10 Haziran 2020

My sexy neighbor

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My sexy neighbor
Back in the mid nineties my wife and I purchased a home on a private road in New York. It had a fair amount of property and behind the home the lawn went a good 200 feet to my property line, which was lined with a stonewall. My property in the back bordered the yard of another couple. They were a few years younger than us and had three young boys. We became “friends” and often chatted at the property line. My only son was close in age to their sons and they became close friends. We started getting invited to parties for the k**s and occasional BBQ.

Over the years we spent more time together, just normal neighborly fun. His name was Jeff and she was Kathy. Jeff was a bit of a pretty boy, good-looking guy manager of a retail establishment. Kathy was a stay at home mom. She was about 5’6”. Maybe 120 lbs., nice big tits that she always seemed to be putting on display. They put in a 4’ above ground pool for their k**s and my son spent a lot of time there swimming. If she was out there when the k**s were in the pool I spent a good deal of time looking out the window trying to get a peek at her.

She was attractive with a good shape, and she was comfortable in her own skin. She drank beer out of the bottle, put her ponytail thru the back of the cap and wore shirts a lot that would be tied together just under her tits. She was forever showing her bare midriff.

I was attracted to her and fantasized often about getting into her pants. On this one particular weekend my wife was away with her mother and sisters, her boys and my son were on a campout with Jeff. I was about 8:30 at night and I saw from my window that Kathy was out by her pool sitting in a recliner. I quickly ran down to the store and gat a 12 pack of beer. I parked my car and walked canlı kaçak bahis down the property and crossed over onto her side of the wall.

I call out, “hey neighbor, want some company.” “Sure” she says. So I go up on the deck and open a beer. We just sit and chat for a while and the next thing you know it’s about 11:30 and we’ve put a pretty good dent in the beer. The whole time we were talking a kept sneaking glances at her tits. She was wearing a white blouse with a white lacy bra underneath. When the light hit her right I could see the outline of the lace.

The Kathy asks me if I want to go in for a dip. I tell her I don’t have a bathing suit on so no. She then says no problem lets go in our underwear. At that she stand up and unbuttons her shirt. As she unbuttons her shirt and her bra comes into view my cock starts to stir. She takes the shirt off and then without delay takes off her shorts. So now she is standing there in her bra and panties. She looks sexy as fuck standing there.

Now she starts on me to take my clothes off. I’m a little reluctant because my cock is rock hard and I wasn’t sure I wanted her to know it. Eventually I stand up and take off my shirt. I kind of turn away from her a little and take off my shorts. I adjust my cock a little and turn back toward her. I think I see her nipples poking out behind her bra.

I dive into the pool, but just prior to hitting the water I push my underpants down so when I go into the water they come completely off. I come up on the other side of the pool to see Kathy standing in the water with my underpants in her hand. She’s wet and I can see her nipples showing thru the bra now even in the limited light. She’s holding my pants up and teasing me to come and get them. She’s got her casino firmalari back to the side of the pool holding my pants above her head waving them around. I start to walk toward her with my hard cock leading the way. I’m sure she couldn’t see my cock but I was trained on her tits.

I get pretty close to her and she reaches her arm over the side of the pool with my pants now on the outside and threatens to drop them. I get closer and pretend to reach out for them. When I do my cock pokes her in the abdomen. She doesn’t pull away or move away so I continued to reach for my pants now my cock was pointing up sandwiched between us. And it appears now that she is sort of rocking her torso as to get more friction.

Our faces are close to each other when she moves in and kisses me gently on the lips. She pulls back looks at me and then come back in with hard passionate kisses. We stand there for a few minutes making out. I reach behind her and undo her bra. I take it away and start to suck on her hard nipples. She as moaning softly and was now stroking my cock. She takes my cock and puts I between her legs and I start moving my hips so my cock is moving in and out between her legs rubbing her pussy thru her panties.

After a minute or so I had to stop because I thought I was going to cum. I moved her over by the deck and helped her up so she was sitting on the deck with her legs hanging in the water. I reach up, pull her panties off and push her legs open. She leans back to rest on her elbows. I go down and start to lick her inner thighs slowly working my way up to her wet pussy. I finally get there and take my time licking all around her wet mound. Outer lips, inner lips, snake my tongue into her pussy as far as I could. She is moaning pretty good casino şirketleri and moving around. I make my way to her clit and just gently lick my tongue across it and she lets go with her first orgasm. I keep at it then work my way down to her pussy again and just lap up the juices.

She settles down and we switch places so she can suck my cock. She immediately took me all the way down to the bone on the first try. She was sucking me off like it was her last living act. It wasn’t long before I felt that stirring down below and knew it wouldn’t be long.

I pushed her off and got into the water with Kathy. I turned her around and had her bend slightly and hold the edge of the deck. I got behind her and push my hard cock into her wet pussy. It went in easily and all the way. I started to fuck her slowly at first until she said to fuck me hard. So I started to pound her good. Not sure why, maybe because of the pool water or that she was super wet but the feeling wasn’t overly tight. I actually lasted a decent length of time before I was ready to cum. When it was time I told her I was ready and where does she want it. She says, Fill up my pussy I’m on the pill. I notice now she is rubbing her clit and I’m going to town fucking her. She starts to shake and states she going to cum again. I could tell she was cumming and I shot my load deep in her womb. We stayed like that for a minute until my cock softened and fell out.

She turned toward me and we kissed and made out some more. Then without warning she jumps out of the pool and get two beers and we sit on the deck naked drinking and just sitting close to each other. We didn’t speak about what just happened just held hands and rubbed each other. We made out for about 10 or 15 minutes before I said I should go home. She suggested I stay there, as Jeff and the boys won’t be back until tomorrow afternoon. I told her that I didn’t think that was a good idea and I should head home. But I asked her if I could back for breakfast. She agreed and away I went.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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