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Peter’s Panties

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When I stepped into the room the first thing that caught my eye were her panties. Bright pink, they were so different and contrasting just laying on the pale carpet.

To say I was stunned would be an understatement. After all, why were they there? This is my bedroom and I don’t wear panties. Well, I do , but I hadn’t worn these. Besides, who knew I wore panties. Then my face flushed with the thought that maybe my mother did know. I always thought I was so very careful. I had been aware of how sexually excited panties made me feel for a long time. I had tried on my mothers panties a couple of times, wearing them for a few minutes and rubbing my rigid penis in an absolutely wonderful, teasing and sensuous way. I did cum in a pair once and cleaned them up, wiping all the semen with a damp washcloth and putting them back in the hamper. But that was a long time ago, maybe a year or so, and since nothing was said I figured no one knew.

I had turned 18 the summer after I graduated from high school and was going to a junior college near home. My classes were such that I was home at different times of the day. My father had died when I was 15 and it was now my mother and I living in the house together. We got along very well, had similar taste in movies and one or two TV shows, though we didn’t watch much TV. We did read a lot and often discussed books we would read together. My mother had a career as a manger of an insurance office. She worked four days a week taking alternates Fridays and Mondays off giving her a three day weekend.

My mother was young when I was born and was only 38 now, about 5’7″ tall and 135 pounds with a 36 C bra. I had been through all her underwear even when I was very young. Kids are curious, and I especially so since all her clothes were so very different than mine. Yes, I liked her bras too, but didn’t masturbate with them or try to wear them. I was just fascinated with her panties. Her size six panties that fit me so very well.

This was Wednesday and I had no classes after one pm so I was home alone. That was nice because it gave me time to engage in my panty play.

My panty play consisted of going to the hamper and finding a pair or two of my mother’s soiled panties, taking them to my bedroom and sniffing and masturbating with the panties. I was very careful not to ejaculate in them, though sometimes I just couldn’t help spurting in the moist crotch of her panties.

I had gone to a couple of department stores downtown and purchased some panties of my own to wear. I had stolen a pair of my mothers a long while back, but she had noticed and asked if I had seen the missing pair. That made me a lot more careful of using them in my fantasies and certainly I would never purloin another pair. Yes, I had been so very careful. Knowing how well hers had fit me it was easy to know what to buy when I was in the store. That gave me a thrill too, buying panties from the sales woman. I am just sure some of them knew the panties were for me. I liked what many refer to as granny panties. Not strings or thongs, but full briefs or even smaller briefs, but not too skimpy.

I had seen my mother in her bra and panties a number of times throughout my life and escort kartal thought nothing of it until puberty hit. Then it caught my attention. I think it caught my mothers attention too, because she stopped parading around in just a bra and panties. She now wore a robe and I only caught glimpses of her bra and panties.

So here I am, still standing a the door to my room, like a deer caught in the headlights, transfixed by the panties and wondering what to make of the situation. I had come home anticipating a wonderful jack off scenario with me and mom’s panties. But now I was too confused to go ahead.

I had planned to get naked and go to the hamper and pick out some panties to sniff and rub. But now?

I picked up the panties and noticed they were not brand new, but recently worn. Without thinking I brought them to my nose and sniffed. Yes, recently worn and so very sexy, that yellow crust so evident in the cotton crotch panel and a few hairs giving the crotch an even more intimate touch. They felt so silky and feminine, the fragrance so sexually intoxicating and I felt my desire return with the blood rushing to my penis. I

was overcome by desire, my turgid penis becoming even more engorged with each sniff as I fondled the panties.

The sexual stimulation was quickly overcoming any sense of caution or restraint as I quickly tore off my clothes with abandon, letting them lay where they fell as I walked to the bathroom and the hamper. I was going to masturbate in the crotch of her panties and wipe it up after. I was so excited that I almost came before I wrapped her panties around my rigid penis. I spurted with such force that it leaked out the sides and dripped on the bath mat. I half fell and half sat on the toilet , breathing hard and shuddering with the release of so much sexual tension.

I wasn’t watching a clock so I don’t really know how long I sat there recovering. Maybe five or even ten minutes. As I recovered I became aware of just what mess I had made. Semen all through her panties. Some on the wall and a lot on the bath matt. I quickly wet a wash cloth and cleaned up the panties, then wiped the wall and even the matt.

Satisfied, I went back to my room and got dressed. I was still so sexually stimulated that I decided to wear a pair of my own panties.

I took the pink panties and put them in the hamper as that seemed the natural place for them to be. Somehow I attribute the panties on my floor to be some kind of mistake.

My mother came home, and as we had agreed since I had graduated from high school, I would share more of the tasks around the house. So, on days I was home early, which was most days, I would prepare dinner. Tonight it was a chicken (so many ways to prepare) with rice and peas, a small salad and iced tea. That is so nice on the warming spring evenings, iced tea.

We traded our day’s adventures and discussed a recent book we were reading.

Then, out of the blue, my mother said “I see you found the panties I left you.”

I was stunned, dumbstruck and flummoxed and turning red all the way to my toes.

Oh, yes, I stammered, the pink ones on the floor.

“Did you enjoy them Peter?”

Open uğur mumcu escort mouthed and slack jawed I simply stared at her.

