15 Kasım 2023

I Hear a Zip in the Dark Ch. 02

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I felt odd as my head cleared the next day. I didn’t know what to do or say to my roommate as the day wore on. On one hand I was a little angry that he basically raped me while I was unconscious but on the other I still felt turned on by the event itself. I didn’t know what was going on. I decided to confront Lance that night.

He was in the kitchen doing dishes wearing just his boxers, his long hair still wet from the shower he had just taken. For the first time in my life I looked at another guy in a sexual manner. I took in every curve and muscle of his well formed body and felt my cock starting to harden. I told him to grab us each a beer and come into the living room because we needed to have a talk. I sat down on the couch and when he walked in he came up real close as he handed me a beer. His tented boxers couldn’t hide his proud cock and it was right at eye level. I don’t know what had come over me but I thought the hell with the talk and reached out and took his hard member in my hand and rubbed it through his boxers. I could feel the warmth of his shaft radiating through the soft cloth.

I looked into his eyes and noticed a big smile on his face; his eyes were glazed over in obvious lust. I pulled his boxers down and his eight inch cock popped out like a cobra dancing for the snake charmer. It swayed back and forth in front of me and had me in a spell. I knew what I had to do next and Mecidiyeköy Escort I took his pulsating pole into my hand and started to pump him up and down.

“Oh ya just like that. Your hand feels so good.” Lance said. “You don’t know how long I have dreamt of us doing this. Come on Bill put it in your mouth and suck my cock like I sucked yours last night.” He said.

I did just that and for the first time in my life I had another guy’s cock in my mouth. I couldn’t get it in very far with out gagging at first but I used my tongue all over the underside of his shaft. I didn’t know if I was doing a good job at first so I just did what I knew I liked to have done to me. It must have been at least decent because Lance started moaning and bucking his hips pushing his hard cock deeper into my mouth. Soon I got accustomed to his size and it wasn’t long before I could actually get his whole cock in my throat without gagging.

I could feel Lance’s hips start sliding back and forth and soon it was no longer a blow job but more of a throat fuck. I felt his hands grab my head and soon he was forcing my mouth up and down his pole.

“Ohhh fuck ya…Your mouth is sooooo hot Bill. I love fucking your hot mouth. I am going to give you your first taste of cum. Ohhh Godddd here it cummmms!” He shouted as he emptied his load down my throat. I was surprised that I didn’t miss a drop Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan and more surprised that the taste was kind of nice. When he finally stopped cumming he pulled his cock from my lips and smiled at me.

“God damn are you sure you never done that before? That was the best fucking blow job I have ever had!” Lance said. I smiled at him feeling a little proud I had done so well. His cock was still hard and I knew he wanted more so I got up off the couch and took my clothes off. He laid me down on the living room floor and got between my legs and started sucking me. It was feeling wonderful when all of a sudden he took his mouth off my cock and started licking my sack. Taking my nuts in his mouth he really worked my balls.

Next he lifted up my sack and started to lick further down. It wasn’t long before his tongue found my asshole and I found a whole new set of amazing sensations. He took one hand and lightly stroked my cock up and down as he continued to lick my ass.

“Hey I want better access to lick that tight hole, get up on your hands and knees!” Lance ordered me. I took his direction and soon I had my ass in the air. He got behind me and started licking me really deep. The feeling was so incredible as his tongue pierced my tight asshole. After jamming his tongue as deep as he could for awhile he then went back to sucking my sack. While Escort Mecidiyeköy he did this he took a finger and slid it up my tight back passage. It shocked me at first but as he snaked it in and out touching my prostate I felt my nuts tighten and my cock twitch in response.

Lance pulled his fingers out of my ass and for a moment I felt left empty and wanting, even a little disappointed that he stopped. Then I felt his hands on my ass spreading my cheeks. Next I heard him spit and felt the saliva as it hit my hole. He took his fingers and rubbed his spit all over and inside my tight rosebud. Next I felt as his hot cock touched the entrance of my asshole. I was worried about his size at first but as he slid inch after inch of wonder cock into my virgin hole the feeling was ten times better than his fingers. When he had his eight inches completely buried in my rectum I knew at that moment I was now going to be my roommates cock slut and I let him know it. The feeling of having his hot throbbing cock in my ass was just too amazing not to be.

“Oh your cock feels so awesome up my ass. Take me Lance rip my ass apart. Fuck me hard, I’m your cock slut now. Fuck me hard stud!” I cried. He obliged and was soon ramming his hard cock into my ass. With every deep plunge my own cock twitched. Lance didn’t leave me unattended either, he took his hand and reached around and started jerking my pole.

He sped up his thrusts and let me know he was going to cum soon. “Oh fuck you little slut your ass is so tight…I am going to cummmm right up your tight shitter you little cock slut!” With that he jammed his cock as deep as it would go and when I felt his cum shoot up my hot ass I erupted all over his warm hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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