12 Haziran 2020

My Fantasy , Her Fantasy Cuckold

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My Fantasy , Her Fantasy Cuckold
I looked deeply into my wife’s eyes. It was serious, she was on her hands and knees waiting to be taken. However, it was not by me. No, it would never be me again. She looked at me as I sat naked in the overstuffed chair by the bed, cock in hand. My tiny cock was hard as a rock in anticipation of what I was about to witness. This is what I have always wanted. My fantasy was about to come true. My deepest desire was about to be fulfilled, by watching my wife’s pussy being filled by dark black Alpha Bull.

She was on her hands and knees in our bed with her ass pointed upwards. Behind her was her lover, muscled and black as night. His name was D’Marcus, she called him just ‘D’, and he was the proud owner of the most amazing cock. Cut, dark, thick and very long, his cock seemed to always be ready for action. His cock was the type that never seemed to shrink up like mine after sex. No, his stayed long, large and hung down between his loins like a third leg. Below his impressive cock were two huge balls dangling down almost six inches. His balls looked like two golf balls wrapped in an old leather sack. They swung wildly when he walked. My mind raced while I imagined what potent seed they contained. How much cum would flow from those two huge nuts? How potent was his seed? He was going to fuck her without a condom. Was this a smart thing to do? Of course, it wasn’t smart! It was down-right crazy but my wife wanted him raw and he would never allow himself to wear a condom. Condoms were for a beta boy, Alpha males took charge and were in control.

D had huge perfectly formed muscles that seemed to stretch his skin to the point of breaking. His skin was the color of chestnuts, perfect and without a blemish. An Alpha male in all respects, D was a perfect specimen who commanded the room. My wife had immediately jumped onto the bed when she was directed. He told her to show her ass to him. She pointed her tight ass up for his inspection without delay. D slid up behind her by grabbed her by the throat and pulled her to his mouth. He stuck his long tongue into her mouth and passionately kissed her. She let out a soft moan and pushed her ass back into his groin and ground it against his hanging cock. He then turned her head and spoke directly into her ear ask her if she was ready to have a real man fuck her. He made sure he said it loud enough for me to hear it.

My wife whispered to me to tell D what I wanted him to do to her. I began to shiver. She said it again and told me that I needed to do it quickly. I looked up and stared directly into D’s pitch-black eyes and told him to please take my wife, I wanted him to make her pussy cum on his amazing cock. D responded with a deep and evil laugh. He reached down and grabbed his hard member. Although I could not see his cock, I knew what was about to happen. I looked back into my wife’s eyes. When the tip of his cock touched the lips of her pussy, a slight smile came across her face. D began to push his cock slowly into her and a small gasp emanated from her beautiful lips.

Her eyes began to roll back into her head. He pulled back out and then pushed deeper. Over and over he pushed his rigid pole into her wet, waiting pussy. Soon, her pussy had stretched to accommodate his manhood. She no longer looked at me. Her eyes were turned up into her head. She bit her bottom lip hard. My wife seemed to be in another world, a world of intense pleasure. casino siteleri

D’s huge hands wrapped around her tiny waist as he began to rhythmically pump into her. He was using her pussy for his pleasure. Soon, he began pushing deeper, harder. It was just then when her eyes opened wide. Her mouth dropped open and she let out a howl and told D that he was at the bottom of her pussy. A sinister laugh rolled from deep within him. Her comment made him push harder, deeper. It seemed to encourage him to become rougher. The harder he pumped, the more she seemed to enjoy it. D looked up at me and asked me if I had heard what she said. He wanted me to know that the end of his cock had arrived at her pussy’s deepest depths. I now realized that the tip of his cock now rested on my wife’s cervix. If he came right now, he would fill her up with his hot potent seed. I responded that I heard him. D then told me that he was going to plant his seed in my wife’s waiting womb. He looked at me as I frantically jerked my tiny hard nub. I was shaking. My mind was numb. Was this really going to happen? Was he going to put his baby in my wife? I knew I had no choice in the matter either way. His huge cock was deep inside her and it was what we both wanted. Had I asked them to stop, D would have ignored me and my wife was just in a heavenly trance and totally into pre-orgasmic mode.

