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Good Cop, Bad Cop

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I was following a black SUV on a back road when the driver suddenly blew right past a stop sign. I reached up and turned on the red light sitting on the dash of my car to get the driver to pull over.

The driver pulled to the shoulder of the road and I stepped out of my car and walked up to the car cautiously.

I got to the window, there was a beautiful brunette with an abundant amount of cleavage revealed, and I knew immediately what she had in mind.

“Ma’am do you know why I pulled you over?” I asked.

She looked up at me with her beautiful brown eyes and replied, “No officer I don’t.”

I then also noticed that she was wearing a short skirt that she had also obviously pulled even shorter in an effort to keep from getting a ticket.

I have to admit it was beginning to work. It was hard to keep my eyes on hers and not looking down her blouse where her tits were on display and she was obviously not wearing a bra. I stepped closer to the front of the car to keep from looking directly down her blouse and that turned out to be a mistake because now I could see her red sheer, lace panties between her legs.

“I pulled you over because you ran that stop sign back there at the corner.” I said.

She turned to look back at the corner, which opened her blouse further, and while she was looking back, I took the opportunity to check out her beautiful full tits.

“Oh my gosh Officer I’m so sorry. I had my mind on other things and I guess I was just not paying attention.”

“I’m going to have to issue you a citation for failure to stop. Can I see your license, insurance and registration please?” I responded.

She reached across her car to the glove box and when she did, she leaned way over on purpose letting her skirt ride up on her ass. I looked down and I could see her ass and knew she was wearing a thong or g-string panty.

As she was reaching she was saying, “Officer is there some way we can get around the ticket? I have had a couple of recent tickets and another one is going to be bad on my record and probably cause my insurance to go up and my husband is going to kill me.”

She sat back up and reached for her purse and I said, “I’m sorry but you are just going to have to be more careful.”

“How do I know you are a real cop?” She asked.

“I am a detective.” I said showing her my badge on my belt.

She was fumbling for her license when she said, “I didn’t know detectives gave tickets.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

She handed me her license and paperwork and on top of them was a hundred dollar bill.

“What’s this Ma’am?” I asked holding up the hundred-dollar bill.

“Well I thought maybe we could just forget this ever happened,” She replied.

“Ma’am can you shut the car off and step out please?” I asked her.

She shut the car off and said, “Officer I’m sorry if I insulted you.”

“Please step out of the car.” I said as she opened the door.

I stepped back and she put one leg onto the pavement spreading her legs apart revealing her pussy under her sheer panties. She also bent over as she got out letting her bare tits hang in her blouse so that I got a good view of them.

“Face the car please.” I asked her.

She turned and I could not help checking out her ass as the material of her skirt was stretched tight across it.

“Hands behind your back please.” I told her.

“Officer PLEASE I’m sorry,” She pleaded as she put her hands behind her back and I reached for my set of handcuffs and fastened one wrist and then the other behind her.

I pulled to the back of her car and then told her, “I’m going to get your purse and lock up your car. I will send a wrecker to get it.”

“Officer PLEASE! I’ll do anything! Surely, there is something we can do to keep this from happening. My husband is going to kill me.”

I locked up her car, got her purse, and then took her to the passenger side of my car where I opened the rear door fixbet and put her purse inside.

“PLEASE!” She pleaded again.

“Ma’am I’m going to have to search you do you have anything sharp that will stick me on your body?” I asked her.

“No, but please.”

I began reading her rights, stooped down wrapping my hands around her right ankle, and moved my hands up her smooth, tanned leg. My hands moved past her knee and onto her thigh and up past her skirt until my hand touched her panty covered pussy.

I then moved to her left leg where I did the same thing and this time when I got to her pussy, I let my right hand cup her pussy where I could feel the heat and the moisture that she was already exuding.

She was breathing heavier now.

I stood behind her and then put my hands on her shoulders and ran my hands down her arms and then around her waist to her flat stomach. I moved my hands up under her breasts and could feel their weight against my hands, then ran my hands across her breasts holding them in my hands. Her hard nipples pressed against the palms of my hands and her heart was beating so hard and fast that I could feel it against my hands.

My cock was rock hard in my slacks as I told her to watch her head putting my hand on her head and helping her into the back seat of my car. I shut the door and walked around to get in the car.

