18 Eylül 2023

Danielle’s Depravity Ch. 02

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Many thanks for all the feedback, DEAR readers. I love the way many of your are engaging in my naughty-nasty glam fantasy, which is so precious to me. I LOVE to discuss it, so please, more comment is appreciated…

Sorry to only tease you here *wink*.. Chapter 2, Part 2 cumming soooon.

Thanks again to all my inspirations, and a mention specifically to Kim here. Mmmmmwah! Xx

(One more important thing, whilst I know I am deeply guilty of glamourising it here…this is pure adult fantasy. Don’t do drugs. Stay safe xx)


Chapter 2

Part 1

(some months on…)

Early one Friday night, Danielle and Bethany were like bitches in heat, licking, biting, scratching and kissing every millimetre of each other’s hot and sculpted bodies as they made wonderfully passionate love.

Danielle was now 25, and all those years had seen her develop into a startlingly attractive woman. She had dark honey-blonde hair shaped in a sexy feathered cut that fell to not quite her shoulders and framed her face exquisitely when she wore it down, and looked infinitely cute when she tied it back. Her body was slim and tight, with elegant legs and a pert backside that most women would kill for, and she enjoyed exercising hard to keep everything in its fabulous tone. She was also proud of her full C-cup breasts that were not too big but not too small, and had a most perfectly round ‘apple’ shape.

She had recently gone through several dramatic changes in her life, and Danielle had that year moved out West from New Jersey to break completely from how things had been for her before. When she reached California however, a single day had triggered some even greater shifts to her lifestyle, as she now found herself living a way she would never have dreamed of previously. The restaurant waitressing job she had first taken in L.A. was something she could have expected, but to have moved fully into a sexual relationship with a gorgeous female she had met one blazing afternoon by the side of a pool was so unforseeable it was still hard to believe. Not that she regretted a millisecond of her new life. Danielle was now living very happily together with Bethany, still enjoyed discovering and reciprocating the kind of intense sexual behaviour that made her new girlfriend tick.

For a girl with some twisted tastes in the bedroom, or anywhere for that matter, Bethany herself was an even greater thing to look at, possessing as she did a classic kind of truly breathtaking beauty. Danielle still remembered vividly that very first time she had clapped eyes on her lover-to-be in the sunlight by the pool, amazed at the glorious apparition that had shimmered there. With stunning facial features allied to a flawless body, Bethany had possessed a first class ticket to a stellar international modelling career. There had been one problem however with that certain destiny however. The generous size of her breasts was definitely NOT that usually seen on the catwalk’s supermodels.

Bethany’s ample chest was several sizes larger than the slightly younger Danielle’s, and after modelling when she had been younger, the development of Beth’s breasts had proved too prohibitive for a career as a top model (for fashion anyhow). It didn’t matter to Bethany in the slightest though because she adored her large, firm tits and wouldn’t have changed them for the world whatever other opportunities she had missed. Furthermore, with the benefit of her very rich and dotingly naive parents, Beth had enjoyed thus far a life of near pure leisure since any kind of work wasn’t necessary for income. Needless to say, her rich parents had no idea of her decadently sexual lifestyle.

Perhaps it had actually been her parents’ well-meaning spoiling of her that had turned Bethany into a gentle submissive who had some very depraved ideas when it came to making love. In fact, this question had always amazed and aroused Danielle. How could such an incredibly pretty and well brought-up girl as Beth be so warped and insatiable in sex? But then Danielle never found herself complaining about the conundrum.

Together, they were very much enjoying life as a beautiful couple who ‘just happened’ to be very heavily into the unique and intimate heights of an especially deviant lesbian love. Their’s was a togetherness that was as twisted as it was intensely loving, including as it did a multitude of nasty fetishes that the pair mutually enjoyed on many special occasions.

The pair had planned to go out to a favourite nightclub of their’s that Friday night, but they had both been so hopelessly horny that they had ended up making love in one of their typically steamy sessions even before they had got ready.

Each had orgasmed quite delightfully several times by the time that Danielle got up on her knees just to the side of her prone lover, and had taken Bethany’s right hand and arm in both of her own hands. Beth lay on her back and looked up as Danielle started to rub her pussy up and down on the skin of her arm, watching how her girlfriend was bursa escort using her arm to just stroke herself on. Danielle’s pussy lips were puffed and open from their long play, and she easily slid herself up and down, trailing her warm and rich juices as she did so, taking her time and building up her pleasure using the exquisite friction of Beth’s bronzed skin.

