moment could never really be described in words.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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