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On The Road with Sister

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All characters are voting age products of the authors’ imaginations.

Many thanks to Maryb2831 for editing this.


If someone asks how a crowded bus smells, the answer is simple, obnoxious. It’s a mix of smoke, body odor, the smell of grease, dust, and if someone is lucky enough, fading odor of perfume is added to the mix. But the smell of sweat from soaked clothes dominates them all. I was so soaked that I couldn’t tell that the thin cotton shorts that I had on were blended with my skin to become one.

I gasped for air while being pushed by the force of other passengers looking to find comfortable standing room at the back of the bus, and looking here and there for a little opening. But there was none. The bus was totally crammed packed and when the pushing and shoving settled, I was in the rear middle of the bus standing next to my sister Isla. I sighed looking around and all I could see was the crowd, the heads of passengers which were ever increasing with each stop. I tried to accept the fact that from four a.m. to sometime around six a.m., I had no other choice but to deal with it.

“We could have taken the late bus.” I frown as Isla looked up at me.

“Hey… watch behind you…” Man behind me yelled, making me realize when I move the backpack on my back moved causing him discomfort. Especially when the top of the backpack was almost at his chin high.

“Sorry!” I apologized without making an effort to look back.

Isla giggled gazing me as I grumbled once more and then she leaned forward and looked over my shoulder to see who was complaining.

“You almost murdered the poor guy with your backpack.” Isla sneered. “Now if I remember right, it was ‘Mr. Archeologist’ who planned this trip.” Her smile was wry as she gazed up at my face.

“Who’s idea was it to take the 4 am bus, huh? I told you this is going to be a sardine can ride. We should have taken the night bus or an evening one.” I groaned.

“Chill out dude! You know why we took the early bus… You’ll appreciate once we get there early in the morning rather than midday or later when it is fuming hot and humid.” Isla said sternly yet casually. “I thought you were are Mr. Indiana Jones wannabe, not G.I. Joe in an armed vehicle like your friend George.” She chuckled.

Another stop. I didn’t see anyone getting off the bus, but the conductor yelled to the crowed asking them to move back to allow more people onboard. People clung to the handle even more after seeing how many people were still hanging out from the doors of the bus. How many more can fit in this bus designed for 60 or so? At least a good two hundred were onboard already. I was happy to hear someone mention that it was the last stop before Agra, still almost two hours or so hours away. I looked out through the window to see sporadic street lights cutting through the thick darkness as things led to six weeks of backpacking in a foreign country with my sister as memories flashed like the headlights of the bus cut through the darkness.

It had been my dream to tour across a country with archeological interest and I have saved every cent that I could to make my dream a reality since I was sixteen. All along my best buddy, George was with me, but things quickly changed when he enlisted in the army instead of perusing our common dream. My sister Isla all along knew our plans and when I told her that George pulled out but I was going ahead with my plans anyway, she quickly asked if she could join. I was stunned. Believe me, I love my sister, adore her and we always had a great relationship for siblings but doubt Isla would be a perfect travel companion to rough it out in a foreign country.

“One last thing… You know you won’t have all the luxuries there, right? I’ll be spending nights at cheap hostels and hotels and eating very light.” I tried again to dissuade Isla.

“Yes, brother dear!” Isla chuckled making me know that she was ready to rough it out.

“If you join me, you cannot treat me like your nerdy brother, you know?” I added as a condition to insure that she wouldn’t get on my case for any reason whatsoever.

“You got it. Likewise, you are not my guardian and I can do whatever I like. Deal?” she leaned forward to hug me.

After several more days of discussing and trying to discourage her from joining me, I finally gave up. At the end, one eighteen year old getting ready for college along with his college dropout, nearing twenty year old sister, making the journey. We flew to New Delhi and spent a few days with an old friend of our dad’s and then we were off to wonder the land of mystique.

I was disappointed that things between us turned out to be little different than what I had expected in the first week, and what my sister agreed to before we started our journey. At first Isla began to irritate me when she started stopping at every single boutique browsing through stuff and wasting my valuable time when I wanted to see sites of archaeological value. matadorbet Then other things emerged that we hadn’t initially given any thoughts to like sleeping arrangements in a small room with a single bed, what to eat, when to leave the room, were a few. Isla always thought by being a girl and my elder sister she should always have the bed while I slept on the floor and that I was able to live with that. Wasting too much time every morning to get ready was not. However, often she hand washed my clothes and hung them in the room to dry off.

