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Converts to BBC

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Converts to BBC
I’ve been married to my lovely wife Cindy for 30 years. We’ve had a very happy marriage, if rather unusual. Or at least most people would think it unusual, if they knew the real story. Fortunately for our family and friends, on the surface our life has been quite conventional-a nice house in the suburbs, two c***dren, two cars and a cat. Indeed, we might be the typical 50 something couple, which we are, except for our sexual tastes. But let me begin at the beginning.

Cindy and I met at a college frat party in Florida in 1969. She was 20-year old sorority girl and I was just 21. She was standing amid a group of jocks, and was nearly dwarfed by their size. Two were football linemen and two were black basketball stars. They all seemed to be having a good time.

The first thing I noticed about Cindy was her shoes. Black stiletto pumps with four-inch heels. Even with this added elevation, Cindy was petite. Without them she couldn’t have been five feet tall, including the silvery blonde ponytail she tossed about.

The next thing I noticed was the way she smiled at the boys. She was flirtatious in a sweet, unprovocative way. She exuded confidence, without any of the awkwardness that many young people felt then. I noticed her dress: short and clingy, with a low-cut front exposing pert, firm breasts a bit larger than one would expect for such a diminutive figure.

I was far too shy to even try to approach her. She must have noticed me looking at her. I wasn’t there very long before she left with one of the athletes, a black football jock. A few days later I mentioned her to a friend, who hadn’t dated her but said Cindy was considered “hot.” Asked to elaborate, he said she was known as a “queen” at fraternity parties including, it was rumored, a black fraternity. I gathered this meant she put out sexually, which naturally made her popular.

I observed her again several times on the campus, usually chatting with someone, often a guy. I was attracted by her sexual aura, but too shy to talk to her. I imagined being one of the lucky guys she opened her legs for, but hesitated asking her for a date. After all, how would a girl with so many males to choose from be interested in me? Even if she agreed to meet me, she would quickly move on to the next date.

So I fantasized and watched her when I got the chance. About a month after the frat party I happen to run into her alone at a campus shop. Cindy seemed to recognize me because she gave me one of her marvelous smiles. It encouraged me.

“You may remember me. I saw you at a party last month. My name is Bill.”

“Yes, I do remember. It was a great party.”

“Look, I’ve been wondering whether we might get together this Friday, if you’re not busy. I would like to get to know you better.”

“Let’s see,” she smiled again. “I think it would be possible, if you could make it a bit late, say about 10pm?” I took her address and hoped for the best, wondering why she set such a late hour.

At the appointed time I went to her rang the bell to her apartment. Nothing happened so I rang again. After a moment, she called out “hold on a second” through the door. I waited about four minutes before it opened and out came a large black guy I recognized from the basketball squad. He passed by me into the hall without saying a word. I was rather surprised, but Cindy took me by the hand, and led me to the sofa in her small living area. She was wearing a short red skirt, stockings, and those stunning high heels I had seen before.

“Who was that?” I asked, sitting down.

“Oh, just a friend. Not anyone special.” She gave me a wicked smile. “I’ll make it up to you.”

The next thing I knew she was kneeling in front of me and unzipping my pants. In a jiffy she had my penis in her hand. Giving me a sweet look she started licking and sucking my shaft. It felt wonderful. In a few seconds my cock was hard and throbbing. As soon as she was sure my prick was fully erect, she rose and pulled her skirt up around her waist. She wasn’t wearing any panties. The stockings were held up by a black satin garter belt. I was transfixed by the view.

Cindy turned around and displayed the cutest ass I’d ever seen. She opened her legs. The sides of her thighs and crack were dripping wet. She reached behind her, took hold of my prick and slowly sat on it. I caught a strong whiff of semen as my penis slid into her juicy vagina. She had been well lubricated by the black guy’s sperm.

As she lifted her pretty bottom, my cock popped out and a thick glob of cum slid down around it. She reached back, reinserted my prick and raised and lowered herself on it with increasing force. I felt her shuddering as she twisted her ass around in a spiral motion. My penis felt like heaven. After a few more moments, her cunt tightened as she plunged down hard on my cock and grinded on the root. She moaned in orgasm. I shot my load into her womb. Cindy finally stopped moving. We were both panting.

She reached over for some tissues and giggled as she put them between her open legs, now dripping with the added load from me.

“Leon doesn’t like to clean up after himself,” she laughed. “I’d have done it myself, but didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer at the door.”

Somewhat dazed, I didn’t reply. Cindy chattered on gaily, saying something about being on the pill and not liking condoms. Not knowing what to say to this, I güvenilir bahis complimented her on her outfit, adding how impressed I was that she wore stockings not pantyhose, which were then coming into fashion.

