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Katie and Nikki

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I love watching her little hands on my cock as she slowly strokes it. Her red fingernails looks so sexy going up and down as she smiles at me with her heart shaped lips shining with her favorite glitter lip-gloss. She always wants to look her best for me when we have our special daddy and me time. This is our special bonding time. An opportunity for her to show how much she loves daddy.

She always starts off slow, making sure I enjoy her grabbing and squeezing my cock. She knows how it helps relax me and she lives to make me happy. Her words always get to me, with her telling me how much she loves holding and playing with daddy’s cock. She’s so appreciative, always thanking me for allowing her to hold my cock. She has recently started asking me when will daddy make love to her. I tell her that now is not the time. She has a tiny pussy and I’m afraid of hurting her. I always tell her when she is older.

Depending on how she is feeling, she will either finishing me off manually, by increasing her speed as she strokes me, aiming my dick at her chest as my cum shoots out my cock. Her beautiful budding breasts look so cute covered with my cum. She likes spreading it all over chest, saying the scents reminds her of how much daddy loves her as I kiss her good night before heading to bed.

Other times, she will take me into her mouth as best as possible. She has such beautiful lips that look fucking great wrapped around my cockhead. For now, that’s as much as much as she can take in. I look forward to the day she is able to deep throat me, like her mother. I always warn her when I’m about to cum, but she always insists on having me cum in her mouth. She will gag, but tries her best to swallow as much as she can. It’s her way of showing me how much she loves daddy.

Daddy time usually happens on weekends; unfortunately, not every night. Although, if it were up to me, it would be a nightly ritual. After kissing her good night, I head over to bed. My wife is there waiting for me with a soaked pussy ready to get fucked. Often times, I will find her holding a vibrator. She gets so fucking horny, demanding that I tell her what Nikki and I were up to. It was her idea afterall, to give us our alone time. She says every little girl should have alone time with her daddy, the special man in her life that will always love them, no matter what.

I’m getting ahead of myself and perhaps I should give you the background on how this all got started. This is the story on how I became the luckiest son of a bitch when Katie and I got together and I became Nikki’s daddy. My life will never again be the same.


It was early Monday morning and I was on my way to work when my car started giving me problems. The biggest frustration was that car was less than a year old. Anyhow, as luck would have it, I was passing by a repair shop and barely made it in when the engine completely died. I made arrangements with the mechanic and as I stood there trying to download the Uber app, I noticed a bus stop half a block away. I walked over and realized a bus headed downtown was due in five minutes. I was already late to work, so decided to jump on and make the best of it.

The bus was quite full with people on their way to work, similar to me. I walked down the aisle and found an empty seat next to a lady that I immediately noticed was very attractive, I did not realize how my life would change for simply taking that seat. After a few blocks, I turned to the lady and asked if she knew what time we would we be hitting downtime. With a beautiful smile on her face, she told me we should be getting the in about half an hour. I thanked her and texted my boss letting him know what happened and what time I should be getting there.

I work downtown as an investment banker. It’s not like I was in trouble for being late, but I do like keeping my boss updated on what’s going on. I put my phone down and decided to enjoy the ride.

“First time on the bus?”


“Is this your first time on a city busy?” It was the lady sitting next to me. My god she was beautiful.

“It’s been a while, but not my first time. You know, I’d forgotten how nice it can be when someone else is doing the driving. I’m rather enjoying myself.”

“Good for you. By the way, my name’s Katie.” she put her hand up and I shook her hand as best possible in the small space between us.

“Ron.” I said as we shook hands.

After that ice breaker, we started just talking a little bit about nothing. We learned what we both did for a living and learned that she was 27 and a single mother of a little girl. By the time she got off the bus, I had worked my magic and we had exchanged numbers, agreeing to go out on Saturday. She would be making arrangements with her mother to babysit for her.

Fortunately, my car was ready by the end of the day, so I was back to driving to work. On Thursday, I texted Katie to confirm that we were still on for Saturday night. She quickly sent me a text to confirm, also to give me her address.

