26 Mart 2023

My Maid, My Personal Toilet

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Double Dong

Well this is my first submission to this section of the site and I am just as excited as I was the first time I made Scat love to my female Maid whom I am intensely in love with.

Well let me tell you a little bit about me and my Scat maid Chayya, She is 38 years old is a married woman and is very dark has 34c boobs big round and black tits her waist is 30 and has a round butt of 34, I myself am 19 years old and am just average looking with 32d tits and a tight butt to compliment my backside but more than anything Chhaya love my eyes and finds them Intoxicating.

Chayya was just average looking but I developed a Deep Attraction for her ever since the first time I saw her.

I had Stained many a Panties and Bed Sheets while thinking of Chhaya but I was scared to make the first move towards her for fear of her Rejection but finally the day came, I had left for college as usual at 10.00 am and had told Chayya that I would be out till 5.00 but I got back by 1.00. When I got home I felt that Chayya would be sleeping and thus I did not wish to disturb her and opened the door with my Spare Key.

When beşiktaş escort I opened my Door I felt a Dirty Stink like that of Shit coming from my Kitchen I went towards the Kitchen and peeped in and was shocked at what I saw, I saw Chayya sitting at the table with a Plate in front of her and what I saw in the Plate was her SHIT I kept on looking as she Shamelessly kept on Eating at her Shit.

I was shocked, repulsed and did not what to do when all of a sudden I saw Chayya looking at me, the moment I saw her eye to eye she moved to me and pleaded to me not to be angry and listen to what she had to say.

She spoke to me and told me all about how we all have our own Fetishes and how we must all respect each other’ Sexual Desires and not ridicule Fetishes and the entire talk made sense to me and thus I and Chayya reached to a pact that I would not tell my parents about Chayya and her Shit eating habits as they might Fire her from the Job.

I went to my Room and from then on the more I tried to forget it the more it came to my taksim escort mind the sight that I had seen simply got me in the head all that I would Dream of was Chayya eating shit from a plate.

The next morning as I got up I got the best news of my life as I came to know that my parents would have to leave town for 2 weeks and WOW was I excited, they left the same afternoon and I rushed to my bedroom and got into my toilet and had a nice Shower and cleaned and rubbed as much soap as I could on my Butt and cleaned my ‘Brown Hole’ as much as I could.

I went towards Chayya who was in the Kitchen and touched her Ass she looked back and stared at me and soon we were all over each other, while we made Love I and Chayya got into 69 Position which helped me to place my ‘Dirty Brown Hole’ exactly over Chayya’s Mouth the minute I did this I let go off myself and Shat all over Chayya’s mouth and Face.

The minute I was done I got up and moved away to see what Chayya’s reaction was, and as I had expected she was Nibbling and Eating my Shit as if she etiler escort were hungry for it from many years.

I asked her if she liked my Taste and she said she found it the Best Thing she has ever Eaten in her life as she Shamelessly kept biting at my Turd.

From then my Life has changed a lot and I don’t remember last when I have been to the Loo on my own as I am always accompanied by Chayya who willingly eats up all that my dirty Bum can produce and licks my ass clean thereby saving me of the trouble of cleaning myself.

I don’t know how you all are Feeling after reading this Story but Believe me there is nothing than having a Walking Talking toilet like Chayya in the house as she saves you a lot of trouble of going till the Loo each time you have to answer your Natures Call.

Many people whom I know feel that I am a hardcore pervert as I have Scat sex with my maid and let her consume my Shit and Waste Matters, but I feel that there should not be any distinction in this matter as even she is human and even she needs love. You readers mean a lot to me now so you’ll tell me am I doing the right thing by making love to my maid???

Only Responses sent by Females to my mail box via e-mail will be accepted. I love replying to mails sent to me and will get back to your at the earliest, please note I shall not respond to Anonymous responses and you need to write in your ASL along with your response.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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