10 Haziran 2020

One Family’s Awakening – Chapter 21

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One Family’s Awakening – Chapter 21
Monday afternoon following the dance, Linda Davis, the high school principal received a visit from the superintendent, John Winston, and two school board members, Lucille Marshall and Harvey Kent. Her secretary announced their unscheduled visit and Linda rolled her eyes before inviting them into her office.

John was a stocky man, roughly 5’8″ tall, balding, and easily over 200 lbs. Lucille had a cougar figure – slim body, narrow waist, large breasts and quite good looking, but she had the personality and demeanor of a worn out Buick. Harvey was her brother-in-law, a distinguished looking man at 6′ tall, athletic build and salt and pepper hair with chiseled facial features. He was a successful business man and not afraid to use his influence to his own advantage. Lucille had run for school board on the platform of improving the STEM aspects of the school’s education. Harvey had run two years earlier on the platform of improving the quality of the teachers. They had never made much of their familial relationship and no one paid it any attention. Harvey was married to Lucille’s sister, but it had never been an issue and he and Lucille were frequently in lockstep on most issues.

All three had a rather serious, concerned expression on their faces as they sat down in Linda’s office across from her at her desk. John was the first to speak.

“Ms. Davis, we have received some reports of inappropriate behavior at the dance the other night involving some of the students and even a couple of reports that you had guests in your office during the dance when you should have been chaperoning the dance. We wanted to talk with you before we considered whether to investigate further. I do have to say that if what we have heard holds any merit, it is very disappointing and may have serious repercussions for you and the students involved. We have also been told that similar activity occurred at the mother-son dance last fall.”

Linda looked him squarely in the eye as she responded. “Well, let me in on specifics of what you have been told and I will certainly tell you all I know. But first, I will confirm that I had guests in my office during the dance. One of the chaperones, Karen Johnson, and her boyfriend were my guests here in my office. We were fortunate to have more than enough chaperones for the dance. Karen and I have become very good friends and she wanted to share some ideas about future dances since she helped organize the mother-son dance last fall. Obviously the dance area was too noisy, so I suggested they come to my office. Now, what have you been told?”

John squirmed a little, but spoke openly. “We were told separately and by different people that there was at least one student couple having sex in the school building during the dance. It was reported to us that the same male in this case did the same thing at the fall dance with one of the mothers. And that brings into question your friendship with Karen Johnson since it was reported that her son was the one engaged in sexual conduct at both dances.”

Lucille chimed in, almost hissing the words, “You should possibly consider more carefully your choice in friends.”

Linda bristled, “First of all, you are dealing with rumors and accusations, not facts. Second, I won’t even begin to get into a discussion about individual rights, including the right to association. I think you know the treacherous waters you are wading into with that comment. Third, keep in mind that even if Karen’s son, Keith, did engage in sexual activity, he is a 19 year old senior due to issues early in his c***dhood and his girlfriend is 22. That means he is of age and where and in whom he chooses plant his pole is his business, not ours. Finally, I was told of these same rumors after the fall dance and I investigated it thoroughly and traced it back to some of the girls who were pissed that the dance shifted to a mother-son dance. In fact, I informed them that if this ever came up again and I could trace it back to them, they would immediately be expelled from this school for the balance of the year and would fail. Now, I want to hear names of the accusers, because I will investigate this and if they are behind any of it, they will repeat this school year.”

John was now the one to bristle. “My step-daughter got your message loud and clear from the last dance. She had nothing to do with this.”

“Okay,” said Linda, you are telling me who didn’t tell you. Now how about you tell me who did.”

John got up from his chair. “I think this is clearly something Ms. Davis has well in hand and as far as I am concerned, we can let her address this and report back.” With that, he walked out.

Lucille looked like she could spit nails and Harvey just looked uncomfortable. Lucille spoke first after John left.

“Ms. Davis, I totally disagree with John on this and plan to investigate myself and expect Harvey to assist me. I assume you will be cooperative and supportive where needed.”

“Mrs. Marshall, I will certainly cooperate to the extent that you handle it professionally and discretely. If you do any harm to the accused without evidence, I will be your worst enemy and I will be bostancı escort very public about.”

Harvey raised an eyebrow at that comment and Linda could not tell if he took it as a challenge or if he was reconsidering his involvement.

