13 Haziran 2020

I Love All In My Family

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I Love All In My Family
‘Dama..dama..dama..dada..dada..dummmm…’ our ears deafened for a second by the sound of thunder which followed a powerful lightening.

It was raining heavily. I and my young brother in law Mahesh hideout ourselves in a small shelter. He stood to my left; folded his hands on his chest and shivering due to the chillness. The splashes of rain water made us almost drenched. My sari skimped with the curves of my beautiful body. The firm breasts took a rounded shape and stood proudly inside it. The rain further intensified accompanied with wind. So he came close to me with his fingers touching my boobs. While touching my boob the secretion of adrenalin made him shiver more and his hand patting the globe of my melon. I saw his dick become harder and making bulge in the side of his Bermudas.

I,Shalini, aged 27 married elder brother of Mahesh since 8 years. I am a quite pretty woman fair looking, 5’9″, having a structure of 36-28-38 with enormous breasts and beautiful rounded flared ass, weighing around 60 kgs and very fair complexion. I am little higher than the normal Indian women. My husband Suresh was 6′ height and normal structure. We were perfectly matched each other.

My husband and my father in law were running a small super market in the town which is 4 km away from our home. We were living as a joint family. My mother in law passed away 6 years back. My husband and my FIL will look after the stores alternatively. Since my husband went to nearby city for purchase, I came to the store to relieve my FIL for some time to take rest. After freshening up he returned to the stores and took over the charges. My BIL who is in study holidays dropped my FIL in the stores by his motor cycle and in return taking me to home. While returning home we were caught in the rain and so we stopped at this shelter.

Mahesh was short and fatty like her mother. He is much fairer, 18 years old, around 5’3″ in height and weighing around 80kgs.

I felt his fingers drawing pattern on my tits. The rain was intensified further. Now he came closer to me and he was almost cupping my boob with his hand. He was trying to show him that he was not intentionally touching me and it was just an incident. But the bulge in his Bermudas showed that he was enjoying it.

There is no sign of recession in rain.

“Mahesh shall we go now. I am lot of works to do in our house,” I told him.

“Anni (the Tamil word used to call the wife of elder brother ) the rain is heavy. We will wait for some time,” he replied in a disappointed voice.

“No we will move now,” I came out of the shelter without waiting for his reply.

He came out and kicked the starter of the bike severely which showed his disappointment over my decision. I sat sideways dropping both of my legs on the left side of the bike (normally Indian ladies will sit in this position only, when they wear sari). My right hand surrounded his waist with my palm rested on his fleshy belly; my left hand held the pillion.

It was a sports model bike; hence the seat is inclined towards the rider. So I was forced to rest my right on his back. Since I turned a little right towards him my right breast was pressing on his back. He started the bike and asked me to sit carefully.

Due to the recent rains the road was damaged considerably. There were so many pot holes on the road filled with rain water. Even though he rode the vehicle carefully, it fell into a pot hole and my hand held in his belly dropped down directly over his dick. To regain the balance I held it firmly with my hand and adjusted myself. He was not wearing any under wear. I felt the length and girth of it over his Bermudas. It was so bigger than of a normal man and matched with his fatty body. My boobs were pressing so hard against his back due to my inclined position.

This made his dick further hard and I could feel the pulse of the veins running over it. I felt His dick is so bigger than my husband. I wondered how he got such a big one at this age. My thoughts rolled back 8 years.

I got married with Suresh in the year 2007. I was studying 3rd year degree course then. When I entered my husband’s house Mahesh was only 10 years old studying his 5th class. At the time he was so cute with puffy cheeks, fatty like his mother and whitish in color. He was so pet to his mother and always covers himself behind her. He will not go anywhere or attached with others of his age group.

He was afraid of coming near to me initially. I was very eager to pinch his puffy cheeks and kiss him often. I liked his fatty structure and wished to hug him to feel his slender flesh. Slowly she left his mother and came close to me. I used to take him tuition in the house. In the next exam he secured first rank. He was appreciated by his teachers and parents for his achievement. This made him more closer to me. He almost forgot his mother and always behind me whenever he is at home. I will often hug him towards me shoving his face in my tummy just below my breast line. There was a mother- son relation developed between us.

Pongal festival was fast approaching. I and my mother-in-law put mehanthi(tattoo with natural color) on our hands when Mahesh went to school. On return from school seeing our mehanthi, he also wanted it and put in his hands. So I put it on his hands. Half an hour later he wanted to piss. Since he was mehanthi on both his hands he called his mother for help. My MIL was attending some cooking in the kitchen. So she asked me to help him.

I took him to the bathroom, lowered his trousers and took his tender penis with my hand and lead him to piss in the toilet. It was very cute and fatty like a small banana. The size of it was much better than my hubby’s flaccid cock. I liked it very much and patted it gently after he pissed. I was very eager to taste it in my mouth. I controlled myself remembering that he is a small boy. I cleaned it and dressed him up.

That night, I gave my husband a wonderful blow job for the first time since our marriage. He was surprised by my action. Because previously he asked me so many times for a blow job which I refused instantly. My voluntary action on that day made him amaze and happy.

“Anni,” I came out of thoughts when Mahesh called me. He said, “Please get down. We reached our home.”

When I came to the present world, I saw my hand still holding his dick firmly. I suddenly removed my hand from there and rushed into the house.

We were fully drenched in the rain water. So I went into my bed room and bolted it to change my dress. I entered the bathroom and unrobed my sari, petticoat, blouse and bra. I washed myself in the fresh water. Then I dried and covered me with a dry bath towel. I came out of the bathroom. When I entered the bedroom I saw some shadows near the door. I thought it was Mahesh who is near the door and peeping in through the key hole. I wanted to catch him. I stepped towards the door and later changed my mind.

There was a cruel smile flashed in my lips. I decided to tease him further. Facing the door, I unknotted the towel with holding the ends with my both hands and tied it again showing my naked front for a flash. I swear he might be noticed my naked front for a fraction of second.

Then I turned back and reached the wardrobe which is exactly opposite to the entrance. I sat on my knees and lifted the towel above my ass showing my voluptuous ass to him. I took my own time to pull a skimpy nighty from it. Showing him my back, I removed the towel and slipped into the nighty. Then I walked towards the door to open it. The shadows suddenly disappeared from there. With a little pause I opened the door and came out. I saw the bathroom door in the living room closing just a while. I saw a pool of water near the door which confirmed his presence there.

I slowly stepped towards the bathroom door and listened for any sound from it, keeping my ears over it. There was some moan came out of it. I heard the iisssshhhh…. sound of Mahesh who may masturbate inside it. With a smile in my face I returned and sat on the couch and switched on the TV. My thoughts were again gone to the past.

When we got married I was only 19 and doing my final year degree. My hubby was at his 23.since we were so young we decided to enjoy the life for three years and then have a baby. So we took necessary precaution to avoid pregnancy. My hubby was satisfied me in every aspect and we had a marvelous sexual life. Every day we tried a different position and we enjoyed sex like anything.

When I gave him my first blowjob he was crazy on me and asked me what made me to act like this. After a little hesitation I explained him what happened on that day.

“So you are lust on your brother- in-law,” humorously he asked .

It hurt me a lot. Suddenly tears came out of my eyes and I said, “I am thinking him as my son. You are hurting my soul by your words.”

“Hay there is nothing wrong in it. I am just joking. Don’t be serious.” Saying this he pulled me towards him and wiped my tears.

I said him, “Don’t talk like this again even playfully. I am only for you. We made for each other.”

He hugged me tightly towards him and said, “Even mother son i****t is very common nowadays. I don’t mind even if it happened to you. Life is to enjoy. Enjoy sex with whomever you want, unless it is harmful or hurt anyone. There is nothing wrong in it.”

“So you will have sex with other ladies if you find one better than me. Isn’t it?” tears came out of my eyes while I am asking this.

He kissed me on my lips and closed my mouth with his. We had a wild sex in that night which we had never before.

I came into sense when I heard the sound of opening the bathroom door. I saw Mahesh came out of it after taking a bath. There is no bulge in his Bermudas. Probably he may released his cum which may deflated his cock. He also wear an innerwear to hold his dick tightly inside it.

He sat on the couch adjacent to me. I noticed him that he is watching my nipples of my boobs which is poking out of the skimpy nighty. When I turn towards him he acted like he is watching the TV. The see saw was continued for some time. My soul told me that he is lust on me and so I am.

Once again I travelled to my past.

After 2 years of my marriage my MIL passed away. Mahesh was most affected by this incident. He was only 13 at that time. To console him I came closer and intimate to him and fulfilled his every need of affection and love which he will get from his mother. I often hugged him and he also used to whenever he feels happy or sad. Now he had grown up to my chest level. So his face would be shoved in the cleft of my breasts when we hugged. He liked the soft feeling of my firm breasts very much. Whenever he wished I put him on my lap and pat him to sleep. He always tell whenever he was in my hands he felt his mother in me.

Now it was 3 years over after our marriage. So we decided to have a c***d and acted accordingly. Even after a year I didn’t conceived. We consulted a doctor and had all the tests. The result was hit us like a thunder. I was perfectly alright to conceive a baby but my hubby had some defect in his semen. He couldn’t become a father. The sperm count is very less in his semen.

We were totally upset on hearing this. We didn’t disclose this matter with our family members. We tried artificial fertilization and failed in so many attempts. Doctors advised for test tube baby and we didn’t want go for that extend. Further I didn’t want to continue the treatment. It was almost 6 years over now after our marriage.

One day I proposed my hubby to adopt a c***d. But he was against it. He was very adamant that the c***d must be of our own family blood. Then only it could more affection towards us.

I told him “It is impossible. We can’t afford for a test tube baby. Further if it failed then we have to incur a heavy loss and mental tortures.”

“Why should we go for artificial fertilization? We can try it naturally,” he replied me.

“Suresh I don’t understand what you are telling. Doctors told that you can’t become a father!” I exclaimed.

“But my father can!”

I was stunned by his reply.

“What do you mean?”I squealed.

“You seduce my father and develop sexual relation with him. By that we can achieve two goals. One you get pregnant; the second he got satisfied who is starving for sex after the demise of my mother,” he replied in a cool voice.

“Are you mad? Do you know what you are telling?” I asked him angrily and broke into tears.

“Hey! There is nothing wrong in it. If you don’t like this idea just leave it. I will not compel you.” The matter was just disclosed.

After a month I got the second blow in my life. When he was riding his bike on the way to home, he received a phone call. Without stopping the bike he attended it. In this process he didn’t noticed a hump on the way. The bike went on it in the same speed and he threw up and fell back on the seat. Even though he controlled the bike, he badly hit on his scrotum.

Initially he didn’t look the matter as serious. Even though he had pain in his testicles he didn’t consulted a doctor. It affected in our sexual intercourse. He didn’t get his erection. We tried so many times and failed. Then only he felt the seriousness and consulted an urologist. He scolded him for the belated treatment and advised him to consult a neurologist since his nerves were badly affected by the internal injury.

The neurologist took lot of tests and finally said, “The medicine prescribed by me will cure his injury. But I couldn’t assure for the full recovery for the redemption of his nerves controlling his dick. It will take some time and sometimes it may not recover.

“Don’t lose hopes. Seduce him constantly along with this medicines, which may induce his nerves to proper functioning. Act according to his wish. It may help a lot,” he advised further.

After that, I tried to seduce him by all means of my activities, but failed to succeed. He was totally upset both physically and mentally which made him worsens than ever. We watched blue films, given blowjobs and even I was ready to offer my virgin ass to him to fuck. Every attempt failed, but it made me more and more horny and now I was starving for sex.

Now Mahesh was 18 years old. He was fatty and sloppy like his mother. He was also short as his mother with 5’3″ in height and weighing around 80kgs. He joined in an engineering college and studying his second year computer engineering. Additionally he is going for special course in computer graphics.

One day as usual I hugged him on knowing he passed his third semester with distinction. His fleshy body gave me an immense pleasure. His face was just above my chest. I noticed he also enjoying shoving his head straight into my cleavage. He rubbed my breasts with his face and caresses it along with him. His hands were roaming on my bare hips. It lit fire in me and aroused my feelings. My pussy became wet. I felt something difference in his hug inviting me for sex. It seems he wontedly doing it. Unknowingly I pressed his head tightly along with my boobs. We were in the same position for sometime.

The next day when I was doing work in the kitchen he came behind me and hugged tightly along with him. I felt his soft fleshy chest in my back which I enjoyed much. His hand roamed on my tummy and slowly came up to cup my breasts. I released his hands and avoiding him to catch my breasts. But I didn’t scold him.

Since I studied mathematics in college, usually I will feed the a/c in the computer in our house and prepare the balance sheet for IT and for commercial taxes. Six months back our computer was under repair. So I took the laptop of Mahesh and worked with the accounts. Due to curiosity I surfed the history of the browser to see what Mahesh is watching frequently. I was surprised to know that he had visited so many pages of literotica and read so many stories from that. I read one story and it was an i****t with a horny wife and her brother- in-law.

