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Like Father, Like Daughter Ch. 05

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DISCLAIMER: This is the final part of a longer story. For the best reading experience, it is recommended that you start at the beginning. If you have stuck with me from the beginning, congratulations and thank you. Consider this chapter your reward.


Cam’s room at college was very different from his room at home. There were no trophies, no pictures of half-naked girls. Aside from a few team photos and news clippings, the walls were empty. His furniture was equally unremarkable: a large bed, a nightstand, couch, a TV, a dresser, and a desk. There was a small weight bench at the foot of the bed with a mirror hanging above it.

I spotted a few bottles of liquor sitting on a bookshelf beside his desk. Jackpot, I thought. Chloe and Danielle will be so impressed when they find where the tequila came from.

As I reached for the bottle, I heard the door open behind me.

“Looks like you found the liquor,” Cam said, gently closing the door behind him. The click of door sliding into the frame sent a shiver through me.

“Shouldn’t you be bartending downstairs?” I asked.

“Someone will cover for me.” He walked towards me as he spoke. “I came to make sure you got what you needed up here.”

He stopped about a few feet from me. Not quite close enough to touch, but close enough to tower above me. I felt my heart begin to pound.

“What happened, Cam?” I gestured towards the bare walls of his room. “Did you outgrow your obsession with big boobs when you got to college?” I was trying to be funny, trying desperately to recapture the feisty confidence I had felt just moments earlier.

“Who needs pictures when I’ve got a hot piece of ass waiting in my bedroom?”

I drew in a sharp breath as he reached down and pulled his shirt up over his head. He tossed his shirt on the bed and stood before me, unsmiling. His massive, chiseled torso was rising and falling imperceptibly with every breath.

“What about the blonde girl at the bar?” I mumbled.

“She’ll be back in that same spot tomorrow,” he said. “But you’re only here for one night.”

I just stood there, frozen, racking my brain for something clever to say and coming up empty. Any sense I had of being in control had been disappeared as soon as Cam closed the door behind him. I had been alone with Cam in his bedroom once before, but this time, our families weren’t waiting for us downstairs. Who was going to stop this huge, ripped stud from doing whatever the fuck he wanted? Mom, in her hotel room miles away? Chloe and Danielle, downstairs on the dance floor? Me, who just walked into his bedroom and was standing there alone?

As if the tension was simply too much to bear, my phone buzzed. Before I could do anything, Cam darted his hand into my purse and fished out my phone.

“Hey!” I said, feebly grabbing for it back. “What are you doing?”

“I should ask you the same thing,” he said, turning the phone to show me the screen. “Why the fuck is my brother still texting you?” He actually seemed angry, which scared me.

I glanced at the screen. “Thinkin about you,” it said, followed by a wink emoji.

“Let’s see,” Cam said, pulling the phone back away from me. “It’s 11:30 on a Friday night and Caleb is thinking about you. I wonder what that could mean.”

“I dunno.”

“Oh, really?” He shook his head. “Well, I do.” His lips curved into a sneer. “He’s jacking off, Lola. He’s thinking about slapping that tight little ass. He’s thinking about slipping his cock in between those soft lips. And he’s thinking about blowing his load all over those big, sweet tits.”

“That doesn’t sound like Caleb to me,” I shot back. “Maybe that’s what YOU are thinking about.”

“Now you’re catching on.” Cam stepped towards me, closing the gap between us. His sculpted chest pressed lightly against my nipples, which were rapidly hardening beneath the thin material of the halter top.

“I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, Lola.” He was whispering so softly I could barely hear him above the sound of my heart pounding inside my chest. “Every guy that ever looked twice at you has imagined what it would be like to bend you over and squeeze those big tits of yours while he fucks you from behind. The difference is that guys like Caleb just think about it.”

I looked up at Cam. “What about guys like you?” I whispered back.

In an instant, his hands were on my hips, spinning me around. He was behind me now, the two of us facing towards the wall mirror that hung above his weight bench. He loomed over me, shirtless and huge, dwarfing me despite my height. He pulled me backwards, crushing me against the slab of his body, carved through painstaking hours on the weight bench in front of us. I watched in the mirror as he wrapped his arms around me, engulfing my small body. I seemed to be disappearing into him.