“Jesus Beth, you’re so beautiful.” Dani said, looking down at her lover.

“God, I love you. I’m going to get myself off on your arm baby. I want you to wear my cum tonight, just in case any bitch comes sniffing round you. I want them all to know that you belong to Danielle Hatcher, and that she is the luckiest girl in the world.”

“Oh Dani. Thank you.” Bethany gasped breathlessly in delight, “Use me to cum, baby. Use my arm, your pussy is like pure silk on my skin. I want you to pour cream on me. Please do it…”.

Danielle continued to rub herself, gazing down longingly at her beautiful girlfriend the whole time as she did so, studying Bethany’s stunning beauty and adoring it for the millionth time. She delighted in the way that Bethany’s ravishing face peered up from the messed mass of her newly-dyed dark brown hair that had spread out in a glossy mat beneath her head. Beth had been a golden blonde when they had met, but she had recently had her naturally light hair dyed a dark and lustrous chestnut brown, as was the latest Cosmo trend. It was impossible to tell it wasn’t natural and Danielle still enjoyed its novelty which only served to add to her girlfriend’s complete sexiness.

Down below her, Bethany’s soft features stared right back in a mask of lust, eyes burning wildly, and the image just drove Danielle on to rub faster as her heart pounded with loaded desire.

With her other hand, the one that Danielle’s wasn’t using to focus her whole world right into her pussy, Beth was eagerly rubbing at her own crotch, two very familiar fingers sliding in and out of her pink tightness by way of her electrified clit.

Not for the first time that evening, the pair came at the same time. Each girl’s orgasm was different, but each one wholly shattering. When she started to climax wonderfully, Danielle pushed Beth’s hand right into her pussy which felt like it was ablaze, doing her best to glaze it with her streaming lady cum and the very essence of her blossoming quim. Danielle screamed out loud, and Bethany felt her lover’s most precious skin flush right on her arm, before she then felt its precious warm juice ebb.

“GAAAAAAAAAAWD FFFFFUCK, yesssss! Take it, sweetieeeee! Mmmmmm!”

Just as she felt this sensation, Bethany came too. Her hips bucked upward into nothingness as her clit sent its blissful shockwaves up through her stomach and into her brain, while she just whimpered her satisfaction.

As she came down from her orgasm, Dani toppled over to lay alongside her lover. The pair nibbled each other’s mouths with kisses, and after lightly tracing her breast and then running her hand down her smooth side, Danielle slipped her hand into Beth’s, the one that she had just used on the girl’s pussy so luxuriously.

“When you bathe later hun, don’t wash your hand. I was deadly serious. I want you to carry my scent tonight.”

“Yes, darling. I know you were,” said Bethany breathlessly and obediently, happily into Dani’s plan. “Mmmm, it’ll make me sooo fucking excited to wear the perfume of your pussy.”

Beth then stared back into Danielle’s eyes and ran her hand affectionately along Dani’s face as she gave her a look of such burning commitment that Danielle was moved, and she lent in to French kiss Beth deeply and intimately.

After showering, with Beth carefully avoiding washing her treated hand as instructed, the pair then went about getting ready. They always dressed with taste, glamour and pure sex in mind, and tonight they had chosen to go for a co-ordinated “light versus dark” affair between them.

Both of the girls were well-skilled with hair and make-up and as they prepared, that best friend of any party girl, the hair-straightening tongs, saw plenty of action. By the end, Bethany’s long dark brown hair fell straight down from a strict middle parting, flowing for its full length like a smooth glossy mahogany waterfall to just under her breasts. There its ends were finished off sharply horizontally in her fashionable cut.

Bethany’s make up was wonderful too. She wore a rich and creamy shade of wine-red lipstick, coated with several layers of shiny gloss that made her lips glisten like they were already smeared with pre-cum or pussy juice. For her eyes, she used a heavy amount of charcoal eye shadow that covered her lids completely, and over a wide margin round below her eyes too. This had the effect of turning her eyes into dark and alluring pits, from which her bright blue eyes gleamed out.