Lucille and Harvey arose from their seats and left Linda’s office without any farewells and Linda was relieved when they finally left. That feeling was quickly replaced by concern that Karen and her family would be targeted and decided to call Karen and explain the situation and made plans to stop at her home that evening to discuss how to approach the problem. Knowing the proclivities of the family as well as her own, she felt the need to provide some advice in dealing with the snoops in the days ahead.

Linda arrived at Karen’s house at 7 pm and Karen greeted her with a hug.

“Linda, thank you for being such a good friend. I hope we are not going to put you in a bad position and that no one saw us in your office the other night.”

“No one saw what we were doing. As you will recall, I had not only locked my office door, but also the office area door, so no one could see or hear anything. They simply saw you and Rick, or possibly me, heading for my office during the dance. That is not a problem. I do think they might actually snoop around here so I would suggest that we move our fun times to another location. I even expect them to follow me and may have actually followed me tonight for all I know. If they do snoop around here, I have a plan and I want to share that with you now…”


Linda, as planned, made a point of visiting Karen at Karen’s house, actually encouraging Lucille and Harvey to snoop around Karen’s house. Over the course of a couple of weeks, Linda was pretty sure she had seen them parked down the street as she either arrived or left Karen’s house. But Linda had her plan in place and was ready for anything the two board members might try. Finally, a couple of weeks later, Linda got what she wanted. She sat in the living room with Karen and Rick when the cameras and microphones she had planted outside Keith’ bedroom were motion activated. Someone was snooping around the back side of the house. Since it was a basic ranch style house, a person could look in a window from outside and that is where she had set her trap where no one would see it. She opened up her laptop and viewed what was taking place on her cameras and turned up the volume so Karen and Rick could watch as well. She sent a text to Keith. He and Abby were to carry out their part of the plan and they were more than eager to do so.

Keith had his bedroom light on and the blinds open. Linda could see that Lucille and Harvey were snooping around with the intent, from their conversation, to catch Linda in a compromising situation assuming she was protecting this family because of an inappropriate relationship with someone within the family. Linda watched as the two snoops were going from window to window hoping to peer into the home. They hit pay dirt at Keith’s room. It was the one window where the blinds were open and lights on and they got an eyeful. He and Abby were getting undressed as Lucille and Harvey arrived and peered in. Since it was dark outside, the two snoops assumed they were invisible to those inside and they were right. What they didn’t know, was that they were on “candid camera” and it night vision at that.

Lucille gasped in a combination of outrage and all-consuming curiosity as she watched the action unfold. Harvey could not take his eyes off of Abby’s beautiful, sleek body and was getting a major erection as he watched Keith and Abby begin to engage in foreplay. They had begun with some playful kissing and touching each other and Abby began stroking Keith’s hard cock until it was at full, magnificent length and he had his fingers dipped into her pussy as they stood at the edge of the bed in plain sight. Abby pushed him onto the bed on his back and began sucking his cock. Lucille did not blink at all as she was totally enthralled in the action playing out before her.

Abby climbed onto the bed and spun around so that Keith could lick her pussy while she continued to polish his cock head. Harvey found himself fondling his cock through his pants and Lucille took her eyes off of Keith and Abby to see that Harvey was playing with his erection.

“Holy shit, Harvey,” she whisper-shouted at him. “Are you playing with yourself?!”

“You have to admit, it is a pretty hot scene, Lucille.” he said, in defense of himself.

“The boy is hung, I will say that.” said Lucille, confirming Harvey’s opinion without actually agreeing with him verbally.

They continued to watch the action as Abby turned back around and sank her now-wet pussy down the length of Keith’s cock and craned her head back enjoying the pleasure of their fucking motions. Linda, Rick and Karen watched the snoops and tried hard not to laugh too loudly as these two mid 40’s adults acted like school k**s at a peep show watching another couple fucking through the window. And Linda was recording the entire event, including the conversation. She already had enough to ruin both of them politically, but she hoped for more. ataşehir escort bayan It wasn’t too much longer before she got it. With the intent of making sure she could provide positive ID on anyone who might come around, Linda had positioned the cameras in the shrubs in such a way that she was getting full frontal and side shots of both snoops. She saw Lucille’s hand move up her skirt and she was clearly fingering herself and it was equally clear that Harvey had all but pulled out his cock to jack off while he watched the action.