I copied all the stories in my pen drive and read it when time permits. 90% of stories read by him were i****t between BIL and SIL. I found lot of porn pictures in his laptop. Some of the nude pictures were edited and morphed with my photo. My head was pasted with some nude body. Some porn pictures were morphed with his head on male and my head on female body which looked like we both having sex. I get angered by seeing this. Later I controlled myself and slowly I became lust on him which leads to today’s incident.

That night I almost ****d my husband. I torn and threw his dresses away and take his dick in my mouth and sucked it hard. I take the dick in my hand and shake it vigorously. There is no reaction in his flaccid cock. Then I pulled my husband head towards my pussy and made him fuck with his tongue until I came.

My husband was totally upset by his inactivity.

He hugged me with him and told, “Shallini why don’t you reconsider your decision? I will help you in all the way to seduce my father towards you.”

For the first time, I didn’t reply and not even scolded him. He took my silence as my acceptance and was very happy. He hugged me tightly and played with my boobs. Surprisingly I noticed a semi erection in his dick which is the first time after the accident.

A week after I was in need of some utensils which were kept above the loft in the kitchen. Only my FIL was available then. My husband went to shop and my BIL to college. I needed the help of my FIL to take utensils out from the box which is kept high in the loft. I called my FIL and asked him to pick the box from there.

The only stool available in our house was broken. So I asked him to lift me up. I was wearing a nighty and no inner wears. My FIL was topless and knotted a lungi on his hips. He came my back surrounded his hands against my tummy and lifted me up. His face was rested on my back just above my ass while my ass was tightly pressing in between his chin and bare hairy chest.

I couldn’t reach the height required. So he dropped me down and suggested that he will lift me from the front.

So he came on to my front. I watched a tent on his lungi by his erected dick and also noticed that he also not wearing any under garment. He put his hands below my ass cheeks and lifted me up. Now his face was exactly on my crotch. He was looking up and thus his opened mouth which was exactly fit on the triangle of my thin cloth covered crotch. I feel my pussy was leaking.

Still I was one inch short from my goal. He just lifted his legs up and the knot of the lungi unveiled and started falling down. He tried to catch his lungi with one of his hands which was holding me. Due to my weight, I was slipped from his other hand and slid down. My boobs hardly pressed against his face. He lost his balance and also dropped down his lungi which rounded his feet. He fell on his back along with me. So I fell on his naked body pressing my boobs on his face. My nighty rolled up and my bare thighs hit with something.

We were in the same position for some time. Later I got up from him and adjusted my nighty. I felt some pain in my back and got severe blow on my thighs which may be hit by his limps. I gave my hand to him to get up. He was still naked. I watched his dick for the first time. It was thin like my husband but 2″ longer than him measuring about 8″ in length. His dick was erect like a steel rod with pre cum oozing out of it.

He raised him up, collected his lungi and tied it properly. He was ashamed by his situation. He went to his room saying sorry to me.

I take rest in the couch for some time. Then I remembered that my FIL may get severe blow than me while falling down. I wish to know how he was. So I went to the door steps of his room and heard some strange moans from the room. I peeped through the key hole. My FIL was sitting naked on his bed masturbating himself by stroking his erect member in his hand. His eyes were closed. He was biting his lower lips. My hand reached down to my crotch and kneaded my leaking pussy over the nighty.

In the night I tried to seduce my husband. We both were naked in the bed in 69 position sucking each other. His cock was flaccid as usual. He made me cum in his mouth. Then we came to normal position lying facing each other. His hand was finger fucking my pussy and my hand shaking his dick. I narrated the incident happen in the kitchen and that I fell over his dad naked body.

I wondered to feel his dick slowly became stiff in my hands.

I wontedly add further that one of my boobs was shoved into his dad’s mouth and I felt his dick in my hand. Surprisingly my hubby’s dick hardened further. I came top over him and shoved the dick into my wet pussy. It went in without any hurdle. I slowly wagered my hips over his crotch. It was not long last. In short time he cummed into my pussy. This is the first time ever since I fucked by him after the accident.

I understood that his nerves are induced hearing me flirting with his father. He was more interested in watching me with his father in an i****tuous relationship.

The next day morning my hubby went to nearby city for purchase and my FIL went to look after the stores. Mahesh didn’t have any exam on that day. He was sitting in the couch, preparing for the next exam. I took bath and wore a skimpy low cut blouse without bra. I robed a chiffon see through sari extremely below my navel button exposing the curves of my hips a maximum possible. It seems that it may slip down from my hips at anytime. I limbed in front of him holding my left hand on the hips.

“Anni what happened to you. Why are you limbing?” he asked me anxiously.

“I fell down while trying to take utensils from the loft,” I replied him.

“Why you are taking unnecessary risk. If you tell me, I will always in your help,” and further asked, “Is it paining too much?”

I said, “Yes, I had a stiff back and swelling in my upper thigh.”

“Anni, if you don’t mind, I will massage you with some palm,” he asked me in a pulling voice.

My soul cooed in excitement and I didn’t show it in my face, “Okay, it may relieve me from pain; but…how can I…show my…to my BIL?.” I prolonged my voice.

“What is there? You are like my mother. Let me serve you,” he said in a hurry, fearing that I may not accept his proposal.

“Okay. Come with me,” I leaded him to my bedroom.

I laid on my front on the bed shoving my face on a pillow after handing over the palm to him. He sat on the edge of the bed and applied the palm on my back below the blouse and massaged just below the hem of the blouse.

I said him, “Mahesh move your hand just above. That is the spot where I am having severe pain.”

he inserted his fingers inside the blouse aand rubbed there.

“Just above Mahesh” I told him.

“How can I massage there? it is covered with blouse.” he pulled his voice.

I sat up in the bed and started unbuttoning my blouse.

I covered my boobs, by holding the pallu of the sari in my teeth and removed my blouse watching his eyes. My boobs popped out of the blouse and jerked like jelly balls. His eyes were widened in disbelief. I raised my hands up and pulled away and through the blouse on the bed. Since the sari was see through my boobs would be clearly visible to him. His mouth wide opened. Again I laid in my previous position.

He applied the palm liberally on my back and massaged from top to bottom with his thump on my back bone and rest of the fingers in the sides. While doing this he slid his hands on either side of my body and brushed the bulged globes of my boobs with his fingers. His body shivered when he made contact on the side of my boobs. Once he stopped his fingers over the bulged globes and try to lower his hands down to reach the nipples.

I was almost in the heaven. My pussy was oozing out the juices. I felt the wetness in my thighs. But I didn’t want to show my pleasure to him. I asked him to stop massaging. He was almost disappointed. I saw his cock was stiff and eager to release from his shorts.

Once again, I sat in the bed covering my tits with the left hand holding the sari, twisted my hips left and right and said him, “Mahesh your hands did some magic! Really I feel better now!”

“If you hit on your front, I may felt Better than now,” he murmured in a audible voice.

“What? What are you saying?” I asked him

He smiled and said, “Anni you said there is some pain in your thighs….”

“Yahhh…., please massage there too.” By saying this I rolled the sari over my thighs and stopped just below my crotch and spotted the affected area to him.

“Anni, you really got a big blow here. Your thighs are red in color and swelled too,” he said by brushing his hand smoothly on my thighs.

He took some palm on his hand and massaged it. His hands were inching upwards towards my pussy on each stroke. Now his hands were about to touch my pussy lips. I tightened my lips together and muffled my moans with great difficulty. I bit my lower lips and eagerly waiting for his next move.

‘Ding dong’ the calling bell rang.

Mahesh became totally upset and so I was. Mahesh went out of the room to unlock the door and I bolted my room to dress me up.

After dressing I came out and saw my father-in-law sitting in the couch. Normally he will not come home at this time.

“Mama! Are you okay? You reached earlier,” I asked him.

“Yes Shallini. I am having severe pain in my legs. So I called Suresh to come and look after the stores. He returned back and relieved me,” said this by expressing his pain on his face.

He limbed into his room.

After some time, Mahesh departed to his friend’s house to have a group study and informed me that he will finish his lunch there.

“Mahesh!” my FIL called from his room.

I went there and said that he was not here.

“Do you require any help?” I asked him

After a little pause he said, “Yesterday I hit on my back badly. I require a hot water massage. So I called him.”

“Could I do it for you?” I asked him and went into kitchen not waiting for his reply.

I came with hot water and massage bag and asked him, “Show me the affected part.”

He hesitated for a moment and lay on his chest on the bed and pushed his lungi below his ass, showing his bare ass to me.

I was annoyed for a moment. I didn’t expect that he require massage on his bums. I saw reddish patch over his ass which was hit badly on yesterday. With the hot bag I massaged his ass. While doing so I saw his flaccid cock, the tip of which is popping out below his ass cheeks slowly getting tempered.

In the night, Suresh made me nude by removing my cloths and I made him nude. We hugged each other and plotted kisses each other face. His hands were cupped my bums while my tits were jammed by his bare chest. He lowered his face to my tits and chewed them alternatively and playing with the nipples by tweaking them with his teeth.

I told him that I was got massaged in the morning. Instead of Mahesh I told him that his father massaged me and I returned the favour by massaging his ass.

Hearing this he became so horny and got his erection. He pushed me down on my back in the bed and inserted his dick into my pussy and started stroking me. He couldn’t hold his erection for a long time. He cummed in to my pussy, before, I got my orgasm.

Next day Suresh came with four tickets for a night show cinema and asked us to be ready by 9pm. He asked me to wear a sexiest dress available with me.

I thought sari is the most sexiest of all Indian dresses which can expose more part of our body than a salwar. So I dressed with a short low cut blouse and a see through chiffon sari. My cleft was visible more beautifully over the sari. It exposed the curves of my hips and covered my rounded ass more beautifully. Suresh satisfied with the sari. He patted my ass and kissed on my beautifully shaped navel by parting my sari. Then he hugged me with him and gave me a passionate kiss on my lips.

My hubby called an auto to reach the theatre which is far away from our place. Auto can accommodate only three. My hubby asked Mahesh to go inside and me to sit on his lap since he was fat enough to hold my weight. Next he sent my FIL and he sat on the left end. Mahesh face was brightened when I sat on his lap. He happily inserted his right hand from the side opening of my sari, surrounded my waist and placed his palms on my bare tummy. I sat side ways facing my FIL. One of my boobs was almost near his mouth.

Due to the recent rain the road was with so many pot holes. While going we were shake well and so many times my boobs brushed and pressed with my FIL’s face. Sometimes it got closer to his mouth and my nipples pressed against his lips. It was seem to be that, I am voluntarily shoving my boob into his mouth. When it happens once he tweaked my nipples with his lips. Mahesh put his palm over my flat tummy and drew patterns with his fingers in my navel. He often squeezed and caressed my tummy. He drew lines with his fingers and tried to feel the softness of my boobs by moving his hand below my breasts line. I felt some wetness in my pussy.

We entered the theatre. We were allotted seats in the middle of the last row. My hubby asked my FIL to go in and next gave way to me to enter. But Mahesh rushed from behind and took the seat next to my FIL. My mind cooed in joy expecting something from him. I saw my hubby was totally upset seeing his plan to make me sit next to his dad was shattered by him. I sat next on his right and then my hubby next to me. It was bitch dark in the theatre when the film started. Mahesh folded his hands over his chest with his left hand below his right arm. He leaned towards me piercing my left boob with his finger. I slightly leaned towards him to enable him to reach his fingers over my left tit. His finger ran over the ridges of my blouse covered boob below my sari.

I felt immense pleasure while he ran his fingers down my breast line. I bit my lower lips and moaned slightly.

He may heared my moan. It made him crazy and courageous.He cupped my left boob with his left palm and caressed it. I became so horny and my pussy is leaking, wetting the panty. I turned towards him lowered my face and licked his ear lobe. I put my left hand on his crotch and held the bulged dick over his pants.

Now he got more courage and started undo the lower hook of my blouse. I slowly unzipped his pants and felt the length and girth of his member over his brief. He succeeded to unhook my blouse lifted up along with the bra and cupped my bare breast in his hand. He tweaked the nipples in between his fingers. He squeezed my melon hard and pinched the nipples often. I insert my hand and güvenilir bahis felt the thickness of his cock inside his brief. Amazingly it was so bigger than I expected. My mouth was watering and eager to take into it. I pushed back the fleshy foreskin of it and rounded the bulb head with my fingers. I spread his precum oozing over it all over the bulb head. My fingers often open and close the bulb head with the fore skin.

Mahesh made circles on my areola. My nipples became hard and areola bulged. I got my orgasm and my cum flew through the valley between my ass cheeks. Most of the cum absorbed by my panty and it become drenched. Mahesh made me cum one more time before interval.