Her eyebrows were thinned out to lines that were emphasised skilfully with black pencil as well. These dark elements of rich brown, wine red contrasted starkly altıparmak escort with the pale blusher she had subtly applied to her skin. Overall, she had used the cosmetics to create a look that edged towards a kind of ‘grunge glamour’, a look that might be associated with a (very much) adult entertainment version of Avril Lavigne. All in all it worked magnificently with her styled, long brown hair and the inherent beauty of her face.

The pair had enjoyed their regular salon manicure together earlier that day, and they now both displayed shining square-tipped nails with an ice white French-polish finish. They both adored the matching look of their new ‘killer’ nails, and had also each enjoyed the exquisite feel of them just as much when they pinched and scratched during their earlier lovemaking.

After making-up, Bethany slipped into a pair of luxurious panties, making sure she didn’t snag them with her new talons. Danielle discreetly watched her lover dress by way of an enormous mirror as she carefully prepared her own sex-palette of a face, enjoying the show as her girlfriend slid her long smooth legs into black satin underwear, and watched as the skimpy article ascended her wonderful legs.

When Beth had wriggled into them, the soft satin panties were dead smooth over her sex mound, where Danielle enviously thought of how the front would spend the whole evening getting creamed into quite wonderfully. As Bethany turned and bent over to pick up her dress, Dani had a beautiful sight of the panties’ thong-back that trailed like butt floss up Beth’s ass crack, rubbing that deliciously intimate groove like a taut violin string.

Even with her chest being on the noticeably large side, a bra was supremely unnecessary for Bethany given the natural buoyancy and firmness that she was blessed with. When she slipped into her backless Gucci number of sexy high fashion and tight-fitting blackness, her nipples were already hard, and poked through the expensive material. Finally, she gracefully stepped into a pair of strappy black platform heels with a wicked 6-inch spike heel and pure slut 2-inch raised sole, she was ready as a complete goddess.

Despite the distractions of Bethany’s captivating little show as she got ready, Danielle also looked ravishing too when she was through. She had teased the bottom ends of her straightened blonde hair so that it curled inwards round her chin, creating a very sexy look. Her lush lips were painted in a light coral pink and were also glazed with the de rigeur gloss layers so that they looked positively dripping with invitation. Danielle applied her make-up heavily for effect as well, but with genuine taste, shadowing her eyes with a gentle purple that changed tonally upward into lavender near her brows. The long, sweeping false lashes she had added were a hidden magenta colour too.

Danielle chose an outrageous piece of clubwear to dress in. It was a brand new garment, one that Beth had picked for her and which Dani had been dying to wear for her. The outfit, if it could be called that, consisted of three patches of bright white shining fabric. The top was in a handkerchief style, with its straight upper edge hanging on the tip of her breasts, barely covering the nipples, as it knotted off round the back. The pointed bottom of the triangle-shape top then hugged the sides of her breasts and went down to end only a few inches underneath them. The wrapped tightness against Danielle’s tits caused the material to project slightly away from her body very appealingly, and it was quite easy to see the shadows and impression of her nipples with the white colour.

Her matching miniskirt was made up of two small pieces of fabric at the front and back which were laced together on both sides by taut strings. The cloth panels were separated by a two inch gap at the sides and the criss-cross effect of the skirt’s binding exposed the tempting flesh of Dani’s hips, with the all-over tan of her flawless skin contrasting nicely against the cool pale of the white outfit. The skirt also advertised quite effectively that Danielle was without panties. Where it ended, the bottom of the skirt was well above Danielle’s mid thigh, and was pressed over her legs at the front and extra impressively on her rear where it covered her ass and did little more.

Danielle also wore a pair of white sheer stockings that were very short, with the frilly hold-ups ending only a small way above her shapely knees. Rounding off her appearance, she had on knee-length white vinyl boots which were embraced tightly round her calves and had the effect of making her perfect legs look somehow longer and thinner before they ended in a large platform and a chunky heel. Her all-white but distinctly revealing appearance made her look like the perfect cross between an angel and a stripper.

“You like?” she asked when she was ready, provokatively running her tongue over her wet-look lips for Bethany.

“I don’t know if I want to be seen out with a piece of cheap trash görükle escort like you,” Bethany said to her with mock contempt.

