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Lion’s Den Ch. 03

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Laney had been in Montclair all week prepping for their trip to France, so Max decided to surprise her by taking her to the shindig her company was having for the Russians. It was being held at some exclusive supper club in Manhattan, so they gave her department a half day to get ready. Laney met Max at Penn Station and they hit the salon and spa. All their fine dresses were left at the apartment and they did not want to buy any replacements, so they decided to take their chances and go. When they got there, Mark, the other concierge was on duty. He gave Max a letter, which they had been holding for days. The letter had no postmark which told her it was hand delivered. She knew who it was from before opening it and it confirmed her worst thoughts, he knew where she lived. Hmm, a new tactic, non aggressive, non invasive. Just what was Leo playing at?

Max sat in her living room and read the letter. She could not believe those words were from the same man that had terrorized her dreams and fantasies. Was this for real? In the letter, Leo expounded on how he felt about her, and how sorry he was he terrified her. It broke his heart to know she felt compelled to run from him, and he hoped that one day she would forgive him. The last line simply stated, “I’ve finally seen reason.” Max didn’t know why, but she felt sad and empty, her emotions were running amuck, this is want I wanted, right? If she was going to be honest with herself she could admit she felt drawn to him. He was more than his job and his looks. He was a man, and he had bared his soul to her in words. She tucked the letter away in a drawer in her bedroom and got ready for the soiree.

When Max and Laney walked into the ballroom, everything stilled for a moment. The girls looked jaw dropping divine. Laney wore a lilac taffeta strapless fitted gown with silver accessories. She pinned her hair in an up do style with a diamond butterfly pin. Max’s daffodil yellow, one shouldered chiffon floor length gown, made her look like a cocoa Greek goddess. The gold accessories were the icing on the cake.

Max plastered a smile on her face and got ready to work. She told Laney to circulate and make friends, while she joined the Russian contingent. The Russians were a chatty and flirtatious bunch, all marveling at her grasp on their language.

After two hours of questions and smiles she needed a break. She poked around the hall until she found an empty room. It was hard doing business with thoughts of Leo circulating in her head. She lay down on the lounge chair to rest her eyes a bit. Not realizing how tired she was, she fell asleep. She did not hear the door open, but she did feel a hand sliding up her dress, which made her bolt up. Mr. McCleary was smiling down at her in the most lecherous way.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“About to teach a little teasing bitch some manners,” he slurred, clearly drunk.

Max did not care, drunk or not. This man was not getting away with what he just did. “You are not fucking serious.”

“I see I’ll have to tame that mouth too, huh.” He leapt forward trying to grab her head. He was determined that she would be bobbing on his cock before the night was out.

All Max’s training kicked in. She released a chop to McCleary’s throat, his head snapped back, leaving him gasping and stumbling. Still he would not go down. In fact, he came after her with more ferocity. Max upper cut him, dropping him on his back, then kicked him in the groin before making her escape. She left him twisting on the floor in agony.

Max’s adrenaline was pumping; she could feel and hear every pulse racing. She needed to steady herself before returning to the party so she ducked into the bathroom to splash some cold water on her face. Still, she felt shaky. The only place she wanted to be was in the Leo’s arms. Her thoughts did not make sense to her. Why Leo?

Max returned the party, and found Laney having a cheerful time with one of the young Russian businessmen. She slipped Laney, a note “Gone to see Leo.” Laney knew it was coming. Since the letter Max had been quiet and now her face looked flush like she had been running a marathon. Laney nodded and mouthed, “Good luck.” Having had her fair share of heartbreak and relationships, she got that tug of war between the heart and mind. Max could physically defend herself, but had no real defenses for her heart, and whatever Leo wrote in that letter got to her.

Joe. B saw Max get out of the cab and was dumbfounded. Those other broads on line had nothing on this girl. She looked liked she had just stepped off a runway. He could definitely see why Leo was so taken with her. He let her in with a nod.

Max made her way across the crowded dance floor to Leo’s office. She was about to knock when the door swung open. Leo had gotten the call she was here. He thought for a second they were punking him, but they knew better than to mess with him. Leo spotted her moving so gracefully across xslot giriş the dance floor and got butterflies in his stomach; a feeling he had never felt before with such intensity.