She began begging again, “Please Sir, I think we can work this out here and now if you want to. It is a quiet back road and nobody is around.”

I looked in the rearview mirror at her and asked, “Are you offering me sexual favors now for letting you go?”

“Well? Only if that is something you want.” She said softly.

“You’re married!” I replied.

“Yes Sir but my husband will kill me if our insurance goes up because I was being careless.” She said.

I started the car and drove off from the side of the road.

I drove about three miles to my house.

She was silent as I pulled into the garage and closed the door.

I got out of the car and walked around to get her out of the car grabbing her arm and helping her out.

“Does this mean you are taking me up on my offer?” She asked.

“We will see when we get inside,” I said.

I took her inside and walked to a column between the kitchen and the living room where I put her back against it. I then unfastened the handcuffs and refastened them so she her arms were handcuffed to the post.

She was breathing heavy and her large full breasts were rising and falling beneath her blouse with each breath.

I stood in front of her and began unbuttoning her blouse slowly revealing more of her cleavage and then her tits.

“Let’s have a look at these things that you are so proud of that you thought they would get you out of a ticket.” I said as I pulled her blouse open and then back off her shoulders so it hung from her arms behind her back.

I then stepped back and looked at them as she looked at me.

“Wow, they are very nice,” I said and it was the truth. They were full and her hard nipples set high up on them.

I then stepped back to her and reached for her side where the zipper was for her skirt. I pulled the zipper down and then slowly pulled her skirt down revealing her what I now found to be a tiny red g-string panty. The skirt hit the floor and I reached down to get it while she stepped up and I pulled it from under her.

Again, I stepped back to admire her fantastic body. She was breathing deeper now and was squirming against the column.

I stepped back up to her to cup her breasts in my hands and then rolled her hard nipples between my fingers. She moaned and closed her eyes and pressed her back against the post.

I bent down, sucked her right nipple into my mouth, and let my tongue flick back and forth across her hard nub until her areola puckered up with excitement.

I moved to her left nipple while letting fixbet giriş my hand move to her panty covered pussy and rubbed my hand hard against her pussy while sucking her tit.

Her panties were wet and my cock was so hard it was aching.

She pressed her pussy against my hand as I rubbed harder against her clit, which was so hard I could feel it through her panties.

She moaned again as I switched back to her right nipple and sucked it hard into my mouth and bit it slightly causing her to moan again.

I then stopped and stepped back again to watch her as she squirmed against the post.

“Okay, now let’s see. Is it shaved? Is it trimmed? Is it a strip? I’m guessing it is trimmed.” I said again stepping back to her hitching my fingers under the waistband of her panties and began pulling them off her hips.

I pulled them slowly wanting to enjoy the reveal of her pussy.

I was directly in front of her pussy as the panties slipped past and I said, “Oh, I was wrong! She has a strip and a nice smooth pussy.”

Her pussy looked like a peach. Tight lips with a hard little clit poking from the top of it. I let her panties drop to the floor and then leaned my face in and sucked on her hard clit.

“OH FUCK!” She groaned loudly spreading her legs wider so I had better access to her.

Her clit swelled in my mouth as I sucked on it and at its hardest I let my tongue start to flick back and forth across it which caused her to moan loudly again.

Her thighs began to tremble and her knees bent slightly as she tried to press her pussy harder against my face.

Just before I thought she was ready to cum I stopped and stood up and stepped away from her.

“Oh gawd no! Please finish, make me cum!” She begged as I looked at the lust in her eyes and her trembling body.

She looked so fucking sexy with her tits quivering and naked handcuffed to the post in nothing but her black heels.

I walked behind her and unfastened her handcuffs, moved her arms from around the post, pulled her blouse off her arms so she was now completely naked except her heels.

I kept hold of her wrist and pulled her behind me down the hallway. Her heels clicking along the hardwood floor as we went.

Once in the bedroom I told her to get on the bed on her back. She quickly obliged my request and I climbed on the bed taking the other end of the handcuff fastening it to the post on the headboard. I then reached in my nightstand for another set of handcuffs and fastened her other wrist to the other post leaving her helpless.

I got off the bed and stood at the side of the bed admiring her naked beauty as the last remaining sunlight streamed through the bedroom window and across the bed.