Cindy was sitting across from me in a plush chair. She swung one leg over the arm. I could see her bushy, blonde muff and labia and prominent clit. Cindy continued to dab at her thighs. She chattered on, entirely comfortable, a free spirit without the slightest reserve or guile. Noticing my gaze, she looked down between her legs and saw that her pussy was still oozing.

“Oh, my! It looks like there’s still a lot of it inside me! Here, you can help me.”

She pulled me down on my knees in front of her. She opened her thighs wider and drew my mouth to her cunt. I sucked up fresh semen, my own mixed with Leon’s. It tasted salty. When I had licked the outer area clean, she pushed me back on the couch, and raised herself over me, her crotch pressed against my face. She squeezed her vagina. Gravity worked to empty the rest of the sticky liquid into my mouth. I was surprised at how much I swallowed. Cindy wiggled with pleasure as I ran my tongue up and down her slit. After a few moments I felt her tremble as she orgasmed.

She rolled off me and sat back in the chair.

“That’s much better than a douche, don’t you think? Thank you, Bill.” She gave me one of her sweet smiles, and looked at me intently. “My, what do we have here?” She looked down at my penis which was again hard.

Before I knew what was happening, she has again between my legs, taking my cock in her mouth. I remember looking into her smiling face as she ran her tongue over my shaft, getting it hard again. She took her time, giving me exquisite pleasure as she licked and sucked. Then she got up and led me to the bed. She lay on her back and opened her pretty, petite thighs. Pulling me into her, she leaned back with her legs on my shoulders so I could fuck her as deeply as possible. I inserted my prick into her open cunt. It was remarkably tight after the cleaning. This time I had enough stamina to last, and laid into her with powerful strokes.

Soon Cindy reached her first orgasm. She came hard, clawing my back as she called out “Fuck me more, Bill, do it hard!”

I did my best. In a minute I felt her cumming and then again and again as I pumped her little cunt. With a flood of my sperm she went over the top once more. (I later found out that she cums fast and frequently whether sucked, fucked, fingered or vibrated, sometimes in as little as 30 seconds. It may have something to do with her big clit.)

“I didn’t mean to rush you, Bill,” she said as we drank a glass of wine. “You see, Leon really had me going. When I’m worked up like that, I like to go on. But Leon couldn’t stay later because he’s got a game tomorrow. I really did want to see you, too!”

I wasn’t sure what to make of that.

“Do you usually see two guys in one evening?”

“Oh, no. Not often. I usually keep my dates separate. If I’m at a party I might spend time with more than one guy, of course.”

“At the same time?”

“Nooooo! I mean that I’ll be with one guy I like for awhile and if I want more I’ll be with another. It’s fun that way, don’t you think?”

Emboldened, I as whether she usually had sex on the first date.

“It depends. You see, I don’t go with a guy unless I like him a lot. If we click, we do it on the first date. Here, I can see you’re confused. Let me explain further about tonight. I had a date with Leon for 9 and knew he had to leave at 10. When you arrived at the door I was really having a good time and so when Leon left I kinda wanted to keep going. Anyway, I like you, Bill!”

I was pleased that she liked me, even though it was plain that I was only one of a crowd. I smiled and asked when I could see her again. She said to call her; she had other dates lined up, but would like to see me.

It turned out to be just as she said.

She found time for me in her schedule about once a week. The rest of the time she was with different “friends,” black and white. I found myself fascinated by her. When we were together, we always had great sex. Sometimes she aarranged to see me after one of her other dates. I got very aroused having these “sloppy seconds.”

As we became better acquainted, I learned that Cindy came from a conventional, conservative family. She loved clothes and dressing up and had wanted to be a model, but her stature was too petite. So was studying fashion design and collected what clothes she could on her modest income.

I also leaned that she never had an emotional attachment. Instead she enjoyed having a good time. As far as I could tell, no one had fallen seriously in love with her. Most men, I imagine, wouldn’t have considered Cindy marriageable. Her female friends might have put her down as a slut, if they didn’t like her so much. Cindy was invariably cheerful, sweet and kind to everyone.

Despite any reservations I might have had about her promiscuity, I was falling for Cindy. Perhaps what I needed was different. I’d always been obsessed with sex. Early in my teens I discovered pornography, and loved it. I amassed a huge collection of hardcore magazines and videos of all kinds and masturbated constantly, sometimes on and off for a whole day at a time. I loved having an erection, and stroking it for hours slowly while I watched everything tipobet giriş from striptease to gangbangs. I was fascinated with women’s lingerie, especially hose and heels. In short, I was a voyeur. On a trip through Europe at 18 I picked up numerous prostitutes on the streets and visited live sex clubs. Later, I had a few girlfriends. While I liked the sex, I didn’t form any lasting attachments and didn’t feel particularly fulfilled.

