12 Haziran 2020

Good Neighbors – Chapter 9

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Good Neighbors – Chapter 9
Todd had been so busy the past few weeks that he had somewhat lost track of time from one day to the next. When he wasn’t working with Meg in his home office, he was helping someone with a home problem in his neighborhood. And when he wasn’t doing one of those things, he was fucking Meg or one or more of his neighbors. This morning was no different. He was a little late getting up and finally wondered into his office to find Meg already at her desk, naked as usual, working away. Todd thought he had heard a lively phone conversation from down the hall while he was brushing his teeth and shaving, but gave it little thought.

He and Meg and kept their tradition going of working naked, or in Meg’s case, from time to time would wear something provocative to get even more of Todd’s attention that she was already getting. And at least once each day, they would take time for a sexual encounter of some type. Generally it always involved a good, satisfying fuck for both of them or it might just be one giving the other oral sex, depending on their mood. They never tired of each other and always found a way to please each other and keep it fresh. As he walked in, Meg gave him a smile that communicated more than just a ‘good morning’ and he assumed she was already in the mood to fuck him silly, but she said nothing and made no move to engage more than just his brain. He sat at his desk, with a semi-erection and read his notes from the previous day to get himself ready for what he needed to do.

“We have a video call with Tex at 9:00. As usual, he is expecting me to be naked and you to be fucking me while he watches and then he will place his next order.” Meg updated Todd.

Todd smiled and pointed at his stiffening dick, “Ready when you are, honey.”

Meg rolled her eyes and shook her head. “You are both perverts,” she said with a laugh. “Of course, I must be too, because I find it a turn on as well.”

As she sat back down on her chair, Todd noticed she was sitting on a towel spread over the seat. She never did that before, but he returned to his notes and thought nothing more of it. He made a couple of quick calls to confirm deliveries and checked the time. It was almost time for Tex’s call, so he chose not to make any further calls and instead, stood by Meg and began making a show of stroking his cock just inches from her face.

She looked at his cock, nearly eye level to her and then up at Todd’s face and smiled an affectionate smile. He was never sure if her affection was only for his cock or if it extended to him as a person as well. But she was loyal to him and showed her concern in many ways for his well being so he was pretty sure she liked more than just his large, usually hard cock.

“Here,” she said. “Put this on.” She handed him a headband with what looked like a small electronic device on it.

“What’s this?” Todd asked, turning it over in his hands trying to understand it.

“I got you a wi-fi camera so that Tex can get your point of view while you bang me this time. He always seems to want to get more than just a desktop view of our activities, so I thought you could make him feel like he is right here and experiencing me for himself. I already have it connected to the laptop and tested it out. I will record the session as well so you can watch it later for yourself if you want.”

Todd realized he was a little harder than usual as he pondered the idea of filming his encounter with Meg while Tex watched. He snapped out of his thoughts as he felt Meg stroking his cock gently. Then the notification on the laptop opened the connection with Tex. All Meg had to do was accept the request to start their video session.

Meg sat down on her towel=covered seat in front of the computer. She lifted one heavy tit with one hand to her mouth and began sucking on her nipple while she clicked the “Accept” button with the other hand. Tex’s image opened on the screen and he nearly chocked on his drink at the image on his own screen.

“Well fuck me blind, Meg!” Tex said in his southern drawl when he saw what she was doing. “Whooo-wee! You should give a guy warning when you do something like that! I nearly shoved my hard cock down my suck-ateray’s mouth and out her ass when I saw you!” Tex moved his portable camera to show that his secretary was deeply involved in blowing him while they were talking.

Meg let her hefty tit relax on her chest again and laughed at Tex’s expected response. “You deserved that, you perverted bastard!” she said with affection and good humor. “Now, today is a special day and I have a special surprise for you and Todd.”

Todd looked at her quizzically as he walked into Tex’s view with his boner leading the way. “Hey, Tex! Abusing your hired help again I see.”

“She loves it,” Tex said as if he was being benevolent to fuck her throat. His secretary nodded as she bobbed and lifted one hand to wave at Todd and Meg without missing a stroke of her mouth and tongue.

“So it’s going to be hard to provide anything more special than you two already have on so many occasions, Meg, sweetie. But my pump is primed and ready to spew if what you have is truly special.”

Meg stood up and turned sideways to the camera and leaned over so that her tits dangled and swayed for Tex’s benefit. Her ass was facing Todd’s direction. She had not spread her legs yet so Todd could not enter her, assuming they were going to fuck doggie style as they often did for Tex.