Being this close to her left him speechless. She looked different, like an angel, fragile and ethereal.

“Hey, baby,” was all he could get out before she crumbled into tears before him. He wrapped her in his arms and held her tight until her sobbing died down. “Wanna tell me what this is all about?” he asked leading her to the couch. He was concerned because this was not his tough as nails Max, something was definitely up.

“I don’t know where to begin. I got your letter today. You really laid it all on the line, and it made me feel foolish.”

“That was not my intention.” Leo’s voice was a whisper.

“I know. I have been dodging my feelings for you all this time so I came to tell you face to face, where I stand. Leo Carbone, I am not in love with you, but I like you more than I want to. I think about you all the time, you are in my dreams, my nightmares, I smell you on my skin, hear you in my head, and I don’t want any of it. I look at you and I lose all reason. This is not good for me. I like my solitude, but you have taken that from me. Tell me how to get over you. Tonight at this work thing my boss tried to force himself on me, but I got away and the only place I wanted to disappear to was your arms. With you, I fear that you would make me love you and I will lose control of my life. But he terrified me, and it all became clear. So please, tell me you hate me, and the letter was all a lie, please.” She was so wracked with emotion her voice broke.

“I won’t lie to you Max.”

“Please Leo.” There was so much pain and conflict in her eyes he had to look away.

“You are what I have been missing in my life. I love you, I know I don’t know you, but I know the very essence of you. That may not make sense to you, but it does to me.”

The vulnerability and rawness in her eyes were killing him. He bent down gently and kissed her. Max responded to his kisses and pulled him closer to her.

“Let’s get out of here.” He wanted to make love to her, but not in his office where he took her two glorious times before. They got into his car and drove across the bridge into Park Slope. All the while Max played in his hair gently running her fingernails against his scalp. Leo’s whole body shivered as Max’s finger play turned him on. They stopped outside a beautiful white three story brownstone. “Welcome to my home.”

Max got out of the car pleasantly surprised. She thought he would live somewhere more fortressed or flashy. There are many sides to this man. He led her through the lower level into a playroom and bar area; it was definitely a masculine space.

“Do you like what you see?”

Max nodded, concerned that her mind was imagining her living there.

“Let me give you the grand tour.” He took her through the entire house ending with the master suite on the third floor. “Max, I want to make love to you. Would you allow me to do that for you?” He hoped she’d say yes for both their sakes, he was dying to be inside her again. “I want to make it up to you for all the times I hurt you or scared you.” He felt vulnerable before her, but could not let the night pass without letting her know how he was feeling. “Princess, have you even given thought to what I am going through? I don’t want to feel open like this. It’s uncomfortable and scary. Most days I feel like an ass. You were right, being in love is distracting, and that is dangerous, but I’m willing to risk it. So risk it with me baby.”

Max was in awe at his honesty, hearing him say those things were better than reading it. She put her hands up and began unpinning her hair. He stilled her hand and did it for her. As her hair cascaded down her back, he placed gentle kisses on her neck and shoulders. He raised her hands and pulled her dress off, leaving her standing there in her heels and underwear. His breath caught in his throat. Her sheer black strapless bra was accompanied by a matching tong. He was committed to taking his time, but it would take all his control not to throw her on the bed and fuck her like a madman. His normally brazen Max looked so timid in front of him, he chuckled to himself. It was like his love was taming her.

Max could not breathe. He was moving so achingly slow, building her want. He left her to turn the stereo on some slow rhythms, she recognized as Afro-Cuban Jazz. This man would never stop surprising me. As she rocked slowly to the melody, he put his arm around her waist and moved with her, their bodies melding into one. This is perfect, they both thought in unison. When the third song came on she turned around so they were face to face, so she could look into his eyes. He locked eyes with her and gave her a long passionate kiss that melted her, but she was hungry for more. She broke from xslot his mouth and began to unbutton his shirt.

“Slow down, baby, we have all night.” He pulled away from her, knowing that if she continued all his resolve would be shattered.

“I want you, Leo. Give yourself to me. Don’t hold back anymore. I trust you.”

