15 Kasım 2023

Enticed and Humiliated Ch. 13

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Part 13 – Debased Spring Break Frolics – Back at Chokers

I went home that night feeling so proud of myself. Glen had actually told me that I cleaned up good! I also loved the humiliation that he was dishing out to me. I don’t know why but my dick would almost erupt in orgasm when he humiliated me in front of his two friends. It made me feel like a real submissive maid.

As I walked into our apartment, I noticed Sandy watching a movie. I joined her and afterward we had some very ordinary sex, but I did clean her up afterward. By now the “cleanup after” had become routine. I loved it and so did she and no questions were asked.

As we were going to sleep, Sandy mentioned to me that she was going home for Spring Break. She was going to work at the catering hall where she worked in the summer. I had no desire to mope around her house all day. I also had no desire to be put to work on my father’s farm as a volunteer so going home was not an option for me. I decided that I would stay and have fun with Glen as his live in maid if he wanted it.

The next day at class I told Glen that I would not be going home therefore I could be his full time live in French maid.

Glen smiled when he said, “You are making my decision to go home very hard. I would love to have your lips and asshole at my beck and call but it has been a while since I have seen my family. In addition there are some more high school friends that I have not fucked in a while.”

I was devastated and found it hard to concentrate during the lecture. Once again even though he spoke to me like an equal he found a way to fill me with jealousy and humiliation. I did not know what I would do alone in Buffalo for two whole weeks.

By the end of class, I knew what I was going to do on the first day of spring break. It was high time that I give Choker’s store another visit and learn more about those Glory holes! It would be so hard getting through this week, doing half way decent on my exams and sending Sandy off home, with such an adventure planned!

I walked Sandy to the bus station that Thursday afternoon and gave her a passionate kiss good-bye. It was hard to see her go. I loved her. She was a great friend and awesome sex partner. In the past few weeks she had done things that I would have never imagined at the beginning of the semester.

I felt exhilarated! I had a good feeling, that I kicked ass on my exams, and I now had two weeks to myself! After Sandy’s bus left I walked over to the metro to go downtown to Choker’s Sex Shop.

When I walked in it was almost four O’clock and the place had a nice crowd milling around. I waved to Choker and he replied, “I was beginning to wonder what happened to you.”

I responded, “Well, I was busy with class work and serving as a slutty French Maid.”

“The Glory holes only open in about forty minutes but make yourself at home and have a fun time examining the merchandise.” Choker barked as he continued ringing up an order.

I had been wearing some of Sandy’s stockings, garters and panties under my jeans all day and now they were really getting to me. I felt very sexy in a slutty kind of way. I couldn’t wait to make a debauchery of myself!

I strolled the store enjoying all of Beşiktaş Escort the plugs, lubes, costumes, movies and other devices. However what turned me on the most were all of the BDSM devices. I fantasized about being used and abused in the different slings, stockades and horses. With all of the cages, enemas, plugs, paddles and clamps around a guy or group of guys could have a field day with my bound body!

At four thirty sharp Choker’s assistant started collecting money and guarding the entrance to the stairs that led up to the Glory holes. I showed him my college ID and he waived me up. About twenty guys made their way upstairs. Most of them were over fifty and overweight. They either walked around looking everyone else over or lurked in semi hidden places. I really felt like a piece of meat on display!

Then I recognized Hal. I walked over to him, shook his hand and we sat down in the small theater to start watching the movie.

Both Hal and I had our hands down each other’s pants and slowly stroked each other as we watched the blowjobs, ass fuckings and facials in the movie. It was pretty vanilla and nothing new to me. Hal’s hand did feel great though.

I asked Hal, “Do you want a repeat performance of last time?”

“Sure.” He replied, “Let’s go into one of the booths.”

With that we were off. He took me to the middle booth explaining that it was the largest one and usually had the chair in it. Once inside we locked the door. I undressed, taking off my jeans and t-shirt, leaving on the lingerie. I missed the French maid uniform but still felt quite sexy. The important thing was the friction of the lace and satin on my cock, balls and ass.

Hal just dropped his pants around his ankles and plopped down on the chair. “I hope you don’t mind the cum defiled floor.” He mentioned.

I sank to my knees and took Hal’s flaccid cock in my mouth. With just a little coaxing it was as hard as it was going to be. It felt really soft against my tongue and I didn’t want to let it go when Hal produced a condom.

Hal asked, “How about letting me sample some of those hidden charms?”

I thought it would be a good idea starting off with Hal’s dick because it was not huge. I got up and bent over the back of the chair. I didn’t feel like taking my panties off because they felt so delicious, so I just pulled them over onto my right cheek exposing my shutter.

“Deflower me Hal!” I said wiggling my ass.

Hall lubed up both his condom covered dick and my ass, rubbing me up and down my crack before shoving a finger in. He worked the finger in and out a few times loosening me up and then lifted up almost like he was trying to pick me up. Man it felt great! I then felt his head at the entrance to my hole. With a quick shove it was in and hurt like hell.

I clenched and Hal must have felt it because he just didn’t thrust in any more. He stood still until the pain went away and I asked him to bury it in me. It felt so sinful being fucked by a guy that I hardly knew who was old enough to be my grandfather. I just lowered my head and pushed my ass back into Hal in order to meet each thrust. Boy was it good!