She looked back at Todd and spread her legs to reveal that her asshole had been lubed and the area around her asshole was shiny from the seeping lube. She smiled broadly at Todd as he realized what she had planned.

“Tex, you are about to witness Todd taking my virginity with our session today.” Meg announced.

“Oh hell, girl, I know from my own personal witness that you lost your cherry a long time ago.” Tex said with disappointment. Meg could hear the slurping sound of his assistant still slobbering all over Tex’s cock.

“Well, Tex, neither he nor anyone else has ever taken me up the ass before. This will be a first and you get to watch it happen.”

“Are you fucking k**ding me?” said Tex with renewed excitement. “You going to take that big boy up your poop chute? I definitely think that is special and can’t wait to watch this. I may drown my poor assistant with my load this time if it is as hot as I think it will be. Let the fun begin before I bust my nut here.”

“That’s not all, Tex.” Meg continued. “Todd is going to be wearing a camera so you get to see it from his point of view.”

“No fucking way! Seriously? Shit a load of bricks, girl! Now this is going to be special. I may double my order today and send you a bonus to boot.” Tex was about as animated as Meg had ever seen or heard him and that was saying something about this larger than life character with a penchant for kinky sex.

Todd leaned over her and whispered in her ear. “Are you sure about this? You said that was always going to be an exit only. I don’t want you doing this for Tex’ benefit or for mine.”

“I truly want to do this, Todd. My ass is all yours and I want you to enjoy every minute of it. Just go easy and if I want you to pick up the pace, I will initiate it.”

Todd slipped on the camera and stepped up behind Meg. He asked Tex if he could see Meg’s ass primed for his entry.

“You fucking betcha, ol’ buddy. This i going to be better than anything I have ever watched before, my friends. And by the way, Meg, you have just about the most beautiful ass I have ever seen – on camera or in real life.”

Todd laughed and shook his head and Tex’s assistant lifted one hand to give Tex the finger, again without missing a beat.

“Honey, I said ‘just about’ and that means it is only a close second only to your beautiful ass.” Tex reassured her.

Meg turned her head to Todd, “Don’t take too long, don’t hold back. I am not sure the first time I can last as long at this as we normally do when we fuck the other hole. Fuck and cum as soon as you can and still keep Tex happy.”

Todd nodded his agreement and positioned himself with his cock head at her anal opening. He rubbed it around the opening to lube his cock head and then gently began to push it in. He could feel her tense up as he managed to get the head inside her ass. He paused and Tex made sure everyone heard his approval of the POV camera and the good look at Meg’s ass with Todd’s cock making progress into her ass. Todd saw the tube of lube on the desk and took it and lubed his shaft and spread a little more with his fingers around her opening.

Meg had relaxed a little now and seemed a little more sure of herself as Todd moved another inch of his cock inside her. His hands rested on her hips and he slowly pulled her back on his cock as he thrust a little further. Tex had gone silent, fully engrossed in the scene. He even had his assistant stop and sit on his lap to watch the action. Tex played with her big heavy tits and she slowly stroked his long, thick cock between her legs as they both watched intently and the POV of a virgin ass being taken.

It took a few strokes, but Todd finally reached his full canlı bahis siteleri depth in Meg’s ass. He leaned over and asked how she was doing. She gave him the thumbs up sign and began to move forward and backward on his cock to start the fucking action. He tits were swaying back and forth and Todd returned his hands to her hips and aimed the camera at her ass and his cock again and started fucking her with a little more force. He had put his cock in a lot of pussies and even a few asses, but never a virgin ass and he could not get over the heat and the tightness of Meg’s asshole. The depth of his affection and respect for Meg took a huge leap with this experience – not so much because she decided to let him ass fuck her, but because she was willing to give to him and him only. He thought of how special that really seemed to him and to her as well and would do whatever he could to show his appreciation.

“Hey Todd, when you are ready to cum, and that should be about any second now, given that is a virgin ass – be sure to pull out and let me see how big a load this makes you shoot. Should be a hum dinger, buddy! Every time I get a hold of a virgin hole, I shoot twice the load I normally do and I normally flood whatever I cum in.” Tex wanted the perfect video experience, including the money shot, as they call it.

Todd nodded toward the laptop, acknowledging Tex’s request.