She lived in a neighborhood not exactly known for being safe. I walked up the stairs to her apartment and knocked on the door. When she opened the door, I was dumbfounded. She was gorgeous! She looked great on the bus, but in person she looked great. Her hair was nicely done and her makeup perfect with hazel eyes and sexy red full lips (not too big and definitely not small). She was dressed in the classic black cocktail dress that came down to mid-thigh, showing off her smooth, shapely legs while standing in a pair of red high heels. The details and accessories showed how much effort she had put into her outfit, including manicured nails with red nail polish.

“Wow! You look really nice.” I said to her.

“Thanks.” she responded, blushing a little when she noticed that I just couldn’t staring, she looked great. We made our way down the stairs and soon we were on our way to dinner. I was distracted the entire way there by her smooth bare legs. We finally made it to our destination. I valeted the car and we walked up to the host, letting her know we had reservations.

By the time dinner was over, I knew a lot more about her and learned something about myself. I really wanted to fuck her. I was hoping she felt the same way. She shared that she had been on a few dates, but most of the guys lost interest once they found out that she was a single mom. They would go out on one date with the guy ghosting her afterwards.

I also learned that she got pregnant during the summer after her high school graduation, when she was getting ready to head off to college. The pregnancy changed her plans, but not for the father of the child. He headed off to the military and she never heard from him. Her plans changed and now she was working as a paralegal. She works for a downtown law firm, thus the reason I was lucky enough to find her on the bus Monday morning.

After dinner, I was reluctant to call it a night, knowing that I would be calling her for a second date. I had been divorced for five years, fortunately never had kids with the ex. I was indifferent and she was adamantly against it. So, the idea of Katie having a kid did not bother me. We were only dating, it’s not like I was getting ready to propose.

I paid the bill and I suggested a rooftop bar at a hotel that was a couple of blocks down the road. bursa eskort We had been drinking wine throughout dinner and she seemed to be enjoying herself. I was proven right when she quickly agreed.

Walking in, we quickly found a corner booth that offered us some privace. I was surprised that it was not as busy as I would assume for a Saturday night. Our waiter took our drink order and was back within five minutes. We toasted to each other as we took our first sip. Just looking at her as she brought the glass up to her full, red lips was getting me hard. She was fucking sexy as hell and I wondered of she could feel the sexual tension. I certainly could.

As we talked while looking out the window with a great view of the city lights, I complimented her on her beauty and her lips before I leaned in and kissed her. This was the moment of truth. Would she push me away or not. I saw her close her eyes as her lips parted to welcome mine. It started off slow, but very quickly we were at it like a couple of teenagers. I placed my hands on her waist and pulled her to me, fighting the urge to grab her breasts. We were in a public place, after all. Her dress was showing some cleavage and her 34 C breasts looked excellent on her. However, she did not hold back as she started rubbing my cock, knowing the table prevented others from noticing.

“What time do you need to be home?”

“After breakfast.”

We paid the bill and ten minutes later I was undressing her in our hotel room. Everything about her was impeccable. She was young and I kept reminding myself to slow down, but I just couldn’t. Soon after we were in the room, I had my hands on her hips with my abdomen crashing up against her round, firm ass as I pounded her from behind with our clothes thrown all over the floor. My cock was deep in her warm cunt as I kept telling her over and over how much I loved fucking her and how great her tight cunt felt on my cock. We were hot for each other.

The dirty talk was working. The more I told her what a dirty hot slut she was fucking a stranger, the more she begged me to fuck her harder, telling me she was getting close. The way she was behaving, I knew what would really make her explode. I sucked on my thumb, making sure it was wet before I started playing with her sweet looking anus.


I slowly pushed it in and she immediately started moaning loudly, writhing all over the place as her orgasm rippled throughout her body. She screamed out that she was cumming and continued bucking hard, making it difficult to keep my cock in her. When she was finally done, she was laying flat on her tummy and I my cock was still in her cunt.