Then there were other discomforts. …A few times when she caught me with morning wood, I saw her leer and look away but she never said anything. I should also take credit for looking away when she changed or showered since many of the places we had spent nights at had one hallway bathroom to share and some required pre-pay for use.

It was two nights ago that Isla received a text from one of her Indian friends back home informing her that her sister and her husband had gone to Andaman for a week and we could use her flat during that period. Isla was over joyed. I couldn’t blame her for being excited after spending two weeks on the road, sightseeing during the day eating cheap street food and crashing at hostels at night often in smelly places in not so desirable parts of cities. Agra was on our must see list on our way back to New Delhi from Hyderabad but now with this offer, we altered our plans slightly to go to Agra first take an advantage of a nicer accommodations with running hot water and a place to cock cook a decent meal.

The bus swayed from side to side and amazingly the driver managed to keep the bus on the road while constantly honking even without reason. I wondered if he was under the impression that the horn, not the accelerator moved the bus through the dense darkness.

I switched my hands from the straphanger, swayed a few times as the bus hit a bump on the road and over corrected to balance myself. Isla swayed with me since she was out of reach to hold on the anything except to securely plant herself against me and everyone around her. As her small frame touched mine, I was reminded that that my crotch was hugging her belly. She must have been aware the fact as well since it too obvious not to.

“Another forty five minutes before the sunrise and hour and a half before we get there.” Isla smiled.

“Right! Recline your chair, put on your headset and watch a movie till we land” I said sarcastically.

“Very funny…” Isla jeered. “You know what… I know you are tired like me. Let’s try to relax for bit longer till we get there. Let’s just lean on each other and try to take a catnap. What do you think?”

“I don’t think it is even possible to get any closer than this?” I said and it wasn’t even remotely possible as we were already tightly packed and in search of bit of fresh air to breath away from the crowd.

“You should be used to this by now.” Isla was pushed forward and back as the driver hit another bump on the road. She stood on her toes to balance when she lurched momentarily and back on her feet again. Tiny bit of space that she vacated during that that split second was immediately occupied by the old man who stood behind her pressing Isla even closer to me which I though was highly unattainable. It was necessary, but I knew it was an unachievable task to move a few inches back to give Isla a little more space without crushing the guys behind me with my backpack that hung from my shoulders.

“I am but not enjoying.” I said and sighed as Isla smiled, looked into my eyes and snuggled her face onto my shoulder. “Relax, we’ll be there soon.” She said.

“Heck I am trying” I grumbled.

“Just relax and try to enjoy the ride best you can, ok?” Isla whispered. “Besides I can feel that you are not really regretting being tightly packed… I can feel it and been feeling it for a while now.”


“Something hard is nudging my lower belly. You can’t deny the fact that you like being close and bumping like this.” Isla hummed casually pressing her pelvis on me. I was dumfounded. I was aware for while that my cock was semi erect but not fully stiff and couldn’t quite contain that my sister noticed the small change in my cock or appearing to be excited about its condition.

“Not true. I am not hard.” I must have blushed as I stuttered.

“No worries. It’s ok, really.” Isla rolled her head on my shoulder turning towards my ear. I felt every soft breath she took and breathe out and felt of her sweaty face cuddling my naked neck.

“Little secret.” She said and paused.

“Ugh, what?”

“You may not believe this, but this is the third time I have had someone’s pecker hardened against me. Twice on trains within last few days and today.” Isla sniggered but her voice had a somewhat devilish tone.

“No shit! Did you smack the guy for fucking with you?” I managed to say, but I wasn’t completely surprised having heard matadorbet giriş stories about public transportation here.

“No” My sister giggled. “First I didn’t know what to do, so I pretended like nothing happened. When I looked around and realized no one was watching while this guy was grinding his crotch on my ass. It was like a simulated ass fuck”

“I can’t believe you didn’t do anything to stop him!” I was shocked not only by what Isla disclosed, I was equally stunned by the way she described ‘simulated ass fuck’. That was not the kind of language that we have not spoken with each other before.