“Oh Peter, I know you like panties. I have known for a long time but just didn’t know how to broach the subject with you. My friend Alice and I talked about it and she suggested doing what I did. To get the subject out in the open. Did you masturbate in them? I masturbated in them so they would be full of my scent. That was Alice’s idea. She does that for her son.”

I was too bewildered to reply, too excited to really take it all in. That I was getting sexually stimulated was evident in my growing erection.

I am flattered and intrigued. Alice tells me that a lot of men and boys like panties to play with. She has a son too and she likes to give him panties and watch him masturbate as he likes her to watch. Would you like me to watch?”

“Are you wearing panties now? I know they aren’t the pink ones. They must be the ones you bought for yourself. I know you have bought your own because I’ve seen them in your room. You know you can’t hide anything from your mother. “

I was stunned. And mortified. And extremely excited. A real mind-wrenching combination. I felt myself both getting harder and softer at the same time. A most heady and intoxicating mix of very intense awareness of my body parts.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Peter, I know this comes as a shock to you right now, but I just didn’t know how to talk to you about it. Alice has helped me a lot and I do understand. I am not mad or upset. In fact I am a little flattered. Can you tell me what you like about my panties?”

I am asking my self how I could possibly answer that question. I have never really thought about it in detail.

“Is it the silky feeling?”

“Yes,” I blurt out, not having any real control of my ability to think or speak at this point.

“What else do you like, Peter? Is it the smell?”

Again, all I could do at this point was another choking “yes” in response.

During this whole exchange I had been looking down, avoiding my mothers eyes, feeling shame and mortification and excitement and overcome by guilt and confusion. And an overwhelming sexual arousal.

“Peter, please look at me,” my mother almost pleaded. “Please, honey, look at me. I am not at all upset or mad or anything. I love you very much and just want you to know that you can feel free to discuss anything with me.”

I looked up and into her eyes. They had a look of kindness and warmth and , was that desire? I was too agitated to really know or even interpret. But I did not feel any revulsion or disdain, just warmth and understanding.

As I looked, my mother got up from the table and came over to me, holding our her hand out to me and saying, “Let’s go to the living room and talk, Peter.”

I rose from the chair half pushing myself and half being pulled by my mother. When I was standing my mother pulled me close and put her arms around me in a big hug, pushing her hips against me, and pressing herself to my rigid penis. She even moved her hips to emphasize her awareness of my state of excitement. She pushed her breasts, those very nice 36C’s çavuşoğlu escort (yes I had played with her bras too) to my chest. That helped a lot. The hormones swirling in my blood stream picked up their pace. My legs felt a bit weak as, with her arm around my waist, we walked to the sofa and sat down.

“Now Peter, I want you to feel comfortable and lets get all this confusion out of the way, OK”?

“You can’t talk or think in your present state. I know you are very sexually stimulated and I am contributing to that state. So, I need you to get relief. Stand up and take your pants off. I need to see how you look. No, I want to see how you look in those panties.”

The very word , panties, could get me excited, and hearing them from my mother in this situation only added, if that was possible, to my present state. I had dreamed of this fantasy, my mother watching me in panties. I undid my belt and let my trousers fall to me feet.

“Step out of them please,” half command and request.

“Oh, those are pretty,” she said, looking at the Ecru, somewhat transparent, Olga panties I was wearing. I like Olga because they have a seam up the back that excites me, rubbing

against my backside.

“Let me look at you” she commanded, “turn around and let me see how they look. As she said this she began to open her legs so I was getting a look at her panties and thighs. She, too, had on ecru panties and I thought I saw a dark spot , a sign of her juices leaking. Could she be getting a bit excited too? I had never even thought about that, being so focused on my own situation.

“OK, Peter, take those off, since they are yours they aren’t really what you want. I know that,” she said, standing up herself, reaching up under her skirt and pulling her panties down.

I stood, there my erection sticking out and leaking just a bit of pre cum, so excited I could hardly keep my balance.

Holding her panties in her hand she took mine and stepped close to me putting her panty gusset against my nose saying, “Sniff these, I know you will like them.”

Then she stepped into the panties I had just taken off, saying, “I know how you like to look at me in my panties,” as she held her skirt up.

She sat back down with her legs open and reached behind a cushion pulling out another pair of panties, looking at the gusset, commanding me to “Get closer, Peter.”

As I did, she draped the panties over my turgid penis.

“Peter, I want you to show me how you masturbate. Show me how you like to use my panties to masturbate, Peter. I want to see what it is you do with my panties. I have been so curious for so very long, please, Peter, show your mother what you do.”

I carefully wrapped the gusset lengthwise over my penis and looking at her, through the leg holes of the panties I was wearing over my head took two strokes and spurted into her panties.

My legs collapsed and I fell onto the sofa, still holding my panty clad penis, still spurting great globs of semen into her panties.

The combination of sensations was overwhelming. Looking up her skirt at her panty clad pussy, seeing a growing wet spot in her crotch, smelling her panties and feeling her wetness on my spurting cock I was almost aware of my pounding heart. But the rapid breathing and pounding pulse was totally over shadowed by the sexual thrills I was experiencing. Totally. So totally that I barely heard my mother say, “I’m very happy for you, Peter.

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