As much as I wanted to pull out and fuck her in the ass, there was nothing more that I wanted to do at that moment than to paint the inside of her pussy with my cum. I continued fucking her and she only laid there, grunting everytime time I shoved my cock deep into her cunt. She was young with a hard body. I hadn’t had such a tight pussy for a long time.

“Oh fuck, that is fucking nice! Don’t fucking stop! Fuck me hard, motherfucker, make me cum again! I wanna feel your cum in my little cunt!”

Her words were driving me crazy and my arousal was through the roof. I held her in place and shoved my cock deep into her as I fucking came, keeping myself deep in her cunt and making sure every drop of cum spilled deep into her womb. She gave out a loud groan as her body shook hard.

Only when I was pulling out did I realize that we had not bothered with any protection. I pulled out and laid next to her. We cuddled for awhile and she volunteered the answer to the unasked question. She was on the pill and I had nothing to worry about. After her daughters father left, she learned her lesson.

We fucked two more times the rest of the night and one more time before room service arrived with breakfast. Her pussy tasted like a sweet peach and she loved sucking cock. She was quite good at it. Her pussy looked great with a patch over her slit. Gorgeous!

Over the next year, we started dating exclusively and she made me feel like a young man when she would come over for the weekend. Other than taking meal breaks, it was usually one long fuck fest over the weekend. I also got to meet Nikki, her little girl or better said, her little Mini-me.

From the first time I met her, I noticed that she was a cute little girl. She had the same hazel eyes as her mother with the same dark hair. It was hard not to notice that she had a cute bubble butt that was most noticable when she wore shorts. We quickly became friends. When her mother and I started dating, I enjoyed the time she spent with us, especially as Katie and I got more serious.

Fast forward to a year to a year later, we were married and the girls moved in with me. My life had been turned upside down in twelve short months and I loved it! I went from being a bachelor to having a young, hot, beatiful wife and a cute daughter that was now a year older. Life was good. I even got several slaps on the back from guys at the office, complimenting me on my luck and suggesting I secure a pre***********ion for some blue pills.

When they moved in, Nikki couldn’t be more excited. She’d never had her own room. Since it was always just the two of them, they had always lived in a one bedroom apartment. I showed her the room that would be hers and explained that she and I would be going shopping for her room furniture while Katie finished packing up the remainder of their stuff at their old apartement. She looked up at me and with teary eyes hugged me and could not stop thanking me….and that is why I was excited to call her my daughter. Unlike most kids, she did not behave entitled and showed her appreciation.

Nikki and I went shopping and Katie finished packing up the last of their belonging. By end of the next day, Nikki’s room looked like a little girl’s room with a bed, desk, dresser, etc. She could not wipe the smile off her face nor could she stop thanking me over and over. That night Katie also showed me her appreciation with two blowjobs and me finishing up deep in her ass before I was finally done. I knew she could go for one more, but I was done.

I took two weeks off from work, but Katie was only able take one. We took Nikki with us on our honeymoon to bond as a family. It wasn’t like we hadn’t spent plenty of time alone during the past year. When we returned, I stayed home alone with Nikki. It was our week to spend time alone and really get to know each other. We biked, hiked, went to the movies, played board games and watched movies at night with Katie. By the end of the week, she was calling me daddy and loved sitting on my lap when we would watch TV, whether it was movie with her mom or in the morning during our bonding time.

Everything was off to a great start! The only problem was I felt like a pervert. I couldn’t stop noticing Nikki bubble butt. It’s not like I wanted to be with her, I was just appreciating her form and wondering how great it would look like when she got older. After a while, I forgave myself and realized I just needed to control myself and never get caught staring.

For the next two years, we become a family and I learned that I loved spoiling my girls. We sold Katie’s old junker and I got her a new car. Her first brand-new bursa escort bayan car. For Nikki, I focused making sure she had whatever she needed for school and made sure had nice fashionable clothes. She was now finishing up and getting ready to start high school the following year. She was officially a teenager.