Meg was groaning a little more loudly as she found a rhythm and was beginning to find some pleasure in the experience. She began fucking Todd hard now and the room was filled with the sounds of his balls slapping against her pussy as he banged away. It only took a few more strokes and Todd let her know he was about to pull out and cum. Meg was enjoying the experience and promised herself that this would be a new avenue for them in the future, but she was also relieved to know he was about to cum and end the first ass fuck of her life.

Todd thrust inside her a couple more times and then pulled his cock out of her and shot what seemed like an endless stream of cum, emptying his balls all over both ass cheeks and up her back. The last couple of smaller shots he directed at her gaping asshole for a cream pie effect. Tex howled his approval and vowed to make Todd and Meg his sole supplier from then on after that scene. Meg sat down and took Tex’s order and promised to send a sole source contract to him overnight.

Tex hung up and ended the call. Meg sat there and squirmed a little on her towel covered seat. Todd used one portion of the towel to wipe the cum off of her back and ass. “You okay, baby?” he asked Meg with genuine concern.

She smiled and kissed him. “Yes, I’m fine. I was enjoying it later on and look forward to doing it again from time to time. My ass is a little tender right now, but it was good. Thanks for being gentle and not taking advantage of me and the situation. That is why I like being with you and why I chose to let you be the one to give me my first experience. Now, you better go shower and clean up that dick of yours. You never know what or when I am going to do something next with it, but I don’t want it taste or smell like my ass if I want it again.”

Todd agreed and headed to the shower. He could not get over how Meg could continue to surprise him after all these months of working and fucking together. All he could do was shake his head in amazement.

He returned a little while later and suggested that she shower as well if she wanted to and she agreed and did just that. When she returned, she sat on his lap and they kissed and cuddled and fondled for quite awhile, just relaxing in their unique encounter that they had shared together. The tender moment was broken by the ringing of the doorbell. Both kept clothing ready if needed, although they seldom ever needed it. Todd got up, threw on his clothes, which consisted of a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt and flip flops and headed for the door. Meg returned to her desk and started back to work.

Todd opened the door to find standing on the other side a female police officer. He was immediately taken by her model-quality facial features of high cheekbones, bright blue eyes, well done hair under her hat and tall, slim figure as best as he could tell under the unflattering uniform and bullet proof vest. She had a stern look on her face as she addressed him.

“I said, are you Todd…” she insisted.

Coming out of his trance, Todd stammered, “Yes, I’m Todd. Sorry. Is there something I can do for you?”

“Do you own this house, sir?”


“Sir, I have here a warrant for your arrest as well as another warrant allowing me to search this residence.” she said, handing him some sealed papers.

“What?! What on earth for?” Todd objected.

“We have suspicions that you are running i*****l business activity from this location and I am here to place you under arrest and search your home. Please step aside and let me in.”

Shocked and confused, Todd stepped aside and let her in.

“I will need you to put your hands behind your back so I can cuff you.”

Totally bewildered at this point, all Todd could do was comply.

Now cuffed, the officer asked if there was anyone else in the house.

“Yes, my employee is in the office at the end of the hall. But she is not…”

“Thank you for cooperating. You lead the way and don’t make any sudden moves and remain silent.”

“But she isn’t…”

“I said be quiet.”

Todd shut up, knowing that Meg was going to kill him when this was over for allowing the officer to walk in on her bare ass naked. The only thing that might save his life is that the officer was female rather than male.

They entered the office, Todd leading. Meg saw him with his hands behind his back and his face as white as could be – like he had seen a ghost. Then she saw the officer.

“What the fuck is going on here?!” Meg said in confusion and immediate anger.

“Well, well.” said the officer, looking over Meg’s naked body. “Trafficking or accomplice?”

“Neither,” both said in unison.

“This is a legitimate business that we run out of this home.” argued Todd. “I don’t know where you got your information, but you are badly mistaken.”

“Shut up unless you want to get tased. No bullshit and no arguing. I will decide based on my search if we are confused.”

“Little miss naked woman with the huge tits, slide back from the desk and computer and keep your hands – and your tits – where I can see them.”

“I am going to sue this city for so much money, you won’t be able to count the zeros on the end of the number. This is bullshit.” Todd was getting as angry as he was indignant.

“In that case, I guess we will start with a body search. Might as well get my money’s worth.”

The officer walked up behind Todd and pulled down his gym shorts to reveal his bare ass. “Guess I will have to uncuff you to get your shirt off.”