At this time I noticed eyes looking in at us from the holes in Beşiktaş Escort Bayan the wall. I didn’t care that others were watching and felt like putting on a show. I started to moan and tell Hal how good he was doing. I let him know that he was my daddy and I wanted to take his load. I also told him out loud that I loved the long slow thrusts when he actually removed his cock and reinserted it all the way. The friction caused by these long thrusts was so titillating and I relished it. It was disappointing when I felt Hal tense up and ram into me with extra urgency. I wanted more! Hell, I was just getting warmed up.

“Damn Ron, your ass is so tight and firm I got excited and lost it!” Hal said as he withdrew and went about removing the condom.

“Please stop! Let me do that.” I said to Hal.

I turned around and carefully removed the condom from Hal’s still hard dick. It was covered in cum. I inserted it into my mouth for the second time that afternoon and sucked all of the cum off. I relished it smacking my lips after swallowing and wanting more. I now took the scumbag that I was holding in my hand, lifted it over my face and turned it inside out. A large glob of jizz dropped into my mouth. I swallowed it down and then inserted the whole inside out scumbag into my mouth sucking on it. It had a copious amount of scum that I sucked in happily.

“All clean and I want more!” I stated after the show and threw the empty condom into a waste basket in the corner of the stall.

Hal put his finger to the closest hole with an eye peering through it and made the “come here” motion with it. The eye disappeared only to be replaced by a nice sized cock. I dropped to my knees before the hole and put my hand through it grabbing the nuts. Pulling that nice cock by its nuts as far into the hole as it would go I wrapped my mouth around it. I moaned on it creating a nice vibration.

Hall had pulled up his pants and said to me, “I am leaving you a few rubbers and the lube. Take care of yourself Ron. I hope to see you again.”

Releasing the cock from my mouth I told Hal that it was spring break so I was sure that I would be returning a lot in the next couple of weeks.

With a smile on his face Hal left and I reinserted that cock into my mouth slurping it with urgency. That’s when I heard someone yell, “We got a fresh hot college kid in here. Boy, does he know how to take it! And he swallows everything!”

Things got interesting then. I continued giving my hungry blowjob to the guy behind the hole. I heard a knocking on the door to the booth with someone shouting to be let in. Since I was so content with the dick in my mouth I just ignored it. Soon it erupted and my mouth was flooded with cum. So delicious!

When I finished and stood up I noticed three other dicks sticking through the rest of the holes in the booth. I couldn’t decide which one to go to when I heard the rapping on the door again. It was annoying so I opened the door and peered out. A large black guy pushed in and locked the booth.

“I need to get me some of that tight white ass!” He said in a haughty manner. “Why don’t you start off by sucking on this some?”

I was kind of shocked by his rudeness but knew that Escort Beşiktaş it was what I craved. This was a guy who would demand what he needed from me! He was all man. Aged about fifty with a moderate gut, he had a rugged manliness about him. His dick was nice too. It was about eight inches long and almost two inches in diameter. Big, but yet, not dangerously so.

I dropped to my knees and took his head in my mouth.

“That’s it son.” He sighed as he grabbed my head by the ears.

He had a much muskier scent than any of the cocks I had sucked so far and it excited me. I started bobbing up and down on his shaft. He controlled the speed the whole time with his grip on my ears. After a couple of minutes he said that he was ready to have my ass.

I got up and leaned over the chair pulling my panties over to the side. I loved them and did not want to take them off. They just made me feel so slutty. The black guy came at me and put his cockhead to my hole.

I immediately stood up and stammered, “Whoa sir, what about a condom and lube?”

He sneered at me saying, “What are you a pussy? I guess so by the way you are dressed! Lean over if you insist.”

He had a hard time getting the rubber on and then he spread some lube onto my hole and pushed in. I was loosened up from Hal but is still hurt. However I did not have the balls to ask him to stop. He worked himself into my ass and got a rhythm going. After a while he started slapping my cheeks on each out stroke.

SLAP. . . SLAP. . . You could hear the loud cracks of each open handed slap.

“You are such a punk for making me wear this rubber!” He grunted. SLAP “I don’t think I can cum with it on.” SLAP “It just does not feel good.” SLAP

That is when I came in the front of my panties. I couldn’t believe how much I loved the spanking. My ass was burning and I felt so naughty!

The black guy pulled out and demanded, “You’re going to have to suck me off. This rubber thing is not working.”

He sat down on the chair and I kneeled between his legs. I could taste the precum on his head and it renewed my hunger. Once again he grabbed my ears and controlled the pace of my bobbing head. I was just getting into it when I felt something tickle my gaping hole. Turning my head, but not removing it from the cock, looking out of the corner of my eyed I saw a hand extended in through the nearest hole. He was just circling around my hole and it felt great! I enjoyed it and renewed my efforts on the black guys cock.

My forehead would bang into his gut every time I took his dick in. It felt kind of cool and gave me a nice bounce for coming back up. It also stopped my downward bob before this black dude’s cock entered my esophagus. He had a thick head and I didn’t know if I could safely take it into my throat.

The black dude now grabbed my ears tighter and said, “Whitey, you are going to drink your dinner tonight!”

With that he started spurting his liquid dinner into my mouth. It was the thickest cum I had so far and it kept spewing out. I swallowed four nice size gulps before he stopped spurting. When he stopped spurting I still got an additional half a mouthful of cum from his large slit as his shaft started shrinking! This last, half mouthful, I kept in my mouth for as long as I could before it got watered down by mixing with my saliva.

This large black guy now clapped me fatherly on the side of the head a few times saying, “I am going to enjoy your mouth more in the future.”

To be continued . . .

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