During the interval I went into the restroom removed my panty which is completely wet and stuffed it into my hand bag. I returned back and took my seat. My hubby and FIL were not present. Mahesh often came close to my ear with his mouth and licked my ear lobes as if he is intending to say something to me.

My hubby returned first and saw one of his friends next to my FIL seat. So he went there and occupied the seat and start talking with him leaving his to his dad. My FIL came with 2 pockets of popcorn and sat next to me on my right. He handed over one to Mahesh to share with my hubby and retain the other with him. When the film started it again became dark. He held the popcorn pocket in his right which is away from me. He took one corn and feed it in my mouth. He also brushed my lips with his fingers while doing so.

Mahesh again lifted up my blouse and bra started playing with my boobs. I became so horny that I couldn’t hold myself on the seat. My FIL handed over the popcorn pocket to me. He put his left hand over my thigh and kneaded it. He moved his hand upward and placed it over the triangle of my crotch and cupped my pussy over the sari. I tightened my thighs and held his hand in between them.

Now I was attacked from both the sides. Mahesh took charge of my tits and FIL on my crotch. FIL lowered his hand on my thigh and folded the sari upward till he felt my bare thigh and then he reached his hand on my hairy pussy. He pulled the curly hair in between his fingers. He rubbed his palm over my swollen labia. He tweaked the clit and started finger fucking my sloppy pussy.

He bent his finger inside my pussy and used the tip of it to locate the pleasure spot. His fingers touched the fleshy ridge inside my pussy and rubbed smoothly over it. I felt my body jerked in response. I controlled my moans by biting the lower lips.

I was so horny now. The popcorn pocket slipped from my hand. I placed my right hand over the dick of my FIL and squeezed it. My left hand was over Mahesh’s dick and held it firmly. My FIL finger is slowly stroking in my pussy applying gentle pressure on my G-spot. While his middle finger fucking my pussy his thump tweaked my clit. I bucked my hips in respond to his action and my hands tightened the grip over both the cocks and squeezed them hardly.

Mahesh was confused a little by my over reaction. He thought he made me so horny and he increased his pressure on my melons and squeezed them hardly. He ran his fingers along the bottom ridges of them. He encircled my left boob with his thumb and index finger and applied little pressure to make it bulge out from his fingers.

Now my FIL turned a little towards me and unexpectedly he brought his left hand on my chair over my shoulder. Mahesh eyes were constantly on the screen and he didn’t notice his move. My FIL lowered his hand towards my left tit and pressed it over my sari. His hand became contact with my poked out boob which was fondled by Mahesh. He was surprised to feel the stiffness of my bare boob below the thin layer of my sari which stood hard below it by the pressure given by Mahesh’s fingers. He cupped it with his palm over the poked nipple. Mahesh and I didn’t expect this. He pulled his hand suddenly from my tits which was encircled.

My FIL starred at us and noticed Mahesh pulling his hand away from my tits and I pulled my hand from Mahesh’s cock. He confused for a while. He felt the bare boobs which suddenly become loose beneath my sari. He felt with his hand that my blouse and bra were rolled up and understood that what his son and I were doing. Mahesh adrenalin pumped fast and he was shivered in fear. He was sweated much even in the chillness of the a/c. My FIL also pulled his hand away and seems to be embarrassed much over the incident.

We returned back in an auto seating in the same position as earlier. I voluntarily pressed my boobs over my FIL’s face and rubbed it hardly on it. I felt the rock hard stick of Mahesh under my ass. His face was on my back teasing me with his hard breath, frequently kissing my bare back and licking my neck with his tongue.

It was 1’o clock when we reached our home. I was so horny after returning from the theatre. My pussy was radiating the heat created due to the kinky plays in the theatre. I pulled my hubby near me and undressed him. I saw his cock still flaccid. I took it into my mouth and sucked it hard. It was very sloppy in my mouth and I slurped it in my mouth, but there is no use.

My husband eagerly asked what happened in the theatre. I informed that Mahesh also lusted on me and he tried to do some mischief and I just avoided it. I saw my hubby’s eyes were opened widely when he hear it. He scolded me for not allowing him to flirt with me. This, what I expected from his mouth. He advised me a lot and asked me to fulfill his desires whatever it may be.

I strongly condemned him for this and said him that Mahesh is like a son to me and he is also so young. He must concentrate on his studies and not in such sexual activities which may divert his attention.

My hubby half heartedly accepted my opinion and said, “Okay we immediately need a baby from my dad. Keep it in your mind and act accordingly.”

I took his hand and rubbed it on my leaking hot pussy. He fingered my pussy still I came.

The next day I took my bath and was changing my dress. My FIL was in the living room cleaning it. Suddenly I heard his call which is seem to be so urgent. I was about to pin my pallu of the sari against the blouse. Due to his emergency call I rushed to him without fastening it with the pin. He was sitting in the couch hiding his left eye with his palm.

I asked him, “Mama,(a tamil word used to call FIL) what is wrong with you”.

He said, “It seems some dust fell into my eyes and I couldn’t open it. It is irritating my eyes.”

I leaned towards him; spread his eyelids with my fingers. My pallu dropped from its position into my arm. I was wearing a tight low cut black blouse which exposed much of the valley of my cleavage. The thin material hide nothing from me. Due to my creamy white color my tits were clearly visible from the thin flimsy material of my blouse. Nowadays I wonted avoiding bra. So the aureoles and nipples also he could see.

I saw a small black dust in his eye ball. I darted my tongue in his eye and slowly take away the dust by the tip of my tongue.

Now he lowered his head and blinked his eyes several times. I took the end of the sari warmed it with my saliva and massaged his eye. He straightened his eyes towards my cleavage and starred my beautiful valley in between my tits. He widened his eyes further.

I asked, “Can you view clearly now?”

“Yahh, it is very clear now; even I can view inside your blouse,” saying this he laughed loudly.

“You old man, how dare you can say this,” I asked him in a raised tone as if I am in anger.

A sudden fear came in his face and suddenly he said, “No; No; I am just joking”. He tried to rise up from the couch.

I pushed him back in the couch and clutched his mouth with mine and sucked him. For a second he was exclaimed of my action. His hands surrounded my hips and our kiss intensified further. Our lips sliding across each other and our tongue dancing in and out of our mouths and slurped. He gasped when my tongue slipped out and began to tease across his lips. His hand roamed in my curvy hips and slid down to knead my voluptuous ass.

I untied his lungi and pushed it down. He was in his underwear now. The side of his underwear bulged with his dick.

I hold his dick on the thin cloth tightly and squeezed with my hand. He squeezed my bums with his palms. He entered his left hand in between my ass cracks and tried to pierce his finger into the slit of my pussy over sari. His face buried in between my tits and slowly came down to my tummy. He took away the sari with his right hand and shoved his face into my bare tummy. He darted his tongue in my belly button and swirled it around.

He pulled out the folding of the sari with his mouth traced his tongue over my midriff and reached the knot of my petticoat. He untied the knot with his teeth and pushed both sari and petticoat down to my legs. Now I was nude below my waist. He held his hands on both side of my hips and pushed me little away from him and admired my hairy pussy for some time and buried his head into my crotch, smelled the sweet aroma and gently kissed it.

He whispered in low noise, “Darling why don’t you shave you pussy and keep it clean and smooth?”

I said “I don’t know how to do that and I fear it may made cuts in my labia.”

“Don’t worry. I will do it safely for you. Shall I do it now?” he asked me.

“Ohh….. Not now… we will do it later,” I squealed.

He moved his head up and paused his mouth on the belly button and once again darted it with his tongue. Further he moved up his face to the cleavage of my breast. He shoved his face in the valley of my tits for some time. Then he started unhooking my blouse and removed the front apart. My boobs were came out of it and bounced a little.

“Vow! What a beautiful firm breasts you have!” telling this he gently patted them from the bottom and enjoyed the bouncing of it. “Your MIL’s were very saggy and so big. Yours is a perfect one and more beautiful.” He admired the aureoles and my hard nipples for some time. He pushed me towards him and made sat on his laps. My hand garlanded on his neck.

He surrounded his hands through my back and cupped my right melon. He gently kneaded it and felt it softness in his hand. He cupped both the melons in his hand and squeezed them gently and pressed them tightly together. He darted his tongue and licked the bulged areolaes and the erect nipples alternately. He further pressed them together and tried to shove both of them into his mouth. He squeezed one nipple hardly and lookout for milk. He turned violent on my tits with his mouth and hands. He caressed, squeezed, shoved into his mouth, tweaked the nipples and bit them. He slurped them like a baby drinking milk on his mother’s.

My hand went around his head and pressed him towards my tits. He licked down to my nipples and sucked them hard. He tweaked them one by one and swirled them with his tongue. His oral action sent thrills all over my body. He used both his palms to encircle my soft boobs and pressed the supple flesh hard together and shoved both the nipples into his mouth at a time.

I moved my hands down and pulled the string of his underwear. I inserted my hand inside it and grabbed his dick. I felt the pulses of his vein running over it. I encircled it with my palm and gently stroked it. He stood up and let the under garment fell around his feet. He pushed my head down to his groin. I lifted up his dick, holding it in my hand pointing towards the ceiling. Then I licked from the underside of his scrotum and moved my tongue over to the tip of his penis. I pulled the fore skin back. The pinkish mushroom head popped out. I slurped it in my mouth and twitched with the tongue.

“Ssssshhhh….aaaahhhhh…”he moaned loudly. “Come on baby took the entire length into your mouth; massage it with your warm saliva,” he squealed.

I took the entire length into my mouth. I stroked it gently clutching my lips tightly over his dick. I bobbed my head up and taking him deep into my inviting mouth my I eyes were staring up at him. His eyes were closed and he enjoyed my work. I secreted the saliva over his cock and spread it all over his dick.

Then I engulfed the cock head and split the orifice with my tongue. I played in the orifice by swirling my tongue and darting the hole. His hand was on my head and stroking the hair and occasionally pressing it towards his crotch.

“mmmmmm….aaaahhhh … ssssshhhh..” his hot moans came out from him relishing the feeling of my oral work. He bucked his hips and slid his cock into my mouth. His eyes were closed and he moaned in pleasure. I held my lips tight against his prick and resisted his entrance. He lifted his bums and thrust his cock piercing my mouth. Due to its length I hit on my throat forcibly.

I pulled out my mouth and coughed a little. I encircled my fingers around his cock head. I licked from the bottom to the top of his hard shaft. I held my fingers encircling around the base of his lengthy cock and engulfed it with my wet lips

I saw a ray of sunlight came in through the window. I felt that there is somebody watching through the window. I pushed him away and rushed to my room collecting my dress urgently.

“Shalini what happened to you. Why are you leaving in the middle?” my disappointed FIL shouted.

I heare the calling bell rang. My FIL urgently wrapped his lungi in his hips and opened the door and hide his underwear below the couch.. There was Mahesh stood at the door, returned from the college sooner than his schedule.

I pulled a nightgown from the wardrobe and slipped in urgently and came out.

“Mahesh why did you come soon,” I asked him as if nothing has happened just before.

“Anni, I am not feeling well. So I got permission and returned soon,” he replied.

“Okay you have your lunch and take rest,” I told him.

“Okay Anni! I will come after fresh up. You please keep the lunch ready,” he told and disappeared into his room.

After sometime he came for lunch after changing into a boxer shorts and nothing above his waist. After lunch he went to his room. After sometimes my FIL came out of his room.

He looked out for Mahesh and asked me, “Where is Mahesh. Did he come out for lunch?”

“He finished his lunch and taking rest in his room,” I answered.

“Did he have any doubt on us?” he asked.

Even though I saw him watching us through the window I said, “He doesn’t have any suspicion on us.”

My FIL had a long breath and became happy on hearing this and said, “Any how we must be careful.”

I nodded my head in acceptance.

He finished his lunch and headed towards the stores to relieve my husband. It may take around one hour for my husband to return home.

I finished of all the work in the kitchen. While proceeding to my room I saw Mahesh’s door was a little open. I slowly opened the door and peeped in. He is sleeping by covering him with a blanket up to his neck lay sideways facing the wall. I went in and sat beside him on the bed. I put my palm on his forehead to see whether he has temperature. I didn’t feel anything. So I slipped my hand on to the white creamy flesh of his chest and confirmed that he had no fever. While doing so my hand rubbed his nipples which were bulgy due to his fatty body.

I was tuned on. I gently tweaked his nipple and made circular motions around it with my finger. My hand further slipped down and rested on his fleshy smooth belly. I paused there for some time. My fingers clawed his belly button. I moved down further and found that he was not having any clothing below his waist and lying nude. My hand reached on top of his crotch.

There is no hair on his crotch. I asked myself whether he shaved it or no hair grown up? I slid my hands upward and didn’t feel any crispy feeling and felt tiny small tender hair just coming out. Further I slid my hand down and feel the base of the fully hardened Dick of him. He clutched his dick in between his legs to hide its erection. I affectionately rubbed the top of his Dick. I pierced my index finger in between his thighs and reached the bulb head of his Dick and clawed the orifice. I feel the free cum oozing out of it. I spread it on his bulb head.