“Why don’t you just rip it off you fucking…”

“Temper, temper. You are not helping yourself at all here. But, yeah, let’s just rip off the shirt. I don’t trust you enough to uncuff you.”

With that, she found a small hole in his t-shirt and used that to start tearing it until she had him naked and still cuffed.
She ran her hands all over his body starting with his shoulders, chest and back. Then she ran her hands over his ass cheeks and down his legs. Then she slid her fingers in the crack of his ass and teased his asshole, startling him a bit. She then reached around with one hand and between his legs from behind with the other and grabbed his cock with one hand and his balls with the other.

“Feels like you are enjoying this a lot more than your words let on.”

Todd was embarrassed that getting frisked was also arousing him and his cock was almost fully erect.

“I will come back to the office and search it later.” Pointing at Meg, the officer instructed, “Come on big tits. Lead the way and show me rest of the house so I know the layout.”

Meg led the way, still naked as the day she was born. Todd followed Meg with the police officer trailing. The first room they came to was Todd’s master bedroom and they were instructed to step in there. The officer casually glanced inside the closet and the bathroom and then walked over to Todd, who was standing with his back to the bed. She gave him a hard push and he fell on his back on the mattress and on his still handcuffed hands. His now semi-hard cock slapped his abdomen as landed.

The officer looked over Todd and his cock and then over at Meg and smiled. “Think it’s time to tell him?”

“Yes, before he totally loses his cookies.” Meg said snickering.

“Pleased to meet you, Todd. I am Meg’s sister, Michelle.” she said as she took off her hat and shook her hair sexily. “Meg and I had dinner the other night and all she could talk about was you and all that you had done for her. She said she wanted to do something special for you to show her appreciation, so we cooked up this scheme to really surprise you.” as she spoke, she continued to remove her costume. To Todd’s surprise, under the costume was nothing at all. Michelle was as naked as he and Meg were and had a body that rivaled Meg’s. She was tall, tipobet giriş slim at the hips and waist with huge tits just like Meg. “So our plan for the rest of the morning is to fuck you like you deserve to be fucked. I guess I should remove your handcuffs.” She said with a wicked laugh.

He rolled over and she simply pressed a button that unlocked the cuffs. Todd was embarrassed that he fell for the whole ruse, but got a good laugh out of it and his cock responded by standing at attention as he rolled back over on his back. Michelle dropped to her knees between his legs and toyed with his hard shaft and then began to lick his cock head, trailing her tongue up and down his shaft. Meg climbed on the bed and straddled Todd’s face and he began licking her pussy, starting with her lips and then moved to her clit and then began tongue fucking her.

Michelle began sucking his cock as if she was on a time limit to make him cum. Todd groaned into Meg’s pussy as the intensity of the cock sucking was wearing away at his ability to concentrate and not cum so soon in Michelle’s mouth. The vibration of his groans against Meg’s clit was enough to send her over the edge and she climaxed on his face, soaking his cheeks and chin with her love juices. She shifted around so that she could watch her sister suck cock and Todd had a surprise of his own for Meg. Instead of continuing to eat her pussy in her new position, he chose to rim her asshole and finger her pussy.

Michelle saw the change in Meg’s position and quit sucking on Todd’s cock. She climbed on top of him and lowered her pussy onto his cock, taking the full length of his shaft inside her in one motion, letting out a howl of pleasure and she did. She and her sister began kissing and playing with each other’s massive tits, then taking turns sucking on each other’s nipples. Todd sank two fingers deep into Meg’s cunt and began finger fucking as he continued his tongue action on her asshole. Michelle was reaching her own fever pitch bouncing on his cock and succumbed to her own orgasm as Meg reached another and the two held on to each other as they rode out the wave after wave of their cums. Todd could take no more and flooded Michelle’s pussy with another load of cum that felt as large as the one he sprayed on Meg’s ass after fucking her in front of Tex.

Exhausted by the first round, both women fell over sideways in unison on bed, panting to catch their breath. Todd just lay there in a stupor as he tried to absorb what had happened to him over the course of the morning. As he lay there recovering, the girls began eating each other. Meg could taste Todd’s cum as it began to drain from her sister’s pussy and she enjoyed the familiar touch of her sister’s tongue on her clit as her sister masterfully ate her pussy. Todd watched intently at the action and occasionally reached out to fondle a tit on each of his bed mates. If he didn’t know better, the tits in his hands belonged to the same woman. That is how close to being identical they were to one another.