“What should I have done? Scream and get everyone’s attention? In a foreign country – and then go to police?” Isla chuckled. “You know, I first wondered how bold he was going to get and pretended I wasn’t paying attention. Then the bolder he got – the kinkier I felt.” Another giggle followed by, “Like right now.”

“I don’t know what you meant by right now” I grumbled and protested although being fully aware that my cock was fully stiff and it is firmly pressed against my sister’s pelvis. I felt ashamed but seemed that Isla didn’t mind that at all. Reluctantly yet involuntarily I shifted my head and saw the mischievous smile that she had on her face as she caught me with my hands in the cookie jar.

“There’s nothing to hide dude, no need to even admit it” She purred. “It’s natural and innocent and all good.” Then there was a moment of silence as the bus continued on the bumpy road. In a swift move, Isla swung her right hand around me and placed it on my ass pressing me even closer to her. This sudden action was swiftly met with a reaction of my own – my cock pulsed unceasingly. Adversely my knee bent and straightened rubbing the length of my crotch against her, as I groaned.

Isla sniveled as her wet lips softly planted kisses on my bare neck, and retreated to rest her face on my shoulder. “It’s ok, just relax. You’ve been quite tense for couple of weeks now. Just stay calm and relax.” “Ugh… yes.” I sighed with a pounding heart. Gathering that my sister just wanted to have innocent fun as she mentioned, I couldn’t help but wonder how innocent the fun was with this guy who grinded his crotch on her round buttocks was and how far she let him go.

“So that was it with the sicko who grinded his cock on your butt?”

Isla chuckled rubbing her soft sweaty cheeks on my neck. “Nope, it even got better. When I didn’t protest, first he massaged my buns while gently shoving his cloth clad dick on my ass crack. I kind of got nervous. I looked around and no one in the crowd was even looking at us or noticed anything happening between us. I suddenly found his hand stroking on my waist and holding me for a grip in a slow rhythm along with the bus movement, stroking and rubbing, and thrusting his hard big shaft on my buttocks. In the crowded train no one was aware. Obviously, I felt pretty excited and kinky by then and enjoyed the hardness of his big dick on my butt. I felt naughty enough to slowly push backwards to meet each hard thrust or rub of his dick”

I was stunned that my sister could even perform such an act let alone tell me every detail. However, astounded as I was, my cock was just getting harder, if that was imaginable and I could feel the pre-cum oozing down from it soaking my thin cotton shorts.

“Whenever he took a breather, his dick throbbed just like you are right now. Perhaps not that violently” Isla giggled. Then I froze as I felt her right hand fumbling between us. Her soft fingers searched and found the hem of my T-shirt which she pulled up enough to squeeze her fingers into my shorts. I jolted as her hand wrapped around the base of my girth.

“Isla…” was all I was able to mutter when she clasped it first and slid her fist along the length.

“Now there” she whispered “see nothing to worry, no one is eyeing us” she purred. I closed my eyes enjoying the sensation that my sister’s soft hand brought although my mind was busy creating pictures of this dirty old man riding her round buttocks while she pushed back and forth in lewd approval.

“So anyway, I knew this guy wasn’t going to tell anyone or even if he did, I could care less because we didn’t know each other – just total strangers. And I know you won’t either.” She paused. “Then it got more interesting and he got much daring. Little by little, he rolled down the back of my shorts. Not completely off, but just enough to uncover down to what you guys call thigh gap I guess. When I panicked and tried to roll my shorts up by the waist band, he took my hand and guided it to his dick. I thought I was in trouble when I felt his steel hard dick that was already slippery with his stuff, you know what I mean?”

“Ugh-ha…” I muttered to the arousal of her story and her soft hand that was rhythmically sliding up and down my manhood inside my pants.