He placed his hand over the top of my hand and pressed it along with his dick. He removed my hand from his dick and opened his thighs to release his cock. Now Mahesh removed the blanket covered over him and turned to his back. His cock stood erect facing the ceiling. Really it is a massive one I never seen before. It is much bigger than my hubby in both length and girth. Suddenly I feel some wetness in my pussy. My pussy is leaking it juices on seeing his mammoth cock. I imagined the tightness I could feel if I took it into my cunt. I encircled the cock in between my thumb and index finger making a ‘O’. The tip of the fingers couldn’t touch each other due to the thickness of his cock. I surrounded it with my palm and pulled the foreskin gently. The mushroom head peeped out of it. The tiny orifice was oozing out some juices.

I brought down my face and licked the tip of the mushroom head and tasted the precum. With my tongue I spread the cum all over the mushroom. I clutched it with my lips and bite the tip gently and then slurped the tip with my tongue. I regained my position and then placed my palm below his balls and moved it upward pressing his cock flatten over his body and continued moving my hand up to his tummy. While my palm releasing his cock it regains its position and oscillated like a spring. I rubbed my palm over his tummy and then to his chest and rounded on his nipples. I lowered my head and kissed him on his lips. Suddenly he pulled me towards him violently and wrapped his legs around my bums and sucked into my mouth like a wild dog. He pressed his bare chest tightly against my breasts and hugged me tightly against him.

“Mahesh leave me. Your brother may come at anytime,” I tried to push him away but failed.

“Anni I love you! Anni I love you so much!” he told repeatedly and kissed all over my face. He shoved his face on my tits and took one of it into his mouth over the thin layer of my nighty. He squeezed it hard with his mouth and pulled the nipple with his teeth.

As I expected the calling bell rang twice. I released from him adjusted my dress and hair and rushed to open the door.

I finished of all my work in the kitchen and watched TV for sometime along with all family members. It was around 10 pm and Mahesh left to his room followed by my FIL. We both watched TV for one more hour and noted both Mahesh and FIL were sleeping in their rooms.

We went to our room and as usual we were flirting with each other. I explained my husband that I and his dad had kinky play in the afternoon and Mahesh arrived in the middle so we separated. He was happy to hear that his dad had lust on me. Suddenly he had an idea.

“Shalini! why don’t you go now to my father’s room and make him happy?” he asked me.

I was stunned by his proposal and said, “Sorry dear! I am ashamed to go to his room when you are here. I will make him happy one more day.”

“No dear it is the suitable time. In the day time you may have disturbance. Mahesh may be in deep sleep now,” he urged me to go to his dad’s room.

I hesitated a little and he insisted me to go there.

He also told, ‘If my dad asked about me tell him that I am in deep sleep taking the pills. Don’t wash yourself after fucking. I want to see my dad’s cum in your pussy. I will wait for you till you return.”

Almost he pushed me away from our room and closed the door behind him. I was totally frustrated. Even though my husband was given his consent over this I ashamed to reach him voluntarily. I opened the fridge and drank some cold water. I saw Mahesh’s room was lighted. I watched his room for some time. The light not switched off. I wondered what he is doing in this midnight. I just reached in front of his room and put my hand on it to tap and ask him what he is doing.

When I touch the door I noted it was not locked and I opened it slowly. There I saw Mahesh lay on his side supporting one hand on his chin and other working with his laptop. I was watching exactly behind from him. I slowly stepped up and saw he was morphing a porn picture. A woman was fucked by two guys. One of the dicks in her pussy and other in her ass. I shocked to see that the lady face was morphed with mine. Further I noticed the face of the guy fucking in the pussy was with Mahesh’s and the other in ass was with his dad’s.

I slowly went behind him to watch his work clearly. It was very perfect. If it is seen by somebody they may thing it is a original photo and such he matched everything. When he got completed his work, I slowly sat next to him and placed my right hand over his bum. A shock wave rushed over his body. His body trembled in shiver and he turn towards me in excitement. He hurriedly closed his laptop. He sat up on the cot next to me.

“Anni! When did you come?” There was a fear in his voice.

“When you started your work,” I replied.

“Sorry Anni! I done this just for fun”

I patted his back and told him, “It is marvelous! You have done a great job. Nobody could assume it as a morphed picture. I really appreciate your talent.”

“Do you like my work? Don’t get any angry with me?” he asked further.

“Why should I get angry with you? You have done this for your own satisfaction. If you exhibit to anybody else then it is wrong and I will scold you. But your imagination is too much,” I replied.

He got some courage by my answer. He placed his left hand over my thigh and squeezed it.

I was silent. He took my right hand and kissed it.

“Anni I love you,” the words came from his soul.

I pressed his hand with mine in acceptance.

‘Shall I see all your work?” I asked him.

“Sure Anni! But you should not get angry with me. Okay?” saying this he looked into my face.

I smiled against him and said, “Okay.”

He opened his laptop and showed me all his work. He placed it on my lap and showed one by one. Some of the pictures were already seen by me earlier involving him and me. But I saw some new pictures of group sex, oral, anal etc involving me with him, my FIL, my husband and with his friends. I imagined myself in all that positions. I became hot and my pussy was boiling in the heat radiated by it. Mahesh surrounded his left hand on my waist and cupped my left boob.

He brought his face towards mine and gently kissed on my lips. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his kiss and in reply I darted my tongue into his mouth. My right hand moved to his left thigh and rubbed it. I moved up my hand, pulling down the elastic band of his shorts and rubbed over his hairless soft groin.

I saw his throbbing dick protruding his shorts and made a huge tent over it. I reached my hand to the base of his cock and ran the palm over it and stopped at his scrotum. My hand massaged his balls gently.

He hugged me tightly with his both the hands and planted kisses all over my face. My bosoms were crushed over his chest. His face moved down over my thin night dress and shoved in between my bosoms. He lifted my nighty from the bottom and removed over my head. I was full nude in front of him. He admired my nude beauty for some time. He watched my glorious boobs.

“Anni you are really having a great structure!” He exclaimed on seeing my glorious boobs stood erect without shagginess with perfectly rounded pink areolaes and clearly erect nipples which were jutting out proudly from it. He hugged me along with his bare chest, squeezing my back with his hands and kissing my face in rapid succession.

I also hugged him tightly colliding my bare boobs with the fleshy meat of his chest. My fingers ran over his hair and combed it. I pulled his shorts down and he slipped out from it. His mammoth cock stood erect and jerked like a spring when the elastic band cross over its top. I could not resist the temptation to reach it and licked the pop head while holding it base with my hand.

His hand ran over my back and reached my bums. His finger made up and down movement in the groove of my ass. His finger tweaked the clit of my pussy and pierced into my ass hole. Every time when he touched my clit my body jerked and my legs trembled.

I licked the crown of his engorged cock. There was little precum oozing out of it. I sucked it. He bucked his bums up and penetrated his cock into my mouth. It was really big enough to fill my entire mouth. I feared that my lips may torn out. I slid my lips up and down over his mammoth cock. My lips gripped it tightly and gave him immense pleasure.

“annnniiiiiii…… sssshhhh….aaaahhhhhh…” he moaned loudly as my mouth slid over his mammoth cock. The feeling of his cock inside my mouth was really exquisite. I never felt my hubby’s cock filled my mouth like this. His soft huge cock heightened my sensations hundred times better than my hubby.

He lifted me up and adjusted himself on the bed to lie on his back. He pulled me upwards over him. I reached up over him rolling my enormous boobs all along his body. He pulled me up until my boobs reached his mouth. He clutched one into his lips and slurped like a baby drinking milk in its mothers. His tongue swirled the nipples for want of milk.

“Ssshhh.. yaahhh.. suck my nipples hard,” I invited him to intensify his action further.

His hands squeezed my bums hardly. He repeatedly changed his mouth to both the tits, sucked, pulled the nipples hard with his teeth and slurped the globes vigorously causing little pleasurable pain to me.

I raised myself up and sat on his groin. His magnificent cock was stood erect brushing my tummy. I held it with my hand and rolled the fore skin to the base. The mushroom head popped out from it. I massaged it with my fingers.

I positioned my pussy over his cock head and rubbed it along the slit up and down. He cupped my breasts with both his hands and kneaded it. I guided his blood engorged cock over the slit of my pussy and lowered myself on to his torso. It is a great feeling that his fatty cock entered tightly into my pussy. It split my pussy lips apart and the mushroom head enter into it. Even though my pussy is lubricated with my secretion, his cock entered into me with some difficulty. It gave me the feeling of my hubby’s dick entered my virgin pussy during our first night.

I placed my hand over his chest, teased his fleshy nipples and said him, “Mahesh you are so tight in my pussy.”

I pushed myself further to engulf his dick deep into my pussy. His whole cock disappeared into my hairy pussy and reached the maximum to touch my womb. I ground my pussy slowly on his glorious cock and wagered my hips.

“Ohhhh… God! I love your cunt Anniii…it is a pleasure tunnel. Yes! Give your maximum to me,” he squealed in joy.

I slowly started humping him from the up. When I lower down on his cock the skin rolled back tightly to its maximum and when I came up my pussy lips blossomed out like a flower, clutching his cock tightly. He cooed in joy. His hands tightened the grip on my tits and played with them.

“Fuck me… fuck me… yes…aaahhhh…fuck me fast…”he purred.

I increased my speed a little. His hands came down to clutch my waist and guided me to increase the speed of my humping him up and down. His dick filled my tunnel entirely leaving no space in it. My pussy muscles expanded its maximum to hold his cock inside. My tits heaved and swayed up and down with the speed of our fucking increased. My body trembled as his cock ploughed in my pussy.

Now Mahesh sat up on the cot putting my legs either side of him without disturbing our union and pulled me close towards him hugging me with his hands roaming on my back crushing my tits tightly over his chest. My boobs were flattened on his fleshy chest. He plotted kiss all over my face. He dropped his hands down to my bums and pulling it towards him to drill his cock deep into my pussy. He continued to screw his cock inside my cunt and increased the speed of his thrusts with rapid strokes pulling my bums towards him on his each thrust

“Maheshhh….oooohhhh… fuck me! Fuck me hard! Tear my cunt with your cock. Ohhhhh…yaahhh… yaaahhh… yessss…like that. It is very nice… it feels good…don’t stop please,” I shrieked in high pitch.

My hands surrounded his neck and my lips clutched with his. My tits swayed up and down and collided with his chest hardly. His hand clawed on my butts and his bums moved front and back rapidly to pound my pussy harder and harder. My body froze, my mouth and eyes were wide opened. He fucked me mercilessly making me impaled and seconds later I got my powerful orgasm.

I hugged him tightly and leaned to my back along with him and flattened on the bed. Now Mahesh came over my torso. He placed his hands either side of me and pounded my pussy more harder than ever. I was overwhelmed by an incredible sensations running through my body. His powerful strokes made my body shattered and my boobs heaved up and down and swayed in rhythm with his strokes.

His cock stabbed my cunt mercilessly. I screamed in pleasure on his onslaught over my cunt. The cot was vibrating with the power of his speed. My pussy clenched his shaft in tight grip and milking it sides with my white creamy secretion.

“Unhhh… aaahhhh…ssshhh…”he screamed with his nonstop action. “Annnniiii… I am going to cum” he squealed as he nearing his climax.

“Annniii… yessss…nowwwww…he screamed loudly. His body tightened and his cock swelled in my pussy. He tried to take out his cock; don’t want to impregnate with his semen.

“Maheshhh…don’t pull away feed your seed in my womb. I need it badly,” I cried loudly and cupped his ass checks and pressed towards me tightly not allowing him to abort our union.

“Anniii! I am cummmmmiiinnng… yahhh…nowwww…I am cumming now in my Anni’s sweet pussy” he squealed in high pitch.

I felt a powerful explosion inside my vagina. His cock ejaculated his cum and a huge torrent of sperm spurted into my pussy. His massive load splashed inside my vaginal walls. My pussy convulsed nonstop trying to suck each and every drop out of him until it lasts. He flattened his body over mine and I felt both our bodies were trembled and shivers went on our legs. We hugged each other tightly with our sweated bodies and remained as is for few minutes until we subside and came to normal.

Still buried inside me he kissed on my fore head and said, “Anni really you are a goddess of sex. I want to worship you until my death.”

I felt his deflated dick in my pussy even better and tighter than my hubby’s rock hard dick.

“Mahesh I never had such pleasure in my life. internet casino You are really great. Your would be wife is really the luckiest girl to enjoy such a cock,” I appreciated him.

We were fancied by kissing each other for some more time. He pulled out his cum coated cock from my pussy with a plop sound. My pussy expelled the excessive cum loaded inside and spread over my hairy forest and some drooling down through the valley of my ass cheeks.

My body sweated like anything. I wiped it with my nighty, then dressed up and left to my room.