D’s dark body began to glisten with sweat. He fucked my wife as if she ways his very own sex toy. She was in a trance and totally ignored me. Both her and her lover were one, joined by his massive hands and a huge penis. Their love sounds were amazing. She moaned and groaned with each thrust. He grunted as he pushed deep within her womb. Out of the blue, screams of YES, YES, YES would come from her mouth. He told her to take it like a bitch and then told her to tell him how much she wanted his big cock. The bed rocked, groaned and squeaked as if it was about to break. Above it all, was the sound of his huge balls hitting her clit and then slapping against her finely cropped pussy hair. Hair I had watched her groom into a small perfect inverted triangle for him. It was what he wanted and she was happy to oblige.

They made love for what seemed to be hours before my wife suddenly looked at me and instructed me to tell D to cum into her. She wanted me to tell him to pump her full of his seed. Her request startled me but I immediately complied. D responded by asking me if it was truly what I wanted. He asked me if I wanted to watch him nut into my wife. I told him YES. D grabbed my wife’s throat with one hand and her forehead with the other. He forcefully shoved his rigid member as deeply as he could. She began to scream and encourage him to go as deep as possible. The rhythm intensified as sweat rained from his body. Two of his long fingers slipped across her chin and into her waiting mouth. She sucked his fingers as if it was his hard cock. This sent him over the edge. His rock-hard chest tightened. His arm muscles flexed as he threw his head back. A low howl began to come from his mouth which then turned into something almost like the sound of a growling a****l. He forced his throbbing cock into her cervix, forcing it open and shot his potent seed into her waiting womb. The realization of his seed flowing directly into her deepest chamber sent her into an uncontrollable orgasm. Her body shook as if she was having a seizure. As she shuttered, canlı casino he pushed himself as deep inside her as he could. His body convulsed with each shot of hot cum. Her orgasm seemed to last close to a minute, as did his.

He had done it. D had shot his virile load deep inside my wife’s fertile womb. My mind was swimming, thinking of just how much of his sperm he had planted deep with in her. He had cum for so very long. How much cum had he deposited? Did it fill her womb? Was she ovulating? FUCK! Did he get her pregnant? Shit, what had we done? Slowly, their orgasms subsided. They both breathed deeply. As they regained their composure, D pushed his body up and flipped my wife over without pulling out. It was if she was on a spit on the BBQ. She giggled and wrapped her legs around his waist so that he could not escape. He laid down on top of her and kissed he passionately. I could see their tongues intertwine as their heads turned side to side. He held her head with both hands and forced his tongue deep into her mouth. She tightened her grip around his waist and threw her arms around his neck. She wanted it. She wanted to be brutally taken by this dark lover. She wanted him and him only.

Once their kissing subsided, D got up on his knees and looked down at her and smiled. She looked back at him and whispered something I could not hear. D responded by removing his cock from her swollen pussy. He then straddled her body. She took the base of his cock in her hand and squeezed tightly. A bead of warm, potent white manhood formed at the tip. She began to move her hand from the base up towards the head of his still semi rigid pole. As her fist moved up the shaft, his seed began to stream from the large hole. She opened her mouth and placed the tip above her mouth so that he could watch his cum fall onto her tongue. D’s balls continued to drain until her mouth was filled. When the flow finally stopped, she took the head and placed her lips on it. She began to suck his cock like a straw. Once she had all of his cock juice, she opened her mouth, showed him her prize, then swallowed it in one large gulp. She then licked her lips and told him, “Yum.” They both laughed.