“This boy loves big tits, sis.” said Meg as they broke away from their 69 position. “I hope you enjoy having them played with in every way possible. He squeezes, sucks and fucks my tits all the time.”

“He can do anything he wants with them. I would actually like to have him cum on them the next time he is ready to shoot a load. Sis, why don’t you eat my pussy while he fucks you? That way he can play with my tits while you get drilled and I get creamed when he is done.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” said Meg. “Todd, you up to it?”

“From the looks of his stiff rod, I think he is up to it.” said Michelle.

Todd smiled and stood up beside the bed. Meg positioned herself on her back with her ass at the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide for Todd to enter her. Once he was inside Meg, Michelle set her pussy on her sister’s mouth with her ass just above her nose. She was facing Todd and bracing her hands on her thighs as Meg began to eat the pussy where she learned everything about it she knew.

Once Todd had a pace established, he reached out with both hands and began to play with Michelle’s heavy tits. He pinched her nipples, gently at first, then harder, until Michelle was groaning at the oral attack on her clit and Todd’s attack on her nipples. They stood out, firm and hard, a half inch from her tit mounds, indicating her physical approval to his methodology at stimulating them. He leaned over and sucked on one hard nipple and then the other, never breaking his pace at fucking Meg’s pussy. Michelle came hard, without warning, and the rest of Todd’s cum trapped in her cunt, oozed out and ran down Meg’s chin. Todd was close to cumming again as he took in the sight of Michelle’s huge tits and the nearly identical heavy tits of Meg. He took his attention away from Michelle’s tits and began a similar assault on Meg’s tits. Todd could feel his cum boiling in his balls, she erupted in orgasm herself. Michelle rolled off and bit down on Meg’s nipple as Meg’s cum overwhelmed her.

When Todd pulled out, Michelle quickly moved in position for him to shoot his load on her over-sized tits. He directed his cock to have his cum crisscross her tits in an X pattern with the trailing end of his stream laying over each nipple.

“Impressive!” cooed Michelle. “I have never seen a guy create artwork out of his cum shot before.”

Todd smiled and gave her a makeshift bow as he wiped the remaining cum leaking from the end of his cock onto her tits in the gap between her tits to finish off his cum.

Michelle headed for the shower to clean the cum from her tits and whatever was left in her pussy and Meg joined her. Michelle thanked them both for making her day and for the great sex and put on a change of clothes, packing up her costume in a duffel bag. She vowed to enjoy similar encounters with them again soon. When she left, that was when Todd noticed she was driving a basic sedan and not a police car. He shut the door as she left, shaking his head that he did not pay attention to the details and fell for the cop routine.

He and Meg decided that they should consider taking a nap after such an active and “draining” morning. They snuggled together and slept for a couple of hours in each other’s arms.

When they woke up, they finished their day’s work, laughing at the ruse Meg had set up with her sister and the fun they had at his expense and his pleasure as it played out.

“Well, now that we have finished up, you need to put on some slacks and a dress shirt. I am going to run home and change into a dress. I am taking you out this evening, so be ready to leave around 7. I will pick you up.”

“Meg, that really isn’t necessary. You have done so much already to show your appreciation, none of which was necessary.”

“Maybe not necessary, baby, but definitely fun and worth doing. See you at 7.”

They got in the car and Meg started heading for the downtown area.

“So where are we going this evening?” Todd asked, with amusement at Meg’s insistence at showing her appreciation.

“We are going to the fancy hotel downtown.” she responded mysteriously.

“That is expensive and the restaurant is overpriced and the food lousy, from what I hear. If you just wanted to feed me and fuck me, you could do that a whole lot cheaper with some other choices and I would be just as appreciative. You shouldn’t be spending that much on this.” Todd admonished.

“Oh, shut up and enjoy the ride.” Meg chastised lovingly.

Todd was surprised that the food was actually quite good and that the champagne delivered to the table was also good. He was not normally too keen on champagne, but tonight it hit the spot. Meg signed the check and they left the table. Todd headed in the direction of the parking garage, but Meg took his hand and guided him toward the elevator. She punched the button for the penthouse floor.

“Well, now I know you have gone too far, Meg. This is too much.”

“Oh, would you just fucking relax, Todd. Enjoy the ride.”