When I enter and switched on the light, I saw my husband sitting on the cot eagerly waiting for me.

“Have you finished up,” he asked me.

I said, “mmm…”

I entered the bathroom to wash myself. My hubby leaned from the cot and pulled by my hand towards him. I fell on the cot over him. He kissed me vigorously and whispered in my ear, “I want to see your cunt which is filled with my dad’s seed.”

Without waiting for my reply he pulled my nighty over my head and made me nude. He leaned down to my pussy and admired the cum drooling out from it wet my hairy forest. He smelled it with taking in a deep breath. His tongue traveled over my hairy pussy and licked over the side my pussy lips. His mouth slurped over my pussy and cleaned it well. He came up on top of me and kissed in my mouth with his cum coated lips. I liked the pungent odor of the boy cum and its taste.

“My dad’s cum is tasty isn’t it?” He questioned me.

Again I said, “mmm..”

He took my hand and placed it over his dick. Really his dick was rock hard. I squeezed it over his lungi. He kissed me deeply and slid his lungi down to his legs. I stroked his dick gently and guided it into my sloppy pussy.

He pounded me harder and fucked me vigorously like a wild dog. I hugged him tightly along with me and bucked my hips up to ease his entry deep into my vagina. My pussy muscles contracted and clutched his dick tightly. He rubbed his dick vigorously on my G-spot.

Lot of moaning and gasps escaped from my lips while he thrust his throbbing cock inside my vagina. My body quivered in little shivers as his dick slid effortlessly all the way into my sloppy pussy. My sensation reached its peak and I released my orgasm once again.

His body was literally shaking in pleasure when his cock erupted inside me. His hands cupped my tits tightly and he thrust his cock powerfully to the maximum depth inside my pussy. I humped my butts off the bed and felt his load released in thread after thread.

He squealed in joy and “thank you ma… Thank you… You brought me back into life…Thank you.” He hugged and kissed my face rapidly. I also hugged him tightly and paid back with kisses.

He kept his cock inside my pussy and we slept as is and hugging each other tightly. In the early morning he fucked me one more time. I was happy to see him back into life and there was little worry that it cost me i****tuous relation with my family members.

The next day morning my hubby went to the stores and Mahesh to his college. My FIL was in his room taking rest. I had cooking in the kitchen and was doing it.

“Shallu,” my FIL called from his room. I reached there and asked him did he require anything.

“Are you free?” he asked me.

“I am doing cooking in kitchen and may finish it in an hour,” I replied.

“Okay. Come after finishing your work,” he told me.

So I went to the kitchen and continued my work.

When I about to finish my work my FIL came to there and asked me,” Have you finished your work?”

“Only I have to season the curries,” I replied him.

He came near me and hugged from the behind.

“Shallu, I need you badly!” he whispered in my ear and clutched the lobes with his lips. His tongue ran around my ear lobes. He held his left arm exactly below my boobs and lifting it a little. His right hand cupped my left boob and caressed it gently. I feel his dick which is rock hard rolling over my ass cheeks over the thin cloth of my nighty.

“Mama! (calling of father in law in tamil) please wait for some time. I have to finish my work,” I requested him in a lovely voice.

“No darling! Mahesh may return at anytime. You please come to my room. Otherwise I will finish you here itself,” he pleaded.

I turned towards him and plotted a kiss on his lips and said, “Just a minute Mama. I will finish off my work and come to your room.” I pushed him away from the kitchen.

I finished my work within minutes and went to his room. He was eagerly waiting for me. He rose up from the cot and guided me to the bed by clutching my hand with his. He pushed me to sit in the cot.

Then he went into the bathroom and came with a small box. He put the box near me and again went to fetch water in a cup. I understood that he is going to shave my pussy as he told earlier. A thrill went in my body.

He fixed the blade in the razor. He took some shaving cream in the brush and kept aside. He then asked me to get up and pulled my nighty over my head. As I didn’t wear any inner I became nude in front of him. He hugged my nude body along with him for a moment and sucked my both the tits alternatively for some time.

He made me sit on the cot with my legs down. Then he asked me to lift my right hand and began lather my armpit with the cream. I giggled in the feeling that created while he ran the brush in my armpit. Then he took the razor and made strokes from upward to downward to clear the hair. He often washed the razor in the water to remove the hair from it. He removed all the hair from there. Then he went into the bathroom, poured the water away and came with fresh water.

He did the same to my left hand also. Again he came with fresh water and once again he brushed the lather all along my right armpit. This time he put the razor in opposite direction that is from the bottom to the top to remove the protruding tiny tips of hair from its root. He wiped the place with a wet towel and ran his hand down to up to feel any left out hair. He satisfied with his work and repeated the same to my left armpit also.

Then he made me squatted on the cot and separated my thighs to open my pussy to the maximum possible. I was thrilled by his action. I felt that my pussy became wet on expectation of his next action. He took the brush with fresh cream and ran it all over my hairy pussy to spread the lather all over my hairy bush. I keep my both hands on each knee and lowered my head down to watch his action. He took special interest in lathering the slit of my pussy. He inserted the bristles in the slit and rubbed up and down and teased the clit for some time. I bit my lower lip and my eyes were closed in the exquisite feeling.

My pussy was fully covered with the white lather. it was looked like a snows covered mountain. He put his left thumb just below my belly button and lifted up towards my tummy to hold it tight. His right hand ran the razor from the top to bottom and stopped just above the slit of my pussy. He repeated his action and cleared all the hair in the top of my triangular forest. Now his thumb came down and held my pussy lips. His thump pressed the right lips over the left and ran the razor over the right lobe of my pussy. Then he repeated the same to my left. He pierced his index finger into the pussy and clipped the lip in between his fingers and stretched away to clear the hair near the lobe by running the razor over my sensual lips.

He pushed me back to lean further and spread the ass cheeks with his thumb and middle finger and shaved there also. Then he ran the razor in the reverse direction and removed the tiny tips of the hair. He was very careful to avoid any scratches in my pussy. He wiped my pussy with the wet cloth.

This time he used his tongue from the bottom of my pussy to the top and ran all over the labia to feel the softness of my shaven pussy.

He satisfied himself and told me, “That’s all finished.”

I sat up straight and had a look into my pussy. My pussy was very beautiful and glowing. My pussy labia were whitish in color and the dark clit stood like a peak in my mound. I felt it with my hand. It was so soft and slippery. I spread open the lips and saw the pulsating pinkish petals blossomed like a flower.

“How is it?” he knelt with his legs in front and asked me.

I replied with a hug pulling his head towards my tummy. He kissed on my navel and lowered his mouth over the slope leading to my pussy. He licked roughly on my pussy with his fully poked out tongue. I held his head with my hand and kissed on it and pressed my tits over his head. He slurped my clit and poked in his tongue inside and swirled it around.

“Ssshhhh….” I moaned louder. I bit my lower lips pulled his hair hardly with my fingers.

He stood up and came in between my legs and shoved my head on his tummy by pulling it with his hand. I shoved my face in his hairy tummy and brushed my face which gave me an exquisite feeling.

I pulled his lungi down to his feet and also made him nude. I saw his dick stood erect like a flag post in between his black dense hairy forest.

‘Why don’t you shave yours also?”I questioned by looking him up.

“No! The hair there will be give you more pleasure when it rubbed with your shaven pussy,” he replied.

I took his rod in my hand and stroked it slowly looking up at his face. He pushed my head down towards his dick and rubbed it gently along my rosy lips. I pushed the skin back to pop out the head. I licked the tip gently and looked at his eyes. His eyes were closed and his body was dense. I covered the mushroom head with my lips and sucked it. I gently bit along the groove and licked the head with my tongue. His hand gently combed my head.

I slipped my mouth over the red mushroom head and massaged it by pressing it with my lips. My tongue encircled the tips in a wanton fashion. It twirled all over the dick and I licked the whole meat. My hands cupped his scrotum and squeezed it gently.

I shifted my hands to his dick and stroked it slowly while my mouth moved to his scrotum and swallowed one ball and sucked it. Then I switched my mouth to his other and repeated the process for some time. I lifted his cock up and licked it from its base to the crown. My tongue danced over his blood engorged cock and my lips cupped his cock head. My lips rolled over the blood filled veins through the entire length of his shaft until my nose nuzzled over his hairy groin. I deep throated his cock for some time.

“Shallu… you are sooo… swweeeet…niceee… cock suckkkker…ssshhhh… aaaahhhh…” he moaned.

My slow and seductive sucking action took him to the peak of his senses. The lovely feeling of my warm mouth made him to jerk wickedly.

He pressed my head by his hands along with his dick. I felt his cock pulsating in my mouth, swollen and ready to release his cum. I removed my mouth from it and held it with my hand and stroked it vigorously.

“Ooohhhh…. Wooopppp.. yaaahh… yaahhh…mmmm…I am cummmmiiiing…”his body tightened and his breath became heavier and I tightly held the fore skin of his dick to the maximum back over my face. He screamed loudly and released his cum thread after thread over my face. I directed his dick to my tits and made him cum there also.

He sat on the cot. He looked so tired. He was sweating too much and searching for his breath. I took his flaccid cock in my hand and licked the tip to clean the cum oozing from it. I took the deflated cock into my mouth and slurped it. His legs began trembling in pleasure. He lifted me and made sat near him. He hugged me tightly along with him. My cum coated tits flattened on his chest spreading the cum all over his hairy chest. He licked all his cum spilled all over my face and the tits.

He came down and knelt in front of me. He spread my thighs wider and shoved his head in between them. He planted kisses all over by bald pussy. I lifted my legs up, bending my knees up on the cot, spread them apart and I pushed my pussy forward to him by bowing back supporting my body on my arms.

Now he easily got access to my pussy and licked the labia. His tongue began slurp on my clits. He tweaked it with his teeth ad squeezed it gently with his lips. He opened the petals of my pussy with his fingers and darted his tongue into my pussy and swirled along the inner walls.

“Issshhhh…yaaahhh… yessss..come on… eat my pussy, ” I moaned.

His arms surrounded my thighs and pulled towards his face. I helped him by humping my bums towards his face. He eagerly tasted my pussy and swirled his tongue inside it. My sweet nectar oozing out from my vagina coated his mouth and nose. I moaned louder and bucked myself harder against him when he teased my clit with his tongue. He got another hard on.

“Come on. Push your cock inside me. Fuck me pleaseee..,” I pleaded him.

He came up to the cot and asked me to kneel down in all my four with my bums up. As he said I kneel down and bend forward with my ass up and head down on the bed and swayed my ass to tease him. My tits partly rested on the bed.He crawled on his knees behind me and kissed my pussy and slurped the clit from the back. He screwed his finger inside my pussy and swirled into the inside walls.

He held his shaft in his hand and patted my ass cheeks with it. He rubbed the shaft all along the valley of my ass cheeks and placed the bloated head above the slit of my cunt. He parted my ass cheeks with his hands and gently thrust it into my love tunnel. It slid easily and the entire length disappeared into it. He pulled back his cock and once again pushed inside with a severe thrust. Really his cock is lengthier than my hubby. It hit the back of my womb and I bit my lower lips on feeling a little pain and my hands clawed the bed.

He fucked me with a steady rhythm from the back. My tits swayed and rolled over the bed. I pushed back my bums aligning with his steady strokes. I contracted my pussy muscles to clip his cock tightly.

“Shallu! My darling! Really your cunt is so tight. I never felt such a cute pussy,” he murmured and increased the speed of his thrusts. His rapid thrusts made my tits sway to and fro and rolling on the bed on which it rested. His hands clutched my hips and pulled it towards him on each of his forward thrust.

“I feel so good to be inside you! Yesss… yesss… sssshhhh… aaaahhh…Oh my darling! Squeeze my rod with your pussy muscle. Ohhh… like that… mmmm… so sweet. Your pussy is incredible… Ohhhhhh … I am cummmiiinnng…yes now, ” His cock swollen and tempered inside my pussy and blasted its fluid. His legs trembled and shivers ran through his entire body. He leaned forward and rested his head on my back. His hands came up and clutched my boobs and caressed it hard. He vigorously kissed my back still keeping his cock inside me.

He leaned on the bed on his back pulling me along with him. I fell on his chest with my back. The flaccid cock came out of it nest with a ‘plop’ sound. He kept me like that for some time. He kissed me all over the back of my neck and tweaked the ear lobes often. One of his hands fondled my breasts and teased the nipples by pulling it out and screwing it harder. His other hand went down and finger fucking my sloppy pussy.

I was still hot and need to be fucked more. He didn’t satisfy me with his cock. I closed my thighs tightly to feel his finger tight in my cunt. He rubbed his finger on my G-Spot vigorously. Suddenly my body convulsed and my pussy burst its orgasm. It ran through his fingers and wet his palm. An electric current ran from my toe to head. My legs were trembled. I turned myself over him on his body and hugged him tightly against me flattening my tits on his chest. Our chest heaved together with our hard breath. His hands cupped my bums and squeezed it harder and harder.