“Then before I could react, he pressed it between my legs and I knew immediately that he was aiming for my hole. Only thing that I could do was to lock my thighs as tight as I could, but I was too excited to stop him from messing around. Maybe I was more stirred by being with hundreds of people but no one actually noticing. Anyway, he stood still with his dick locked between my thighs right below my hole and I was extremely wet and kept lubing him healthily. His dick kept throbbing and vibrating right below my hole even when he stood still. It was too much for me to take and my stomach started to roll in a sensation that I knew I was going to have an orgasm while he had his dick between my thighs. Just as I start thinking about letting him in, he groaned a bit, I felt his dick stiffen even more and he thrusted back and forth rubbing my valley and thighs few times before he shot his stuff right between my thighs”

“WOW!” I exclaimed.

“I heard him say sorry and gave me a dirty handkerchief to clean-up and pulled up my shorts before getting off the train. I only saw back of him when he was rushing to the exit and I was surprised a middle aged man would or could have the balls to do something like that.” She laughed squeezing my cock that kept jolting in her hand.

“Do you think that was hot?” she asked. “I get excited even now when I think about that. Do you want to feel how excited I am?” Isla questioned and did not wat for my answer. She suddenly grabbed hold of my right hand and guided it between her legs while still keeping her right hand inside my shorts. I was assured that there was a flood inside her shorts by the wetness of her crotch.

“Do anything you like without getting attention.” She said giving me a mischievous look. Her hand that rubbed my cock was soft, well lubed with my pre-cum and I knew perhaps the only reason I didn’t shoot my load was being somewhat distracted by her story, not what she did to my cock with her hand. I had to question how this guy felt when his cock was tightly wedged between my sister’s soaked pussy folds and couldn’t take my mind off the need to try just that. That wouldn’t be incest right? I looked around and no one seemed to be paying any attention to anyone. Most were either dozing off even while standing or just looking out to see nothing but darkness outside? Even inside the bus, there wasn’t much light.

“Are you nervous?” Isla asked. Her spare hand fumbled again around the waistband of my pants, lowering enough to free up my cock from its confinement. I shivered in fear but tried not to show. With both hands, she fumbled again before grabbing hold of my cock, stood on her toes momentarily and stood holding my cock right inside her thigh gap, above her panties and just below her soaked gorge of velvety pussy. She sighed softly while positioning my cock right where she wanted it – between her damp folds and then wrapped both hands around my neck after positioning my shaft around her pussy lips then tightened her thighs like a vise.

My cock instantly jerked in pleasure that was enormous and I bit my tongue to prevent unwanted howls from evading my mouth, yet I groaned quietly.

“Stay still” Isla whimpered into my ear. She moved her hips ever so slowly sliding my cock between her pussy folds that were well lubricated with her own sweet juice and now mixing her nectar with my pre-cum. I endured the pleasure that I had never known. I smiled, scanning around to see that no one has noticed where our sexes were tangled in renewed excitement. The feel of my sister where one should not exploit, has been somewhat exploited and that excited me even more. I never even thought it was possible to have this sort of humping in a crowded bus the way Isla’s slowly but persistently swung her hips. However strange the act was, the excitement of doing it in a crowed was making me ecstatic and I was doing it with my only sister, who I had never thought as a sex partner, and I have never even entertained the thought of getting inside her panties. Sure, I have taken glimpses at times and who wouldn’t take second look at an elegant creature like Isla.

Isla let out a soft moan. Her hip movement stop briefly, she moaned again and then resumed only this time with bit more tempo. Her hips moved further back and pressed onto me powerfully. Even though I wanted this to go on forever, more realistically for longer, I knew I had a heavy pack full of cum to unload. The point of no return nearing the corner, Isla gave one final thrust and collapsed onto me breathing heavily.

I felt relieved and grateful that my sister reached an orgasm before I emptied my load. While Isla held onto me as I was going to abandon her, I moved my hips just as she had done by pressing against her slick gorges. I wanted nothing more than to sneak my cock into her pussy, but I knew that was impossible without making drastic changes in our positions, so I went with what was offered and mine to enjoy. Within seconds I shot streams of cum, filling her folds and the rest just motioned her silky skin and seeped down her silky skin.

“Sorry, I don’t carry handkerchiefs with me” I whispered to her and she giggled before making sure that her shorts were pulled up and my cock was again confined to my shorts.

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