18 Eylül 2023

Dirty Cop Ch. 02

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I tapped a pen against my lips, staring down at the card in my hands. It’s been a week since I had Officer Laney Porter in the back of my car, and I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I couldn’t help but rub myself off every night to the thought of her tits in my mouth and my fingers in her pussy. I needed to call her and set something up. But what am I supposed to say when I call? “Hey, remember me? Leela, the girl you fucked last week in the back of a car? Yeah, I want to do that again.” It seems too weird, it almost feels too strange to call her.

But I can’t stop thinking about tasting her again. I want to make her scream my name.

I tapped the card against the desk. “Fuck it,” I muttered, picking up my cell phone and punching in the numbers on the card. I held it up to my ear, swallowing the fear wriggling in my stomach.

“Officer Porter.” She answers sternly. God, she was hot.

“Hi, this is Leela, from the car a few days ago,” I stutter out.

“Oh, Leela,” She purred into the phone. My pussy pulsed as she said my name. “I was hoping you would call. I would love to meet up with you again.”

“My place?” I asked.

“Sounds good to me. Text me your address. I’ll be there tonight.”

She was so dominating. It was so hot. “Okay,” I whisper back into the phone, hanging the phone up, I quickly sent her my address.

I showered, shaved and plucked every görükle escort bayan inch of my body, I couldn’t wait for Laney to get here. I was going to lick every inch of her body, in every position I could imagine. I slipped on my black lace lingerie, a short black dress that hugs my curves perfectly, with a plunging neckline.

The doorbell rings through my apartment, my heartbeat quickens, I fling my front door open, Laney is tucked against the door frame, her tall, strong body was wrapped into a long trench coat. She pushed me back into my apartment, slamming the door behind her. She grabbed the back of my neck, colliding her mouth against mine.

I pushed her up againt the door, squeezing her taught ass in my hands, diving my tongue into her soft mouth. She moaned against my lip, reaching between us to undue the tie holding the coat closed. She was completely naked beneath. My pussy dripped as I dropped my mouth down to the peak of her nipple. I tasted the tip, running my tongue across the erect nipple while playing with her other tit. Laney was moaning so loud, it was so hot, my pussy pulsed fast in my panties.

I ripped my dress over my head, crashing my mouth back onto hers, Laney lifted me, wrapping my legs around her body. I grinded my hips against her waist, she groaned louder as we headed to my room. She flopped me on the bed, yanking bursa otele gelen escort my panties off my body in one swift move.

“Play with yourself.” She commanded as she stretched out on a chair facing my bed, her legs spread wide.

I rubbed my clit quickly, wanting to ease some of my horniness. I moaned softly as I soaked myself in circles.

“That’s it, baby, get all wet for me. I’m going to eat that pussy up.” I watched her slid her fingers up and down her slit, working herself up.

I hopped out of the bed, and immediately brought my mouth down to her dripping cunt. I lapped at her juices, wiggling my tongue in and out of her hole, rubbing her clit in soft circles. I still wanted her to scream my name. I pushed three fingers in her sopping hole to replace my tongue. I pumped them in and out, fast and hard. “Oh, fuck! You’re going to make me cum already, bitch.” Laney rocked her hips in time with my fingers as I started mouth fucking her clit. I loved tasting her pussy. “Oh, god! You little slut! You really aim to please!” She screamed. “I’m going to cum on you’re face! I’m cumming on your face! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Her pussy pulsed around my fingers. Still didn’t hear my name, though.

She dragged me to the bed, splayed out across it, making me sit on her face. Her mouth ran across my thighs, before making its bursa escort bayan way to my pussy. Her hot breath felt good, but when she put her mouth around my clit, I lost my control. I grinded into her mouth. I moaned. I begged. I wanted everything she could give me!

She pushed a finger into my dripping hole, stroking against my G spot. I moaned and begged louder for her to finish me off. She removed her finger, making me hungry for it back in my snatch, but she pushed her wet finger into my rose bud. I gasped at the feeling. It felt so good, something pushed into my tight asshole. I thrashed faster against her face as she finger fucked my asshole.

“Oh my god! That’s it, Officer! Fuck my tight asshole. Lick my, pussy so good! Oh, Laney! Fuuuuuck Meeee!” I cried as I came on her pretty face.

She got off the bed, picking up her coat.

“I’m not done with you yet.” I said, pulling her back on the bed. I pushed her down, spreading her out, I climed on top of her, alighed my pussy onto hers and stroaked my pussy against hers. I loved the wetness of my clit smashing against hers, I grabbed her tits, pinching thr perky tips, grinding harder. “Oh shit!” She called out below me. “That feels so good don’t stop, Leela! Fucking grind your pussy on mine! Play with my nipples! Pinch them! Harder!”

I pinched them hard. I grinded faster, my clip rubbing against hers hard. I was going to cum again soon.

“Oh, Laney! Scream my name!”

“Leela! You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had! I’m cumming all over that pussy!”

I felt a fresh hot wetness shoot on my pussy, sending me cumming as well.

“Oh, fuuuck!” I called out.

I lay next to Laney, out of breath. “Stay the night.” I say.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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