We sat up resting our back in the headboard of the cot.

“I am so happy. I took revenge on Suresh,” he said it with a deep breath.

I looked him questioningly

“He fucked my wife. In revenge I fucked his wife,” he said it with a loud laughter.

“I didn’t understand. What you are telling?” I questioned him.

“When he was on his 20 he fucked my wife. I revenged him by fucking you today,” he replied.

“You mean he fucked his own mother?” I asked him in a confused state.

“Yes,” he replied.

“How did you know that? Did you take no step to stop him?” I asked further.

“No. It is a long story. Do you know? Mahesh is not my son.”

It surprised me. “Is it true? How did you say?” I questioned him again.

“My wife given birth to Suresh and she suffered a lot in the delivery. Doctors advised her it is not safe to conceive again. So I requested her to do birth control surgery. But she refused and also not allowed me to do for myself. So I told her that I am going for a health check up and secre surgery for sterilization and returned back. She doesn’t know anything about it. When he asked about the scar I told her they took some fluid for testing purpose which she believed.

“For twelve years everything went right. I was shocked when I hear she conceived again. I watched her secretly. I came to know she is having sexual contact with our neighbor. They used our bedroom for their sexual activities. One day I asked her about cheating me. She cried a lot and asked to forgive her. I put her one condition that they can continue their relationship if they have sex in my presence. After a little hesitation she accepted for that. Then they began to have sex in front of me. i enjoyed the sight of my wife fucked by other man. Sometimes I also joined them and We had a wonderful fun with threesome, anal and all sorts of sex.

“We allowed him in our house after Suresh gone to sleep and enjoyed sex with her. One day he watched us while we were having sex. He asked about this with her mother. She made him as her lover and utilized him for her sexual needs. As usual my wife didn’t bring this to my knowledge. Accidentally I came to see that when he riding her from the back in the kitchen lifting her sari up on her waist opening his fly for his cock out, thinking that I am sleeping in my room.

“I continue to watch her activities. I came to know that she is also having sex with the launderer and vegetable vendor who came to our house frequently to pound her insatiable pussy.

“She regularly went to Suresh room thinking that I am sleeping. I followed her and watched the wonderful action of my wife fucking her son.

“I was afraid that if it leaks out then we will loss our pride in the society and there is no way except suicide of the entire family.

“I decided to marry him and she should be a house wife, who will remain in our house for 24 hrs looking after us. As I think she controlled herself after the marriage due to your presence. Suresh also forget her after tasting your tight pussy,” he finished with his story

“Ohhh! What a family! His mother is a slut and now he made me a slut,” I thought in my mind.

“You won’t try to stop them?” I asked him.

“No. I liked to watch them. I liked the i****t relation between my wife and son. It gave me some thrill in my life. I became so hot while I watching them. The thinking gave me some extra power during the sex with my wife. So I didn’t want to interrupt the relation between them,” he said.

Mahesh came around 2pm. They both had lunch together. Mahesh finished earlier and went to his dad’s room and came out in a minute and went into his room. My FIL started to stores immediately after lunch.

I was cleaning the kitchen and utensils. Mahesh came behind me and hugged from the back. His hands cupped my breasts. His hard on was rubbing on my bums over the thin material of my nighty. I thought he was in a tremendous mood.

“Anything special Mahesh? It seems that you are in a good mood today,” I asked him.

“Yes! I want to see my Anni’s bald sweet pussy and fuck it right now,” he whispered in my ear and bit the lobe.

I was shocked to hear it from him. Because we finished just before he came in. He didn’t meet his father before lunch. Then how come he knew this. I confused a lot.

I turned towards him and asked, “Mahesh how do you know this?”

“I know that. That’s all. Is it true or not?” saying this he hugged me and ran his lips all over my neck. His hands squeezed my butts.

I pushed him away and told him, “If you don’t tell me then I will not speak to you.”

It worked a lot.

“Anni , I have a spy camera. I placed it in my dad’s room today morning and recorded the happenings there,” he replied.

“So you are spying us. Isn’t it? For how many days you are doing this?” I asked in anger.

“Anni, I done this just for fun. Today only I placed the camera,” he replied me.

“Have you watched the full content?” I further asked.

“No Anni. I just watched up to that my dad was shaving your pussy. By the time he left the house and I came to you, since I became hot,” he confessed.

I breathed in relief. I didn’t want him to know the truth about the secret of his birth and about his mother and brother.

“Okay give me the camera. Here after don’t interfere in my personal matter,” I ordered him.

I pushed him to his room and collected the camera which was like a pen and searched his laptop whether he copied them in it.

I didn’t found the copy anywhere.

“Anni, please let me see it. I will hand it over to you after seeing it,” he pleaded.

“No,” I said strictly.

He came behind me and hugged. His right arm pressing on my right tit and the his palm caressing the left one. His left hand cupped my crotch over the nighty.

“Anni, I want to fuck your bald pussy right now. Pleassseee…,” he pleaded in my ears.

I turned towards him and said, “This is the time your brother to come home. Don’t be silly.”

“At least show me your pussy,” he pleaded further, hugging me tightly with him and kissing on my lips.

I accepted for it.

He rolled up my nighty up to my waist.

“Wow! What a beautiful pussy!” he exclaimed and kneeled down in front of me and kissed on it.

The nighty rolled over him and covered him inside me.

He licked the labia from the bottom to top with his tongue.

There was his father cum still remain in my pussy which drooling out and wetted outside my pussy. He roughly licked over my pussy and further darted his tongue inside and swirled along my pussy walls. His action aroused my feelings. Since I was not satiated by his father’s intrusion, I badly expected his thick fat cock inside my pussy right now.

“Mahessshhhh…fuck me… I want your cock inside my pussy,” mesmerized by his work underneath, I murmured.

He was happy to hear this from me, stood up and pulled up my nighty over my head. Unknowingly I lifted my arms, helped him to slip it out of my body and stood nude in front of him

I pulled his shorts down and it rounded his legs. He didn’t have anything underneath and hence became nude instantly.

He parted my thigh and lifted up by holding my bums in both his hands. I jumped up and rounded my legs around his waist hanging from him by my hands surrounded on his neck. He placed his legs apart firmly on the ground and balanced himself to stand straight. His hands supported my ass cheeks and lifted it up. I removed my one hand from his neck, bring it down, took his cock and placed it right over the entry of my pussy.

He inserted the head inside the slit and gave a powerful thrust.

“OOHHHH…” I cooed in excitement.

The entire length of his member pierced into my pussy tear open the lips of my pussy. Vow! What an incredible feelings I had. His fatty cock filled my love hole entirely and tightly. Now I came into action. Garlanding his neck with my hands, l gently jumped up and down riding his cock in and out of my pussy. He nicely balanced himself by bending little backward and bucked his bums forward to match with my jumping.

My tits were swayed up and down rubbing on his face. He caught one of it into his mouth and chewed the nipples along with the areola.

“Maheessshhh… its niceee… very very nicceee…bite them hard” I squealed.

He bit my boob and squeezed it in his mouth.

“Yaaahhh..yaaahhh…yes like that…ooohhhh… it is incredible,”I cooed in joy when he clipped and rolled my nipple in his teeth.

I vigorously jumped up and down over him. My pussy lips rolled in and out over his cock. He shoved my swaying breasts alternatively into his mouth. When it is not in his mouth I rubbed them hardly on his face.

“You are exactly fitting in my pussy, feeling soooo.. tight. Oohhh I ammm cummmiiinnngggg. Yahhhh… yahhhh…” I squealed.

“Annnniii…cum, cum on my cock. I want to fuck you ever. Don’t stop riding. I still want more from you,” saying this, again he shoved one of my tits into his mouth and slurped the both alternatively. I got my powerful orgasm and coated his cock with my milky sticky cum. My legs were trembled and my body twitched in the extreme pleasure. I stopped jumping over him and kissed him on his face like a mad. He placed his hand under my ass and lifted me up and down vigorously on his cock.

“Ohhh… no… noooo…pleaassseee… I can’t…”I said to him.

He showed no mercy for my pleading. He still came with his powerful upward thrusts tearing apart my pussy.

I couldn’t tolerate further. I leaned backward on the cot which is adjacent to us.

He slid me on the bed on my back and held both feet over his shoulder clutching my thighs tightly with his arms started pounding me hardly by his vigorous thrusts.

“Aahhh…aaaahhh …aahhh…”My fingers clawed the bed and I shooked my head left and right.

My breasts heaved up and down and swaying front and back with his powerful thrusts. He was pounding my pussy harder and harder. His every thrust hit my womb like a thunder. His balls hit my ass cheeks making ‘lap’ ‘lap’ sound.

“Mahheeessshhh… Don’t stop…punish my pussy with your dick…” I cried louder.

I contracted my pussy walls to clutch his dick further tighter. I humped my bums up with each of his forward thrust. For the second time I got a powerful orgasm.

“Annniii…thank you…It is incredible you are ssooo… niccceee…so cute pussy…” His legs trembled and a shiver ran all over his body.

His body became denser and his cock swelled inside my pussy. He held my thighs tighter and pushed his cock deep into my pussy and erupted with his load like a volcano. The lava came from the volcano filled my womb. He leaned forward on me

and shoved his face on my breasts. My legs locked over his hips.

We were in the same position for quite some time. I just planned for a quickie, but Mahesh showed me the heaven with his powerful incredible fuck. My fingers brushed his hair smoothly.

In the night it is the same story again. On seeing my shaven pussy my hubby delighted much. He kissed it often and licked all around and asked me about the happening today. I explained him all except the encounter between me and his brother.

“Your dad told me that you fucked your mom,” I said him.

He was shocked to hear this.

“How come he knew?” he questioned.

Also I revealed the truth against her mom having sex with so many persons which was well known to his father and he liked to watch them. But I hide from him that Mahesh was not his Father’s son

He was much delighted that his father was interested in i****t relations.

“Yes, I have seen my mother fucking the neighbour while my father watching them. I asked about this with my mother who hugged me and offered her pussy to me to shut my mouth. But till today I am thinking that he didn’t know about our relationship,” he said.

He got his hard on and fucked me twice in the night.

After finishing we further discussed in detail about how his father shaved my pussy and pounded me. He was much delighted and asked me to go to his dad to have sex on the next day night and he is willing to watch us as his dad did with his mother.

I was hesitated a little, but, I accepted after his compulsion.

In the morning when I am at work my FIL came and hugged me and invited for sex. I said him I was so tired and will come in the night after everybody slept.

He went to his room and returned soon and handed over some pills to me.

I looked him questioningly.

“These are all sleeping pills. Mix it in the milk and give it to Mahesh and Suresh in the night. We shouldn’t have any disturbance,” he answered for my look and blinked his eyes.

I replied him with a smile.

I mixed the sleeping pills in the milk offered to Mahesh and not to my hubby.

In the night I told him what his father told me in the morning.

He laughed loudly and said, “Okay! It is better. Let him think I am sleeping. Hay! Don’t lock the door. Let it open. I have to watch you both.”

Still I was in a hesitated mood and asked him, “Suresh, is it necessary?”

“Ohhh… it is my dream. Watching my wife fucked by my dad… My rod is stirring while I think about it. I straight away want to fuck you now.” he replied in joy and pushed me out from the room.

I went to his room around 11.30pm after confirming that Mahesh was in sleep.

Since, I already informed him that I will come that night to his room he was eagerly waiting for me in the bedroom switched off all the lights. I partly closed the door behind me to allow my hubby to peep into it.

I switched on a mild night lamp to enable my hubby to watch us clearly. I stood near him beside the bed. He also stood near me hugged and kissed me on my lips. We had a passionate kiss for a few minutes. His tongue poked into my mouth and swirled to extract the juices. We exchanged juices between our mouths.

He handed over a parcel to me and asked me to open it. I opened it and saw a laced two piece lingerie set inside it. It was of very thin lusty see through silky material. He asked me to wear it in front of him. He removed my nighty over my head and made me nude. He hugged me along with him and roamed his hands over my bare back and bums. I pulled the knot of his lungi which encircled his legs and made him nude. He tightened his grip and jammed me along with him. My tits flattened over his hairy chest. His flag post cock rolled over my tummy.

Half mindedly he relieved me from his hands and asked me to wear the lingerie. I slipped into the panty and then wore the bra. He helped me to clasp the hook from my back and adjusted my boobs with his hand to settle it properly inside it.

Then he went and switched on the lights. I looked myself in the mirror of the dressing table. The bra and panty were perfectly fitted with me. Even my hubby never purchased such a correct size. The colour of the material is black, which is contrast to my creamy milk white skin and it looked very nice. It gave me a glamorous look and shaped my perfect boobs and perabet added more beauty to my beautiful boobs. The thin material didn’t hide anything from me. My bald pussy, the areolaes and the nipples were clearly visible through it.