Lucille looked over to see that Harvey was on the verge of pulling his cock out in the open and she chastised him again.

Harvey raised that one eyebrow again and shot back, “don’t be getting all over me Lucille. It looks like you are practically fisting yourself while you watch the action.”

Lucille had to admit he was right. “Okay, okay, I have to admit, I need some dick now and then as much as the next woman and I haven’t had any lately. If you promise not say a word to anyone, get behind me and just fuck me hard and fast while we watch. But if you breathe a word to anyone, you know my sister will kill us both and they will never find our bodies, so you better keep this conquest to yourself.”

Harvey knew she was right and he also was eager to finally get in the pants of the best looking of the two sisters. He moved in behind Lucille and lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties. He dropped his trousers and produced a rather impressive cock of his own. It was average in length, but very thick. When he shoved it into Lucille’s dripping wet cunt in one thrust, she nearly cried out and fainted. She was afraid the k**s inside would hear and all hell would break loose, but she managed to bite off her shriek. Harvey was fucking her like a madman and had reached around and was squeezing Lucille’s hefty tits through her blouse while he continued to pound her pussy like a young stud. They both watched as Abby had resumed blowing Keith. All the while, Linda was texting instructions to Abby on the phone laying on the bed out of view from the snoops. Linda was choreographing their sex to get the most out of Lucille and Harvey and it was working.

Abby told Keith he could cum anytime and she was going to keep her mouth on his cock but let the cum run down his shaft. Keith was relieved that he could finally bust his nut and concentrated now on cumming in Abby’s mouth. He warned her he was about to gush and she felt the first shot bounce off the back of her throat. She closed her throat and let the cum slide back down over her tongue, past her lips and down his shaft, creating an oral cream pie for the benefit of the viewers outside the window. That was it. Lucille as beside herself with her own ecstasy and climaxed on that thick cock of Harvey’s and he shot the largest load of cum up her cunt that he had launched in at least 10 years. It felt good to have a really tight pussy again and a willing one at that. And he filled her up. When he was done, his cum was running down her inner thighs and didn’t stop until it practically at her knees.

He quickly pulled up his pants as she pulled up her panties and pushed down her skirt.

“Fuck, Harvey! That was an excellent screwing, but did you have to cum in a flood? Jeez, it’s going to require a towel under me with my skirt up when we get in the car so I don’t soil the upholstery.”

Harvey just laughed. “There’s more where that came from, Lucille. and you are going to take another load before I drop you off at home.”

Lucille smiled and Harvey assumed she was blushing a little but couldn’t tell in the darkness. They headed for the car.

Rick stepped back inside the house just moments before Lucille and Harvey came around to the front and headed for their car.

Linda looked at Rick with a shit eating grin on her face. “Were you able to get the camera and mike in their car?”

“Yep! They didn’t bother locking it, they were in such a hurry to catch you fucking that they got careless and got caught fucking themselves.” Rick got quite a laugh out of it all.

“And I don’t think they are done yet!” said Linda. “I think they are about to go at it again in the car!” Karen, Rick and Linda got naked and Rick buried his cock in Karen as she sat on his lap and Linda began sucking on Karen’s nipples. They kept an eye on the laptop as they enjoyed each other and they got to watch the second act. Harvey opened the trunk and retrieved a blanket and placed it on the passenger side seat for Lucille to sit on. She looked around to make sure no one was looking and lifted her skirt above her waist as she sat in the car. Harvey got in on the driver side and Lucille wasted no time going for his cock again. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and she grabbed his hardening cock and began sucking it rapidly.

She lifted off and looked up at him. “Do you think you can manage me and my sister from time to time without us getting caught? I haven’t had a good fuck in years. Even before my husband died, he couldn’t please me like you did behind the house.”

“If you can keep your mouth shut, Lucille, we won’t have a problem.”

She went back to vigorously sucking his cock. göztepe escort bayan “I want you to cum in my mouth, Harvey. I haven’t had a good mouthful of cum in years and I want you to do to my mouth what you did to my pussy.” She continued to suck his cock and paused occasionally to suck on his heavy balls as well.