I took my suit jacket off as she intently watched me. I then unbuttoned my shirt and took it off tossing it on the chair in the corner of the room. I took off my shoes and socks and then unfastened my belt, unzipped my slacks and pulled them off.

She was looking at my hard cock pressing against my boxer briefs as I hitched my thumbs under the waistband pulling them down letting my hard cock bound into sight.

As I stepped out of them, I climbed onto the bed and on top of her as she spread her legs letting me have full access to her body.

I kissed her and then her neck and she rolled her head to the side moaning letting me kiss and suckle her sweetly perfumed skin.

I moved down her body between her tits as their weight and fullness separated them I kissed her cleavage breathing in the scent of her skin. Moving to her right breast I licked her nipple and it immediately responded as her areola again puckered up hard with excitement.

I sucked as much of her tit as I could into my mouth and let my tongue lash her nipple and then stopped and kissed my way to her left nipple and gave it equal attention.

Her chest was rising and falling more rapidly as her breathing was becoming more shallow and rapid now as I kissed down her stomach, past her navel where I let my tongue dip inside her and then I moved between her legs.

She pulled her legs up and I wrapped my arms around her legs, back around to her pussy so I could open her, and expose her inner pussy to my tongue. I kissed her thighs and moved slowly to her clit.

I could still see her hard clit protruding from it’s hood in the dim light as I opened my mouth and sucked it in causing her body to jerk in response.

“OH FUCK YES!” She moaned and her body squirmed beneath my face.

I pulled her pussy open further so her hard clit popped farther out and let my tongue flick fast and hard against it.

“FUCK!” She nearly screamed and her hips started rocking up and down, back and forth against my face.

Her thighs began to tremble again as she sucked in a deep breath and was holding it. She stopped moving and her whole body was quivering.

“FUCK YESSSSS!” She screamed as her pussy oozed it’s juices onto my face.

I kept with her gyrating body and kept sucking her clit as one orgasm stopped, she rolled right into another one but this one was more intense and I could not stay with her rocking hips.

While she was still coming down from her orgasm I climbed up her gorgeous body until I was straddling her chest and my hard cock was at her full red lips. She immediately opened her mouth and I slipped my cock between those lips into the wet warmth of her waiting mouth. She closed her mouth around my shaft and began sucking my cock as I slowly rocked back and forth fucking her mouth. Her expert tongue was wrapping around my cock as she sucked me. I watched as her ruby red shimmering lips slid up and down my shaft.

I pulled my cock from her mouth because much more of this and I would be unloading in her mouth and as much fun as that sounded I wanted to fuck her sweet pussy.

She looked up at me with those eyes hazed over with lust as I moved back down her body so that I was in-between her legs again.

I grabbed my cock and guided it toward her pussy. She was still staring at me intently waiting as I let my cock split her pussy lips and the head of my cock popped inside her wet pussy.

She moaned and closed her eyes.

I leaned into her letting my cock slid all the way into her wet warmth and then held it there enjoying the feeling of her silky smoothness wrapped around my cock.

After a few moments of that, I was ready to fuck this beauty and began stroking my cock in and out of her.

I watched her tits moving back and forth on her chest as I stroked her.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and was pulling me in and out of her body with her heels spurring me on as if she was riding a horse.

I leaned down and kissed her again as I began stroking her harder and faster. Her nipples were hard so I sucked one as I fucked her.

I could feel the cum boiling in my balls and knew I was close to shooting my load inside her so I began fucking her hard and deep. The sound of our groins slapping together was resonating in the dark room as she moaned and continued to spur me on.

“OH SHIT!” I groaned as my cum raced up my shaft and exploded inside her pussy.

It felt like I was going to pass out it was such an intense orgasm. I shot load after load into her before finally stopping and opening my eyes to see her looking up at me grinning.

“Does this mean I’m not getting a ticket?” She asked.

I laughed and rolled from between her legs.

I laid there for a moment catching my breath before getting the keys and unlocking the cuffs from her wrists.

“You are free to go.” I said.

I laid back down on the bed on my back and she snuggled up against me and said, “I think I’ll stay right here.”


“Really, but do you think we should go back and get the car?” My wife asked.

“Na! It will be okay until in the morning.” I replied.

“Happy Anniversary Honey.” She said.

“Happy Anniversary to you too Babe, I Love You!” I replied.

We laid there for a little longer and then fucked again before falling asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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