I closed my eyes as he hands began to roam over my body. His greedy fingers squeezed and probed hungrily, eager to explore every part of my body, claiming new territory with each passing moment. Betturkey Quickly, he found my nipples, which felt hard enough to pierce the flimsy fabric of Chloe’s halter top. A moan escaped my lips as he rolled them between his fingers.

“God, you don’t even wear a bra,” he growled. His voice was husky, thick with the arrogance of a conqueror, a mixture of satisfaction and disdain that has since become very familiar to me. “Nothing like a pair of big tits on a hot, 18-year-old Asian girl.”

I felt his right hand move from my chest to the strings of the halter top tied around my neck.

In that moment, I could have said anything, or nothing. My mind was racing. Thoughts of Chloe and Danielle dancing downstairs, of my unexpected kiss with Daniel earlier that night, of Caleb stealing glances at my body, of the sleepover makeout sessions with my friend’s older brother back in my hometown.

I could have said anything, but as Cam pulled the strings of the halter top with one hand and mauled my tits with the other, what I said was, “My Mom is Asian, but my Dad is white.”

Cam paused for a second, considering what I had said. I opened my eyes. His huge body had so completely enveloped me that I could barely see myself in the mirror. The strings of the untied halter top rested limply on my bare shoulders. The only thing keeping the top from falling down was Cam’s left hand, holding it against my tits. Our eyes met in the mirror.

“Is that why you like to fuck white guys?” His question was dripping with smugness, yet it seemed somehow genuine.

“I’m a virgin,” I said softly, our eyes still locked in the mirror.

“Wow.” I registered the surprise in his voice, which cut through the arrogance. For a moment, his eyes softened, as if he were seeing me for the first time. For a moment, the words hung there, a flicker of uncertainty about what would happen next. Then, I watched it vanish, extinguished by the disdainful sneer that crept across his face.

“For a virgin, you sure dress like a slut.” As he spoke, he let the halter top fall, exposing my bare tits to a man for the first time.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I had to admit that he was right. I was topless and braless, my tits hanging freely as the halter dangled lewdly from around my waist. My upper thigh peeked out from beneath the mini skirt, which had begun to ride up my legs as Cam handled my body.

I did look like a slut.

My reverie ended as Cam’s hands came alive again, cupping and squeezing my now bare tits. He leaned over me, lowering his mouth to bite my earlobe.

“You’re one helluva cocktease, aren’t you?” He whispered, bringing one hand down to my waist and pulling my hips flush with his. “You can get off on teasing a limped-dick little boy like my brother. All he’ll do is text you and jerk off to your photos on Facebook.”

I closed my eyes. The only sensations in my world were his hands on my body and his voice in my ear. I could hear in his voice that he was getting very worked up. Then, he shifted his weight forward, and I suddenly felt an incredible hardness between his legs pushing against my ass. I bit my lip to keep from moaning.

“You feel that, don’t you?”

He reached down and flipped my skirt up. Now with unfettered access to my lower half, he began rutting against me violently, sliding his cock down the crack of my ass and between my legs, rubbing it against me through his shorts.

“Now you know you’re in trouble, Lola.”

I felt him yank his shorts down. For the first time, I felt his full length and girth.

“Oh my god,” I mumbled, a million thoughts and feelings expressed in three words. From base to tip, his cock felt as if it extended from the crack of my ass all the way through the gap of my thighs, but I kept my eyes closed tight, afraid of what I would see in the mirror if I opened them.

“You can’t tease a cock this big,” he whispered. I heard contempt in his voice, which was terrifying but also strangely exciting. He peeled my thong down around my knees. “I’m gonna break you in, Lola the Virgin.”

My eyes snapped open as Cam pushed me from behind. I caught myself as I fell forward, my hands landing on the weight bench in front of me. I saw myself in the mirror, bent over the bench with my body on display, clothes hanging haphazardly and hiding nothing. Cam stood behind me, huge and powerful, with his enormous cock pointed like an arrow at my exposed pussy.

“Please use a condom,” I murmured frantically. It sounded like a request, not a command. At this point, I wasn’t even trying to control Cam. I was just asking my conqueror to show mercy.

He made no move to reach for a condom. Instead, he positioned the bulbous head of his shaft against the outer folds of my pussy, letting the tip brush against my lips.

“Fuck, you’re dripping,” he crowed, exultant. “You’re gonna remember getting broken in by this big cock forever, Lola. I want you to remember it right.”