He came behind me and rounded his hands over my flat soft belly. His hands were roamed over it and his face rested on my shoulder admiring my beauty in the mirror.

He slid his left arm upward and gently lifted my boobs from the bottom and enjoyed the look of the globes bulging out from the bra.

“Glorious,” he murmured in my ears.

I saw in the mirror that my hubby was watching all this from the slid of the slightly opened door. I rounded his neck with my hands which lifted my boobs further up and looked more glamorous. We were quite for some time admiring our image in the mirror. He clutched my ear with his lips and bit it gently. His lips travelled all over my neck. I felt his warm breath over my neck and his hands gently caressed my tits over the bra. I closed my eyes and leaned my head backward towards him. My hot pussy made wet patch on the panty.

“Sssshhhh… aaaahhhh… ,”I moaned loudly to tease my hubby who was watching it.

He brought down his left hand and rolled down the panty from my waist. It slipped over my bums and rolled below the ass cheeks. Further he pushed it down with his toe brushing it from my thighs and over my calf muscles. I moved my legs out of it. Now his left hand cupped one of my ass cheeks. His right hand slid over my belly and travelled through the slope leading to the triangle of my pussy over the cleanly shaved labia. He covered my pussy with his palm. He ran his middle finger over the slit and tweaked the clit. He slipped the finger into the slit and stroked it mildly. Now he spread opened the pussy lips with his thump and middle finger. I saw the pink petals of my pussy was pulsating and glowing with it juices.

His index finger tweaked my clit and pierced into my blossomed petals of my pussy. He rotated it inside my hot pussy. I turn my head towards him and pulled his head towards me and clenched his lips with mine. Our kiss intensified and our tongues fought together. Our saliva travelled alternatively in between our mouths. He rubbed his cock up and down in between my ass cheeks

He pushed me towards the dressing table by applying gentle pressure over my back. I rested my hands on the dressing table holding it firmly. He held my waist with both his hands and placed the tip of his cock over the slit of my pussy from my back. I turned my head towards him, lifted my bum and pushed back hardly towards his cock. The cock slipped out over my pussy. I took it with one of my hands and placed in the slit of my pussy. He made a gentle thrust. The cock split open my pussy lips and the head slipped smoothly into it. He teased me by insert his cock partly into my pussy and took out. He churned my boiling pussy gently with his cock and stopped a while.

“Mama, you drive me crazy. Fuck me hard and tear my cunt,” I squealed loudly and bucked my bums to take the cock inside me. This made my hubby crazy and I saw he enter the room closing the door behind him. My FIL shocked by hearing the sound of the door. He withdrew his cock and turned to see who entered the room. His legs were trembled on seeing my hubby standing behind him.

His adrenalin pumped up and he told, “Sorry my son. I should not do it to your wife.”

“Don’t worry papa you continue doing with her as I did with your wife. I just came here to watch both of you,” he replied in a cool voice.

Even then he was shivering in fear and not to decide what to do next. He is in a dilemma whether my hubby was accepting this or not.

My hubby came near him took his cock and stroked it gently and put it on my pussy and said, “Mmmm…push it in… I want to see you fuck her.”

My FIL pushed his cock slowly, watching my hubby in disbelief.

“Come on dad. Ram her pussy hard. I want to see you cum into her,” he encouraged him.

My hubby removed his cloth and made himself nude and came near to me. His cock was still in a semi erect condition. He placed the cock over the lips of my mouth and brushed it along the length. My lips clutched his cock head and my tongue swirled over it. He gently pushed it into my mouth.

Still my FIL did not believe him entirely. He slowly thrust his cock into my pussy.

I took out my hubby’s cock from my mouth and said, “Mama, Please fuck me hard. Slam my pussy with your cock.”

This made him to relieve from the shock. He held my waist tightly and gave steady thrusts in my pussy.

My hubby stood aside us watching our action. His hand stroked his cock which now became fully erect. He came behind his dad. Laying his back on the floor he slipped in between the parted legs of his dad and me. Now his face was exactly under my pussy. He watched his dad’s cock riding in and out of my pussy. Supporting his elbow in the floor he lifted his head up and cupped the balls of his dad in his mouth. My FIL stopped his action for a while. He licked his scrotum and came upward by licking his dad’s cock from the base and stopped at the unison of it in my pussy. He swirled his tongue around my pussy lips which was clutching his dad’s cock.

In the mean time my FIL unclasped my bra which slid over my hands letting my boobs free. My FIL cupped my boobs with his hands and lifted me up. The bra slipped out from my hand and fell on the floor. The cock started slipping out of my pussy. He tried to hold the cock deep in my pussy. He succeeded to hold the tip still remain in my pussy. The cock partly slipped out from my pussy I saw in the mirror. The cock slightly bent towards up and clutched by pussy lips and looked nice to view it.

My hubby kneeled before me and shoved his face in my tummy. He licked the navel button and swirled his tongue deep inside the groove. He came down and licked the entire labia and my pussy and the base of the buried cock of his dad. I once again bent forward and held my hands over my hubby’s shoulder rubbing my boobs over his face. My FIL once again started fucking me from the back in a steady rhythm.

My hubby took my hand placed it over the dressing table and leaned back sensing my tits on his face. My FIL increased the pace of his thrusts in my pussy. He slammed it with heavy thrusts. My tits were swaying front and back and bouncing up and down over my hubby’s face with his thrusts. My hubby then and there cupped my tits in his mouth and leaving it free to swing around.

“Ooohhhh…baby… I am going to cum…going to fill your sweet pussy…aaaahhh… yessss… here it is…”he cooed in excitement.

I felt his cock swelling inside my pussy. I contracted my pussy muscles and gave a squeeze to his cock. His body became dense and he pushed his cock deep into my pussy. His legs trembled and his cock blasted its load inside my pussy. He held my hips tightly and released his semen thread by thread deep into my womb which dripping over my pussy walls. He was buried his cock inside for some time. He lifted me up and cupped my boobs and kissed from my back over the neck and ear lobe.

My hubby kneeled before me watching the deflating cock of his dad’s popping out of my pussy. Following it the cum drooled out from my pussy. My hubby placed his mouth over my pussy and sucked the entire cum. He licked clean my labia and entire pussy. Then he stood up in front of me and kissed on my mouth feeding me the cum of his dad. Our lips locked for some time, while we were exchanging his father’s cum in between our mouths. He hugged me along with his father. His dad’s hands caressing my breasts became still and crushed in between my boobs and his son’s chest.

My hubby slid his hands underneath my bums in between my thighs and lifted it up. Now my legs were up in the air. His dad’s hand cupped my breasts firmly and my back was supported on his chest. I surrounded my hands over his neck. My hubby parted my legs and pulled my thighs towards either side of his tummy. My pussy came in front of his fully erect dick. He placed his dick over my pussy and pushed it in with one hard thrust. His dick slipped easily into my sloppy pussy and buried inside.

He slammed me hardly with his powerful thrusts. It was a nice feeling that I was fucked my hubby with my pussy swinging in the air with the help of his dad holding me. His father kissed in my lips and his tongue was twitching inside my mouth. His firm grip on my boobs gave me a pleasurable pain. I felt my orgasm to be released soon.

I gripped the cock tightly by contracting my pussy muscles. I felt his cock swelling inside me and suddenly spurt into me. At the same time I hit with a powerful orgasm. We both cummed together. Our legs were trembled. He gripped my thighs tightly pulling me towards him buried his cock deep in my pussy. We breathed heavily and remained as it is for a couple of minutes. My tits heaved up and down inside the palms of my FIL. My hubby pulled his cock away and grounded my legs in the earth. I couldn’t stand with my trembled legs.

I relieved from my FIL’s hands and leaned my back on the bed. My FIL and my hubby lie on my either side putting their hands over me. I hugged them both at a time. They kissed on either side my cheeks.

I kissed my hubby on his forehead and said, “Thank you Suresh. It is a great day in my life. You both took me to heaven.”

“Really I should thank you Shallu. You brought me back into life. Really I enjoyed much today. Without your cooperation I couldn’t dream such a wonderful moment in my life,” he replied.

Then we dressed up. I kissed my FIL and said goodnight to him and we both left to our room. I enjoyed sex with Mahesh every day afternoon and occasionally with his father. Sometimes FIL came to our room and fucked me while my husband was watching. He was so thrilled to watch me along with his father. Always he was crazy to fuck my cum filled cunt after his father left our room or watching us. My insatiable pussy was always busy with any one of the three cocks.

One day my FIL received a phone call from the principal of the college where Mahesh is studying. Since he and my hubby had lot of work in the stores my FIL asked me to meet the principal.

The principal complained about Mahesh that he is regularly absent in the afternoon skipping classes and lacking behind in his studies. He further complained that he is always dreaming about something in the classes and not paying any attention on the subject. Since he is also taking classes to him he noticed this for so many times. He told me further that he is diverting his attention on some unwanted things and requested me further to take care and advice him properly to save his career.

By the time the class was over and I returned to home along with Mahesh in an auto. I didn’t utter a word to him. I felt guilty of myself knowing that I am the reason behind it.

I paid the auto and send it. In the meantime Mahesh opened the door and entered the home. While I enter he locked the door behind and hugged me from the back and started caress my tits. I angrily removed his hands from me and pushed him away.

“Don’t touch me,” I shouted against him and sat on the couch and began to weep. Teardrops rolled down on my cheeks like a waterfalls.

“Anni, what happened to you? Why are you weeping? Is the principal misbehaved with you?” asking questions, he sat near me and wiped my tears.

“It is not him. It is you who made me cry,” I burst at him amidst my cry.

“Anni, what are you telling? I couldn’t understand. I always make you happy in every aspect,” he replied me with excitement in his voice.

“Yes you always satisfied me with your cock. But in your studies…? You are lacking behind. Your principal complained that you are not attentive in classes. You are always dreaming about me and skipping the classes for the sake of fucking me. If your mother is alive this may not happened. You may be studied well. Here after you concentrate only on your studies. Forget me forever.” I said this angrily and went into my room and shut the door forcibly behind me.

Really I was thinking him as my son and gave motherly love and affection. My sexual appetite made me slut and pulled him towards me for sex. I am the one to blame for it. If I avoided him from the initial stage this may not happened. Then I consoled myself, washed my face, making me fresh and entered the living room.

I saw Mahesh sitting in the couch sorrowly looking the ceiling. It seems that my words hurt him much.

I sat near him, brushed his hair affectionately and said, “Mahesh I think I am one of the reason for your lack in studies. Try to understand me. I know you from your c***dhood. I always want to give you a motherly love and affection.”

Immediately he shoved his face in my breasts and burst into tears. I placed my hands on his head and pressed them tightly with my tits. My other hand patted his back to console him.

He turned his head, by resting one side of his face on my tits looking my face and said, “Anni, forgive me. It is true. I lack in my studies because of you. You are always in my thought and I am always dreaming about you. You don’t leave me. I always need your love and affection. I want to be hugged in your hands forever.

” Here after I will concentrate in my studies and I assure you that I will get distinction in the forth coming semester,” said amidst his tears.

I gently wiped his tears and placed mild kisses on both of his eyes. “Okay Mahesh hereafter forget me until your semester is finished. You concentrate on your studies. I don’t want to be a reason for ruining your life. I will always with you and never leave you alone,” saying this we lip locked our mouths and kissed passionately quite for some time. His hands roamed on my thighs and tried to roll the sari above my knees and tried to seduce me.

I pushed him away and said, “No, Don’t try to seduce me. I will not admit you.”

I adjusted my sari and left from there.

He came behind me pleading, “Anni, really it is a severe punishment for me. I love you so much and always wish to be in your fold.”

“That! That is the reason you lack in your studies. I am always here with you to look after. You perform your examinations well. Then you will get me as a gift. You can use me as per your wishes. Until then there is no sex between us,” I replied.

He was totally upset on my reply. Every day I reminded him that if he does his exam well I will admit him to have sex with me. If he failed he will never get me again. This worked out very well. He studied vigorously and attended the classes regularly.

After fifteen days it was a Saturday, his principal called me and praised me a lot for the care taken by me against him. I was very happy to hear this from him and some tear drops rolled out from my eyes in emotion.

On reaching home I bolted the door and hugged him tightly from his back and poured kisses all over his neck and bit his ear lobes. My tits were flattened and my nipples pierced his back. I turned him towards me and told, “Today you made me happy. You kept on your words.” I kissed his forehead.

His hands cupped my bums and he pleaded, “Anni, please…let me fuck you once. Let my dick taste your sweet pussy…It will boost my moral…I swear, I will not ask you again.”

I relieved myself from his hands and went to my room not saying anything.

In the evening I felt nausea and vomiting. I rang up to my hubby and asked him to take me to hospital. The doctor checked me and confirmed my pregnancy. My hubby was very happy to hear this. He lifted me up and turned me round in joy. We went to temple and offered prayers. Then he took me to his dad. We fell on his leg to get his blessings. He lifted both of us and hugged with each side of him.