With her final statement he threw restraint away and attacked her. Tugging off her bra, he devoured her breasts, the dark chocolate peaks were so sensitive Max whimpered.

“Don’t stop,” she rasped tugging on his hair.

He backed her up until her the back of her knees hit the bed. Max allowed herself to freefall onto the mattress. Propping herself up on her elbows, she watched as Leo undressed. He took his time and, although Max was getting impatient, she was enjoying the show. When he was naked she whistled at him in the same way he did to her. His response surprised her. He blushed.

“Oh sweetie you’re blushing,” she teased.

“You would blush too if you had a sexy thong clad female whistling at you.”

“I believe I would, so let’s remedy that.” Max put her legs straight up and removed her underwear and slingshot it to him. Leo caught it and inhaled the crotch.

“I see my baby is ready for me.”

“Never stopped,” Max responded opening her legs slightly.

He growled, and walked away to nightstand to get a condom.

“Turn around I want to see you put it on.”

“What?” Leo was always a little shy about being watched putting on a condom. He usually did it with his back turned.

“I think it is sexy to watch you put it on.”

“You are weird, but I like you so watch away.” Leo turned his penis toward her and watched her face. Max was wide eyed and licking her lips and his dick got even harder.

Leo could not wait anymore yanked her legs to him, bringing her ass to the edge of the bed. Looking straight into her eyes, her plunged into her.

Max loved the way Leo was beating into her body, she grabbed her nipples and twisted them bringing her to a quick orgasm, but she had so much more to give to him tonight. Leo felt Max’s quick orgasm, and threw her legs on his shoulders to get deeper into her. She knew she was short circuiting before him, as she felt jolts of lightening fly through straight to her pussy. Her body shook and bucked as her eyes rolled behind her head. Seeing her lose control and feeling her spasms around his cock, brought Leo to his own blinding climax. He pumped until every drop was out of him.

When he had regained some sense he collapsed on the bed next to her, rolling her into his arm. Kissing her on her forehead he asked, “Are you okay?”

“Fine baby, just fine,” she murmured and dozed off to sleep.

An hour into their sleep Max’s phone went off; it was a text message from Laney. It stated, “Russian. Millennium Hilton, Rm. 613.” Max sighed. I guess Lanes getting her freak on tonight too. Max sat up, Leo was still asleep, his breathing steady and deep. She studied him, getting turned on more and more with the rise and fall of his chest. She decided to wake him up in a most wicked way, a jaw breaking cock sucking. Max crept over to Leo’s, nearly drooling on his penis as she hovered. She opened her mouth and licked it liked a popsicle, going slowly up and down, until it started to stiffen. At the first sign of the beast awaking, Max engulfed the whole head, eliciting a sharp intake of breath and moan from Leo. He was now awake too and loving the sight before him. Hmm this girl has all sort of repressed freakiness in her. He had had many blow jobs before, but this one was off the charts.

Leo raised his hips off the bed to get deeper down her throat, but Max just pushed him back down. She was in control and she was not going to let him forget it. She pulled her mouth off his cock with a pop and blew on his shaft, causing him to beg for the warmth of her mouth. She went back to sucking on his cock like her life depended on it. He felt himself cumming and tried to pull away, but she held on, vibrating her jaw on the sensitive tip until he erupted in her mouth. She swallowed all of it, leaving him drained. Leo felt like she took the life right out of him. Max got off the bed smiling at her handiwork. She sauntered off proudly to the bathroom for a shower.

She stepped into the glass enclosure and turned on the hot water. Max had turned herself on something terrible with the blow job she had just given Leo, but she wanted that moment to be just about his satisfaction. With the hot water cascading over her she masturbated herself in the shower. Her eyes were shut so tightly as she gratified herself that she did not notice Leo had opened the door and was watching her.

Leo thought he was mistaken when he heard moaning coming from the shower, but after the third sweet sound he had to see what was going on. The sight before him instantly reenergized him. This little vixen is trying to get off without me; there will be none of that. Leo watched the show Max was putting on. Getting jealous of her fingers he slapped her hand away and pinned her too the wall. “Don’t you dare! That pussy is mine and I don’t share, not even with you. What do you want, Max?”