A big change that happened was that Nikki started developing into a young lady. It started subtly, but she was now wearing a size A bra. Katie was so excited for all of her daughter’s changes, that she could not help sharing them with me. Besides, her breasts were totally noticable on her. It only gave me more to dream about and wonder what she would look like when she was all grown up and fighting off all the boys. It was obvious she was going to break a lot of hearts. She had her mother’s butt and beauty.

As she got older, it became more and more challenging when she would want to sit on daddy’s lap. Katie loved it, so how could I say no. She loved that Nikki was comfortable with me However, this did not help the situation. Everntually, I decided to just give in and accept it. I didn’t plan on doing anythng inappropriate, so I decided to just enjoy her and her sweet little ass. She never complained about feeling my hard cock so I just went with it.

One day, I came home earlier than usual and found her running to her room in panties. It was obvious she had not expected me home so early. I said hello and did something I shouldn’t have. I locked the door to my bedroom and jacked off to what I had just seen. Her panties were tight on her and they highlighted the fullness of her butt cheeks. I couldn’t help it. She looked sexy prancing around in a tank top and only in her tight panties.

I had previously noticed how nice her butt looked when she would wear her shorts around the house. They were shorter than the denim she normally wore that also looked great on her. I found myself ogling her from afar and felt myself getting a chubby. Fuck! But now that I saw her in her little panties, I wasn’t sure what to do.

I started having dreams about her that I shouldn’t be having. But, hey, it’s not like we can control our dreams. A few week later, after catching her running around in her panties, I did something I shouldn’t have.

On an evening that Katie was working late and we were watching TV with Nikki on my lap, I asked if she wouldn’t be more comfortable in her panties, the same way I had found her a couple of weeks earlier.

“Nikki, sweetie, do you think you might be more comfortable in your panties? I wouldn’t mind you only wearing panties.”

She stayed quiet for a minute or two, thinking of what I had said before she responded.

“Hmm. maybe. I’ll be right back.” She jumped off and ran to her room. I held my breath, wondering if I had gone too far, when suddenly I heard her bedroom door open. She looked so fucking cute when she came around the corner wearing a camisole and only white panties. She jumped back on my lap and we went back to watching TV. My heart was beating out of control that I could not concentrate on what we were watching. Even if my life depended on it, I would not be able to tell you what program we were watching.

The most interesting thing was when we heard the garage door open, signaling that Katie was home, Nikki jumped off my lap and ran to her room. She came out wearing the same shorts when Katie walked in from the garage. We both greeted her and everything was normal for the rest of the evening.

Several days later, Katie was once again working late. The moment I got home, I found Nikki walking around the house wearing a top and only her panties.

“Hi daddy. Welcome home!” she said as she came up to kiss me on the check. She went back to her room to finish her homework as I made my way to my bedroom to change out of my work clothes and into a t-shirt and some cotton shorts. I walked over the kitchen to grab a snack before unwinding in front of the TV. As I prepared my snack, Nikki came back out to ask how my day was. It seemed like she was making sure I noticed that she was in her panties, which I did the moment I got home.

When I sat on the couch, I heard her turn off the light in her bedroom and make her way around the corner towards me. She was definitely excited with a big smile on her face as she sat on my lap. The feel of her little bubble butt on my lap and the skin-to-skin contact of her legs with mine immediately had my dick’s attention. I had felt her legs on mine many times before, but knowing that she was only in her little panties made it feel so much more erotic.

I somehow managed to rearrange my hard cock that I could only hope would prevent her from feeling it poking her butt. We watched TV mostly in silence, with me enjoying her butt on my thigh and her legs up against mine, with her head in the nook of my neck. This was also when I first put my hand on her thighs and started caressing them. She gave out a little moan and told me how much she liked it.