“Oh, says the wannabe junkie slut!” countered Danielle, but both girls knew their words were nothing but their ongoing game of wanton self-appreciation, and that they both looked amazing.

They were waiting downstairs, enjoying a couple of miniature champagne bottles with straws as they did so, when the limo arrived right on time.

As the stretch glided them to the club, the girls got themselves more and more in the mood for their night out. When they knew they were close, they indulged in a favourite ritual as Bethany produced two pure white tablets of Ecstacy. Beth’s sources for their party drugs were near medical quality, and they knew the precious pills they were about to use would be of the highest, most fulfilling grade. As ever, they took their treats in a way that was now sexily familiar to them both. One of them would drop the pill in her mouth, and it would reappear a second later on her tongue tip. The other girl would then take it using a nibble of her lips, or receive the spiked tongue into her mouth and retrieve the cargo with her own tongue. Either way, Dani was responsible for Beth’s loving high, and vice versa, and the pair of them loved that fact. Washed down with mineral water, the uplifting sensations never failed to turn them on at the start of an evening, and energise them, and if the act evolved into a passionate kiss, the pair then spent the rest of the time touching up their looks.

When Danielle and Bethany arrived at “The Orchard” there was already a sizeable queue waiting for entry…which the pair of them ignored blatantly as they sauntered directly right up to the main door. Here it was Bethany’s familiar word of hello to ‘Michael’, the vast black guy who acted as head doorman, and a quick peck on his cheek (an act which required every millimetre of her tiptoeing in her platform heels, plus Michael’s assistance in stooping) that saw them straight into the club. The charm worked again inside, where the girls’ cheek-hollowing tongue kiss with each other was always enough for security to let the giggling duo into the roped-off VIP section.

They were served immediately at the long bar, and they carried their drinks over to an empty couch. As party girls, both had a real weakness for champagne, but they had already enjoyed several glasses of that while they had got ready, and then as they had journeyed to the club in the stretch. As such, they both chose common-all vodka with a lemonade dash, complete with cherries dipped in, a touch from the barman which they had both enjoyed. As they sat down and sipped their drinks through their straws, Danielle told Bethany to remove her cherry, and save it in her purse. Bethany was puzzled by the request, but dutifully wrapped it in a napkin and stowed it.

The pair looked around the place keenly as they drank, scanning the VIP section which was still picking up. At just before midnight it was still early. There were one or two parties of half a dozen or so and they could see some other mixed couples dotted around in the nook seating, but their discreet checking revealed nobody famous that they could recognise. New to the city, Danielle still loved celebrity-spotting in a properly girlish way, and glumly guessed that the couples she could see would be tediously anonymous high-rollers of some kind, probably with their girls or high-class escorts. Only a fortnight ago they had seen a drunken Tara Reid in there which had given Danielle a girly starstruck thrill.

There was however one large group some way from Danielle and Bethany which was making itself heard and noticed with lots of giggling, singing, shouting and the ‘clinking’ of glasses and champagne bottles. Dani and Beth had seen that it was an all-girl party of about 8 or so, and guessed it was some kind of birthday bash for one of them. All of the girls looked very young, and Dani was certain they must have been only just 21 or were even somehow in there underage. She had laughed with Bethany at the fact that they all looked like they were cast from the same spoilt little rich-bitch mould, and the way that each one of them seemed identical in their Paris Hilton lookalike attempts. However cute, and however tempting the idea of corrupting one of that party seemed, both knew that wasn’t what they were prowling for. Maybe if they didn’t get lucky, they laughed again…

Danielle and Bethany had deliberately chosen their couch because it also gave them a great panorama over the main club’s large dancefloor which was busy with revellers. The DJ who’s set was currently playing was good, and he had the floor nearly full as the latin-flavoured house music lifted the crowd.

The pair hadn’t been settled down all that long when the girl caught their roving eyes, eyes that seemed to know exactly what they were looking for. They first saw her dancing on the very edge of the dancefloor, on the side nearest to them and she had come to their attention for two reasons; firstly because she was dancing with her back to the mob, deliberately staring away from the throng and actually directly at them, and with a gaze that was very intense at that, even at the distance she was fom them. Secondly because she appeared quite distractingly striking.

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