“I want to cum.” His fierceness moistened her even more.

“Stop that.”

She was rubbing her thighs together, creating friction against her clit. “I can’t. I can’t. I can’t.” He watched her use her thighs to bring herself to an orgasm, he had never seen anything like that before. She was trembling while pressed against the shower wall, her breasts shaking, as each tremor took her. His cock was like steel. When she was done, he dragged her wet body to the bed and threw her face down. He was horny and pissed she came without, him. I’m going to give her a lesson in obedience. That ass is mine.

“Get on your knees dirty girl. You know you’re gonna get punished, right?” “I asked you a question.” Leo loved the feel of her ass cheek bouncing his palm back.

“Yes, Leo.”

“Head down, ass up. You are going to count each smack. If you lose count, we are starting again.” “Did you hear me.”

This submissive position was intensely sexually frustration for Max. “Yes, Leo.”

“One.” “Two.” “Three.” By the fifth smack Max was crying and shaking from an impending orgasm. At ten Leo pumped his fingers in and out of her sopping pussy, bringing her to the brink, and then he took his hands away. He leaned in and ran his tongue up and down her spine, making her beg for release, but he withheld it. He put the tip of his penis at her entrance taking shallow pokes. When she thought she could not take any more he spit into her asshole. He thrust his penis into her pussy while he forced his finger into her ass. She had never had anyone put anything in her butt before, but that did not slow her down.

Max could not take anymore and gave into the orgasm that had been building for awhile. While she screamed and creamed all over her his cock, he pulled out and sank it into her open ass, she arched back, allowing him to wrap his hand around her hair as he rode her. Her butt was so tight; Leo did not think he could last long. She was moaning and calling his name to give it to her harder.

“Don’t stop, my lion, don’t stop. Ride me harder, Leo harder.”

Each push and pull motion was taking them to new heights. Max had never experience that much pleasure in her life, and just to add another level he twisted her head back and kissed her while they both came. Her three holes were radiating. Leo fell on her back, never dislodging himself from her tight butt. When he mustered up the strength, he rolled off her and pulled a sheet over them. Max was out for the rest of the night.


Leo looked in smiling awe at the naked body that lay curled up under him. He had had some wild nights in his life, but not in his bedroom. He never brought girls back here. They christened his space perfectly. He knew she was a hot one, but only in his wildest dreams did her ever think she would put it down on him like that. He was getting hard just thinking about the blow job, hmm now that is something a man could get used to.

Max stirred below him as all thoughts of last night began to fill her groggy brain. She jumped up in a panic, almost knocking him in the chin.

“Whoa, girl what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Nothing.” she replied laying back down.

“Max, I know that face. All kind of shit is wrong. Were you gonna bolt if I was not here?”

“Yeah, I woke up feeling like I was somewhere where I shouldn’t be.”

“Ok, but that is bullshit. You belong here with me. Capice?”

“Capice.” She stifled a yawn. Leo saw it, knowing the working he put on her body last night still had her tired and sore.


While in the shower, Max realized that she could not put on her ball gown from last night, but was pleasantly surprised to find a t-shirt and boxer for her on the bed. She dressed and went downstairs. Leo almost burned his hand when she entered the room. She look incredibility sexy in his clothes, her nipples were hard as pebbles, and calling to him. He looked away, willing himself to show some restraint, and went back to tending the bacon. Max was a little perplexed by his behavior until she looked down and saw what he was looking at. She quietly removed the clothing beginning her seduction.

“I’m sorry you didn’t liking seeing me in your clothes,” she said faking teariness in her voice. He could not believe she was so emotional this morning. He turned around to apologize and explain but instead dropped the plate. Max was standing there, with her hands on her head buck naked. This is a very wicked woman, and she is all mine. Max realized she must have gone too far when his eyes went from open and warm to black slits. She turned to run, but he grabbed her and lifted her up. He placed her on the dining room table. If she wanted to play, he could play.

“Lie back. Knees up.” His voice was edged with anger. She had really pulled on his heart with her fake voice and he didn’t take kindly to being fooled.

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