Similar to last time, she ran to her room when we heard the garage door starting to open, coming out of her room wearing a pair of shorts. From then on, whenever Katie was not home, her outfit usually consisted of her wearing only a top and panties. It was an understanding between us that it was our little secret.

I loved watching her walk around with her little bubble butt sticking out. I can only imagine how much the boys at school struggled with a stiff little pecker whenever Nikki was around.

This went on for the next three months and I loved it. She even started wearing colored panties over time and would ask me if I liked them. My favorites were the red ones, she looked so fucking sexy in red.

Things changed between us once more on a Saturday night when Katie was out with some friends for some girl time. Nikki and I were watching a teen movie, with her sitting on my lap. She was now older and had recently asked her mom for some cuter panties. She was wearing a red short sleave pajama top with some red panties with lace along the edges. Fuck, she looked good! She was leaning on my shoulder as I caressed her thigh, always close to her pussy, though never crossing that line.

Sitting there quietly, she suddenly grabbed the remote and pressed pause. She turned her head and looked at me. It was obvious she wanted to say something, but was struggling to find the right words.


“Yes, honey.”

“Did you always know how to kiss a girl?”

“What do you mean?”

“Never mind. It was a dumb question.”

“Honey, why don’t you start from the beginning? Something is obviously bothering you.”

“Well, all my friends are always talking about all the boys they’ve kissed and how much they love kissing. But, I’ve never kissed anybody and I feel like such a loser. But, I don’t wanna just kiss any boy just to say I kissed someone.”

“You don’t need to kiss anyone just because you’re being pressured into it. You’ll know when the time is right.”



“When that time comes, I want to be ready and not look like a loser not knowing what to do. Do you…uh…think that …uh…maybe I could….uh…practice with you?”

I wanted to say yes, of course, pucker up, baby, but what I needed to say was no. Sitting in her panties on my lap was one görükle escort thing, but kissing her was not gonna happen. Katie would kill me and my little family would be no more. I explained to her why it was not a good idea, but she did not listen. She was determined to get her way.

For the next two weeks, she was relentless. She would consistently ask, beg, try negotiating with me. What finally brok me down was when she told me she now understood why no one wanted to kiss her. She claimed no one had kissed her because she was ugly, which was furthest from the truth. Yes, it only took her two weeks when she finally broke me down. Don’t judge, I am only a man that’s a sucker for beautiful girls.

The deal was that it would only be a one-time deal. We would kiss for one minute and never speak of it ever again. She agreed.

She brought her cute, heart-shaped lips and awkwardly pressed them up against mine as she proceeded to move her lips around as if she was chewing gum. I tried to make it work, but also realized that if I was going to be fair to her and really teach her, it would take more than just a minute. I gently pushed her away and gave her some instructions. She once again moved her lips towards mine, but a lot slower. We started kissing gently with closed mouths and she caught on fairly quickly. I was actually starting to enjoy it.

I slowly parted my lips and she followed along. My tongue slowly made its way into her mouth when I first felt her little tongue. My dick got hard in an instant, not that I cared. Her little tongue in my mouth was driving me crazy and we were starting to make out like teenagers. When I realized it had gone on long enough, I once again gently pushed her away and told her she done really well.

“That was perfect, honey. So now you know, always go slow and enjoy it. You’ll be fine.”

“Did I really do it the right way, daddy?”

“Yes, Nikki. That was nice.”

“Can we do it again?”

“Sweetheart, the agreement was one minute. We went way overboard. Trust me, you’ll be fine.”

She begged and begged that we do it again, but I was afraid of what might happen if we did. We would never stop and things would get out of hand.

Eventually, Katie got home later that evening. She tucked in Nikki and came to get me. She had been out drinking and was feeling very horny. The one thing I love about her is that she never hesitates to let me know when she needs to be fucked. She grabbed me by the hand and took me to bed.

“Come on, babe. I need your cock in me.”

That was a night I won’t forget for a long time. I made out with my baby girl for the first time and gave Katie a thorough fucking while imagining it was Nikkie the entire time.