Paradoxically, though she wasn’t attracted to any one man, Cindy wanted to settle down and start a family. She wanted her own home in the suburbs-all the things many women of her age wanted. Except for sex, she was entirely conventional. When I realized this, I began to see how she and I might fit together. I accepted her for who she was. She enjoyed my company and appreciated that I didn’t resent her sexual encounters with other men. In fact, they excited me.

Sooner than I expected, we were engaged. We did not then talk about an open marriage, although we both realized it was inevitable. Cindy continued to date until the day we were married. I got turned on thinking about her fucking other men. I realized I couldn’t take the place of her multiple partners if she was to be satisfied. After the wedding, we moved to another state and Cindy was deprived of her former friends’ company.

She did keep in touch with a lot of her them. I understood that the next time one of her old boyfriends called, she would see him for sex. One day she heard from Steve, a white guy she had dated in college. He was visiting on business and asked to see her. She went to his hotel one evening and returned home about 2am. All she told me was that they had a good time. A few weeks later, Max called her and she didn’t return until the next morning, looking wonderfully serene. When another white friend, Denny, called her the next week, I asked whether we might make it a threesome. Cindy smiled, and said she would see what she could do when the time came.

We met in Denny’s hotel room. A nice looking guy, Denny was visibly nervous. He barely acknowledged my presence. I ended up just watching them from a chair in the corner. He fucked her for about ten minutes. Cindy came twice and he once. She sucked his cock afterwards to get him hard and they fucked again. After a long time he finally came again. We left right after he was finished. It was obvious that Denny was uncomfortable having me there.

About a month later Cindy heard from Leroy, one of her best black friends from college days who had married and visiting our area on business. Cindy had never dated married men, because she was scrupulous about not injuring someone else’s relationship. Now, however, she felt that a married man might make a good partner for a couple.

We met Leroy for drinks at his hotel. He was a big, friendly man who immediately put us at ease. He was very nice to me as well as Cindy. She mentioned that we wanted to meet him as a couple and hoped it would be fun for him as well as for us.

“I’m a happily married man myself. I like a couple to be comfortable. I certainly know what you want, honey.” Cindy squirmed.

“And I bet know what Bill wants, too. He wouldn’t have married you if he didn’t like a highly sexed lady. We’ve got the whole night to have some good fun together. You know, I’ve been looking forward to this all week. In fact, I’ve saved it up, if you know what I mean.” He winked at us.

We went up to his room. Leroy chattered away as we stripped off our clothes. Cindy was wearing a tight pink bra, pink garter belt, satin thong panties, sexy black stockings and her highest heels.

She pirouetted before him.

“You’re a lucky husband, Bill. Your honey knows how to dress for a man.” He removed his pants and exposed a very thick ebony cock, hanging out half erect in an arc from his body. It was the biggest one I’d ever seen, at least nine inches long. Leroy noticed my stare.

“It’s what the ladies like, Bill. I can’t help it.”

“Ohhh! I’ve missed that big black thing,” said Cindy. She wiggled her bottom at him and blew him a kiss.

“That’s the way, baby. Give me a tease, like a good slut!”

Cindy went into a slow strip tease, tantalizing him by fingering her thong. She danced lasciviously, stroking her crotch and leering at Leroy’s cock. He embraced her and they kissed deeply, tongues entwined. His prick appeared huge next to her petite waist and hips, more than traversing the distance from her front to back. I had often wondered what it would be like to watch Cindy taking a fat black penis. Now I would see for myself. My cock stiffened as I thought about Leroy penetrating her. The size of his shaft excited me. I wanted to see it go into her, all the way. My erection dripped with pre-cum.

Cindy knelt before Leroy and took his prick in her two hands. One wouldn’t have gone around it. She licked the head and stroked the shaft. It rose to an enormous erection.

She pulled him to the bed, lay on her side and spread her legs. He placed the head of his penis against her slit and slowly rubbed it up and down the wet opening.

“Now, who’s a tease?” She giggled.

Leroy lifted her leg, exposing all to my view. He inserted the fat head of his tool into her vagina, slowly but firmly. He pumped it in about half way a few times and then slowly inserted the full shaft until his entire penis disappeared and his tipobet fat black balls rested against her the crack of her ass. Cindy’s eyes shined with pleasure. He gave me a broad smile.

“Fits like a nice tight glove” he said to me. “The tightest I’ve ever fucked. ”

I almost ejaculated.

