18 Eylül 2023

Desire Fulfilled Ch. 02

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Grinning from ear to ear, Sam stood and slipped her skirt down, wiggling to get it over her shapely hips. Stepping out of the bundle at her feet, she stood before Erin wearing only her black lace thong and strappy sandals. Erin reached out, resting her hands on Sam’s hips, pulling her closer. Slipping her fingers under the thin strands of fabric, Erin slowly pulled Sam’s thong down her thighs.

Inhaling deeply, Erin took in Sam’s sexual scent, so evident and oozing from every pore of her body. Moving up to the edge of the couch, Sam lifted one leg, placing her foot on the edge. Angling her hips, Sam eased her pussy closer to Erin’s face, beckoning her, enticing her to devour her delectable and juicy pussy. “Mmmmm, such a beautiful pussy,” Erin whispered as she slowly parted Sam’s shaven lips with her tongue, forcing her legs wider. Resting her hands on Erin’s head, Sam steadied herself, stroking her long hair, taking delight in Erin’s tongue gliding up and down between her pussy lips.

Sliding one hand between Sam’s legs, Erin pushed two fingers into her soaking pussy. Sam moaned loudly as she felt Erin’s lips encircling her clit, sucking it, gradually bringing it back to life, and her hips gyrated in rhythm to the fingers being pushed in and out of her pussy. Erin’s moans of satisfaction resonated all through Sam, causing her legs to begin to tremble.

“Ohhhhh,” Sam sighed, “This feels incredible.” Erin continued her sucking and teething of Sam’s clit, ever so slowly increasing the pressure and intensity. Sam slowly moved her hands up her body, taking a hold of her nipples, pinching and pulling on them, adding to her quickly rising state of arousal. “Mmmmm, yes,” Sam moaned, “Oh God, your mouth feels heavenly.”

The sounds of Erin’s licking and sucking rapidly became louder; more slurping noises filling the room while Sam’s moans of ecstasy also increased in volume. Sam pushed her hips forward, bending her knees and giving Erin even easier access to finger fuck her. Pulling away from Sam’s soaked pussy, Erin looked up seeing Sam’s face contorted with pleasure. “Do me a favor Baby,” whispered Erin, “come and bend over the back of the couch for me. Let me get at your gorgeous pussy from behind.”

Sam smiled at the request, and stepped forward onto the couch, bending over the back of it, spreading her legs. With her torso dangling over the back, her breasts freely swung beneath her. “What a sight this must be!” Sam thought. She bent her knees slightly, pushing them into the cushions on the couch, bracing the weight of her body more comfortably.

“Oh, your pussy is so beautiful,” Erin whispered as she climbed onto the couch, kneeling behind Sam. Inhaling deeply, she could smell Sam’s arousal, the intoxicating scent filling her nostrils. Looking over her shoulder, Sam could see Erin’s eyes closed, with a satisfied smile on her face. Slowing opening them, Erin looked up at Sam and puckered her lips, blowing her a silent kiss. Resting her hands on Sam’s thighs, Erin slowly caressed the back sides of them, slowly moving and caressing upwards, then stroking down the insides. Sam couldn’t help herself and trembled in anticipation. Bending over the back of the couch further, she felt her pussy lips part, the cool air on her wet folds. Then suddenly, the coolness that she felt was gone. All Sam felt was heat, intense heat. Erin’s hot breath on her pussy made Sam moan, closing her eyes.

Extending her tongue, Erin touched just the tip to the opening of Sam’s pussy, making her gasp. Sam’s trembling became more intense as she felt Erin’s tongue probing in and out, pushing a little further into her each time. The tingling of Erin’s moans resonated all through her pelvic region, and Sam bent over further so she wouldn’t slide down from atop the back of the couch. Erin pulled Sam’s pussy lips wider apart, opening her up like the petals of a flower opening to meet the new day. The wetness and pink coloring beckoned Erin’s tongue to go deeper inside.

As she pushed her head between Sam’s legs, Erin licked and slurped in frenzy, moving her hands slightly and spreading Sam’s ass cheeks. Grinning mischievously, Erin hardened her tongue and licked upwards. Sam’s entire body shuddered as she felt her asshole being circled with a hard pointy tongue. Erin knew how exquisite a tongue felt slowly rimming her asshole, and wasn’t about to let Sam not experience the same sensation.

