28 Şubat 2018

Dr S gets Blackmailed ch 5

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This is a story i wrote for a real doctor in India, this is a real fantasy that was brought about by being seduced by her maid with her maids boyfreind making her do things to humiliate her as a young woman. Parts of this story are real and some is imagination. At all times she is always safe and this is paramount with things that happen for real in India with single ladies.

As i sank into my bed, my thought of the last evening filled my head.

My senses having been shaken up after tasting my first woman, and my second.

This is a revelation to me because i was brought up with a strict upbringing.

Never would this be allowed going against everything i had been brought up to believe.

These women had debased me so much that i was finding a new me.

Enjoying the pleasures of another woman in ways id never imagined.

With women i would never have chosen which caused me several dilemmas being a upper class doctor.

so much that i would never have tried these things had i not been blackmailed into submission by my nurses.

My pussy still wanted more as i toyed with my soft folds and eager clit.

The sensations it had received had opened my eyes to the pleasures that could be had. My fingers slipping into my moist pussy rubbing as i remembered the stark way that those two ladies took me and used me at their whims.

Although i hated to admit that i was enjoying being used and humiliated .

The bus ride making me shudder as i recalled the strange hands caressing my body when everyone could watch.

This sent me over the edge, my pussy gushing over my fingers as the spasms drifted away i fell into a deep satisfying sl**p.

As i walked through the hospital to my ward the next morning feelings of humiliation crept into my head only to be thrown out because i now felt like a woman that was liberated, and in some way stronger not ashamed about hiding in my own shadow when i came to class and my upbringing.

I felt like i had risen to my inner being and in some way i felt more equal to those around me.

Although i still wanted to be treated like a slut in public, the excitement was thrilling, beyond anything i had ever experienced in my life.

The fact that the videos had probably been seen by all my staff, caused an inner blush , and my pussy knew that i had enjoyed being their slut for the night already feeling moist at my inner thoughts knowing me more than myself.

I didnt look at any of the nurses during my shift, avoiding eye contact at all costs with my head held high. Not caring if they saw my shaven arm pits or could smell the different aroma of another expensive perfume that was reserved for special nights out.

I deliberately drank plenty of water during my shift knowing full well that i needed another experience to quench my inner thirst for excitement.

This was taking over my inner self with the desire to be humiliated or so they thought.

But the thought of being seen and watched even tampered with seemed to make me rise to the prospect.

New photos and videos would be circulating my closest staff.

Knowing that i didnt have to look them in the eye would save me.

Keeping me above the realism of what i was doing in my upper class way.

I could use this to keep things stable during my work where i had to concentrate on my patients.

The silence would be kept by the few that knew, and this could turn into a secret game between us.

I wouldnt get reported and my staff thinking they had the upper hand on me.

Which they did, but i was enjoying the game being braver and more daring than any of my nurses would ever dream of being.

This bringing its own level of respect as i was daring enough to play and stay calm. Enduring what ever they had in mind because the thrill was so special to me.

I worked hard all morning feeling my bladder full was looking forward to my changing room break as i walked down the corridor to the changing rooms.

Once in my cubical i heard the door open and slam shut meaning somebody had followed me in.

I sat down awaiting the knock on the door and sure enough it came. The knock sending a jolt to my pussy knowing that something was about to happen.

On opening the door Vahni was stood there. She came in beside me and then shut the door and locked it behind her.

Then to my amazement she drew up her uniform pulled her panties aside then grabbed my hand pushing it between her moist hot thighs finding her wet slit easily with my middle finger as it slipped inside her furnace.

Sit back whilst you pee she whispered i want to watch whilst you play with me.

This game had taken a different turn than i was expecting, but still very exciting.

Our evening of fun had given Vahni a new lease of life exciting her very much it would seem.

She wanted more of this slut and she could have it. This was so exciting peeing a fast stream whilst my fingers are deep inside of her pussy. Feeling how wet her pussy was and how her sex smelt as she stood directly in front of me sat there on the toilet. her musky smell setting me alight inside just as Vahni pushed her fingers into the stream. finding my clit straight away the warmth of my pee signaling that this was really happening to me.

I sighed at the feeling of Vahnis fingers touching my love button. My flow now finished the wetness inside me was becoming a torrent as Vahnis fingers swept through me, as my fingers did for her our orgasms looming as i lay back allowing her to watch her fingers slip in and out of my wetness , her fingers shining with my juices.

As did mine with her juices this was too much as we both started to cum from the clenching of our fingers signaling we were both near.

To my amazement Vahnis pussy started to squirt over my fingers in gushes.

flooding my hand squatting down to fit as much of my fingers into her pussy to quench her urgency.

she moaned into her sleeve so nobody would hear her moans of pleasure.

I managed to stay quiet whilst my pussy gripped Vahnis strumming fingers. gripping her fingers inside my tight pussy as waves of pleasure ripped through me quenching my need that only a good orgasm would relieve.

I didnt look at her, she took her panties off and gave them to me pointing at my stained satin panties.

I took them off handing them to her. She lifted her foot and then the other pulling them up to her moist pussy right in front of me. Signalling to me wanting me to wear hers as part of the game.

Realising this i pulled them up my legs. much to my suprise at how exciting it felt to be wearing Vahnis stained panties against my shaven pussy and for the rest of the day. I could feel my pussy getting moist again just at the thought.

It was a thrill wearing Vahnis cotton panties during the rest of the day.

Her gusset was more absorbent but i still soaked them working in the ward all afternoon.

Not realising until i took them off later to a ripe smell of pussy juices mingling in a pungent aroma that smelt of sex that lit my nerve endings as the flavour hit my senses.

I held them to my face as my other hand found its place rubbing my smooth pubis and swollen labia.

The more i sniffed them the more urgent my hand became, as waves of pleasure grew to an oncoming orgasm at the sheer pleasures of inhaling Vahnis pussy flavour mixed indeed with my own.

I took them to bed with me that night pulling them to my nose for my senses to enjoy tasting our musky juices.

I smothered my face with them in the morning when i woke up, just to make sure it wasnt just a dream.

It wasnt, they smelt just as they did last night which made me quite heady and in a different space on my way to the ward.

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