10 Haziran 2020

My Vacation with Gabika #5

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My Vacation with Gabika #5
Chapter 5.

I seek consolation in the arms of Anne-Marie and get both her and her friend!

I looked again at the sleeping Gabika and went to the next room. Mellow music was sounding from the Anne-Marie’s MP3 player. She was reclining on her desk trying to write a post card to Pedro. She was kneeling on the wooden chair, her elbows supporting her heavy chest and her hand moving the pen swiftly on the card. The good thing was that she was as usual only dressed in her white, easy to remove baggy panties and a one size too small bra. Her friend Bohunka was on her bed which was partially visible to us. I entered by the common porch door, which was open. Kissing her on her back and lowering her panties, without warning nor invitation, I introduced my hard penis into her longing vagina.

“At last… What had kept you so long? And why did you make her cry again? Oh, that’s good, yes, shove slowly. Not so fast, I need time to climb…”

The sensations were so remarkably titillating, so much better than the condom secured coitus with the Latin American teen next door that I knew I wouldn’t last much more than 2 minutes. Gasping for air I increased my tempo, rushing to a gushing sperm flood. “No… Do it slow… let me turn.” Too bad, I really liked the way her butt shook and trembled. Big fat shaking ass is a major turn on, I decided. Especially if it is trembling with every shove and thrust. I like fucking from behind. Don’t you? And looking at the ass crack is another major excitement rush. But, you know, she was right. I just barged in and with no foreplay, nothing, attacked her from behind. That’s not nice. In the meantime Bohunka got up from her bed and sat on a chair next to us, slowly masturbating with the big massager staff, lust in her eyes.

“She’s a lesbian, you know.” Said Anne-Marie and moving to the bed. She removed her bra and let her bulging breast freely rest on her generous belly. They were wonderful. I mounted her in the missionary position and looked closely in her eyes, while thrusting shallow and gentle as make her climb better to match my climax. We talked interchangeably with the kissing. I liked kissing her, it was so much fun, but I wasn’t sure about Bonunka lesbian tendencies.

“Nah, I don’t believe it. Look at the lust in her eyes watching us fuck. Did you fuck her?”

“Yes, what do you expect? You were murdering Gabika in the next room so we got horny. She’s fantastic tricks with her tongue… and then we had the vibrators. The big massaging staff is really effective.”

“Are you bi?” I asked her.

“No, are you crazy? I’m straight. I didn’t lick her, she did all the work. It is hard to communicate with her, since she only talks Czech and Russian.” But despite Anne-Marie’s denial she was lying, I’m certain she licked Bohunka’s fat genitals.

“Did you like fucking Bohunka? Bohunka, are you a lesbian?” I confronted the fat Czech in slow English. She knew the word. She answered me with a “Yes…. No…” then something in Czech and then a long shrug. tuzla escort bayan Since Anne-Marie took her time climbing up the passion ladder, and I was too eager, I switched to Bohunka. Now, if Anne-Marie is fat, Bohunka is even bigger. Everything in Bohunka is bigger. She is just as tall, has a bigger bust, fatter legs and a bigger ass. Although it was pretty muscular from all the dancing probably. I disconnected from the blissful cavity of Anne-Marie’s, and started dancing with Bohunka, while the abandoned wench watched and masturbated. I threw the electrical staff to her and promised to return when she was ready. In the meantime I started kissing and groping Bohunka.

Kissing was a problem.

As I already told you, Bohunka was not ugly, rather the contrary, she was prettier than most. But since her surgeon did a crippling job on her harelip condition, her face got garbled up. She was conscious of her Quasimodo face and recoiled when I first kissed her. “Please, please,” I begged and kissed her lips as gently as possible to relieve her fears and inhibitions: Slowly she warmed up and answered my kisses.

“You are not a lesbian, Bohunka. A lesbian does not kiss horny men. You’ll be fine, I’ll show you the delights of cock and semen”. She shrugged again, not understanding a word. Despite her scary mouth and heaps of blubber, I liked her a lot, maybe as much as Anne-Marie. She lay down and spread her legs. I dived. I just love going down on a woman. Call me a pervert if you will, I just don’t care. Diving is just as fun or more than fucking. Heaven! Her fat thighs showed signs of friction with each other, which left a brownish shade on the skin, but her cunt was juicy and tasty and very, very beautiful and young. “How old are you?” I asked her. She didn’t understand and only after repeating the question a few times she answered by raising 10 fingers three times and adding one thumb. 31! Just as young as Eva, but what a difference! She reacted very well to my lingual adoration, until I attempted fingering her vagina. She winced and recoiled at my attempted penetration. What’s the matter? Everything went just fine till now. Is this some lesbian phobia raising its ugly head again? I took a look, turning the light on.

Oh, God.

A fucking virgin.