“Babe, I am so fucking horny. I want to fuck me like a cheap whore. Just be as nasty as you want to be.”

I ripped off her clothes and demanded that she kneel before me. She opened her mouth and I grabbed the back of her head as I shoved my cock down her throat, not letting her breathe as I fucked her mouth, over and over and over. She gagged several times, but never stopped me as I stood there before her imagining it was Nikkie pretty little lips that were swallowing my cock. Katie grabbed my ass and just let me do whatever I wanted to her. A few minutes later, I pulled her to me, with her nosed buried in my pubes. I held her in place with my cock deep in her throat as I came,filling her up with cum.

It was a violent night of sexual debauchery. While I recuperated, I fucked her in the ass with the biggest dildo in her collection, something we called Big Ben. It was quite big and we only used it on nights like these, when she was in need of some sexual punishment. Katie loved it and was oviously louder than normal. I can only imagine what was going through Nikki’s head when she heard her mother screaming and moaning. By the end of the night, I had cum in all three holes. She laid on the bed completely worn out with cum dripping out of both her cunt and asshole.

The rest of the week was normal. We were back to the grind with Katie and I heading off to work in the mornig and Nikki to school. I ended up working late every night, so I never got a chance to enjoy Nikki on my lap. At least not until Saturday. Katie had not visited with her mom for awhile and planned on her and Nikki going over for a visit. At the last minute, Nikki was not feeling well and asked if she could stay home.

About ten minutes after we heard the garage door close, Nikki came out in a tight Hello Kitty tee and wearing only a pair of bikini-cut panties that Katie had recently bought her. She looked so fucking sexy with her pronounced little nipples pressed up on her shirt. She came over and sat on my lap without saying a word as she rested her head on my shoulder. My baby had faked the whole thing in order to be with me. She was obviously missing her time with daddy. What a good little girl!

I kissed her forehead and started caressing her, running my hands up and down her smooth legs as I started feeling my dick get hard. My god, she felt so good with her butt on on thigh and my other arm wrapped around her. It was getting harder and harder to control myself around her. I realized that I would not be able to refuse her if things continued this way. Then it got better.

She turned her head towards me and looked at me with her beautiful hazel eyes, the same adorable eyes as her mother. She smiled at me with her sexy lips and asked me to kiss her.

“Kiss me, daddy.” she whispered.

There was no hesitation on my part. I lowered my head and our lips met once more. Same as I had taught her, we started off slow. Her delicious little lips parted and our tongues met once again, going back and forth as we enjoyed each other’s mouth. We started slow but we were soon making out like lovers. She moved around to get more comfortable and ended up straddling me, with her arms around my neck. My dick was as hard as it was the first night I fucked her mother and there was no doubt in my mind that she couldn’t feel it, so it was no surprise when she instinctively started grinding herself on me.

Like there was no tomorrow, we were kissing and she was grinding her little cunt on my hard cock. The more she did it, the more I wanted to pull out my cock and fuck her by simply sliding her sexy panties to the side. With a mind of their own, my hands went from around her waist to down to her bubble butt. The little butt I had admired since I first met her was now in my hands. She kept grinding on me as we made out, with my hands helping her grind herself on me.

As I grabbed her hips and kept pushing her back and forth with my hard cock up against her cunt, she started breathing louder and louder. We were no longer kissing, her mouth next to my ear. Her heavy breathing was such a fucking turn on. By this point, I was out of control. I was using her to get myself off by rubbing her little pussy against my cock over and over. When she started moaning, I went even faster. She went from moans and groans to an open mouth crying out as her little body starting shaking as she experience her first orgasm with me. The moment I felt her shaking, I grabbed her hip and held her hard against my cock as I felt myself cumming.

I held her there, hard against my cock, as if I was really fucking her. The same way I had held her mother many times before, fantasizing I was filling her up with daddy’s cum. I really wanted to be in her, feeling her tight little cunt around my cock. I didn’t know how long I could resist the temptation before finally giving in.

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