10 Haziran 2020

Cold caller (part 3)

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Cold caller (part 3)
I shrieked loudly in protest as i squirmed furiously against my restraints before admitting defeat once again and relaxing back on the sofa. I stared at the laptop with a angry frown as i read the messages.

CUNTHUNTER : lolly !! Relax !!

CUNTHUNTER : dont be a spoilt brat

I shook my head angrilly as i protested “what the fuck !! Get me out of these fucking things !!

CUNTHUNTER : you will be free after this one i swear ok?

I looked up at the ceiling and caught my breath before looking back at the screen. “I better be”
I sat in silence sulking and staring at the laptop reading his messages but refusing to speak.

CUNTHUNTER : do you like it up the arse lolly ?

CUNTHUNTER : cmon baby girl talk to me ?

CUNTHUNTER : i bet you do dont you?

My angry pout faded from my face as I heard the confident knock at the door and a deep voice cheerfully calling out “HELLO? LOLLY?”

I took a deep breath and tried to compose myself. before replying “WHOS THAT?”

i braced myself as i heard him making his way down the hall. A tall slender black guy slowly walked into my living room and stood staring at me with a shocked exspression “no way.. your real! .. your actually fucking real !”

I rolled my eyes impatiently momentarily forgetting i was completely naked. “YEEEES IM FUCKING REAL DO YOU HAVE THE KEY OR NOT?”

The man seemed to zone out as his eyes fell down to my breasts and then between my legs as he slowly walked towards me. he did a double take as if it was hard for him to look away from my naked body as he noticed my laptop and crouched down in front of it blocking my veiw of the screen as i sarcasticly tried to get his attention again “ERRR HELLOOO?”

The man gestured with his hand for me to wait and tapped away at the keys before spinning on his knees to face me. One corner of his mouth curled up into a sinister smirk as he placed my laptop on the foot stall facing us. He reached down and squeezed his cock through his track suit bottoms as he worked himself up brazenly taunting me “look at you all tied up ready for me… you wanna get fucked by strangers do ya? Yeah ??? You wanna get fucked up the arse slut???”

I glanced over at the laptop and slowly licked my lips and calmly replied “wheres my key?” As he reached down and lifted his long fat cock out of his pants and began to wank himself. I struggled to hide the fact that my clit was leaping in anticipation as i my eyes transfixed on his hand slidng up and down his solid shaft. “Your gonna get this.. im gonna cum all over you”

I broke my gaze and frowned up at him “where is my k…” my sentence was interupted by a involentary gasp as he casually reached between my legs and slid a single finger up my exposed clit.

I blinked at him innocently as he strummed me methodicly from side to side calmly demanding “now tell me your a whore güvenilir bahis and you want it up your arse”..

My body stiffend against my restraints as looked sideways at the laptop screen and read the messages.

CUNTHUNTER : come on you no good blonde bitch. Tell him

I made eye contact with him and gasped under my breath “oh god.. i want it” he smirked at me as he strummed my clit faster causing me to arch my back from the intense tickle and pushed me further “yeah ? What do you want slut.. say it” my words trembled inbetween gasps as my asshole winked at him in anticipation as i admitted defeat “fuck… fuck my arse”

He suddenly grabbed my hips and twisted me over so i was face down on the sofa. I turned my head so i was resting on my cheek. I looked at myself on the screen. My face was flushed red with stubble rash from being kissed and my blonde hair was damp with sweat and clinging to the side of my face with a strand stuck in the corner of my mouth.

I hummed through my sealed lips as i felt him spread my ass cheeks and circle his tounge around my arsehole before he gripped my hips and slowly started to piston his tounge in and out. I felt his fingers wrap around my wedding ring and begin to twist it as i squealed “HEY.. WHAT THE HELL.. NOOO”

I wiggled my fingers in defiance as my wedding ring was gradually slid off my finger. I growled into the sofa cusion as i felt the cold metal pressed against my hole “FUCK !!!  YOU DIRTY BASTARDS”. the ring was twisted and pushed slowly past my wet asshole until it was inside me and pushed gradually home with his thumb. I trembled on my knees sarcasticly laughing to myself in disberlief as he positioned himself behind me and offered up the tip of his cock between my soft cheeks and began to push. “You want a cock up your arse ? Then thats what your gonna get”

I watched myself grimace on the screen as his cock gradually streched me open and worked its way inside me. I puckered my lips and inhaled in and out with short hissing bursts as the little pinch and intense burn slowly dulled into a soothing internal massage. I watched a flicker of pain register on my face at the end of each thrust as his long fat cock was steadilly pushed into me until his pelvis kissed against my tremberling arse cheeks.

I jolted in shock as i suddenly heard the doorbell ring. I attempted to lift my head up but was immedietly pushed back down “oh no you dont”

I opend my mouth wide and moaned loudly as he placed his foot on the side of my face and began to disrespectfully slam down into me as both men berated me ” YEEEEAH TAKE IT YOU FUCKING WHORE TAKE IT”

CUNTHUNTER : yeah you like that dont you? You litte cumdump.