The elevator opened and they stepped out and down the hall to the first room on the right. Todd was surprised when Meg knocked on the door instead of using a key to enter the room. They waited a for a short time and then the door opened. Todd was stunned to see Tex’s assistant at the door wearing only a see through negligee, black and leaving nothing to the imagination. Meg led Todd into the penthouse and they were greeted by Tex, who gave Todd a hearty handshake and Meg a very enthusiastic hug with both hands below the waist.

“Surprise!” said Tex, so long after the fact that it made everyone laugh. Meg suggested that we make a brief trip here to see you in person and enjoy some “personal” time together instead of just video calls. Nothing quite like doing business in person. Speaking of business, Meg, here are the signed papers making y’all our sole supplier for the next two years.”

“Thank you, Tex. It’s a pleasure doing business with you. And I think it is going to be a pleasure doing pleasure with you as well. Shall we get started?”

“You better fucking believe it!” said Tex.

He led them tipobet güvenilir mi to a large bedroom with a patio outside the size of most hotel rooms Todd had ever stayed in. The bed was round and larger than a king bed and the headboard was upholstered in maroon velvet. Given Tex’s sex drive, Todd was surprised the sheets hadn’t already been messed up from a previous romp by Tex and his assistant. As if reading his mind, Tex informed him that this was the guest room and that they had already used the master bed.

“But don’t worry. We are shower fresh and ready to party. Meg says there would be no problem sharing and my assistant has been eager to experience your big stiff rod up her ass, as well as her pussy. Meg says she wants to find out if I am as good at fucking as I am at bragging about it, so we all have some fun times ahead this evening.”

Tex quickly stripped down to reveal a fully erect 10 inches, as thick as some women’s wrists, and was the first one to be on the bed. The assistant was right beside him, shedding the negligee and they watched as Meg and Todd quickly disrobed.

Meg climbed in and crawled up between Tex’s legs and grabbed his monster cock and wrapped both hands, one over the other, around his shaft with easily two or three inches of it still rising above her grip. She began to kiss and lick it and struggled a little to get her mouth around the knob of his cock head. Todd crawled up between the blonde assistant’s legs and began kissing her pussy and then started licking her cunt lips and sucking on her clit. He reached up and began fondling her large round mounds of tit flesh and her beautiful, hard nipples. She whimpered a little at the multiple stimulations on her body and wrapped her legs around his head. Meanwhile, Meg was finally sucking several inches of Tex’s cock into her mouth, stretching it to its limits as she did. She was playing with his large balls in one hand as she sucked. Tex was starting to moan himself and was complimenting her on her head skills between groans.

“Now, sweetheart, if you keep that up, I am going to cum, but I promise I won’t cum in your mouth. I usually shoot too much for somewhat not used to a heavy load, and mine is heavier than most – even more than you see in most porn movies. That ain’t bragging, just a fact. And if you quit sucking and want to fuck, that’s up to you honey.”

Meg looked him in the eye and nodded that she heard him and continued to suck his huge shaft. Tex relaxed a little and closed his eyes as he just enjoyed the awesome head he was getting. His assistant came on Todd’s face and looked at him adoringly as she ran her fingers through his hair as she came and came hard. Her tits were somewhat smaller than Meg’s but by any measure, they would still be considered large, and on her smaller frame, they looked huge. When she finally relaxed from her orgasm, Todd moved up and placed his stiff cock between her melons and began tit fucking her. She squeezed them together to create some friction and watched intently as his cock head peered out from time to time as he thrust between them. She worked up some spit to lubricate his cock and worked the spit over his shaft, then he resumed his tit fucking.

Tex was watching the action and commented on the hot scene they were providing and then warned Meg he was about to cum and she could pull off any time. Meg ignored him and continued and even increased the pace and intensity of her sucking. Tex had warned her and could not hold back any longer. The first heavy shot exited his cock at rocket speed and went straight down her throat. She had prepared herself and continued to suck. He repeated again and again, and she continued to swallow as fast as she could. She began to wonder if he would stop cumming before she drowned. Finally, the jets of cum slowed and the volume diminished until he was finally done. She pulled off and realized her jaws were tired and achy from being stretched that far for that long.