For the next 30 minutes they fucked in various positions. My wife was cumming in the first minute and never stopped. Her orgasms came in waves. She lost all control, unable to do anything but ride the tide. I’d never seen her enjoying such intense pleasure. I knew she came easily, but this was a revelation. She got so excited she had to gasp for breath between orgasms. At each climax she cried out, then whimpered as she built up to the next one. Finally Leroy stiffened and let out a scream of his own as he reached a tremendous climax. The look on my wife’s face was unforgettable. She pulled him to her so that his prick was buried to the hilt and whooped and hollered as he shot his load.

He rolled off. Recovering her breath, she looked at me and then at her pussy. “Darling, would you help me out?”

I knew what to do. I lay on my back and she squatted over me. I opened my mouth and she squeezed her vagina, letting loose a thick glob of warm semen. Still extremely sensitive she squirmed and pressed her cunt to me. I could feel her trembling. I licked the slit and then the clit. She groaned with another orgasm. I kept on licking. She came again, long and hard.

Leroy said something to her and she turned around into the 69 position. I continued to lick her slit. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked it, lovingly. Leroy came up behind her in the doggy stance. He slid his penis in and began to fuck her. Cindy again lost control, riding to climax after climax. It was hard for her to breathe and suck me at the same time. I felt her mouth on and off my swollen prick. I became so excited I couldn’t hold back. When I next felt her mouth I unloaded a wad of sperm; she stayed with me and ate it all up.

We took a long break. Cindy talked gaily to Leroy of college days. She mentioned guys I’d never heard of, but whom she had evidently been intimate with. Many were friends of Leroy’s. Seeing my bewilderment, Leroy explained that he had introduced Cindy around his black fraternity.

“She was a popular girl. I remember one night she entertained the whole fraternity!”

“He’s exaggerating,” Cindy laughed. “Not even half of them, at most. It was a ball, you might say.” They roared with laughter.

“Well, I seem to remember you being covered with cum by the end of it!”

She looked at me with her wonderful smile. “Darling, I could have used you.”

They chattered on while I reflected. I knew Cindy had been promiscuous, at least with people she liked, but not that she had taken on half a black fraternity like a shameless whore! As I listened to them talk, I began to realize that blacks brought out the slut in Cindy. She was different with black men. I felt too that her enjoyment of them could include me. If Leroy was any indication, I was a welcome participant in their raunchy activities.

“Let’s have some more fun,” said Leroy. He had Cindy kneel before us and take our cocks in her hands. He instructed her to suck them, alternating while rubbing the other. We were both hard, and soon her sucking worked its magic on our pricks. She continued until we were very close to cumming. Leroy took Cindy by the hand and lay on his back on the bed. He pulled her over him, cowgirl style. She reached back and inserted his penis in her cunt, sinking down on it all the way. She fucked him for minute or two until I saw she was again nearing a climax. Leroy handed me a small tube of lube,

“Put that on your cock, Bill.” I did so.

“Now, stick it in you lovely wife’s ass.”

Cindy and I had never tried anal sex. Of course I had seen it many times in porn movies. I knew what to do. Cindy stopped for a moment so that I could get in position. I slowly inserted by throbbing prick into her anus. It was very tight at first, but soon I was able to get it most of the way in.

“Take it slowly, Bill. She’s gonna love it!” I pushed back and forth a few times and got the hang of it. Then I felt Leroy moving in her vagina, right next to me. It was almost like our cocks were rubbing each other. I had never felt anything so tight. We increased the pace and Cindy whimpered with pleasure. The three of us were building to a tremendous climax. Cindy starting cumming first. I could feel her orgasm as she tightened on my prick. I pushed it all the way in and began to ejaculate. I could feel Leroy pumping hard and heard him grunt as he too ejaculated. Cindy writhed in pure ecstasy. It was a delicious three-way orgasm.

We lay still for some time. Leroy was grinning at me, his cock still hard in her vagina. Cindy’s ass gripped my firm penis firmly in the other hole.

At that moment I felt a satisfaction I’d never experienced before. It was a feeling of complete sexual fulfillment, as if nothing more could be desired. I knew I had found something wonderful, not only for myself, but for Cindy.

“What a wonderful treat,” said Cindy as she recovered her breath. We all felt it because nobody wanted to move. Finally, I pulled out and Cindy rolled off Leroy. She came to me to be cleaned up. Her pussy and ass were dripping cum. It took quite a while to lick it clean.

We ended up staying with Leroy the whole night. We all fit nicely in the king-sized bed. Twice during the night I awoke to find Leroy and my wife fucking furiously.

From that day on, Cindy and I were converts to black sex. We’ve never considered anything else since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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