“Oh my God!” exclaimed Sam, “Ohhhh, my God!” Her entire body became rigid as she felt Erin’s tongue pushing harder against her tightly pucker ass. She had never imagined that having someone rimming her ass would ever be a reality and the whole sensuality was taking her by storm. Moving one hand down from Sam’s ass check, Erin massaged the inside of Sam’s thigh, moving closer to her pussy. Getting her fingers wet from the juices still flowing from Sam’s pussy, she slid her escort bursa hand forward, searching for her now extremely sensitive little nub. Erin could tell that with a little more attention to Sam’s ass while playing with her clit would make her writhe and convulse even more so than she had before.

Circling Sam’s hardened clit with her creamy coated fingers, Erin raised herself all the way up to her knees, giving her a more direct line of sight of and aim at Sam’s tantalizing asshole. Spreading her legs wider still, Sam gave Erin exactly what she was hoping for. She paused for a split second before pushing the tip of her tongue hard into Sam’s tight ass, while her fingers expertly manipulated her sensitive clit. The tension in Sam’s body was more than Erin had even hoped for, and she moaned delightfully as the pressure on her tongue became even more intense.

Sam’s legs trembled uncontrollably as Erin’s tongue probed her, occasionally sliding downwards to her pussy, and then back up again. Erin knew it wouldn’t take much to give Sam an even more powerful orgasm than before. Reaching back, Sam pulled her ass cheeks wider apart. Erin reacted by working two fingers in and out of Sam’s increasingly wet pussy, her other hand working over her clit. Erin’s tongue flicked back and forth, dancing over Sam’s skin, circling and teasing the tightly puckered hole. The moans and gasps from both women filled the room, echoing down the hallway.

“Yes! Oh, god Yes!!” Sam cried out. Erin responded and increased the pressure of her tongue in and around her ass while fingering Sam’s dripping pussy and pinching her clit. Sam’s body was becoming one wave of shudders and convulsions after another. The intensity of Erin’s manual and oral onslaught was almost too much to take. Her legs trembled and shook making her knees push harder into the cushions on the couch.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m cuming!!!” Sam wailed. “I’m cuummiinngggggg!” Her words were followed with a deep guttural groan. Sam’s hips bouncing off the couch and her back arched, her ass and pussy pushing back to and against Erin’s tongue and fingers.

“Mmmmmmmm,” moaned Erin, “Oh yeah, Baby. Mmmmmmmmm. Cum for me.”

Sam’s orgasm swept over and through every fiber of her being. Never before had she experienced anything like it. Her husband had only occasionally suggested they try anal play, but she had never really wanted to try it all that much. Now she realized the incredible pleasure she was missing. Or was it because of the present situation? Her mind raced as her body slowly relaxed and her breathing returned to a somewhat normal state.

Erin continued to tease Sam anally, circling and probing her still spasming ass. Licking and sucking at Sam’s labia, she could feel how much wetter Sam had become. Erin grinned to herself. She knew that given the chance to pleasure Erin in this way would reap benefits for her also. She was indeed in control of the situation and that by giving Sam some of the best orgasms of her life, she would get the same treatment in return. All she had to do was ask.

“You liked that didn’t you Sweetie?” Erin asked quietly, very pleased with herself, still gently licking Sam’s ass.

“Oh God, yes…that was…I never…I mean” Sam stammered.

Slipping her soaked fingers into her mouth, Erin sucked them, tasting the abundance of Sam’s cum. Sliding downwards, Sam slowly fell to one side, landing on her back on the couch, her legs splayed open and still trembling. Sam lay still for a few seconds with her eyes closed, still reveling in the content and satisfied feeling from her orgasm. Feeling Erin’s fingers caressing her swollen pussy lips, Sam giggled as their fingers met, both set dipping into her pussy and circling her clit.

Opening her eyes, Sam watched as Erin slowly moved above her, their naked bodies pressed against one another. “That was so wonderful,” Sam whispered with a smile. With their legs and arms entwined, Sam and Erin kissed passionately, their tongues meeting and flicking back and forth. It felt so arousing and at the same time so soothing to Sam to feel Erin’s naked body on top of her own. In unison, Sam’s and Erin’s hips began gently pushing up and down together, their lips still locked together in a deep passionate kiss. Sam had never felt so content. It all felt so natural to her.

Breaking their kiss, Erin rested her head on Sam’s shoulder, her breathing slowing. Their hands didn’t stop moving and they continued stroking and caressing each other. Quietly, almost blissfully, they laid together on the couch…just enjoying the gentleness and sensuality of the moment.

A couple of minutes of silence passed as Sam and Erin lay together. The whole time their hands slowly caressing each other. Letting out a loud sign, Sam quietly spoke, “I have never felt such intensity through oral sex before in my bursa merkez escort life. It was truly amazing. Thank you so much for that.”