I kissed some more and licked all over to calm her fears. Now I concentrated on giving her a rewarding climax, and believe me, I’m good at it. Not one bit less adequate then those damn lesbians. I know the ins and outs of the cunt, all the hooks and the nooks. I licked all around the lips, which were rubbery and elastic and not very hairy, which simplifies the saliva smearing. It smelled like heaven. Much finer smell than Anne-Marie’s! And the taste, like cinnamon ice-cream. Even better. I licked now around the hole yet avoiding the actual penetration for now. Then I licked below, which I attempt at most women, especially those equipped with an attractive genital. I always do with a pretty cunt and venture to the ass. Many of the orhanlı escort bayan women appreciate the gesture and take it as a big compliment. Some reject it. However, this time it proved to be a failure, or was it? She winced again. I took a closer look and yes, what my tongue had told me was true. There was a mild inflammation of the anal ring and the anus clearly showed the peculiar swelling of hemorrhoids. Golly, this is getting complicated. Both holes barred, I suddenly got a great idea. Pointing to her sore ass-hole, I asked her if she has medicine for the inflammation. Finally, there was a word she did understand. Obviously Medicine is Medicine in every language. She got up, heaving her fat layers with some difficulty and looked in her purse, delivering a large plastic tube with some gel inside. Opening it, she wanted to apply some to the sore ass, but I took a big glob of the stuff and smeared it on and in her virginal pussy. “No, no!” she objected, but I held both my hands to my heart, as a gesture of fidelity, saying, “Trust me.” I’ve heard that the hemorrhoids gel has anaesthetics qualities. I was right. Now the insertion of my finger in her cunt did not cause pain. I pushed her back to bed. From now on it was easy. My mouth worked overtime on her clit while my finger was smearing more of the cool gel on her sore anus and her scared hymen. She was huffing and puffing and as with many other women subject to my lingual humiliations, she was on the brink of sobbing. And ready, because she pulled me up, took my hard-on with her puffy hands and directed it to her pussy. So much for being a lesbian!

I pushed.

The obstacle gave up easily, stretched for a few seconds and broke. A little sigh, whether caused by discomfort or excitement, I don’t know, escaped her defected lips. Her torn vagina was pure heaven. Just is good as the well-fucked paradise tube of Anne-Marie. She was panting and giggling and her beefy hands clasped me forcefully to her enormous white breasts. A few more shoves and I emptied my prostate in her virginal split. So excited was I, that I remained stuck in the now bloody and mucilaged receptacle.

Anne-Marie was right above us, inspecting with big wide open eyes and furiously rubbing her cunt. “I’m ready now,” she called.

“Bohunka didn’t finish, you’ll have to wait your turn.”

“Hurry, I can’t stand it.” The urgency in Anne-Marie’s voice was excruciating.

I kept moving slowly, but Bonunka pushed me off, indicating that she wanted to inspect her cunt! She retrieved a mirror from her purse, turned the lights on, spread her legs and inspected the bloody mess. Actually, there was a lot of spunk but very little blood. Scooping some of the cum on her finger and bringing the mucilage to her nose she took a long sniff at the putrid mess. “Lick it,” I said and she did, without really understanding what I had said. This was so erotic that my cock was again in its full glory, waiting for her newly perforated and mucus saturated recepticle. I could resist aydınlı escort bayan a lick as well and now concentrating on her clit brought about some very electrifying zilches before being pushed away by Anne-Marie, who wanted to take a look as well. I pushed playfully her head in the slushy pudenda and surprisingly she did not recoil, but stayed there and gave a few licks. But, it had to end with a heterosexual act. Pushing Anne-Marie’s head away I reinserted my cock gently in Bohunka’s muff and brought the ex-lesbian to a shattering climax.

Immediately after her orgasm, I turned my attention to Anne-Marie. It was a little crowded with three people on one 90 cm bed, so Bohunka got off and sat down next to us while I indulged in Anne-Marie’s infinitely vast goodies. Even though Bohunka’s breasts were bigger than Anne-Marie’s I prefer Anne-Marie’s. They are much firmer and the nipples stick out like cartilage from a dead chicken bone. Yummy! Her cunt was so slushy and warm it was like bathing in a health mud bath. Sticky and slimy, that’s how I like it, or better still, that’s how it likes it.

Anne-Marie was so turned on from having witnessed the deflowering spectacle (for the first time in her life) that coming came so swift and natural, as if she has never had any thyroid problems. She started coming and contrary to her previous nature, did not throw me off once she orgasmed but let me go on thrusting as I wished. I wanted to come inside her wonderful vagina, so that she would remember each time she wiped it whose semen has flushed it that night. When it finally came, she was sorry it was all over. Yet I stayed glued to her sticky pudenda for a while, kissing her feverishly, fingering her asshole and squishing her admirable boobs.

“You like to play with the asshole.” She commented.

“Yes, I’m a pervert.”

“I don’t like anal.”

“Too bad, dear, too bad. Poor Pedro, I pity him for not enjoying you fully. Your ass is so beautiful and big and yummy.”

“Yummy? You can’t mean that. I sweat a lot.”

“I’d eat it anytime.” I admitted. She blushed.

“Did you fuck Gabika up her ass?”

“I sure did, and she liked it.”

“Is that the reason she screamed like a mutilated actress in a horror movie?” Anne-Marie laughed.

“No, that’s not the reason.”

“Tell me, then.”

“It’s personal. Why don’t you ask Gabika yourself? You like her, don’t you?”

“Sure, I like her. She is so beautiful.” Unlike me, you should have said, Anne-Marie, but you didn’t.

“Yes, it is remarkable how young she looks as far as her body is concerned. And she has the prettiest, yummiest, most beautifully carved ass I’ve ever sank my teeth in. Better than her daughter’s.” I exaggerated of course. Eva’s butt has nothing to be ashamed about next to her mother’s.

“Oh, now I know why she screamed.” Exclaimed Anne-Marie while my now embarrassingly soft penis slipped out of her aromatic cavern. “You pervert!!! You spanked her ass.”

“I did nothing of a sort, my dear. I did something to her ass that made her scream from pleasure, something very delicate, very gentle and totally not involving any form of aggression, only adoration and bliss.” Anne-Marie blushed. I’m quite sure she got hooked and knew exactly what I meant. After all, she dislikes anal sex, right? Well, things aren’t as simple as that anymore.

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