D then climbed off the bed and went into the bathroom. My wife laid on the bed, still breathing heavily. She had not even looked at me since D had cum in her. My heart was racing. What had just happened? D returned from the bathroom, dressed and was ready to leave. As he passed by me, he looked down at my cock and just burst out laughing and commented that I must of had a good time. He turned and left. I looked down. My little cock was no longer hard. It was shriveled up into a little nub as usual. Cum covered my pubic hair and my leg. I had been so focused on them, I must have jerked myself to the point of no return. Shit, I thought. I came and I didn’t even realize it. The sight of their love making had brought me over the edge and I didn’t even know it. I literally had a ruined orgasm, I came and didn’t even get to enjoy it. How pathetic was that? My wife got fucked by a huge cock while I jerked off and watched. She had gotten to experience a mind-blowing orgasm while I just made a mess on myself. I grabbed a towel off the nightstand and cleaned myself up and thought about how we got here.

I knew my cock was smaller than average and that I never was able to please my wife in bed. She was always nice about it but I could tell she wanted kaçak casino more, needed more. I had been searching the web looking for ideas to make things more exciting for her when I found a “cuckolding” site. I discovered that there were men just like me that wanted and loved their wife but could not fulfill their needs sexually. I spent hours reading, learning and watching videos. I found myself getting hard watching the videos. Many times, I would jerk off watching them, fantasizing that it was my wife and her lover. I knew I had to approach the subject with her. To my surprise, she was very open to it. At first, she said no, but I know that she was just being nice.

Once she agreed, she told me that I would be the one to find the man to fuck her. I was ok with that and began my search. I used my wife as bait. She dressed up in tight exercise clothes and we went to one of those 24-hour chain type gyms. I sat back and watched to see who was checking her out. D was lifting weights and she caught his eye. Once he saw her, he constantly kept an eye on her. It was obvious that he thought she was hot. I checked out his shorts and realized her had a fucking baseball bat for a cock. As she finished and began to leave, I made a comment about her to D. He told me that she was “fine” and that he loved fucking tight married pussy. He said that they were freaks in bed and didn’t have the drama of single women. I told him that she was married and wanted to fuck a black guy. He looked shocked at first but then asked me how I knew that. I told him she was my wife and that I wanted him to fuck her. He smiled and told me that I didn’t have to ask him twice. We meet up with my wife in the parking lot and set a date for this encounter. The whole thing seemed surreal.

I began to come back to reality and noticed my wife, in our bed, with another mans’ cum swimming inside her. I approached the bed. My wife laid there peacefully in the afterglow of her earth-shattering orgasm. I crawled into bed and laid next to her. She asked me to spoon her and I did it without delay. Her tight ass found its way into my crotch as I wrapped my arms around her. She slowly wiggled her ass against me, causing my cock to grow hard. She reached down and took my cock and placed it between her legs. She turned her head a bit and told me that she I didn’t want to fuck me right now, she was just going to put my cock inside her. She wanted to make sure D’s cum didn’t leak out. She said it felt so warm and nice inside her. She slipped my cock into her very wet pussy and told me to make sure none of his love juice escaped. Again, I began to shake. My mind was going nuts. Was the wetness I felt his cum? Did she just tell me that she wanted me to be a pussy plug for her? He had obviously taken her to a place that I could never take her to.

I did what I had been asked to do and I pushed my cock in a deeply as I could. She pulled me close and seemed to drift off to sleep. My heart raced as fast as my mind. After a few minutes my cock began to shrink. As it did, it began to slide from her still wet pussy. Then it happened. My cock slipped totally out, followed by a massive gush of wetness. His seed was leaking from her pussy and was covering my cock and balls. I could not move as my arm was wrapped in my wife’s arm. I was humiliating, yet sickly erotic. She was my wife, yet I was covered in her lovers cum.

As she looked at me you know what my fantasy is honey as she push my head down to her pussy flooded with cum. Start cleaning up all that love juice if you don’t want me pregnant. As I licked and sucked there as what seemed like a gallon of his cum slid from her pussy into my hungry mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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