His eyes moved from the mirror to my pussy, Betturkey Giriş and he began to press into me slowly. Tears immediately sprang to my eyes as I realized that, yes, Cam was going to fuck me without a condom, and yes, I was going to let him. Whether intentionally or instinctively, I had given him the opportunity to take control over me, and he had seized it. With my words, my actions, and my body, I had baited his dominance, and now I wouldn’t or couldn’t deny him my submission. This was happening. Right now.

I began to squeal and hyperventilate as he entered me, inch by painstaking inch. Tears rolled down my face now, though I wasn’t sobbing. My mind was a blur, and I couldn’t tell whether these were tears of pain, or shame, or joy, or something else entirely. I gripped the seat of the weight bench with all of my strength, bracing my body as he moved deeper inside me, surrendering to him completely. As he pushed through my hymen, the pain overcame me, and I cried out.

“That’s the worst of it,” he said soothingly. Even as he tried half-heartedly to comfort me, however, he continued to push himself deeper inside me. “You’ve almost taken the whole thing.”

I could scarcely fathom the fact that there was more. Tears continued to stream from from my eyes. I bit my lip hard, choking back a scream.

“Jesus, you’re so tight.”

As quickly as that, he had forgotten about my pain, his focus returning to his own pleasure.

Finally, I felt his hips press against my ass, announcing that he had drilled as deep as he could. The pressure inside me was overwhelming. I opened my mouth and gasped for air. It felt like I was drowning from the inside.

“You stopped being a virgin 8 inches ago, Lola,” he proclaimed jubilantly. “How does it feel to be the world’s newest slut?”

I don’t know why he felt the need to talk to me like that, but just like with everything else, I gave Cam exactly what he wanted: I moaned for him.

“Oh, I think she likes being a slut for big cock. Don’t you?”

He began sliding back out. As a wave of relief washed over me, I answered his question, practically grateful for the momentary reprieve.

“I like it.”

“What do you like, slut?”

“I like your big cock.”

“Oh, you like my big cock?” There was that contempt again. “Thanks for making me feel special, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t about me.”

Did I say something wrong? I shuddered as he began to slide back in, faster now.

“I got to you first, but I’m pretty sure you’re just can’t say no to big dick, can you?” Now Cam was pumping into me steadily, gathering steam. I clung to the weight bench as if my life depended on it.

“You thought you were saving this pussy for someone special. Turns out you were just waiting for a guy with a big enough cock.” His pace was getting faster and faster and it felt like he was tearing me apart from the inside.

“Now that you’ve found one, we both know you’re gonna go back to that high school and look another big-dick stud, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I hissed, not knowing whether it was true but unable to deny Cam the answer that he clearly wanted.

“But it won’t be Caleb, will it?”

“No,” I panted. “Never.”

“Why not?” Cam mocked. “He’s a virgin, just like you used to be. Why won’t you fuck him?”

“He’s-too young, and—ugh—too small.”

“That’s right,” Cam slapped my ass, as if to congratulate me for a good answer. “And you belong to big cocks now, don’t you?”

“Yes!” The pain was too much. I was completely at his mercy.

“Tell me what you are,” he demanded, slowing his pace abruptly.

“I’m—I’m,” I mumbled between breaths, my tits heaving wildly as I struggled to get enough air. “I’m a big cock slut.”

“That’s right, Lola. So why am I doing all the work?” Cam spat. “You say you’re a slut for big cock, and I know you’ve got a state championship body, so move that ass for me.” He slapped my ass again.

The pain, the shame, the confusion I felt was overwhelming. Yet through it all, the clearest, most basic urge I felt was the desire not to disappoint Cam. Fighting through the pain, I pushed myself backwards, impaling my body on his cock.

“That’s it,” he cooed. “Give it to me faster. I wanna see those big tits bounce while you fuck my cock.”

His approval was like a drug that overrode the pain I was feeling. I increased my pace, using the weight bench for leverage as I slammed my aching body against him over and over. I screamed in pain, unable to hold back anymore, but I didn’t stop. I was used to fighting through pain at the end of a tennis match, ignoring my body in service of a larger goal. Now, that goal was pleasing Cam.

“Say my fucking name!” He yelled.

“Cam!” I screamed.

“Louder!” He demanded. “Let the people downstairs know who broke you in!”


