3 Temmuz 2022

Derek Watches Himself Cum

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Forty-five minutes away from the blinding lights and harsh sounds of the city, there is a cabin tucked away in the quiet of the mountains. To get there, you have to take a long, winding road through trees so densely packed, the smell of fir and pine will fill your nostrils all the way from town when the wind is right. There are no street lights, and barely any cars on the way.

The cabin is fifteen miles up the long, skinny road, behind a quick hairpin turn and another three miles in almost the opposite direction, steadily climbing the side of the enormous mountain. The dead leaves and branches underfoot rustle and crack as you pull into the unpaved driveway. The cabin is two stories tall, with dark wooden pillars supporting the overhanging roof. The house is covered in huge bay windows, which are illuminated a warm golden color that spills onto the front porch and the leaf covered ground beyond. The remainder of the house sprawls unseen behind the tall evergreen trees. Inside the front doors and to the right, past the book-filled den, is an office.

On a cool autumn evening, inside the large, earth toned office, a cell phone vibrated with a text message. It went unnoticed by the gentleman in the room, sitting at his desk. Derek was his name, an attractive man with green flecked brown eyes, sun browned skin, gray at his temples, shoulders broad from a life making things with his hands, and a body large with power but slightly soft with years of happiness and eating well.

Derek sat in his leather desk chair, closed his eyes, and leaned back, enjoying the slight chill from the wind blowing in through his window. After his moment of tranquility, he sat up and loosened his tie, glancing at the clock on his MacBook. Six twenty-three. He reached up and closed his laptop. When did Lana say she’d get here…? He wondered, referring to his wife. She was supposed to come home from her three-day trip for a conference in San Francisco tonight. She’d been extremely adamant in telling Derek not to worry about isveçbahis picking her up. So why not enjoy myself and get ready for her welcoming while I wait? He mused.

Derek got up, grabbed his cell phone, and walked out of his office. He walked through the den, his phone blinking in his hand, still unnoticed. When he reached the hall, he turned to his right and walked up the stairs, past the family room, guest rooms, and bathrooms, and into the master bedroom. He walked to the large window that made up one entire wall of the bedroom, standing with his toes touching the glass. From their house on the side of the mountain, Derek could see the thick vegetation and dense forest covering the ridges all the way down to the valley.

He took a deep breath, stretching his arms above his head and feeling himself relax and release the tension from buying and selling multi-million dollar houses, negotiating, haggling, dealing with stressed out individuals whose eyes bugged when they were upset. Resting his hands behind his head, he watched the sun slip below the jagged neighboring peak, thinking of his wife, hoping she had a good time, but mostly just wanting to bend her over the bed and watch her ass jiggle while he fucked her from behind. He felt his cock stiffen inside his pants and started to remove his tie. He closed his eyes while he unbuttoned his shirt, thinking about Lana laying on a hotel bed in her black thigh highs, bent over in front of a camera, taking a video for him while she was on her trip. She’d sent it the first night she was away, saying she missed him and wanted him to miss her, too.

He undid another button.

She got on her knees and spread her legs, looking into the camera with her big, brown “fuck me” eyes before she dropped her chest to the bed and started slipping fingers in and out of her glistening pussy.

He’d almost finished with his shirt. His nipples were hard and sensitive against the cotton as he moved his body to undress.

She’s tapping her clit and moaning. isveçbahis giriş He can see her wetness spread from her fingers to her pussy. She puts her other hand between her legs while her ass is in the air, rubbing her clit with one hand, fingering her pussy with the other.

Derek opened his eyes and removed all of his clothes except his boxers. He turned around and walked toward his bed. His cell phone was blinking with a text message from Lana—

Surprise tonight. Xo

Derek grinned as he sat on the bed. He loved surprises. His favorite surprise so far was when Lana invited over her friend Kim to sit on his face while Lana rode his dick until he came hard and fast while Kim gushed all over him.

His cock was throbbing through his boxers thinking about Kim’s wet pussy squirting all over his face while Lana sucked and fucked his dick. He took his stiff cock out of his pants and into his hand, feeling it pulse with excitement and anticipation. He didn’t want to cum, but if he did, he could always just cum again when Lana got home. He reached into his nightstand for lube, squeezed some into his hand, made a fist and pushed his dick into it, exhaling forcefully with pleasure. He was stroking and jerking his cock, thinking about Lana’s thick thighs on either side of his face while she sucked him and fingered his ass. He opened his eyes and looked directly into his own face. Since his room was light and the night was black, he saw himself sitting on his bed with his legs spread and his cock in hand. He opened his legs, watching the other Derek do the same, and reached between them, past his dick to rub his ass with his slippery finger. He usually jerked off in his office, so he didn’t get to see himself this way often, but he always enjoyed it when he did. He watched himself prop his body up on pillows and reach down to stroke his hard cock while he fingered his ass. He couldn’t wait to see Lana’s soft, round tits bouncing while she was on top of him, moaning and thrusting, with her messy black isveçbahis yeni giriş hair all over her face, biting her swollen lips.

He could feel his precum oozing out and started panting like he was in heat, he wanted to have her nipples in his mouth and her soaked pussy sliding on and off of his dick. He arched his head back, stroking only the head of his hard cock, clenching his ass around his finger, desperately wanting to cum, and pulled himself back from the edge. He got up and grabbed Lana’s dildo and the lube. He walked past the bed to the wall, which he kneeled close to with his legs open in front of the reflective window.

Derek stroked himself while he positioned the lubed up dildo underneath him. He was so fucking horny, he had to get fucked or he felt like he’d explode from the pressure. He sunk down, the thick dildo gliding into his ass, making him shiver and lose his breath. He saw his reflection open it’s mouth and widen it’s eyes as precum leaked out of the tip of his cock. He started to ride it like Lana rode his dick with her tight, juicy ass. The dildo filled his ass and fucked him in all the places that made him weak. He moaned and almost came, but quickly stopped moving until he felt able to control himself.

He got off of the dildo and stuck it to the wooden bedframe. He kneeled in front of it, facing the window and pushed it slowly into his ass. Derek watched his reflection getting fucked on his knees by a thick dildo while he jerked his hard, twitching cock. He thought about Lana coming home to see him in this position, on all fours, thrusting his ass against her biggest dildo, stroking his rock hard erection and her tits in his face and her taking him into her mouth and—oh fuck! He was coming! His ass squeezed around the thick, veiny dildo, over and over pushing against his sweet spot in just the right way while he fucked his fist, squirting hot cum all over his outstretched arm and the carpet in front of him. He fell forward onto his stomach, weak from his entire body being wracked with overwhelming pleasure. Derek opened his eyes, facing the window. He glanced around the room, his eye catching on the doorway, where his wife was standing, staring into his eyes with a hunger he knew all too well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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