I closed my eyes tight and moaned loudly though my squashed cheeks as he increased his speed groaning outloud as his cock savagely impaled me from tip to tipobet giriş balls. “YEEEAH YEEEEAH FUCK YEEEAH” He suddenly removed his foot from my face and withdrew his cock and stood over me furiously wanking.. i felt the cool air in my gaped asshole as it slowly winked shut and i braced myself for the incoming facail..

“Fuck yeeeah fucking cum all over you girl” i watched his long cock laid against my face on the screen seconds before 2 long ropes of white cum shot out across my cheek followed by 3 more drops which he eagally milked out onto my forehead the bridge of my nose and onto my lips.

I rolled myself off the sofa and onto the floor with a thump and sat on my arse as he put his cock away and made his way up the hall to the front door. I called after him in desperation as i realized that who ever rang the doorbell was about to be let in. “Wait.. the key ? Wheres the key ?” I heard them ask him “is lolly there” and him reply “yeah go through”

I turned my head and stared up at the laptop in despair “hunter !!! i cant do this!!  let me gooo !!”

CUNTHUNTER : your gonna get fucked until im satisfied and if you say no then ill send them away and you can sit there until your husband comes home.

i took deep breath before turning my head to face them. There was two younger white guys maybe in their mid twentys standing in the doorway with their shirts pulled up over their noses to hide their faces.

“You lolly yeah?” I tipped my head sarcasticly to one side and raised my eyebrows “really ?.. what do you think?” He glanced at his friend and slapped his chest with the back of his hand still holding his shirt over the lower part of his face “cmon mate lets give it to her” i closed my eyes and rested my head against the sofa as the two lads approached me.

I yelped in shock as the first guy suddenly grabbed the spreader bar between my ankles and spitefully dragged me across the floor carpet burning my arse. his friend dragged my coffie table away from us and positioned the laptop so i was in frame on the screen laying on the floor naked with my legs in the air. I gasped and moaned out loud as i watched his friend through my spread open thighs hold my right foot in both hands and greedilly suck all my little pink toes deep into his mouth.

The other guy knelt down by my head and offered his allready hard cock to my mouth impatiently slapping it on my my lips as he groaned “cmon suck this you little tart” i opend up and he fed it in gyrating his hips quickly back and forth fucking my mouth as his friend pushed two fingers into my steamy hot fanny and wiggled them in the spunk left by the first man. “Ugggh shes full of fucking cum !.. look !” He jerked his fingers in and out to demonstrate the squelching noise to his friend. “Nah tipobet i cant do sloppy seconds mate” the other withdrew his cock from my sucking mouth with a pop as he replied excitedly “mmm thats fucking hot ill fuck her!”

The two men quickly swapped ends with one pushing the spreader bar towards my head and holding the back of my knees so i was folded in half with my arse high in the air before reaching down his shorts and taking out his hard cock. He slowly rubbed his shaft up and down my wet slit before slowly sinking down inside me with a satisfied sigh “argggh shes red hot inside” his friend simultaneously fed his cock into my waiting mouth as my sloppy opening welcomed him all the way in.

I hummed continuously through the mouthfull of cock as they both effortlessly glided in and out of my body. I looked sideways at the laptop and watched myself getting used as the guy fucking my mouth swept the hair away from sticky cum covered face and gathered it into a ball in his fist before plunging down my throat until my nose was buried in his pubes. My eyes bulged and my throat wretched as he held me there desperately panting “YOU LITTLE COCK SUCKER.. SWALLOW IT..  SWALLOW IT”

i gargled around his foamy base as his friend followed suit and began viciously dunking down into me hard and fast while demanding through his heavy breathing “YEEEAH CMON..TAKE IT YOU FUCKING SLUT”

His friend laid across my face resting on his forearm with one arm and pinning the fistfull of my hair to the floor with the other. I went cross eyed watching his cock as he lifted and dropped his hips literally fucking my mouth. I heard the guy fucking me inhale deep and hold his breath as his thrusts gradually slowed to a halt before he exhaled long and hard through his gritted teeth and his cock suddenly burst powerfully inside me.

I felt him carefully retreat and leave his warm gift inside my throbbing pussy and gently lower my legs back down to the floor. His friend relased my hair from his grip and propped himself up on his elbows  circleing his hips and stirring half of his hard cock around in my mouth as he whispered “swallow my cum okay?” I nodded and mumered around his shaft “aha” in agreement as he slowly retreated to the tip and paused.. i felt his helmet tense in my clamped lips before suddenly starting to leap spilling a large salty warm orgasm right into the roof of my mouth. He knelt down beside me and watched still hiding his face behind his shirt as i opened my mouth and displayed his greasy load on my tounge before slowly swallowing it all down.

He congratulated me as he pulled up his shorts telling me i was a good girl before standing up and looking down at me. Seeing that his friend had allready made his way up the hallway and was calling for him to hurry up I blinked up at him arching my back and squirming against my restraints and pleaded softly “please.. can i have my key now?” He stared down at me and began to step backwards as i begged him “heeey dont leave me like this” my heart sank as he silently turned and walked out.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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