“Big tits—18-year-old—Asian slut…”

The words came out as jumbled, unformed fragments, the primitive thoughts of a man lost in his own pleasure. Then, without warning, he pushed against my body and pulled out. With one fluid motion, he grabbed my waist and flipped me over, lifting me up onto the weight bench. For the first time since he had taken control of me, we faced each other, but there was no eye contact. Cam was staring at my tits and I was looking directly at his cock, which was smeared with the blood of my virtue.

He grabbed the base of his cock and gave it one long stroke down the shaft with his huge right hand. He moaned unintelligibly as the tip twitched. I watched in dumbstruck fascination as his balls massively contracted and his cock erupted, dumping rope after rope of hot, sticky cum all over my chest.

For a few moments, the entire room was still. Cam lay backwards onto his bed, panting heavily as his cock slowly deflated. I sat on the weight bench, taking in the entire scene, beginning to process what had happened. I had no idea how long it had been, but as I remembered the errand that had brought me up to Cam’s room in the first place, it seemed like a lifetime had gone by. It really felt as if the person who walked in was different from the person who would walk out. It all seemed somehow unreal, but my aching pussy, the blood on Cam’s softening shaft, and the cum dripping from my tits all testified to the reality of what had happened.

Finally, Cam sat up. Wordlessly, he reached for a box of tissues on the nightstand. He pulled a few out on began to mop up the bloodstains on his cock. “Virgins are so messy,” he said. I wasn’t sure if it was a joke or a criticism. “Here.”

He handed me the tissue box.

It took an entire handful of tissues to soak up the enthusiastic load that Cam had spilled over my tits. I used another handful to clean up my pussy, which was puffy, swollen, and bright red, thoroughly unaccustomed to the pounding it had taken.

Cam and I got dressed in silence. On top of everything else I was feeling, I was mortified to put Chloe’s halter top back on. Even with all of those tissues, my chest still felt sticky, and the smell of Cam’s seed lingered on my skin. Despite having so much to say while he fucked me, Cam was conspicuously speechless during the aftermath. As commanding and dominant as he had been, he now seemed a bit unsure of what to do.

“That was fun,” he offered, breaking the silence as he put his cap back on. “How do you feel?” This was the first question he had asked me where I didn’t think he had an answer in mind.

“Different,” I said, honestly.

“You were great,” he said, as if to console me. “Girls never cum the first time.”

I nodded, unable to agree or disagree. He picked up my phone and handed it to me.

“You got some texts,” he smirked. “Think those two girls are wondering where you are.”

“Shit,” I muttered. Five texts and two missed calls from Chloe and Danielle.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “Just tell them you got sick and I let you use the upstairs bathroom.”

“You think I should lie to them?”

“Hey,” he said, throwing up his arms. “I’m not gonna tell you what to do. If you wanna tell them the truth, that’s fine with me. I’ve already got a reputation on this campus. Are you sure you want one, too?”

I said nothing. He scratched his head, then shrugged his shoulders.

“I’m gonna go back downstairs to the party. You wanna come with me, or…?”

“I’ll stay up here for a few more minutes and then go down.”

“Okay, cool,” he nodded. “See you downstairs.”

Cam opened the door and stepped out into the hallway, closing it softly behind him, leaving me alone in his room once more. I got my phone out and texted Chloe.

“Sry, got sick upstairs 🙁 coming now”

Glancing back at the weight bench, I saw myself in the mirror. With my hair and makeup a mess, I looked as if I might have partied a bit too hard, but I could probably pass off the smell of Cam’s cum as my own puke. No one else has to know, I thought. I’ve always been a good, proper girl. Why can’t this be my little secret?

I grabbed the bottle of tequila off the bookshelf and walked out the door.

That night, Cam did far more than just take my virginity. He stirred something dormant inside, something that I believe had always been there: the genetic lack of self-control inherited from my father. This germ manifested in him as a predilection for seducing younger, inexperienced women. Its manifestation in me was very nearly the inverse: an insatiable urge to gratify the desires of older, dominant men. We share the same reckless id and we have each paid a heavy price: it cost my father his family and has so far denied me the privilege of starting one.

More than eight years have passed since Cam introduced me to sex. In all that time, I have yet to enjoy what most of my girlfriends experience as a “normal” relationship, but I have no ill will towards him. It would be naive to think that things could have worked out differently if I had lost my virginity to another guy. If he hadn’t conscripted me into the service of arrogant, aggressive men, then some other alpha male surely would have. Such men have a way of finding me, and when they do, it is only a matter of time before they satisfy themselves with my body.

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