13 Haziran 2020

First time high school senior (part 2)

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First time high school senior (part 2)
Part two, second time posting.

Last story left off with giving my first bj to my close friend Roy. I just left his house knowing I had to take his bus home the next day for soccer practice. My friend Roy was not shy about changing in front of me before our soccer practice. He was well endowed, very thick cock, had a big bush a hairy ass. We both were horny guys unsure about our evolving friendship.

All night I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened just hours earlier. My friend somehow convinced me to “help him out”. I kept playing out what happened over and over. I couldn’t believe I was on my knees sucking my friends cock, licking his hairy nuts and taking his load on my eyes and face. I was a prude high school guy who had very little experience with girls and no prior experience with guys let alone my friend. But the next day I had to take his bus home since we had soccer practice and I needed a ride.

I saw Roy in the hallway the next day and he acted like nothing happened. I couldn’t help but feel nervous, shy, and timid around him as he interacted with our group of friends. He glanced at me a few times and could tell I was thinking about what happened the day before. I went back to class and had to sit for a few more hours before riding his bus to his house.

The day ended and I made my way to the bus dock and boarded his bus. Roy was close to the back and he had a seat across from him open. I didn’t want him to think things were weird between us but I also wanted to avoid the whole situation. Without thinking to much about it I walk to the back of the bus and sat across from him in the open seat. Once I sat down he slid over to my seat and immediately asked “is everything alright?” I paused and said yeah… He could tell I had a lot on my mind so he asked again what’s wrong? Is is because of yesterday? I avoided answering him but he was persistent. I gave him and stern look and said “I don’t want to talk about it here”. We were in a public bus after all and there were people all around us. He got the hint slid back to his seat and started to talk with other people on the bus as we traveled to his stop.

Once we arrived at his stop we both got off and started to walk to his house. Each step was more nerve racking then the first. All I could think about was how everything would go that day once we arrived at his house.

We got to his door step and dropped off our book bags. Once my book bag dropped to the floor he pressed me about why I was acting so distant/weird. I explained I cant believe what happened yesterday… I never canlı kaçak bahis thought I would ever do that… I also worry that you will tell someone about what happened. He was his normal self calm, cool, cocky, confident self. He told me not to worry about anything. What happened happened. We grabbed a snack and had about an hour or so to chill and get ready before soccer practice so we went to his basement and played video games.

But once we arrived in the basement he brought everything up..

He talked about how he enjoyed planning coming out of the shower naked and walking around his room getting changed. He got a thrill out of planning everything out day by day. He told me he would place his stuff in different corners so that he would be naked for as long as possible. He told me he wanted to see if I would check him out with each pass….and he caught me a lot. One night he sat in his bed and tired to think of a way to convince me to help him out. He thought up the truth or dare game… he would play the game normally and wait for the right time to ask me whether I check him out when he is naked. I was pretty shocked he was so detailed with his planning.

He went on to explain that he has been craving a bj for a long time and he felt that he could trust me… so he asked and made it happen.

I could tell he really enjoyed talking about sexual stuff. His confidence was a big turn on, and the fact that I was thinking about his big thick dick started to really get me going… but I didn’t want to lead on that I was interested or eager to do it again. I didn’t want my friend to think I am weird or gay.

But the more we talked about stuff I could tell we clicked. He knew what he wanted(bjs, ball licking) and I knew I wanted to help him out. We were both hesitant to make the first(second) move.

That’s when he asked me what made me check him out. I was shy and nervous to answer… he could tell and enticed me to open up.. After a min or so I said well you have a big thick cock and it was out in the open for me to see… so I guess that’s what grabbed my attention first. I told him how I consider his cock to be above avg in size. I also told him that he had some big hairy balls and I would find myself looking at them a lot too… we both laughed. Then I told him there was something about your manly hairy ass that turned me on too. That’s when he said I knew you liked my ass. I caught you so many times checking me out when I bent over in my closet. We talked more and more about this stuff….

Then the conversation switched…

He asked me if I would be up for doing perabet it again… I said that I wasn’t sure about doing it again. But on the other side I was also interested in doing it again. Still very nervous about his feelings on things.