Todd meanwhile stooped titty fucking his partner and buried his rod in her pussy and began pounding away and her wet cunt. Again, she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck as if she wanted to experience every inch of his body. “Oh yeah, baby, fuck me hard and fill me with your cum. Oh, that’s it. Faster, harder. Fuck me!” She was more verbal than most women Todd had fucked and it really turned him on for her to tell him exactly what she wanted. She came for second time as fucked at a furious pace and nearly screamed in his ear as she tightened pussy from the convulsions caused by her orgasm. Just as she came down from her climax, Todd erupted in her, cumming hard inside her pussy until it began to run out around his shaft and down her ass cheeks.

They took a break for a little while and Tex retrieved some drinks for everyone. He gave as good as he got and went down on Meg and gave her an excellent oral job that made her cum in a matter of minutes. His assistant was sucking life back into Todd’s cock and had it revived back to full erection in a matter of just a few minutes.

She looked him in the eyes as she rose up and said, “I want that stiff dick of yours in my ass this time.”

Todd didn’t hesitate and was amazed at himself that he had another round left in him. She rolled over and stuck her shapely ass in the air to give him access to her asshole. Tex watched as Todd began to make his entry. This was his second ass fuck of the day and he was looking forward to another one and a beautiful one at that.

“Do a good job on her, buddy! She said if she liked getting ass fucked by you, she might let me try it. So I am counting on you, Todd.” Tex was getting in position to drive his long shaft into Meg’s waiting pussy. She grabbed his cock and guided him to her wet, waiting opening. She had never been fucked by a cock this big and hoped she could handle it. There was no way she was letting him in her ass, but she had wanted to try his cock ever since she saw him working over his assistant with it on video calls.

Tex took his time getting it in her and she was amazed that she could, in fact, take the full length of it. She had never felt so full in her life and it felt glorious to her. Tex, once in, wasted no time starting to pummel her tight hole and fucked her hard and fast. Todd, meanwhile was now balls deep in his partner’s ass and she was writhing and fucking back as if she was having the time of her life. “Oh, baby, that feels so good! Keep it up! Keep fucking my ass. Yeah, that’s it. Fuck it, fuck it hard. Cum in my ass, baby. Fill me with your cum. Oh, shit, that feels so good!” Todd again was turned on by her verbal approach to getting fucked. He reached under her and grabbed her tits as he continued to ream her ass with his stiff cock.

He looked over to see Meg entranced by the pounding she was taking from Tex’s huge cock and she began to buck as she was overcome by her orgasm on his thick tool. She bucked and squirmed and grabbed the sheets in her fists and tossed her head from side to side. She screamed as she came and Tex could take no more and flooded her with his jizz until it squirted out of her pussy in streams, coating his cock shaft and her ass cheeks, making sloppy sounds as he continued to fuck away at her hole.

Todd, taking in the sight of Meg cumming hard and Tex shooting his impressive load of cum all over her insides, lost control and began to fill the young assistant’s ass with his own warm spunk. She was cumming herself, having been fingering herself while he pounded her ass. At that point, everyone was spent and both men felt their cocks go limp with exhaustion.

They all lay there quietly for a little bit. Finally Tex spoke up. “Todd, you and Meg can spend the night here if you like. There is a third bedroom to this penthouse where the bed isn’t soaked in cum and pussy juice. There are plenty of refreshments for everyone. I am spent. I don’t think I can even get it up again, let alone cum, so I think we will head for our own room. By the way, Todd, happy birthday.”

“Birthday?” Todd looked at the calendar on his watch. “Well, I’ll be damned! It is my birthday!”

“It sure is, you silly fuck,” said Meg, laughing at him. “You didn’t remember your own birthday? Why do you think I wanted to make this a special day for you?”

“I thought you said you wanted to show your appreciation. Well, whatever. You have certainly made this a birthday I won’t forget!”

“There are a lot of reasons for giving you a special day, sweetheart. Doing it on your birthday just made sense. Well anyway, let’s get out of this bed and go to the other one. I think we should just stay the night and get some rest. I don’t know about you, but I may need a day off tomorrow to let all my openings recover. And my guess is your cock may need a day off too.”

Tex and his lady headed for bed. Meg and Todd moved to the next bedroom and curled up for a long rest. Todd heard Tex’s assistant let out a shriek and a long string of groans and verbal instructions from the other room and figured Tex got into her ass sooner than anyone expected. Meg laughed at the sounds and was amazed that Todd found the fortitude to pursue another round with her before they fell asleep.

“Thank you for making this such a wonderful birthday. You are one amazing woman, Meg.”

“Just shut up and fuck me, baby. I have one left for you!”

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