Erin smiled. She knew all she needed to do was ask, and she would receive the same oral treat in return. “Will you let me do that to you?” Sam asked with a tone of voice of that of a young child asking to open a Christmas present early.

“Of course you can, Baby. I was hoping you would want to,” Erin replied, trying not to sound too excited about it. Lifting her head from Sam’s shoulder, she kissed her gently on the lips then pushed herself up, moving onto the floor. Positioning herself, Erin was ready. Sam giggled as she watched Erin on her hands and knees, glancing over her shoulder, giving her a little wink. “This is how I like to have my ass licked,” she said with a wicked grin.

“Oooh, I like it,” Sam said playfully as she clambered off the couch and onto the floor, also on her hands and knees right up behind Erin. She leaned forward and extending her tongue, licked Erin’s ass check from her thigh, up and over it to her lower back. Erin shivered from the thin trail of wetness from Sam’s tongue, and the heat of her breath on her skin. Sam repeated her action, except in reverse, slowly licking from Erin’s lower back down to her thigh.

Scooting her knees forward, Sam took a hold of Erin’s ass, pulling her cheeks apart. She had never seen another woman’s asshole so up close, other than in the porn movies she had watched, and was mesmerized by it. Erin quivered in anticipation of feeling Sam’s tongue. She didn’t have to wait long. Bending over a little, she extended her tongue and lightly flicked around Erin’s lightly brown colored hole. Sam took a deep breath and lunged at Erin’s asshole. She forced her tongue in, and then just as quickly withdrew it. Sam wasn’t sure if it was the shock of doing it or the tightness of Erin’s ass, but whatever it was, she wanted to try to please Erin as much as she had been pleased by her. Flicking her tongue up and down, the grazed over Erin’s puckered ass, feeling the wrinkles of her skin, the tautness of the opening. It was all so new and exciting, and also so incredibly arousing.

Working her tongue in little circles, Sam heard Erin’s moans get louder, and felt her hips and ass moving back and forth against her tongue. Sam slipped one hand downwards and between Erin’s thighs. Lightly stroking her clit, Sam’s ministrations drove Erin into a frenzy. She pushed her entire body back to Sam, wiggling and gyrating her hips, lifting up and down against Sam’s tongue. It was all Sam could do to keep up with her. Erin’s soft moans were quickly getting louder, her body spasming and trembling from Sam’s fingers manipulating her clit and her tongue flicking and poking her ass.

“Yessss…Oh God! Right there!” Erin cried out as Sam pressed her tongue into her tight asshole again. Sam slid two fingers into the dripping pussy at her chin. The juices that flowed over her fingers was more than she could imagine, and she moaned as Erin squirmed from her touch. Sam loved how Erin was responding to her touch. She continued finger fucking her pussy, rimming her ass and pinching and rubbing her clit. “Mmmmmm, yessss!” Erin moaned again. “Ohhhhh, that’s it…don’t stop…oh, don’t fucking stop!”

Sam was in awe of the noises and movements from Erin, but didn’t want to let up her oral and manual onslaught. Sam felt her own juices coating her thighs as she played with and teased Erin. Working harder to make Erin cum, Sam removed her fingers from Erin’s sopping pussy. Sliding her hand over her ass, she pressed her finger against Erin’s ass gently. Feeling the pressure, Erin thrust her ass back, taking more of Sam’s finger into her as quickly as she could. Sam was a little shocked at herself for doing it, but had hoped Erin would like it.

“Aaahhhhhhhh, I’m cumming,” Erin moaned. “Deeper…fuck my ass deeper Baby!” Sam leaned down and licked at Erin’s drenched pussy as she fingered her ass and rubbed her clit harder. Erin was writhing, her body shuddering uncontrollably. “Yessss, ohhhhhh!”

Sam was rewarded with a flood of Erin’s juices flowing into her mouth. Sam felt Erin’s ass squeezing tight all around her finger, her pussy spasming on her tongue. The both moaned and groaned in ecstasy, the giver and the receiver. Erin slowly sank down onto the floor, her arms and legs giving way to her trembling body. Laying down next to her, Sam stroked her hair away from her face, and gently kissed Erin on the lips.

“That was incredible,” Erin whispered. “I can’t believe you’ve never been with another woman before. Your touch is so sensuous, so amazing. I feel like I’m on fire when you touch me.”

Sam blushed slightly at Erin’s words. “I’m glad you like how I touch you. I was only trying to do to you what you had done to me.”