He told me he wanted to do it again for sure… He had a lot of fun and wouldn’t trust anyone else. He liked the fact that I was inexperienced and willing to help him out. We talked a lot and figured out that we were both down to do it again under a few conditions.

He wouldn’t tell anyone, I wouldn’t tell anyone, he would lead/direct everything, I would pretty much listen to him.

He explained that he wanted to do more stuff with me… I was pretty confused. He told me its not a big deal, he just wanted to be in control of the situation… He went on to say that he wanted to be the dominant and he wanted me to be the submissive. I was confused then but looking back this was the start of a lot. I agreed to his plans and pretty much allowed him to control meet ups, and what happened each day I “helped him out” He was excited to say the least.

Roy asked if we could start today since we had about 30min before needing to leave. I said sure and our friendship changed.

Roy stood up and dropped his pants to the floor exposing his semi hard hairy cock. He was waiting for this moment all day…. He told me now follow my directions exactly…. ok….I answered ok.

He then instructed me to get on my knees and start jerking him off and playing with his balls. He told me that he wants to get bjs more often now. I looked up at him and said ok. He liked that.

Roy went into more directions…. Now I want you to suck on my dick head, now lick it, lick my left ball, right ball, put his balls in my mouth and swirl my tongue around, suck his dick again, get lower on his cock, lower, Lower, LOWER he insisted I get all the way down to his bush! I told him I am trying! lol he immediately told me well your going to have to try harder. I really liked how he was so persistent about me getting down on his cock so I kept trying and trying. Each time I would choke on his dick and gasp for air. I eventually said I don’t want to spit and choke on your dick… it gross….I was looking for him to agree with me that I should ease back but instead he told me it felt good when I went all the way down and choked on his cock. He also explained how I shouldn’t worry about the spit and how he wanted more spit, more choking more effort and more deepthroat. That was the first time I heard him say all this stuff. I asked if he was sure? He grabbed the back of my perabet güvenilir mi head pushed it down of his cock and held my head down for what felt like an eternity. I gagged, squirmed, and tried to a breath. after about 40 secs of holding my head down he finally allowed me to come up for air. I remember so much spit on his dick and on my face as I gasped.

He told me “that’s how I want my dick sucked from now on” I was surprised how forceful he was. But deep down I enjoyed his controlling vibe. He wiggled his dick back and forth and said “come get some more cock” it was so hot! his spit covered hairy big meaty thick cock all juiced up. It was all mine and that was one of the first times I knew that I was going to suck him off on the regular. I also knew at that moment that we both were much more comfortable with our agreement/situation. I went back in and tried to fulfill his desire for deep sucking, wet bjs and submissiveness.

After another min or two he ask for me to take my clothes off. So I did. I was a skinny athletic build guy who had an avg cock that had minimal hair. He told me that he wanted me to suck him off naked from now on… I said as long as we are alone. At the time I had a boner and he liked what he saw. He started to joke that he never saw my cock hard before… he made me pose in a sense for him as he grabbed my cock, played with my balls a little. He told me that he always noticed I was a bit shy when changing and he really only got to see my ass before. That’s when he told me…you got to see me bent over… now I want to see you bent over. Since I was playing my part as his submissive and following directions I slowly turned around and got on all fours in front of him. This was another first for me. totally exposed in front of my friend. He approached grabbed my butt for a little bit and then out of nowhere smacked my ass. I turned around unsure of the situation. He spanked again on the other cheek. He told me to arch my back more.. so I did. He checked out my ass and remarked how smooth it was. He told me I only had a few hairs in my ass before spanking me a few more times and playing with my hanging dick and balls.

That’s when he sat back down in a chair and told me to kneel in front of him again. So I did and started to suck him off to the best of my abilities. He sat back and enjoyed a 10min blowjob before saying out loud im going to cum Im going to cum… keep you face right there… as he cummed in my face for the second time.

I got up since I was not blinded this time and went to the bathroom to clean up the mess. I came back to him still naked with his legs spread, dick semi hard but limp. He asked if I had fun. I said yeah besides the choking… he didn’t apologize but rather told me to get use to it because your going to be sucking this dick a lot more often.

to be continued

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