“Thank you dad. Your c***d is growing in her womb. It’s all because of you. Without your help she can’t conceive. Thank you very much,” he said his father in excitement.

“I don’t understand what you are telling son. In what way I helped you,”

He further said, “I can’t be a father now. Because, long back I sterilized myself. Believe this. It is your c***d.”

My hubby became confused and he looked me with thousands of questions in his mind.

I hung my head down. He left to his room without uttering a single word to me. I followed him hurridly and closed our room door behind me.

“Shallu! What is he telling? Is it true? If he is not, then who is the father of the c***d,” he asked me in anger.

“You cheated me. I don’t worried you are with whomever you like. But, I already told you the c***d should be of our family.”

“I sure the c***d is of our family. Mahesh… Mahesh is the father of this c***d,” I replied in a low voice, hung my head down.

“Wow! What a surprise! Is it true? When did you have relation with Mahesh. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” he cooed in joy. He came to me hugged and kissed all over my face.

“I told you everything. Due to fear I hide Mahesh name and instead of him I used your dad in his place,” I replied.

“Hay! I already told you to flirt with Mahesh too. You only hesitated saying that he is like your son,” he blamed me.

“Really I felt some thrill in flirting with Mahesh and hide it from you,” I replied.

“I am getting aroused hearing this from you. Tonight I wish to watch you with Mahesh,” he said.

“Then have a threesome along with him,” I teased him.

“Yes. Today I share you with Mahesh and going to fuck your ass. Be prepared for it,” he ended up his conversation with a frenzied kiss.

I was thrilled to imagine my husband fuck my virgin ass while the big fat cock of Mahesh stuffed in my cunt.

“Suresh, it is okay but we have it some other time,” I requested him keeping in mind of his studies.

“Why not today, I am very eager to share you with Mahesh,” he forced me.

Then I told him the entire story, since I met the principal and up to today that he pleaded for a boost.

“Ooohhh…it is nice then. We can give him a boost today which he should never forgot in his life,” he cooed.

“Further, he will be happy and fell free if he knows that I approve his relationship with you. He need not skip classes,” he said further.

At last I agreed for his proposal with one condition that it should not to be revealed to his father.

Around 1am I entered into Mahesh room after confirmed that my FIL was asleep. The room was filled with mild glowing of the night lamp. Mahesh was lying on his back. A small snore came out of his mouth confirmed he was in deep sleep after his studies. He was naked above his waist. His chest heaved evenly.

I went close and sat on the cot adjacent to him. The pallu of my sari slipped down from my shoulders. I ran my long fingers slowly over his hairless soft chest. I gently opened the fly of his shorts without disturbing his sleep. He didn’t have under wear. I saw his sleeping cock rested over his balls. The limbed cock remembered me a medium sized banana. My tongue came out and wetted my lips. I bit my lower lips with a smile in my face. I held the tip of the cock with my thumb and index fingers, lifted it up and playfully dropped from there. I enjoyed the sight of his placid cock fell over his balls again.

I took it in my hand and cupped the crinkled tip in my mouth. I opened the mushroom head by pulling down the fore skin. I circled the cock head playfully with my tongue and slurped it. I slowly swallowed the full length of his placid cock. I twitched the tiny orifice with my tongue. Suddenly his mild snore came to a halt. His cock grew inside my mouth and soon filled my mouth and deep in my throat made me cough.

Mahesh suddenly woke up and blinked his eyes in excitement. “Anni, Is it you? I thought you are doing all this in my dreams.”

In reply I blinked my eyes, took out my mouth from his dick and said, “It is just a booster.”

He tried to wake up from the bed. I pushed him down on the bed and leaned and laid over him on my front crushing my blouse covered breasts over his chest feasting my cleavage for his eyes. Transferring my entire weight on him, I folded my legs upward. My sari slipped to my knee exposing my beautiful milky calf muscles. I gently kissed on his lips. His hands encircled my bums and pulled towards him. I moved up and brushed my boobs hardly on his face. He shoved them in his mouth alternatively and hungrily chewed them over the blouse making it wet.

His hands came down to unfold my sari from my hips and untie the petticoat. He pushed them downwards. He unhooked my blouse and removed them from my body. I was now in the bra and panty which was presented my FIL. In the dim light it enriched my beauty further.

“Ohh… It is very nice! Shaped you perfectly!” he exclaimed.

He bucked his hips to enable me to push his shorts down.

He unclasped the bra. The straps slid over my shoulder and my tits partly came out of it. He pushed down my panty which curled below my butts. He removed it with his toe. He pulled the bra away and our naked body came in contact.

I sat on his crotch and placed his dick over the slit of my pussy and lowered me down on him. His cock pierce opened the petals of my hot pussy and slowly slid into it. Supporting my hands on his chest I slowly rode him from the top. He bucked his hips in alignment with my move. My firm tits bounced up and down like jelly balls. I gently moved my hips and grinded my pussy over his fatty cock. His hands held my hips and guiding it to grind over him.

Suddenly the lights of the room were lightened and Mahesh try to push me down and to wake up from the bed. “Anni, it is Anna(a tamil word to call elder brother),” he said in a terrible voice. I pushed him back in the bed and turned my head towards my hubby and send a flying kiss with a smile. He also smiled and came near me.

He starred at us in the unison and told, “Excellent, his cock fitting your cunt perfectly. A lovely cock! In a lovely pussy!”

He came near me and lifted my chin and kissed on my lips. He undressed himself, standing at the edge of the cot next to us and forced my head down to his cock. I leaned forward on Mahesh chest and took the semi erect cock of my hubby into my mouth. I gave a nice blow job to his cock which grew in my mouth and ready for its mission.

In the meantime Mahesh was putting his hands below my ass cheeks and lifted it up and started bucking his hip up and down steadily stroking my pussy from the down. His hard upward thrusts hit my womb and his tightly fitted rod rubbed the side walls of my pussy harshly.

Suresh removed his rod from my mouth and came behind me. He pulled Mahesh legs along with me with his still burying dick in my pussy, towards the bottom edge of the cot and hanged his legs to touch the ground. I turned back my head to watch his action.

He already came with a bottle of petroleum jelly. I arched my bums invitingly upwards. He took a large amount of the petroleum jelly in his index finger. He separated the butt cheeks and tucked in his finger partly into my puckered ass hole. Mahesh watched it in a pleasant surprise. It went in tightly in my virgin ass hole causing a little pain. He twitched it in the hole and applied the cream around the walls. Again he repeated the process with more jelly and this time he reached the maximum depth with his finger. This time the pain was reduced partially since the wall already coated with lube. He applied some around his dick.

He moved between my legs took hold of his dick and placed the tip in the right position over the crinkled entry. A sudden fear came in my face. Even the entry of his finger made be wince and how it will be while his dick enter into me, which is much thicker than the finger. I shoved my head in the soft fleshy chest of Mahesh and ready to meet the consequences.

He gently pushed the tip into my arse hole and took a rest. Then he put all his weight on to his hips and with a powerful thrust he burst my anus walls right up to the hilt.

“OOOOLLLLPPP…” I screamed in severe pain. I raised my head up due to the intolerable pain and again put it down on Mahesh chest and cupped his breast in my mouth to muffle my scream. Tears came out of my eyes and dropped on Mahesh’s chest.

I reached my hand to his dick and stopped him to proceed furter until my pain subsided. Holding my hips in his hand, he started slowly pound in my ass. Then he came mercilessly with his dick in and out of my puckered hole with powerful thrusts. I whimpered and collapsed in agony on Mahesh chest. My ass cheeks rippled by his rhythemical slapping of my hole.

Mahesh held me tight along with him and he didn’t forget to buck his ass and sent his penis deep into my pussy then and there. The next five minutes were a nightmare to me. I wiggled my head in agony. Both were busy in their assignment and showed no mercy on me. By the time the door opened behind us.

“Shall I join you,” my FIL made entry and asked us. My hubby stopped his thrusts and looked behind and said, “Yahhh…you are welcome… There is one more place vacant for you and you can proceed from there,” he replied him showing my mouth to him.

He came to me dropping his lungi behind him.

“No…No…I ca…nthhh…” he put his dick inside my mouth before I finish my sentence holding my head tightly in his hands. He started me fucking in my mouth. His 8″ dick deep throated in my mouth and hit its back causing me to cough. Even then they never gave up.

My hubby became more violent on my arse and my FIL stroking in my mouth. Mahesh had no chance to fuck me hard, but he wagered and bucked his hips then and there to hold his rod remained safe in my pussy.

My hubby is the first to come with a heavy load spurting into my ass hole. He gripped my hip tightly and kept his dick deep in my ass hole and exploded his cum. He moaned loudly while he filled my ass. His legs trembled and a shiver ran through his body.

After a while his depleted cock came out with a loud pop.

My FIL not worried about the things happened on my back. He was thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth with a steady rhythm. As his cock swelled inside my mouth I understood that he is ready to cum. He pulled my head tightly towards his cock and squirted deep in my throat. He never allowed me to pull my head out of his dick until I swallowed the entire cum and clean the remains, oozing out from his dick.

Now Mahesh turned me on the bed without separating our union and came over me in a missionary position. His rod was still hard as rock and he slammed the rock pillar into my pussy with his heavy thrusts. My tits perfectly shaped semicircles, were stood proud like the domes of a mosque, swayed with his rhythm.

He took out the cock from me and came down from the cot and pulled my legs towards the bottom edge of the cot. Holding them up right over his shoulders and placed the end of the knob over the entry of my vaginal tunnel. He thrust his butts forward and split my rosy lips in to two in such a force that I almost lifted up from the bed. The penetration was exquisitely electric and added the emotional feeling of loving my brother in law while watched by his father and my husband.

Holding my thighs on either side of him resting my feet over his shoulders, he pounded his rod in and out of my pussy steadily. My hubby and FIL came either side of me and cupped my breasts with their mouth and squeezed the supple flesh with squelch.

My body was literally shaking in pleasure and I squealed in excitement. I hardly pressed both their heads along with my tits.

“Ohhhhhh… God… Mahesh… Don’t … Don’t stop please…,” I wiggled my head.

Mahesh became furious and madly stroked my pussy with his deep thrusts. His balls slashed over my ass cheeks creating peculiar noises in the otherwise quiet night. I could not control the imminent explosion of my orgasm. I reached my climax.

“Ooohhh… Mmmm…I am cummmiiinnnngggg…” I squawked.

“Oh god Anni… I too going… to…ohhhh…cummmmm!! He screamed , and his dick throbbed and shot huge string of semen in the walls of my womb. Then his cock blasted again and again splattering a heavy load of cum inside my pussy. We cummed together at the same time.

He bit the calf muscles of mine in excitement and licked them from down to upward movement of his tongue. Our legs were trembled and our bodies shuddered. We sweated much. He collapsed his face on my tummy with hard breath. His deflated cock slipped out of my cunt. Our combined juices dripping out of my pussy ran through the valley of my ass cheeks mixed with my hubby’s love juice which drooled out of my anus pooled on the sheet.

All of us took rest in the same bed squeezing each other sweated bodies which is very small to accompany four. Mahesh and my FIL sandwiched me in between them where my FIL’s chest crushing my boobs and Mahesh’s dick in between my ass cheeks with my rounded ass fitted in his crotch.

I felt so tired and slept away so quickly.

In the night all they fucked me countless time in my sleep. I was conscious for one or two fucks. Since I was dosed heavily, I was in sleepy mood and then I am not interested in who is doing and how he is doing. I simply held them tight with my body in my sleeping mood.

In the morning I wake up at 10’o clock. I saw my cunt was sloppy with the mixture of juices spread liberally all over my crotch, tummy and on my boobs giving a pungent odour and sticky feeling. My entire body was paining due to their merciless assault.

I came down to go to the bathroom. My legs were twitched and my head was spinning. I reached the bathroom in difficulty. Then I took a hot shower for half an hour until I relieved from the pain and dose.

later was in the kitchen preparing the lunch. Mahesh came behind and hugged with one hand on my tits and other on my pussy. I turned my face to kiss him. Our lip locked kiss prolonged for some time, while one of his hands were fondling my breasts and the other cupping my labia over the thin material of my nighty.

“Anni, really you are a goddess of love. You satisfied all of us throughout the night

“Anni…I want to fuck your ass once,” he whispered in my ears.

I smiled at him and planted a kiss on his cheek. “you showed an outstanding performance yesterday night. Likewise I expect a superb performance in your examinations. If you do, I will offer my ass as a gift. Until then you forget about sex with me,” I replied.

Nowadays he was concentrating more on his studies to achieve his goal. I too wear loose cloths not exposing much to tease him anyway. I wear sari covering my entire body.

My FIL occasionally came to our room to join us after confirming that Mahesh was in deep sleep. We never bolted our bed room door. It was always opened for him.

I am going for regular check up to monitor the growth of Mahesh’s c***d in my womb.

Whether Mahesh got my ass? It may be a different story.


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