Karen and her companions were getting hot watching the action and part way through it, Abby and Keith entered the room and Linda took Keith’s cock up her ass while she ate Abby’s pussy. All the while they listened and occasionally watched the couple in the car getting some road head.

Harvey let Lucille know he was getting close and she mumbled into his cock her readiness as she continued to suck feverishly. Harvey had unbuttoned Lucille’s blouse and was playing with her bare tits and pinching her nipples while she prepared for the flood of cum she was about to receive. Harvey exploded in her mouth and she swallowed as fast as she could and still took time to savor the salty taste of his cum as he filled her mouth.

“Fuck, that tasted good! I wish we had started this sooner. If I had known all this time you had a fat cock and your cum tasted that good, I would have given my sister a run for her money a long time ago.”

“Have all you want, Lucille. Your sister isn’t all that interested in sex any more. Hell, you could probably tell her you were fucking me and I am not sure she would care.”

“I don’t think we will risk it. I want to fuck you, not marry you, so let’s keep it all like it is this minute. In fact, if we hurry to my place, you might have time to fuck me again before you go home.”

Harvey left tire marks on the pavement as they hurried toward Lucille’s house.

Meanwhile, Keith emptied himself in Linda’s ass at about the same time Rick filled Karen’s pussy. The women all got their orgasms as well – Karen on Rick’s cock and Abby and Linda at the end of each other’s tongues. Abby and Keith headed back to their bedroom with the shades closed this time for a slow fucking nightcap before calling it a night. Abby was pretty sure she heard the sounds of orgasms coming from some part of the house late into the night after Keith had fallen asleep. She loved her life at this moment and hoped it would never end.


About two weeks later, Linda received a call from Lucille at her office.

“Ms. Davis. This is Lucille Marshall. I think it is time we met again, but this time I think it should be at the Johnson’s house. We need to go over the results of the investigation Harvey and I have done. Would you please make the arrangements? The sooner the better, I believe.”

“Absolutely. I look forward to it, Mrs. Marshall.”

Linda smiled as she hung up the phone and she immediately called Karen. Arrangements were made for the following evening.

Linda was already at Karen’s house as was Rick and Abby, who was seated next to Keith as always. The women had agreed that they would all be present with blouses unbuttoned and no bras on. The men agreed they would be in gym shorts and t-shirts with no underwear, so their cocks would be obvious. In fact, the women had played with them enough that when the doorbell rang, they were half hard already and tenting in their gym shorts.

Rick opened the door and Lucille nearly had an stroke when she saw how everyone was dressed.

Karen invited them to sit down and Lucille could only look from one person to the next and sultry, in your face, way they were all dressed.

“Clearly, Harvey and I were right all along about what was going on around here and that you were involved in it, Linda. I don’t think there is a need for a conversation after all, but there will be more formal action to follow.”

Linda stopped her as she got up to leave and Harvey could not take his eyes off of Linda’s large, firm tits.

“Lucille – since we are now on a first name basis – sit down. This is not over by a long shot. Rick, would you turn on the TV please and start the movie?”

Rick picked up the remote, turned on the TV and the still image of Lucille and Harvey outside Keith’s window immediately came on the screen. Rick hit the play button and everyone watched in silence as the entire episode played out. Lucille’s face was as bright a red as it could get without her dying in her chair and Harvey’s face was as pale as that of a cadaver.

“Now,” said Linda, “what were you saying about more formal action to follow? There are multiple copies of this and in 30 seconds it will be in your sister’s inbox and in less than 30 minutes it will be on social media unless I get the answer I am looking for.”

“The only formal action to follow is a report that we found the accusations unfounded and that our investigation is complete.” This time is was Harvey taking the lead and determining the course of action. “Isn’t that right, Lucille?”

“Absolutely,” said Lucille, nearly in tears.

“Excellent!” said Linda. “Now to consummate our agreement, I suggest we go to my place and enjoy each other’s company for the rest of the evening.”

Lucille suddenly took on a very lustful expression and Harvey could barely believe what he was hearing.

“Or the three of you could stay here and make a larger party out of it,” Karen suggested.

Lucille’s head was spinning. “You mean one large orgy?”

“Uh, yeah, that’s what I mean,” said Karen with a big grin.

“With your k**s present???”

“With our k**s participating,” said Karen wryly.

[To be continued…]

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