9 Haziran 2020

Fun with neighbour

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Fun with neighbour
My neighbour, Rob, and myself have a nice ‘friends with benefits’ relationship, with the complete and total approval of my husband.
I live in Queensland, Australia, where we have a sub tropical climate and lots of sunshine, I take advantage of this and like to sunbath as often as I can. AS I like to wear see-thru tops with no bra I like to sun bath topless so that my tits.
get nice and brown.
This particular afternoon I was laying topless in my back garden when Rob, who had finished work early called around to see me, he sat next to me as I continued to sun bake. He has seen my tits many times so it was no big deal. “you look really good today” he said, “Thanks” I replied, “but you have seen me like this many times before”, “I know” he said “You just look specially nice today, your nipples are very erect, and look tempting” “You are just a horny old sod” I said.
“Anyway I have had enough and need to go in for a drink” I stood up, threw the towel that I was laying on over my shoulder, no need to cover my tits, I walked down the garden to my kitchen with Rob following.
When I got to the door I said’Would you like a drink” “That would be nice’ he said and we both went indoors.
I went to the fridge and as I opened the door the cold air was hitting my tits, “Wow, that is cold” I said, Rob, who was standing behind me put his arms around me and cupped each tit, “let me warm you up” he said. “That feels nice” I said..
We walked to the bench where he pulled me towards him, I could feel that he had an enormous hard on, he fondled my tits and started sucking my nipples. I put my arms around his neck and we kissed passionately, tongues diving into each others mouth. I was only wearing my bikini bottoms which had little string ties at each türkçe bahis side. As we kissed I could feel him undoing the ties, and my bikini bottoms fell to the ground. He slid one hand between my legs, god but I was wet, and easily slid a finger into me, I opened my legs a little more so that he could get deeper into me.
Then we heard a voice calling “Rob, are you there?” It was his father in law. I pushed rob down to the floor, and threw the towel over my shoulders and went to the window, “Stay down” I said to Rob.
“Hi Vince” I called out, “Did you call?” “I was looking for Rob, have you seen him? he said, at this moment I could feel Rob on floor, pushing his face into my naked cunt. I opened my legs a little and then shuddered as I felt Robs tongue on my clit. “Are you OK?” asked Vince, “Yes I am fine, just a little bit of a chill after being in the sun for so long” Rob was now really getting to work on my cunt, he had both hand on my arse as he dug his tongue deeper and deeper into me. This caused my towel to slip and exposed one tit and nipple too Vince, Vince showed a look of surprise as he stared at my tit. “OK he said” If you see him let him know that I was looking for him” “OK
” I said, as I pulled the towel over my tit again.
“That was really naughty of you” I said to Rob, “Bet you enjoyed it” he said, “In fact I know that you enjoyed it as you are so wet down there” “Maybe I did” I said ‘ But you pulled the towel off a my tit a little and exposed my tit to Vince” “Really ” he said “I bet that he has now gone home for a wank after seeing your tit. I slapped him playfully on his cheek.
Rob then picked me, threw the towel to the floor, and carried me to the main bedroom. He laid me down on the bed and spread my legs as wide apart as canlı casino possible. He sat there looking at my wide open wet cunt, then put his hands under my bum and carried on eating me, nibbling my clit, digging fingers deep inside of me, putting another finger up my bum, I was so wet that it slipped into my bum so easily. I just laid back and enjoyed it all as I came, and came and came.
He the sat up between my legs, me had such a hard on, I could have done without being fucked, having been so totally drained from being eaten, but it would not have been fair,so I watched as he guided his cock into my cunt, I was so wet that his cock was immediately totally swallowed up by my cunt. He then sat up watching has he thrust his cock so easily in and out of my cunt. I found that him watching us fuck was quite erotic, and was beginning to get into being fucked. Rob then lay down on top of me and kissed me hard, pushing his tongue deep into my throat, I could taste my juices fro when he had been eating me, and this turned me on even more.
I have had my tubes tied so no condom is necessary when I fuck, guys love that, I love it too, as there is nothing like the sensation of having cum squirting into my cunt.
It did not take long for Rob to cum, it spurted inside of me and we just lay there, him still inside me, I could feel his cock still throbbing. After a while he withdrew and we both lay there naked just looking at the ceiling, he sat up and looked at me “I can’t believe that I am screwing you” he said, “You are gorgeous and so confident, you have no worries about showing every little bit of your body, and I just love looking at you”. He sat at the bottom of the bed and spread my legs again “i just can’rt help looking at your pussy” he said. kaçak casino “I call it my cunt, when not with my husband” I said, as I moved my hands down there are started playing with it. As I slowly fingered myself, holding my cunt wide open, he stated to get hard again. “Haven’t you had enough?” I asked, “How come you are getting hard again?” “It is you” he said, “If I lived with you. I would have a hard on 24 hours a day” “Let me help” I said as I took his cock into my mouth. Again I could taste my own juices, again that turned me on. Slowly I worked up and down on his cock, sucking, licking and twisting it around as I worked on him. He watched every moment and I looked him in the eye as I slid my mouth over his pulsating cock, I deep throated him, feeling his cock at the back of my throat, that really got him going and he started pumping his cock into my mouth faster and faster. I could feel him trying to withdraw, so I looked him in the eye and shook my head, then he came deep into my mouth, I had a mouthful of cum, he withdrew his cock, and I opened my mouth to show him a mouthful of cum. I swallowed the lot, nice kind of salty taste, and licked the end of his cock clean.
“I was not expecting the afternoon to turn out like this” he said “I am exhausted” “Pleased to be of help” I said “maybe we should do it again sometime, I especially liked the bit where you were eating me whilst I was talking to Vince”
Rob dressed, i did not bother as I would have to have a shower, I walked him to the front, I was still naked, opened the door put my arms around his neck and gave him a big cummy kiss. I stood there naked as he walked away, then closed the door, and went to have a shower. I had a lot to tell my husband that night when he got home and I knew that I would be in for another hard fucking session.
The following are photos, not from the occasion, but they pretty much display what it would have been like avarious times throughout the afternoon.
I do hope that you like.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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