11 Haziran 2020


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I don’t play near home for 3 reasons – I am not out and I live in a very small town with no privacy. The third reason is I have an affinity for men of color, especially Black and Latino Men. And where I am there are not many men of color. The first 5 paragraphs sets up the events that occurred over 27 hours. This happened about 2 years ago, please bear with me.

So I travel to Connecticut about 3 hours away whenever I can to have m2m fun. I try to spend 2 nights to maximize the chances of having a good time. But I don’t get a chance to travel there as often as I would like. I have been dick sucker for most of my life. (since my early 20s) I am in my 60s now. After over 40 years of perfecting my oral skills, I decided I wanted to step it up. Over the years I have been fucked a few times, but wasn’t convinced it was for me. But after watching some hot videos of white men getting fucked by Black and Latino men and reading many hot stories on another site I decided around 2015 I was tired of just being a good 100% oral bottom, I wanted to be a good 100% total bottom. I wanted to be able to completely satisfy the men I was with. In fall of 2015 I got serious and started my quest to become a good sub bottomboi. I was fucked a few times by Black, Latino, Asian and Native American guys and luckily was fucked by a couple of guys who really knew how to fuck. I didn’t get hooked on phonics but instead got hooked on being fucked. Then in early March while in DC for a conference I got a chance to be fucked a few more times by Black guys with big dicks. I was getting better, but just didn’t like getting fucked, actually I LOVED it and wanted to be FUCKED MORE and MORE and having a big dick up my ass felt good. I knew I found my purpose in life – providing total pleasure for Big Dicked Black, Latino and Other Men of Color.

After the March Conference I found myself back home but no one to fuck me. And I couldn’t get away in March or April. It seems like every weekend I had a commitment on Saturday or Sunday so I couldn’t make the trip. Then one week-end in May I finally made güvenilir bahis siteleri plans to go to Connecticut. I contacted a few on my contacts and was planning to go down early Saturday and come back Monday. Then I remembered I had a 2pm commitment on Sunday that I couldn’t get out of. I said fuck it. I’ll go as soon as the event is over and get to Connecticut Sunday night. And come back Tuesday. Not ideal but hopefully I could get fucked a couple of times.

I left later than I wanted but I still was hoping for the best. About 20 minutes before Connecticut, there is a rest area that use to be a great cruising spot with lots of trails, but now everything is fenced off. It is kind of edgy to do anything there, but I was real horny so I stopped. It was almost 10pm. When it is dark and with the headlights you get quite bit of warning. I was blowing a Latino guy with a good size dick, when he saw headlights and that put an end to that. The last time I was there I followed a guy to the next exit and he knew a private place. I pulled out of the parking space, waited a bit, flashed my brake lights and slowly exited out of the rest area. Hoping the guy would follow me. He did, and we went to the spot. I was able to finish what we started and was rewarded with a nice creamy Latino load.

It was a nice way to start. But because it was so late, a couple of guys I was hoping to meet up with backed out. I composed a CL ad titled “I Suck U — Maybe U Fuck Me” and mentioned my affinity for men of color, but said all were welcome. I also contacted a 27 year old black guy who had an ad up, who “was looking to get off” I surfed a few online sites but couldn’t find anyone looking for late night fun.

In the morning I hadn’t heard back from the 27 year old, but there was another guy who wanted to meet. Unfortunately it ended up being a wild goose chase. Another guy wanted to meet in the park and was a no show. So it was about 1pm and I went to the ABS, which is always hit or miss, but got lucky and sucked a nice brown dick to CUMpletion through a Glory Hole.

After savoring the load, I checked my phone, and I had a message from a young good looking dark skin Black guy. (he sent a nude pic.) He said perabet güvenilir mi he was looking for 4pm when he would be off from work. He also said “no kissing, let’s get right down to business. Suck n Fuck n Go. If it is fine with you”. Of course it was fine with me. I sent him my motel info. At 3:58 he arrived, in a hoodie, — kind of hot. True to his word he got right down to business , he got out of his pants, had me suck his slender 8 inch dick for a bit, then had me get on the bed, head down and ass up. I was already lubed up and he eased in and begins fucking me in earnest. It wasn’t long before he was filling his condom. I took it off and swallowed his cum from the condom. He put his pants back on and left.

I checked my email and I had a message from a Black guy I had sucked off before, who wanted to come over and feed me. About 6:pm he came over and fed me a nice big load. His dick is 8 inches and very thick so I was happy just to suck and swallow.

A white guy emailed me, but wanted to fuck me bareback and that isn’t me so nothing came of it.

Then I got an email from the 27 year old and he wanted to cum over. He arrived about 9:00 pm. He was a kinda short stocky Black guy. His dick was like him. Short probably 4-5 inches and kinda of fat. He undressed and he had me start sucking him. I figured he was going to just have me suck him and he got hard fast but after about 10 – 15 minutes He asked. “Can I fuck you”. “Yes please” I said. He proved that size doesn’t always matter as he knew how to use his equipment to give maximum pleasure. He had me bend over the bed and worked his dick in. He worked up a good rhythm. After about 10 minutes he had me lay on the bed. He again put his dick in, wrapped his arm around my neck and pull my head back while fucking my ass. After another 10 minutes he stopped and had me suck him again. I had been sucking a long time, trying to coach his cum out. Truth be told my jaw was getting tired, I thought I was going to have to stop when he erupted in my month. I was savoring the taste and he could tell I was going to clean him off and he said, Don’t stop I have more cum for you. In another couple of minutes he gave me another tasty load.

I tipobet then got a message from a 48 year old fit Black guy with a uncut dick. –My favorite. – Black and Uncut, He was about to get off work (night shift) and wanted to know if I was still looking. “Yes” I replied, “what are you looking to do”. He replied “Top. Looking to fuck, get some head to start”. I text back “Funny you should say that. I am 100% sub whitebottomboi, looking to be fucked after giving some head”.

When he arrived he stripped right down. He was good looking, about 5’10, dark complexion, about 210 pounds and muscled with a hard cock-ringed 7 inch thick dick. Thick but not beer can thick more like red bull thick. But Thick enough that it caused me concern about having it up my ass. I told him, and he asked when was the last time I was fucked. I said “today”. “You’ll do fine”, he said. I told him I liked a take-charge man. He was already hard, but he had me suck him. I loved it when he held my head down, and he was impressed how long he could hold my head down without me gagging. After fucking my face for a while he put me on the bed and began to fuck me, It wasn’t an easy fit and it hurt as it went in, but I got use to it, and then it became pure pleasure. He was in no hurry, and just continued to fuck me and fuck me non stop, working it in deep pulling almost out and going in deep again. I was in Fuck Heaven, it felt so good. I had asked him to cum in my mouth so after 20 plus minutes he pulled out, took off the condom and face fucked me another 5 or so minutes before shooting his load.

I asked him how I did and he said good, I told him I wasn’t fishing for compliments, I wanted to know so I could improve. He said my head game was real good and didn’t know how I breathed through my ears when he was holding my head down. He said a lot of guys couldn’t deep throat him like I did. He then said seeing I wanted honest feed back he said I did good in getting fucked, but I was too tensed and I needed to surrender but all in all I did good. I am remembering that the next time I get fucked.

So within 27 hours I swallowed 6 (technically 7) loads of cum and got 3 good fuckings. So tell me is my transition complete? Am I now a 100% cum loving bottomboi fuck toy for Black, Latino and Other Men of Color? I know my white ass was made for them. All I know I am at peace with my new role and know my place is to submit to all men of color especially Big Dicked Black Men.. I can’t wait to be used and fuck again

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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