Lifting bursa escort herself up on her elbows, Erin smiled at Sam. “If that’s the case, you are a fast learner sweetie. You really made me cum hard. It’s been a long time since anyone made me feel that good, and so quickly too.” Sam rolled over slightly and their lips met. Yet another long sensual and deeply passionate kiss quickly took control of them. Both Erin and Sam laid on their sides, kissing, touching, caressing and exploring each others body again. Their kisses soon turned to a full body embrace, arms and legs entwined, virtually becoming one.

After several more minutes of caressing and kissing one another, Sam whispered, “Mmmm, I am all sorts of thirsty…care for a drink?”

“Oh, that would be great…anything will be fine.”

Slowly standing and stretching, Sam pulled on her thong and bra. Looking down at Erin she giggled and said, “just in case anyone happens to look in, at least they won’t see me totally naked.” Walking down the hall towards the kitchen, Sam called back, “Come and see what you’d like…we have just about everything.”

Erin slipped on her thong and slowly made her way down the hallway. Taking a seat on the kitchenette stool, she watched as Sam was bending over rifling through the refrigerator. She smiled as she admired her ass, the thin piece of fabric coming up between her round cheeks. “You’ve got such a beautiful ass, Sam…such gorgeous tits, such a beautiful and delectable pussy.”

Turning to face Erin, Sam could feel her face flushing red. “Thank you…I have to say, you’re quite something too.”

“Then we’re in agreement!” Erin replied with a smile and a wink. Pausing for a moment, she then continued, “So what are we having to drink? The more I think about it, the thirstier I am.”

“Anything you want…you can help yourself or allow me to fix us something,” Sam said with a hint of playfulness in her voice.

“Well, in that case…I am anxious to see what you’re up to,” Erin replied with a naughty and very mischievous grin. Resting her elbows on the countertop, Erin watched intently as Sam moved about the kitchen. The ice maker tray removed from the freezer, the blender pulled from its recesses in the corner, some fresh fruit and juice collected together and placed in a row on the counter. Sam stretched to open a cabinet above the fridge and retrieved a bottle of Rum.

Turning suddenly, Sam held the bottle by the neck, and slowly slid her index finger down the length of the bottle like a television game show hostess exhibiting a prize. “Berry smoothies with a hint of Rum, Sweetheart?” she asked with a giggle.

Erin’s only response was to quickly raise her eyebrows and nod once. Sam busied herself tossing the ingredients into the blender and flipped the button. The loud whirring and crunching noises of the blender filled the kitchen. Once sure it was safe, Sam let it go while she took two long slender glasses from the cupboard.

“You forgot some fruit,” said Erin as she watched Sam pour the smooth blended mixture into the glasses, pointing to a bowl of strawberries.

“Oh, I didn’t forget them…they are for us to snack on,” Sam replied with a smile. “I love to play with food, and you and I are going to enjoy some…together.” Sam picked up the glasses and handed one to Erin. Clinking their glasses together, they toasted each other. “Here’s to….us. Cheers,” said Sam.

“Bottoms up,” said Erin immediately afterwards.

“I sure hope so.” Sam took a long refreshing mouthful from her glass. “Mmmmm, I hope you like it. I love making smoothies.”

“It’s delicious,” Erin replied. Standing and walking around the counter, she rested her hand on Sam’s hip. “It’s very delicious,” she whispered. Lightly touching the glass to Sam’s nipple she watched and listened to her reaction. A gasp escaped Sam’s lips as the intense cold make her nipple ache. Her lace bra offered no barrier to the cold and her nipple hardened. Closing her eyes and enjoying the sensation, she felt the glass removed, only to be replaced by Erin’s mouth, her teeth gently nipping at her confined nipple. Reaching up, Erin slipped the bra strap down, pulling the lace with it, exposing Sam’s breast.

Gently sucking the rock hard nipple in front of her, Erin felt her own pussy tingle with anticipation. She sucked it hard, stretching it, eventually letting it release from her mouth. Replacing her mouth with the cold glass, elicited a soft moan from Sam. “Ohhhh. That feels so good…”

Erin repeated the same actions on Sam’s other nipple. Making it hard and straining against the lace fabric, being nibbled then freed, the icy cold of the glass again, and finally the heat and teasing of Erin’s mouth. Sam’s pussy was receiving all sorts of quivers and jolts from the intense cold and heat on her nipples, and feeling refreshed from her drink, she was ready for more.

“Baby,” Sam whispered, “what do you say we take our drinks and that bowl of fruit, and make our way upstairs? I think we would be a lot more comfortable up there.”

Erin stepped back and smiled, and spoke the only three words she knew Sam wanted to hear, “lead the way.”

To be continued…

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